Camp Kitchen

BioFuel Pellets

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Wasn't sure how well the pellets were gonna work but they are great. Definitely recommend.

Vegetarian Chili - Single Serving

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I’ve had better chili but maybe this is the best u can get for camping. I definitely needed more

Energy Gel Packet

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I decided to give this gel a try instead of the usual Gu or Hammer during a long run up the hills, a

Alcohol Stove Fuel

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I use alcohol stoves whether backpacking or car camping. Nothing quite like a quite kettle in the mo

Giga Power Windscreen

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A stove needs wind protection. I used a homemade one. Worked, cost nothing, and weighed nothing, but

Alpine Stowaway Pot - 1.1 Liters

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Ok first, 6/9 people said this thing was heavy. Yes, compared to the super lite camping pots offered

Rambler 20 fl. oz. Tumbler Handle

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I bought this to use on one of the Yeti-like tumblers. It fit well and doesn't come off or slip.

Refillable Propane Cylinder - 1 lb.

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I have had 3 of these for a couple of years now. They are easy to fill if you read the directions a

Hot Sauce - 2.2 oz.

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I was thrilled to see these little spice bottles at the store! So much so that I bought one of each

Thermal Lid for Titanium Double-Wall Mug

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Tired of dribbling hot coffee on yourself? Get one of these!

Spork Multi-Tool

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Small, light weight, many ways to use it, many colors. A really useful multi tool.

Buffalo Cranberry Bar - 1 oz.

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I've been eating Tanka Bars since 2007. I used to have to special order them through their web site,

6-Egg Holder

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I've used the 'dozen' egg holder from Coghlan for years--camping and canoe trips. The cups are too

JetGauge Canister Weight Scale

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I really wanted to like this scale, but each time I've weighed a canister it gives me wildly inconsi

WindBurner Coffee Press - 1.8 Liter

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used this to brew some great coffee. I would recommend using this if you are a coffee aficionado (I

X-Pot - 1.4 Liters

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Vini, vidi, emit. My variety of cookpots has served me well: the ubiquitous 2 and 4 qt Aluminum pots

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