Camp Kitchen

Coffee Mug - 12 fl. oz.

1 Q&A40 comments

I have just about every style of hydroflask made. I have taken the food sized one with ice cream wh

Cinnamon Apple Crisp - 2 Servings

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Love this apple crisp ... it's my new favorite dessert. Adding the strudle at the end gives a good

Pioneer Enamelware Table Set

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These are great camping dishes. My only complaint is some of my cups came out of the box with factor

Mexican-Style Rice and Chicken - 3 Servings

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I was really hoping this meal would be good. I love Mexican food, I love rice, and I love chicken. B

Titanium Trek 700 Mug

2 Q&A60 comments

Perfect to use as mug or solo pot. Order a JetBoil lid to replace the flapping metal lid and it is

Coffee Flask - 12 fl. oz.

4 Q&A40 comments

I love the size and shape of this travel mug; it’s easy to toss in my bag and carry around so I ha

Rambler Wine Tumbler - 10 fl. oz. - Package of 2

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I agree that it may be "insane" to pay a premium for stainless steel drink ware. I have a few YETI's

Alpine 2 Pot Set

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I can't say anything bad about this products. I boiled hot water to make coffee less than 2 minutes.

Pot 900

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This is a great Pot for use with a SoloStove Lite, as the stove fits inside the pot and allows you t

Glacier Stainless Steel 6-Cup Percolator

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Love this percolator it's small, light weight and it's very good quality, good job REI!!!!

Organic Mac 'n Cheese - Single Serving

0 Q&A27 comments

This is the only camp meal that I can eat that meets all of my allergy requirements. As others noted

Fuel Bottle - 30 fl. oz.

0 Q&A17 comments

I own the previous version of this bottle, without the new cap design. I needed another, so I bought

Rice and Chicken - 3 Servings

0 Q&A20 comments

Definitely one of the meals I look to when planning a big trip with the kids. One of the only 3 serv

Whole Egg Crystals - 12 Eggs

0 Q&A37 comments

We eat a high fat & high protein diet at home, so it was really hard to plan our 4 day outing. I fou

True Pint Glass

5 Q&A38 comments

This does a great job at keeping drinks cold. there is a great review out there form someone from Po

Paleo Meals To Go Mountain Beef Stew - 3 oz. Pouch

0 Q&A1 comments

It is so much better to camp and hike with that food in the bag. I am grateful for this product in

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