Osprey - Hydraulics Reservoir - 3 Liters

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this bladder went with me on two one-nighter backpacking trips. It's super light weight and made from really thin material, but clearly not very hardy. When packing my bag for my second trip I noticed the bottom of this bladder kept having tiny drops of water at the bottom even after I dried it. I wasn't sure if it was leaking or just run off from when I filled it, but to be safe I put it in a garbage bag and kept packing my bag. The leak was tiny, but it was present. Thankfully I had that garbage bag otherwise my pack would have been wet, there was less than a cup of water that leaked from it over the two day trip, but that was all I needed to know this bladder is not reliable enough and I don't want to risk it happening again during a trip.

It's a great bladder that is replacing a bladder that I've had since I was on active duty. The only issue I have with it is the lower male connector of the quick disconnect valve came out of the hose and I lost about 1/2 of the water in the bladder. Not good when you're 1/3 of the way back on a 12 mile hike in the mountains. I talked to one of the REI guys about it and we were going to exchange it but we both noticed that a brand new one still in the package had the same issue. All of the other fittings were tight and you really had to work to get them to come out. I fashioned a type of tie that connects above and below the quick disconnect valve to keep everything together. I'm going to try it out later during hunting season.

I bought this as an add-on to my Osprey Stratos 34 day pack, and I am very happy I did. Used the Hydraulics reservoir for the first time on 7/22 for a hike up Mt. San Antonio aka Mt. Baldy. This is roughly an 11 mile loop, with 4500 ft. elevation gain and I had plenty of water left (about a liter by the time I got back). Although it was suggested to rinse the reservoir with lemon water prior to first use, I skipped the step and did not have a 'plastic' taste. I really like the hand grip to get the reservoir in- and out of the bag, quickly as well as the quick disconnect from the drinking hose. The fact that a magnet was included to hold the hose easily and securely to your back strap was a nice unexpected surprise. I am very happy with this purchase.

This bladder is very nice and easy to use. I put a Sawyer filter in line and filled it in streams on a 10 day trip. The opening and the blue handle made it very easy to refill in streams. In the past it has been kind of a pain to put a floppy reservoir in a loaded pack. The hard back on the Osprey made it very convenient for putting it back into my pack with all of my gear. The last thing that I really like about this bladder is the bite valve. It is different in a good way than any brand that I have used. It is not just a slit.... it has a hard plastic round piece that seals against the soft rubber bite valve. This is by far the nicest reservoir that I have used!!!

First use was very plastic, but next day and subsequent days fine. Other reviewer sounds like only used once. Like the stiff back, wide mouth, handle. Little hard to dry, but all others have same issue. Used broccoli rubber band to hold open and hung it, worked. Worried about hose disconnect, but encountered no problems, and nice to be able to easily thread through. Not sure what that other reviewer was talking about, seems easy to avoid issues. Going to get one for wife.

Worked perfectly on a hiking trip in the Andes of Peru I just completed. I couldn't be more pleased. Easy to fill and no leaks. I love the design. Drying it out at the end of a trip is as easy as using a wad of paper towel to keep the large mouth open. I hung mine right side up and it dried out quickly. I expect it will last a long time. If I ever need another reservoir I will replace it with this same model. I am out of superlatives....

This worked amazing. It’s sturdy and we had no problems with leaking at all. The removable hose piece is a nice feature. I read a couple reviews about people saying it made their water taste funny, they gave examples of how to get the taste out. I tried freezing water with lemon, then washing it a couple times and then thought maybe after the newness wares off it will be better... it is slightly better after all that, but if the water sits in the bag for more than a few minutes it starts tasting like the plastic. Overall it was just a minor inconvenience, I purchased two of these and they are both worth it.

Bought this today and took it straight to the trail. I put it in my Gregory day pack and this thing performed great. Does have a little plastic taste but I think it will slowly go away after several uses, but wasn't to bad. Overall this is a grea bladder that can be used in smaller packs as well.

I have no problems opening, filling, and closing this reservoir on my own. Plastic taste went away after the first use with a little lemon juice. Fits perfectly in my 65 liter pack AND in my daypack even with a full 3 liters. Love the magnet!

