Sleeping Pads, Cots and Hammocks

Insulated AXL Air Sleeping Pad

13 Q&A29 comments

Bought this to replace my neo air xlite women's because it's lighter and I thought this baffle style

ProFly Hammock Rain Tarp

16 Q&A42 comments

I've had the ENO Hammock for some time - have enjoyed it tremendously. Have used a lightweight back

AirRail Plus Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

0 Q&A15 comments

I wouldn’t say it’s self inflating, but it’s not that bad to inflate. It is a little bigger pa

DoubleNest Hammock - Limited Edition

65 Q&A1 comments

Got this as a gift for our daughter and she loved it. Super easy set up just need to find a couple o

Trail Scout Sleeping Pad

0 Q&A34 comments

I picked this pad up for cheap since I was just getting into car camping. It worked alright the firs

JungleNest Hammock

13 Q&A17 comments

The first time I set this up it was dark and raining. I clipped it to Atlas straps, ran the ridge li

Trekker Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

3 Q&A45 comments

I bought this at a REI store on the advice of the staff as I spend 2/3 of my night on my side, had a

Nomad Hammock Stand

21 Q&A19 comments

Used one of these for the first time and was absolutely bewildered that Eno did not design this to s

Leave No Trace DoubleNest Hammock

65 Q&A9 comments

First and most important, the hammock in the image IS NOT the hammock you get when you order this pr

Discovery Low Cot

0 Q&A84 comments

Others have said: "VERY hard to put together the first time" "I routed some grooves in a 1x4, and

Kingdom Insulated Air Sleeping Pad

13 Q&A28 comments

I have both the older and newer version of this had been long and it is awesome. The newer modle is

Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad

0 Q&A17 comments

My fiance and I each bought one before an overnight trip because a friend recommended air-inflate pa

Comfort Plus SI Sleeping Pad

1 Q&A45 comments

It doesn't get much more comfortable than this. Even my car camping mats can't compete with this.

Pacific Crest Trail Association DoubleNest Hammock

65 Q&A7 comments

This is my first hammock purchase, and I am completely and thoroughly obsessed. I have made it my mi

SoloPod Hammock Stand

29 Q&A37 comments

I bought this to take to Bonnaroo with me. It was absolutely perfect!! I also tried out the nomad st

National Park Foundation DoubleNest Hammock

65 Q&A9 comments

Love this for reading, napping and just tree-gazing :)

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