Camp Kitchen

Stove Annual Maintenance Kit

0 Q&A5 comments

The key in the kit (Jet & Cable Tool) does not even remotely resemble either the one on the website

Bugaboo Mess Kit

0 Q&A9 comments

I just got back from backpacking with this mess kit. I liked a lot about it. The size and weight wer

Organic Energy Gel

0 Q&A18 comments

I love, love, love honey stinger gels! The strawberry kiwi is my favorite. They aren't too thick, an

Energy Chews

0 Q&A2 comments

Great taste and consistency. They work well. I've converted many of my friends to them.

Performance Oatmeal - Single Serving

0 Q&A1 comments

Excelent breakfast with great energy. Goood taste. Recommend

Java Mill

0 Q&A59 comments

I purchased this after accidentally buying some coffee beans instead of preground coffee. I had neve

Bear Proof Cooler Locks - Package of 2

0 Q&A1 comments

These are great locks to help make your Yeti bear proof. They are quality built and easy to lock and

Anytime Energy Bar

0 Q&A1 comments

I generally don't like to eat bars but these are the exception. If you aren't using these at this po

All Natural Bacon Jerky

0 Q&A3 comments

Best thing I’ve ever put on my mouth!!!! Love the flavor, convenience and that it’s all natural.

Alpine Dish Brush/Scraper

0 Q&A11 comments

I don't know how well this brush cleans pots & pans but I bought it for a fingernail cleaner. All th

Extreme Sport Beans

0 Q&A19 comments

I was disappointed in this product because the beans made me thirsty and were difficult to choke dow

Rambler Tumbler MagSlider Lid - 10 / 20 fl. oz.

0 Q&A11 comments

I am loathe to review things, but this lid is just ridiculous. I thought it would be the perfect sol

Adventure Cooler - 16 qt.

0 Q&A36 comments

I just purchased the 16 quart cooler and I still have ice in the cooler after 3 days. I have been us

Cheese Enchilada Ranchero - 2 Servings

0 Q&A5 comments

One of the tastiest (if not the most tasty) vegetarian backpacking meals I've tried. I often can't

Mountain Chili - 2 Servings

0 Q&A3 comments

the worst of all backpack food . Took forever to cook and was still dehydrated . even worse on the b

Crunchit Recycling Tool

0 Q&A11 comments

This tool is simple and makes it easy to dispose of fuel canisters. I just wish it was included with

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