Camp Kitchen

Race Caps Supreme - 90 Capsules

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Yes these are pricey, however they work. I take two before every ride and am back on the bike the ne

Halulite 1 Qt. Tea Kettle - 1 Liter

5 Q&A77 comments

I have been using this kettle for over six months. Luckily it is not my only kettle. First, the tabs

Titanium Single 450 Cup

6 Q&A12 comments

Wide enough to nest my Lifestraw bottle into. Lightweight, durable and no metallic taste.

LiteMax Stove

4 Q&A69 comments

I bought this product in 2010 and have used it on 5 peaks over 22000 feet in the Andes at temperatur

Adventure Cooler - 30 qt.

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We just used this cooler for the first time - the ice stayed frozen for at least 3 days (we didn't t

Sport + Caffeine Hydration Tablets - 10 Servings

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Helps keep me going on runs of an hour or more. I ran in the pouring rain and felt like a real tough

Trek 900 Titanium Cookset

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This gear is great for the minimalist. You can get a can of fuel and a stove in this kit. I keep a S

Electrolyte Salt Capsules - 100 Capsules

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I can't say enough about this for Ironman Kona in 2011, this product turned my hi

Glacier 3-Piece Stainless Cutlery Set

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These are very nice, full-sized utensils. They feel like normal home utensils but are light weight f

Endurolytes - 120 Capsules

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Iv'e used endurolytes for every Ironman I have done. Without these I would have never been able to

WindBurner Duo Stove System

4 Q&A1 comments

Lightweight, packs up well with other components... boils water extremely quickly. I highly recomme

Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Peppers - 2 Servings

0 Q&A35 comments

Wife & I have been trying as many of these as we can, and other brands too. Mountain House in gener

Indian Vegetable Korma - 2 Servings

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This korma had the consistency of ground vegetables. At 4,000', after much more than the allotted t

Tumbler Straw Lid - 22 fl. oz.

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Works great, use it at work where I need a covered glass, is flexible enough to work well

Energy Gel

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This stuff is really great because it really works. The consistency throws you off at first and can

GoBites Uno Spork

0 Q&A40 comments

I have been using these sports for years. This one is a improvement over the last one I had. The inc

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