Camp Kitchen

HEED Sport Drink Mix - Single Serving

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Its taste is good and it does not bother my stomach. I like it without caffeine. The first time I bo

Perpetuem Drink Mix - Single Serving

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I bought this product before a trip to the adirondacks and after using it for 3 days of long hiking

MightyMo Backpacking Stove

3 Q&A34 comments

I've used this stove for 2+ years now. Jetboil replaced my first one due to faulty igniter. Same t

Energy Granola - 5 Servings

0 Q&A2 comments

I really like this granola. I found myself eating it way more often than just on the trail. It’s

KettlePot - 1.5 Liters

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I bought this item to heat up liquids on camping journeys and I love how my biolite fits perfectly i

Thai Style Chicken with Noodles - 2 Servings

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Decent taste, a little bland straight out of the package though. Luckily I had a little sriracha sau


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Works great, but the tips of the fork melted a little while cooking chicken in a skillet.

Pepper Beef with Rice - 2 Servings

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This was my first try of a AlpineAire Foods meal -- and I am so happy I made the switch from my good

Energy Bar - 1.5 oz.

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Can't remember which flavor I ate, but it was delicious. Not dry or super chewy but good texture and

X-Pot - 2.8 Liters

2 Q&A28 comments

Bought the Sea to Summit X-Pot 2.8 liter because I needed a compact format for light cooking and one

Classic Nut Butter - Almond - 1.15 oz.

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Never go on an adventure without it and apple slices.

Ready-To-Eat Wild Salmon - 3.5 oz.

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The fish was fresh and tasty; it worked well mixed in with beans and rice. Definitely better than I

Delta Cutlery Set

0 Q&A15 comments

Excellent Set, light and sturdy!! Good quality!!!!

Southwest Style Chicken with Rice - Single Serving

0 Q&A2 comments

I haven’t tried this yet. Disappointed it’s only a single serving. Will need to find a to exte

Bibimbap - 2 Servings

0 Q&A16 comments

Appearance: dirty wet ground up dumpster cardboard, muddy gravel

PanHandler Pot Lifter

0 Q&A2 comments

Found this just walking around the REI in my hometown and picked it up. I have the MSR pot with the

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