Kyte 46 Pack - Women's - 2018

11 Q&A32 comments

In love with my pack! Although not intended for thru-hike use, as you would be more comfortable goin

Drift Waistpack

0 Q&A24 comments

I have been on four or five hikes with this. It was a pain to find tall water bottles that fit the s

Mira AG 26 Hydration Pack - Women's - 2.5 Liters

0 Q&A8 comments

I bought this to use as a day pack and the S/M is to snug on my hips. I am 5'4" and weigh 140. The

Hydraulics Cleaning Kit

0 Q&A4 comments

The most important part of this kit is the spacer that allows for air-drying, but you kinda have to

Journey Series 10 Hydration Pack - 3 Liters

0 Q&A2 comments

When I open the bite valve and suck, just small amount of water sip through. There's no water in the

Day Lumbar Pack

0 Q&A4 comments

Bag is too small in the height dimension could use another few centimeters. The shoulder strap is th

Hydraulics Bite Valve

2 Q&A27 comments

So, like many folks on here, my bite valve started going south and developed the "drip of death". It

Poco AG Child Carrier Raincover

0 Q&A2 comments

My nephew is in love Osprey Poco child carrier Raincover . Also the back pack.

Aircontact Lite 60 + 10 SL Pack - Women's

0 Q&A3 comments

It was really great for my first backpacking trip. I absolutely love it and I will definitely be usi

Tour Lumbar Pack

0 Q&A8 comments

I love it ,big enough co carry tablet pc,cloths ,documents and best at all two drinks

Mira AG 34 Hydration Pack - Women's - 2.5 Liters

14 Q&A26 comments

I hesitated buying this due to the price but now I am so glad that I did buy it! Tons of storage for

Hydraulics Sternum Strap and Tube Magnet Kit

0 Q&A11 comments

My Osprey backpack came with a bladder that had a magnet like this on the tube and the chest strap.

Tempest 6 Hydration Waistpack - Women's

4 Q&A3 comments

Loaded this lumbar pack up with 7.5 lbs of stuff and proceeded to walk around town. Try as I might t

Talon 44 Pack - Men's

2 Q&A1 comments

I like this pack a lot. the only thing i wish was changed is the water reservoir holder is on the ou

Mini Stuff Sack Set

0 Q&A2 comments

The set of 3 Sea 2 Summit stuff sacks are neat-o. The combo of sizes is good for holding a few snack

Ultra-Sil Stuff Sack

0 Q&A15 comments

I have two of these bags, and love them both. They are extremely lightweight, very strong, well sti

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