Camp Kitchen

Nut Butter Filled Bars

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I actually really enjoy clif bars, and I thought this sounded like something that I'd fall in love w

Kung Pao Rice with Chicken - 2 Servings

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While backpacking in Big Sur, my friend & I boiled some water and wanted for some Kung Pao Chicken-y

Alpine Nesting Bowl

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These bowls are as light as my old plastic one and big enough to hold a respectable bit of granola o

Jamaican Style Jerk Rice and Beans with Chicken - 2 Servings

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1400 mg sodium per serving! This thing was practically nothing but salt; but otherwise rehydrated v

Fastchews Chewable Electrolyte Tablets

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These little guys seem to really replenish the electrolytes I lose while sweating in the desert. Th

Fuel Bottle - 11 fl. oz.

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I wrote a review for the 30oz version as well. Basically, this cap (when the bottle is filled) is e

Pasta Fagioli - Single Serving

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Really tasty and super easy! Way better than most hiking meals.

Rambler Tumbler MagSlider Lid - 30 fl. oz.

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Bought this based on a friends recommendation and the mug does keep everything hot or cold. However,

Solid Fuel Stove and Cookset

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I chose this stove because it was super light and compact, not for the fastest water boiling perform

Hash Browns with Bacon and Peppers - Single Serving

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Worked perfectly and had decent taste but agree with others that there is just WAY too much waste. H

Vitamins Hydration Tablets - 12 Servings

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Great electrolytes, tastes good (even when you're at the limit), and no calories. Can't beat it.

Folding Coffee Pour Over Brewer

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I use this every morning to make coffee and have taken it with me on numerous trips. Super easy to c

X-Set 11 Cookset

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This is a great kettle and pair of 2-cup mugs especially if you need to boil water and drink your be


0 Q&A7 comments

Good To Go may be my favorite general brand of trail food right now, but breakfasts are where they g


0 Q&A8 comments

If you read the ingredients, you’ll see only quality throughout their product. Their combination

Spicy Sausage Pasta - 2 Servings

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I bought this I the store with high expectations. With a 5 day trek ahead of me I planned to ear thi

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