Climbing Shoes

Genius Climbing Shoes

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I bought a pair of these shoes about 9 or 10 months ago, and I’ve been climbing for 3+ years and h

Mythos Climbing Shoes - Men's

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I use these shoes primarily indoors both bouldering and top rope climbing. They're great comfy shoes

Konseal FL Approach Shoes - Men's

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So I’ve had these for about a month now and about 15 (day hikes) later... great traction, very com

Shaman Climbing Shoes

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Okay - I really hope I am not the only one in this boat. So let's start with the good.

Anasazi MoccAsym Climbing Shoes

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Material around big toe split after climbing one crack. Wouldn't buy these again.

Boulder X Approach Shoes - Men's

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This shoe fits EXACTLY a advertised. It is comfortable and extremely durable. I have worn them in th

Miura VS Climbing Shoes - Men's

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Despite what people say, these shoes -will stretch- out a bit to mold to your feet. While they don'

Skwama Climbing Shoes - Men's

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I purchased these for sport climbing, both indoor and outdoor, and use them for some light boulderin

TX 3 Approach Shoes - Men's

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I never write reviews but I strongly advise against buying this shoe. It is highly rated in a lot of

Guide Tennie Approach Shoes - Men's

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I bought these in preparation for a lot of day hikes in Southern Utah, consisting of a lot of techni

Solution Climbing Shoes - Men's

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I bought these for the aggressive downturn and they do work well on overhangs. For edging, they are

Otaki Climbing Shoes - Men's

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The shoe performs great but for the price, I expected them to be more durable. After 2 months of lig

Katana Lace Climbing Shoes

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I really hated these shoes. I wore them one day for a few hours and returned them the next day. As

Vapor V Climbing Shoes - Women's

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I am a size 8.5 in street shoes but bought these in 38.5(8). And they were painful and took a very l

Momentum Climbing Shoes - Merlot - Women's

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I’ve given these shoes a good chance; about four months of wear. They are functional enough on the

Origin Climbing Shoes - Men's

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Great starter shoe, very durable and comfortable. The straps pull very tight for that solid fit. Can

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