Camp Kitchen

Infinity Mug

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Got this mug for my coffee and teas for a camping trip. Great quality, and can’t beat the price!

Ultralight Java Drip Coffee Maker

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Over the years, I've bounced around different ways to make my morning cuppa in the backcountry. I've

Campfire Stove

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I was looking for a patio table sized fire and this is perfect! No smoke (with the right wood), cool

Shot Energy Gel

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I've tried others but keep coming back to Cliff Shots… they are small and provide ample energy whe

Kitchen Sink - 10 liter

0 Q&A26 comments

You've heard the expression, "You can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink", well that

Rambler Tumbler Straw Lid - 20 fl. oz.

0 Q&A2 comments

There's nothing better than drinking your favorite beverage out of your favorite YETI! Except when y

Mountain Plate

0 Q&A7 comments

The good before the bad: • Size and weight of the bowl is perfect for camping and hiking. • St

Black Bart Chili with Beef & Beans - 2 Servings

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Tasted OK on the trail but it gave me indigestion (no medical problems associated with this) due to

GoBites Trio Utensil Set

0 Q&A8 comments

Convenient and easy to pack in a back pack, car console, or other small space. Allows for more hygi

Smoked Three Bean Chili - 2 Servings

0 Q&A14 comments

Good amount of beans for the energy a hard backpacking trip demands. A little spicy, but not overly

LoadOut Bucket Lid

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Never had a bucket till now that deserves a lid. Endless possibilities with the yeti bucket and lid.

Three Cheese Chicken Pasta - 2 Servings

0 Q&A23 comments

I was disappointed in this product. The vegetables were cardboard like . The cheese flavoring was bl

Beef Jerky

0 Q&A7 comments

DELICIOUS! This is great as a protein to bring with you on a hike or to keep in your car for an eme

Energy Bar

0 Q&A88 comments

Maple Nut Clif bars are, in my opinion, Clif bars perfected. I've been eating Clif bars since they f

Universal Fuel Canister Stand

0 Q&A22 comments

Stability is a Good Thing when dealing with hot stuff. This is small, light, and quick to attach to

Delta Bowl with Lid

2 Q&A10 comments

I mostly hike solo, and most backpacking meals are too much food, and they packging is bulky. I'd tr

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