Camp Kitchen

The Rocks Cup - 10 fl. oz.

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Very pleasing size and feel. Good grip, good sipping surface when cap is off, even though I didn't

Raspberry Crumble - 4 Servings

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The best dessert EVER for camping (and even for home use!). Real raspberries, yum yum. Tastes like

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon - Single Serving

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The guy at the Rei store told me to try this product when I asked which freeze dried food to try. I

Pinnacle Backpacker Cookset

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This a great set for a backpacker who likes the creature comforts. My Snow Peak stove fits in a mug

Titanium Long Handle Spoon with Polished Bowl

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When I got this I just knew it was so light it would bend easily. I tried, and it fidn’t Give. Per


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The material of these bowls holds the smell of every food you put in it, i ate maple oatmeal and coo

Classic Cooler

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The IceMule cooler has been even more useful than we expected. We use it at the campsite for stashi

Sport Hydration Tablets - 10 servings

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Bought these for my backpacking trip to Big Pine Lakes; used it a week later to peak Cucamonga and M

Chili Mac With Beef Pro-Pak - 2 Servings

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This meal was fairly tasty when we started, but we both burned out on the flavor before we were very

Chicken Teriyaki with Rice Pro-Pak - 2 Servings

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Texture is very good, with nice chicken chunks and rice reconstituting nicely. Teriyaki favor is the

Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken - 2 Servings

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I bought this for a back country trout fishing trip in the Adirondacks. This is definitely one of th

Energy Waffle

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After having abandoned my search for an all-natural energy product, one that especially contains no

Cooler Cup - 12 fl. oz.

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This koozie/cup works great. Keeps drinks in cans and bottles ice cold on the beach even when in dir

Zip Cooking System

2 Q&A89 comments

I do see the complaints about poor temperature control. I must say that the control valve is a handf

Organic Energy Chews

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Various flavors. I like them all. They melt in your mouth. The only bad thing might be they taste t

Reactor Stove System - 1.7 Liter

0 Q&A102 comments

I'm not one who normally writes reviews on products, having said that, I felt compelled to write a r

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