This is my first reservoir/bladder purchase, and after using it on a sweltering 12-mile hike and cleaning it, I am very pleased. After initially cleaning it out, water did have a plastic-y taste as I expected. On Osprey's YouTube page, they have a tip to freeze the reservoir filled with water and a squeeze of lemon juice. After doing this and thawing it out, the plastic taste was much reduced. I like the magnet that attaches to your chest strap, and the fact that the slider on top is attached by so you don't lose it. I wish a bite valve cover was included, but it's fairly cheap to purchase separately.

I've used the reservoir about 4 times now as I'm getting ready for an extended backpacking trip in Big Bend Nat'l Park. I like the large opening, it's easy to add ice and fill with water. The scale on the side lets you know how much water you have in it..nice touch. The reservoir has a stiff back that aids in pushing it into a full pack, much easier to get in place than my old camel back reservoir. The bite valve works well and the magnet clip is very handy for keeping the hose out of the way when you're not drinking.

I love most of the design of this water bag..large 3 liter reserve is ideal for my job as a wildlife biologist in the field. I like the flap on the top, makes filling much easier. However, I got this water bag mainly for work, where I am hiking around the woods/bushwhacking. Day one of use: The red button must have gotten pressed in my pack and the hose released and was lost. Luckily I had gps, flagging and retraced my steps to find it, but what an inconvenience! Also maybe I need someone to explain this design to me, but the bottom half of the hose doesn’t seem to come free from the blue part? Not a big fan of the hose design, would recommend for day hikers who need a lot of water but not backpacking or field work.

I bought this for my Kestrel 44 pack, and its first use was while hiking to Macchu Pichu. Over the two days, it performed very well. It was easy to fill, and fit well int my pack (although it took a little convincing to slide in - but both the pack and reservoir were full, so that's a bit expected).

The osprey reservoir is loaded with special features and conveniences, but it fails miserably in durability. I've had 3 (don't ask me why I've kept making this mistake) and they all leaked within a month, one of those times in a very dangerous situation. When osprey contracted nalgene to make reservoirs a few years ago, they were SUPER durable. Now, they are a problem waiting to happen

This reservoir is quick and easy to fill and close and clean. I’m replacing our family’s reservoirs with this one. Love, Love, Love. I took it out west to multiple National Parks and it did not let me down. 3L is just the right amount for Angel’s Landing in Zion.

I love this Reservoir, fits in my Osprey Kestrel 28 Liter day pack perfectly, the mouth piece and the magnetic holder are great. This makes staying hydrated while I hike effortless.

After using Camel Back bladders for years, I decided to try the Osprey Reservoirs for my wife and my packs on a recent trip to Colorado. The reservoir is easy to fill and the flattened backing makes it easier to slip into the pack. We really wanted to like these reservoirs, but the mouth pieces on both bladders leaked even when turned off. One of the mouth pieces leaked so much that it filled up a plastic bag we placed around the mouth piece when we just hung the pack on the back of a stationary chair. If we laid out pack down and the mouth piece was under it, the pack could get quite wet. A wet pack or strap or whatever is frustrating especially when it comes from a leaking bite valve. I do not recommend this product.

This works great, the rigidity of the back plate on the bladder does make it easier to push the bladder down in the pocket. Still kinda tough if your pack is really full. I still had to take a few items out but it was easier than using my camel bak bladder thats for sure. Id recommend it

My old one got a hole, and Osprey couldn't get a replacement to me before our trip out west, so I bought one of these. It is easier to take in and out of packs, easier to fill, and easier to clean. If you need an extra, or a replacement, this is definitely worth the upgrade

This is an exact replacement for one I bought nearly a year ago. I like the flow rate, how easy it is to fill and clean and the way the hose separates in the middle for easy refilling while out on a hike. My first one was in my Osprey overnight pack and somehow the hook on the closure clip, where I'd attached it to my pack, snapped off. I notice now that they have made it a complete bridge instead of a hook. Seems that it should hold up better this way.

