Camp Kitchen

Cast Iron Skillet - 12 in.

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Iron Skillets Rock

Chocolate Nut Butter

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I love this hazelnut chocolate combo. It's great with pretzels or on it's own. It is all-natural, s

3-Piece Ring Cutlery Set

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Gonna day that this is a great set for what it is... works great and is cheap. No complaints as far

Titanium Mini Solo Cookset

14 Q&A50 comments

I was very impressed by the very light weight of this kit, the pot and cup themselves felt very stur

Santa Fe Black Beans & Rice - 2 Servings

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I pretty much hate all freeze dried dinners so nothing gets higher than a 3. So this was at least ed

Fuel Bottle - 20 fl. oz.

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I have the 20 and 30 oz. MSR fuel bottles. They are very durable and the child resistent fuel cap i

Alcohol Burner Stove

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Great little alcohol burner stove that’s easy to use and carry

Organic Curry In A Hurry - Single Serving

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This flavor was my first MJF meals. It blew me away. The flavor is phenomenal and the texture is exc

X-Brew Coffee Dripper

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So glad I didn’t allow the bad reviews put me off to this item. If you buy pre ground coffee for a


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Bought this for hiking trips to take along for my Labrador. What a wonderful design! It is compact/l

Energy Gel - Single Serving

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I've been using this product, non caff, for two years now, and it gives me the energy I need to star

Paleo Meals To Go Cliffside Coconut Berry - 3.2 oz. Pouch

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I love the ingredients in this meal - especially the blueberries. While the package that I prepared

Himalayan Lentils & Rice - 2 Servings

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In an effort to reduce backpack weight we switched from home prepared one pot meals to dehydrated. T

Refillable Propane Cylinder with Refill Kit - 1 lb.

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I just received this and carefully followed the instructions in the video and the print instructions

Titan Tea Kettle

6 Q&A42 comments

I wanted a lightweight pot to cook single meals when thru-hiking. While I had used a Jet Boil in th

Compact Propane Stove

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I bought this stove because of its size (perfect for fitting into sea kayak hatches) and the idea of

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