Camp Kitchen

Hydration Drink Tablets

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I tried the GU Hydration Drink Tablets for the first time while section hiking the AT. I bought thes

Stainless-Steel Nesting Wineglass

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We bought these for picnics and camping and they are great. Love the way the stem unscrews, making

Moon Cheese Snacks

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Tried for the first time on a salesperson's recommendation. Pretty good. Nice flavor, crunchy, light


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Yummy, yum, yum! These rock. Not only are they tasty but they give 450 mg's of amino's too! Great fo

Gluten-Free Waffle

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I really liked the flavor the the waffle and the chewy consistency. Just the right amount of sweetn

Sport Beans

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If you're tired of swallowing musky gels or half-melted nutri-bar, this would be a great alternative

Organic Lentils, Rice and Indian Spice - Single Serving

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Makes for a very delicious and filling meal while camping.

Huevos Rancheros Egg Scramble Mix - 2 Servings

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Read the Instructions. Know what you're getting into. This will take you 20 minutes to make breakfas

Original Meat & Veggie Bar

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I purchased the Mediterranean Lamb and Apple Pork Meat and Veggie Bars - both of which are safe for

Spice Rack

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These are pretty nice little spice bottles for things like salt, pepper, cinnamon, etc. For things l

Mexican Cowboy Beans and Brown Rice - 2 Servings

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Like this one. We often add a little real cheese and dried pineapple Rather tasty. Have eaten it 3x

Smoked Salmon - 3.5 oz.

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pared with backpacker's pantry pasta alfredo, this was GREAT

Campfire Plate

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The plate is fine, but as other reviewers have noticed it will take you half an hour or more to remo

Alpine Stowaway Pot - 0.775 Liters

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Can use it as a mirror since it's very shiny

Kitchen Sink - 20 liter

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I have been using my sink since late 2012 and it always goes. I love how versatile this product is.

Alpine Stowaway Pot - 1.6 Liters

0 Q&A32 comments

I am not the kind of person who cuts the handle off my tooth brush. Nor am i the person who shaves o

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