Camp Kitchen

Java Press - 30 fl. oz.

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Easy to use. Easy cleanup. Follow the directions.

Dual-Fuel 2 Burner Stove

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I've been a camping enthusiast for 30 years. This stove is a "weak player" at best. I regret buying

WindBurner Stove System - 1 Liter

0 Q&A1 comments

I can't say enough good about this stove. The 4 Oz container and burner base fit snugly inside the

Infinity Backpacker Mug

2 Q&A114 comments

got this cup because of the great reviews,It fits the bill nicely for cup size and weight, the lid a

Standard Fuel Pump

0 Q&A24 comments

Agree with other posters. Great stoves, but the fuel pump....... Works fine, but definitely plan on

Titanium Bowl

2 Q&A11 comments

This bowl is super light and I love having my morning oatmeal in this bowl. It's worth the money to

CampStove 2 Exclusive Bundle

13 Q&A34 comments

love it. it's awesome. I grilled and made French press coffee. and it was amazing. Can't get enough

DragonFly Backpacking Stove

1 Q&A138 comments

g'day, i use this stove for almost 10 years and the ony damage i had was a broken o-ring.

Pocket Blanket

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This is a wonderful, functional little "blanket" to carry for all types of stuff. I live in Chicago

Organic Bare Burrito - Single Serving

0 Q&A19 comments

Thickens up nicely so it doesn't leak out of bottom of tortilla wrap and is very tasty. In the store

Breakfast Skillet Pro-Pak - Single Serving

0 Q&A25 comments

A ridiculous amount of sodium. Could not taste anything else besides the sodium. It was like takin

Lasagna with Meat Sauce Pro-Pak - 2 Servings

0 Q&A52 comments

The flavor of the meal was great and hit the spot after a full day of backpacking. The problem came

Tumbler - 32 fl. oz.

6 Q&A26 comments

Finally a large hydroflask that fits in a car cup holder! The color is even better in person.

Macaroni and Cheese - 3 Servings

0 Q&A60 comments

My kids love this when we go backpacking. It certainly isn't gourmet food, but hey we are on the tr

Organic Shepherd's Meat Pie - Single Serving

0 Q&A27 comments

Being a medical doctor resident on a 30 hour call shift, the dining room is not always open. Easy t

Meal Bar

0 Q&A81 comments

You know how it is. You get these bars hoping they will not make you gag. I was pleasantly surpris

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