HALFPOPS - Curiously Crunchy Popcorn - 1.4 oz.

Category: Camp Kitchen

Reasonable healthy, mild yet flavorful. I needed a quick snack while I shopped, having not had lunch. I wanted something that would not obviously shorten my life by a day or 2.

These "pops" aren't the worst thing I've ever had but they weren't overall refreshing on the trail... There are better snack options out there

Crunchy and deliciously addictive. Easy snack for traveling or the trail, satisfies my desire for trail food that isn't sweet or chewy.

Sweet and lightly salted, this snack is just enough for two hungry hikers or one high-speed cyclist. Yummy.

Stale and no crunch- I have had other products at Whole Foods that are really half popped popcorn

My daughter loves this snack very much. She always wanted me to buy it whenever we go to Rei

Even my younger nephew said these were hard to bite, like corn nuts. But they tasted good!

Similar to Corn Nuts. I actually like eating half pooped popcorn. Now I fell legitimized!

Great snack for any time of day. Have purchased a variety of flavors over the years.

Love the cheddar flavor, great for you if you love half popped popcorn love this snack

Great walking snack. Will buy more when at store. Doubt I’d order online.

Angry Kettle Corn is good, but expect some spice. Thus, the angry title.

Hit the spot. Price was a bit high but everything at REI is overpriced

The taste was ok, true to description, but was a tad softer than rocks.

More compact and crunchy than regular popcorn. Great backpack snack.

A snack that just pops at you. Wonderful. Easy to carry on a hike.

Standing in line, this is just what I needed. I was starving.

These are amazing, small snack with a packed full of flavor

New and improved Corn Nuts. Good flavor with a little kick!


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