This is the first reservoir I've ever purchased as a novice hiker but I had absolutely no problems with it. I watched the video on the REI website to learn how to use it and after that it was extremely easy to operate/clean. It fit well into my Deuter 65+10L pack and got the job done! I'm honestly not sure if it's the best product out there as it is the first one I've tried, but I am very satisfied with it.

I just recently purchased this to replace a camel back reservoir that I've had for about 8 years. So far I really like the new features this model has. The rigid back plate really helps sliding it into your backpack and the quick disconnect from the hose makes refilling so much easier. The closure on the top seemed like it might be a concern, but after using it I really like how simple it is and I have not had a leak. Overall I am really pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to get a new water reservoir.

This water bladder made hiking so much easier. A few notes about the great design: it comes with a magnet you can attach to your backpack strap, so the hose stays close and doesn't flap around when you don't need it; the easy-open top and detachable part of the hose make the hole thing easy to clean; it stays relatively flat in your backpack, and the back panel creates a barrier between your water and your backpack, so your water stays cool. I've used it on a few hikes now, and have had no leaks or problems cleaning it. Worth every penny.

I have only used this twice so far, but it works well. Switching from Camelback, I was hesitant with this type of system (the fold over seal with clip), but there have been no leaks yet. The biggest con of this product is that it will not stay open once you have cleaned it in order to air dry. The inside must be wiped dry and creatively propped open to air out.



Will the osprey hydraulics fit into any osprey day pack, or particularly the Manta 28.

​It is possible to use this hydration reservoir with the Osprey Manta AG 28 Hydration Pack as long as the pack is not overstuffed.


Would this 3L fit in the REI coop flash 22 and the REI trail 25 packs? Thanks.

​Yes, both packs will be able to hold this reservoir.


 Will this fit in my Syncro 15 Thx

​The reservoir will fit snugly in the Syncro 15 pack.


What is the best way to clean my hydro pack and tube? 

Please see our Expert Advice article on how to clean your hydration bladder:


Can this be turned into a hanging camp water reservoir with a new hose attachment? If so what works best?

​As of September 2018, we do not carry hose attachments for this reservoir that differ from the included hose attachment.


Does the 3L size fit the men's Quasar Daypack? Thanks!

​This reservoir does fit inside of the Osprey Quasar Pack.


Will this fit in the REI Trail 40 Pack?

Yes, this hydration reservoir will fit in the Trail 40 pack.


My bladder leaks at the top. Is there any way of getting it to seal completely?

It's difficult to assess where the problem may lie in getting a tight seal. Consider bringing your reservoir into an REI store for inspection or call us at 800 426-4840 for additional support.


Does this fit the daypack of the Osprey Farpoint 70?

​Yes, this reservoir will fit in the Osprey Farpoint 70.


Will this fit Osprey Tempest 20?

​Yes, this reservoir will fit in the Osprey Tempest 20 pack.


Will this fit in the osprey nebula daypack?

​This may be too large for the Nebula. A 2-liter reservoir is a better fit for that pack.


Can you switch the tubing out with CamelBaks Tubing and Bite Valves?

This reservoir is not designed to be compatible with Camelbak tubing and bite valves.


Will this fit in my Osprey Kyte 36 pack S/M?

​This 3 liter hydration reservoir is a great choice for your Osprey Kyte 36 pack.

Mountain Dawg

Will this work with the Osprey Aether AG 70 EX? I have the internal 2L bladder it came with but would like a little more water.

​Yes, this hydration reservoir is compatible with your Aether AG 70 EX.


Is the thin bladder material durable?

This hydration bladder is designed to be durable and to be carried inside a pack. We do not recommend using this without a fabric layer to protect from puncture.


Will this fit an Osprey Atmos AG 50 Pack ?

​This is a great choice for the Osprey Atmos AG 50 pack.

Botany Paladin

Will this fit in my Osprey Manta 20?

​Yes, this 3-liter reservoir will fit in the Manta 20.

SoCo Hiker

Does Osprey sell a suitable length (and diameter) tube that I could run all the way from the bottom of the bladder to the mouthpiece, to design out the disconnect feature with its problematic location?

We carry the Hydraulics Reservoir Hose that is 39 inches long and can be used to re-locate your quick-connect attachment.


Will this fit the osprey kamber 22 s/m? Or am I better off getting a smaller hydration pack?

