Camp Kitchen

Just Veggies Mix - 4 oz.

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I was very hungry and had these in my hiking supplies box and decided to open them up. I was surpris

Child-Resistant Fuel Bottle Cap

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It's a little hard to open, but I suppose that's the point. But, I don't have to worry about the bot

Hot Sauce - 9.8 oz.

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On the recommendation of an employee I tried this. It's become a favorite hot sauce of mine

Lentils with Beef - Single Serving

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This meal was easy to heat and taste delicious. Perfect for ultra light backpacking — no need to c

Two Egg Holder

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Love this little egg holder. Makes my backpacking trips more enjoyable with a good meal.


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The size is very small for camo tables at camp grounds it looses the red color easy and stains you c

Can Opener - Package of 2

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It takes a little practice, but it really works great once you get the hang of it. It must be the l

Camp Mug

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Pros: Cons: Great size. Not the most comfortable

Banana Berry Instant Smoothie Mix

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Saved this for a Birthday morning treat while backpacking! So yummy!

Instant Coconut Creamer Latte - Package of 5

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alpine start does it again - but this time with the added benefit of nondairy creamer. for over hal

Dirty Chai Latte Instant Coffee - Package of 5

0 Q&A11 comments

This is my least favorite from Alpine Start. Between my boyfriend (Dirty Chai Latte fanatic) and I,

Complete Cookie

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Please don't buy this. Very poor quality for a vegan cookie. Chemical taste. Too much sugar but it c

GoBites Click Fork and Spoon Set

0 Q&A1 comments

Nothing special. I wasted my money. Breaking utensils in two pieces added nothing and was awkward

Pepper Grinder

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I bought this to use while living in Armenia, but am now considering that it might live in my purse

Chicken Creole with Brown Rice - Single Serving

0 Q&A8 comments

I usually opt for Mountain House but thought this seemed like an interesting concept. I enjoyed the

Alpine Spatula

0 Q&A14 comments

Don't know what the last reviewer is talking about. Maybe his is defective but mine works flawlessly

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