Camp Kitchen

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake Mix - 2 Servings

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This was super easy to make and tasted very good. It was very creamy and light, tasted just like ch

Enamelware 8-Cup Percolator

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I was surprised at how quickly it heated up--it boiled just a few minutes after we set it over our m

HalfGen Base Camp Cooking System

1 Q&A1 comments

I loved this stove....great to simmer....unfortunately fuel line failed...thank god it happened at h

Herbed Mushroom Risotto - Single Serving

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Added some toasted pumpkin seeds to this after it had "cooked" and enjoyed a wonderful backcountry m

Chana Masala - 2 Servings

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I always take Backpackers Pantry vegetarian meals when backpacking, and like most of them. My wife d

Wood Burning CampStove 2 with FlexLight

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It's okay. Don't expect to do anything else while using it (i.e. set up a tent), as the fire needs

FlexWare Sink - 8.5L

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It does what it's supposed to do and feels well made. What else is there to say?

nForm Crossover Kitchen Kit

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A Great Kit, excelent for 3 or more people where they need to cook & serve large quantities of food.

OPSAK Odor-Proof Barrier Bags - 10" x 9" - Package of 2

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To the previous raters these bags are not meant to be rodent proof. Use some common sense. They do r

Pot Support

10 Q&A14 comments

This is a great little device. I was able to cook sausage and eggs using a small cast iron skillet.

Roctane Sports Gel

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Tried this on my 12 mile hike. Backpacked 36 pounds and wanted something to help keep up the energy.

Quick Skillet

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easy to clean and cooks evenly. cant beat it! Its also lightweight to backpack with.

Instant Coffee - Package of 8

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I have tried many instant coffees over the years for camping, school and those super late mornings w

Louisiana Red Beans and Rice - 2 Servings

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I won't say it isn't flavorful... because, I do like the taste. It isn't SPICY though. It's like, a

Vegetable Lasagna

0 Q&A5 comments

Doesn't taste like lasagna at all. Overpowering taste of what I think was oregano. No cheese at al

GigaPower 2.0 Stove

4 Q&A14 comments

You'll need some pliers to turn this off, and to hold the pot if it has a small handle. The stove ge

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