Camp Kitchen

Solid Fuel Tablets

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I'm surprised bears aren't attracted by this stuff because it [*] stinks! Honestly, it smells like 1

Halulite Boiler Pot - 1.8 Liters

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Very easy to use, and boils water well. Just used this for three weeks straight and have no complain

Endurolytes Fizz Tube - 13 Servings

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Bought this for Mt Kilimanjaro climb. Excellent replacement for electrolytes! Great taste masked t

Double Chicken Gumbo - 2 Servings

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This is a great meal that is easy to make after a long day of hiking.

Titanium Hexagon Backpacking Wood Stove

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when all else fails, this stove is a great thing to have... the vargo hexagon excels as a windscreen

Perpetuem Drink Mix - 16 Serving

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I use Perpetuem during workouts and after.

SuperFuel - Quart

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not very expensive for how much fuel is in the canister. clean burn and lasts.

Snack Mix

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Definitely a very good, re-energizing snack, both on and off the trail.

Mango Sticky Rice - 2 Servings

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It was good but just not exactly Mango Sticky Rice. I would get it again - good dessert or breakfast

Mexican Quinoa Bowl - 2 Servings

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I really wanted to like this. It needed salt. I kept adding stuff I had on me like peanuts & maybe n

Precooked Eggs with Bacon Pro-Pak - Single Serving

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This is a little on the salty side (but I don't normally salt my food), but the sodium is not throug

Organic Hot Cinnamon Apple, Oats & Quinoa Cereal

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Purchased this for a backpacking trip. I was looking for something healthy and that had protein. Thi

Risotto with Chicken - 2 Servings

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This was delicious and easy to cook. I will buy it again.

Coffee Press

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At first I though this sucks so hard. But after turning it around like I the photo it worked 99% bet

Profile 2-Burner Stove with Piezo Ignition

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We bought this to replace a Primus stove we bought in 1973. It was still working beautifully when i

Bugaboo Frypan - 8 in.

0 Q&A6 comments

Great pan for the outdoors. Makes cooking just like at home. Looking forward to many more camping tr

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