Sleeping Bags

Silk Mummy Liner

14 Q&A25 comments

So far I've used the liner backpacking in Patagonia for about 17 nights in the back country. It has

MegaSleep Duo 25 Double Sleeping Bag

0 Q&A10 comments

This is the most lightweight bag I've ever owned. Love the flip over feature so I can easily use it

Firebelly Trail Quilt

0 Q&A1 comments

Great quilt, granite color is less flamboyant than orange, but REI does not stock that color anymore

Thermolite Reactor Sleeping Bag Liner

2 Q&A106 comments

I went hiking/camping last weekend and almost did not bring this along due to a warmer than average

Igneo 25 Sleeping Bag - Men's

5 Q&A30 comments

Packs up super small and even comes with a much loftier storage bag. Was very impressed to get both.

Sawtooth 15 Sleeping Bag

0 Q&A1 comments

I bought this bag, but didn't have a chance to use it for over a year. When I finally got a chance t

Downtime 0 Down Sleeping Bag

10 Q&A13 comments

Overall this is a great sleeping bag. Ample room and comfortable, the bag is lightweight but sti

Aeros Premium Deluxe Pillow

2 Q&A15 comments

This Sea to Summit pillow is truly comfortable and so easy to setup, deflate, and pack away.

Furnace 20 Sleeping Bag

14 Q&A14 comments

Purchased a last minute bag for my Sierra Nevada backpacking trip. The low temp in the late Aug was

Rave 30 Sleeping Bag - Women's

12 Q&A8 comments

I really enjoyed the shape of this bag, allowing me to sleep comfortable on my side. The biggest dow

Never Summer 0 Sleeping Bag

0 Q&A3 comments

I’ve had this bag for about 6 months and have used it a number of times in the Colorado spring and

Riff 15 Sleeping Bag - Men's

29 Q&A13 comments

I was introduced to Nemo products last year at the outdoor expo. I love their products and can't wa

Joule 21 Sleeping Bag - Women's

23 Q&A32 comments

After using a Men's Regular for several years, I will never be going back. The Joule 21 Tall was per

Helio Down 45 Sleeping Bag

7 Q&A25 comments

Sleeping bag overall isn't bad and does what it's expected to do but the zipper is horrible! I was o

Aeros Premium Pillow

0 Q&A6 comments

I have owned three of these. I want to like them. When you first buy them, they are great. They pack

Thermolite Reactor Extreme Sleeping Bag Liner

17 Q&A120 comments

I purchased this liner because my NorthFace Mummy bag is rated at 20F and I get a little chilly when

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