Climbing Shoes

Street LV Climbing Shoes

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These are great shoes similar to the streets and they defiantly are for a lower volume fit but sweet

Kira Climbing Shoes - Women's

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I was wearing a women's size 7 in a different Evolv shoe and had to size up to a 9 in these. Just go

Street Climbing Shoes

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I got the streets and have been using them for a week now.

Force V Climbing Shoes - Women's

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I tried on four pairs of climbing shoes in the store. These shoes were by far the most comfortable.

Finale Climbing Shoes - Men's

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These are the only climbing shoes I’ve owned so I can’t compare them to anything other than awfu

Helix Climbing Shoes - Women's

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I got these as my first pair of climbing shoes as I was tired of paying the rental fee. Have worn th

TC Pro Climbing Shoes

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I have had multiple pairs of the TC Pros and none of them have ever failed to be the performing shoe

Instinct VS Climbing Shoes - Men's

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This was my first time buying a rock climbing shoe so it stretched a little more than I anticipated.

Finale Climbing Shoes - Women's

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These are my first pair of climbing shoes and I love them. They fit perfectly and are very comfortab

Helix Climbing Shoes - Men's

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I am completely new to climbing so take my review with a grain of salt. So far I've really enjoyed t

Nighthawk Climbing Shoes - Men's

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I buy climbing shoes based on 2 criteria: they were in my size, they were the lowest price.The Night

Tarantulace Climbing Shoes - Women's

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After doing a significant amount of research, I purchased the La Sportiva Tarantulace in the hopes t

Tarantulace Climbing Shoes

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These are my first climbing shoes, I've been using them for two months now. Have yet to find a spot

Origin Climbing Shoes - Women's

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I would say at first they hurt. After breaking them in they fit pretty well and they were comfortabl

Momentum Climbing Shoes - Ash - Men's

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The shoe is well made, but not for me. The 10.5 is a good length for me (I wear 10.5 street shoes) b

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