Lightweight Roll Top Dry Sack

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I use the 15 L REI Co-op Lightweight Roll Top Dry Sack to protect my computer (Yoga 11s - 11 inch sc


0 Q&A4 comments

I purchased the straplets to go with my Mountain Smith Lumbar Pack and they have proven to be just w

Redwing 44 Pack - Men's

1 Q&A5 comments

This pack didn't seem like a Kelty guess is to reduce weight they opted to cheap out on bu

Stratos 50 Pack - Men's

9 Q&A1 comments

I bought this for travelling around the world and started with the Camino de Santiago. It has held

Journey Series 20 Hydration Pack - 3 Liters

0 Q&A5 comments

The Hydro Flask Journey Series 20L is a great day pack. Plenty of room for your extra gear and it ke

Airporter LZ - Medium

17 Q&A25 comments

I got this airporter for my Deuter Aircontact Lite 60 + 10 SL Pack and there was a ton of extra room

eVAC Dry Sack

3 Q&A41 comments

I have this bag in the 13L, 20L, and 35L sizes. I use them mostly for travel (haven't tried air trav

Knockabout Waistpack

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I'm a small person, 5'1" and petite. I find this pack a little big for around my waist. I will keep

Maven 55 Pack - Women's

10 Q&A10 comments

Just hiked 35 mi over 4 days with my new Maven 55. Could not be happier with it. Very comfortable,

Hydraulics Bite Valve Cover

0 Q&A12 comments

After getting sweat, insect repellent, and sand on my bite valve, I decided this thing was necessary

Trash Dry Sack

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Took this backpacking and used it as a bear bag for trash and food. It kept everything dry and was t

Tarn 65 Pack - Kids'

3 Q&A2 comments

We picked this pack for my smaller statured 8th grade son to use at Philmont and other scout outings

Ultra Sil Compression Sack

112 Q&A49 comments

I bought a 30L bag to use for a week long vacation. I fit 4 pairs of shorts, 6 t-shirts, underwear,

Lightweight Stuff Sack

0 Q&A10 comments

Perfect for stuffing winter jackets into a small space. Just right for fitting large items into the

Mesh Stuff Sack

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I use this as a dirty laundry bag when I go camping or traveling. So far it’s working out pretty w

Duck's Back Rain Cover - 60 Liters

38 Q&A2 comments

30 minutes into a a storm and everything in the top is wet. Give it an hour and anything in the bott

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