Camp Kitchen

WhisperLite Universal Backpacking Stove

9 Q&A36 comments

I just returned from three night trip in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada a few hours no

Cool Trail Split Pack Cooler

0 Q&A6 comments

Overall, this worked fine for our camping trip and was functional and easy to transport. It has many

Hopper Two 30 Soft Cooler

0 Q&A10 comments

The 2-30 does not leak as promised but beyond that it is just an average soft sided cooler. Ice does

Rambler Wine Tumbler - 10 fl. oz.

0 Q&A1 comments

Look, if you like drinking an entire bottle of chilled white and leaving your wine glass on the floo

Rambler Colster

6 Q&A5 comments

Got one of these for myself when I bought them for my groomsmen gifts and can't stop using it!

Genesis Basecamp System Camp Stove

0 Q&A6 comments

I purchased Jetboil Genesis system after reading many reviews. So, I knew what to expect in terms of

Lasagna with Meat Sauce - 2.5 Servings

0 Q&A75 comments

I've enjoyed this meal on a couple of backpacking trips, and find the lasagna to be particularly fil

Lowlands Blanket

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My cot is 26” wide. I use the water proof side of the blanket to lay on top of the cot and the sof

Beef Stroganoff with Noodles - 2.5 Servings

0 Q&A103 comments

This along with the lasagna my favorites. I put in a freezer zip lock and roll around to crunch up.

Pinnacle Camper Cookset

20 Q&A38 comments

This is a great cook set for car camping. The pots and pan are big enough for cooking for several p

Rambler Tumbler with MagSlider Lid - 30 fl. oz.

5 Q&A1 comments

I was skeptical about how good this cup could perform and if it was worth the cost. I must say it ha

Tundra 75 Cooler

0 Q&A6 comments

We were camping in bear territory, and kept our food locked in the car, 500-yds from our campsite. T

Ice Pack

4 Q&A16 comments

I took this to the beach and used in my Hopper. It would melt pretty fast. I put two of the them f

WhisperLite International Backpacking Stove

10 Q&A74 comments

This stove lives up to its reputation. I've been using the pocket rocket system for close to ten yea

MiniMo Cooking System

31 Q&A96 comments

The Jetboil Minimo is a really good cooker for the out and about. PROS: quick boil when compared to

Breakfast Skillet - 2 Servings

0 Q&A109 comments

This is certainly not as good as my home-made breakfast scramble that i do in a dutch oven at base c

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