​This 3 liter reservoir will fit in the Osprey Kamber 22 pack.


Will this fit in the Osprey Daylite Plus 20 L daypack?

​This is too large for a Daylight 20 pack; a 2 liter reservoir will fit much better.


will this fit into a Osprey Talon 22 Pack - Men's while it is packed thanks

​This reservoir fits inside the Osprey Talon 22.


Will this fit my Osprey Talon 22 Pack?

​This hydration reservoir fits inside the Osprey Talon 22.


will this fit into a fully packed deuter ACT LITE 65+10

​This reservoir is a good fit.


My wife and I walked the Colorado Trail this summer. ( 2017 ).  Early on the hanging clip broke off on both our Osprey 3 liter pack. We would like to use the hydraulic pack again next spring on the Appalachian Trail.  Have this problem been corrected?  

As of November 2017, the design of hook on the top has changed to a solid loop as pictured.


will the platypus gravity works filter attach to this?

The GravityWorks Water Filter is compatible with this Hydraulics Reservoir. You will need to purchase the Quick-Disconnect Kit in addition to the GravityWorks System.


Will this work with the osprey Ariel 65 ag

​This reservoir is good fit for the Ariel AG 65 pack.


Can you take the reservoir through TSA security as carryon luggage if it is empty but has water droplets in the tube and bag?

​We recommend to fully wipe out your reservoir of any water droplets to avoid any issues while going through TSA checkpoints.


Is this reservoir compatible with MSR micro water filter?

​This reservoir is not compatible with the MSR SweetWater Micro Filter.


Will the 3 Liter reservoir fit an Osprey Stratos 24?

​This reservoir is compatible with an Osprey Stratos 24 pack.


I have a Manta 20 pack that is about 5 years old.  It came with a 3L hydrapack reservoir that needs to be replaced.  Will this fit in that pack and properly replace the older reservoir?

​This reservoir is great choice for your older Manta pack.


Will this bladder fit in an old Manta 20 pack?

This reservoir will fit in the Osprey Manta AG 20 Hydration Pack


One reviewer said the mouthpiece doesn't work for bikers. Are there bikers that like this model? Thanks.

​This reservoir will work in a hydration pack for cycling.


Is there a way to attach the Sawyer Mini Filter inline to this hydration reservoir?

The Sawyer Mini filter can be attached to the hose of this reservoir.


Will this fit a Mountain Hardware Scrambler RT 35 OutDry Pack?

This reservoir does fit in a Mountain Hardware Scrambler RT 35 OutDry Pack.

Bony London

Will this work with the Manta 30 from 5-6 years back (which originally came with the Nalgene bladder)? The last generation reservoir (with the curved handle) pushed out the rigid "Airspeed" backing, rendering it useless.

​This reservoir is a great choice for your older Manta pack.


Will this fit the Osprey Aura 50 AG ?

​Yes, this reservoir will fit inside of the Aura 50 AG pack.


Will the 3L reservoir fit in the Men's small Atmos 50L AG pack?

This 3 liter reservoir will fit.


Will the Osprey Hydraulic Reservoir 3 Litres fit the Osprey Syncros 10 (M/L). Planning to replace the 2.5 litre LT version which came with the syncros 10.  Thanks

​Yes, this hydration reservoir will fit in the Osprey Syncro 10 Hydration Pack.


I have an older Osprey pack (Luna 75) and the section for the hydration pack is in the "lid pocket" and the zipper access seems small. Would this or a smaller hydration pack fit?

Osprey says your pack had a sleeve that snapped/buckled into the main compartment to hold the hydration reservoir, and the lid was meant for other features. Even so, the lid is large enough to hold a 3-liter hydration reservoir, but you may have difficulty getting it into this compartment if the reservoir is mostly full.

Uncle Wilson

Will the 3L fit the Tempest 20 pack

​Yes, a 3 liter hydration reservoir will fit in the hydration sleeve of this pack.


Will the Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir 3 liter bladder fit in the Osprey stratos 24 backpack?

​Yes, this reservoir will fit inside of the Stratos 24 pack.


Can these bladders be frozen (with 2.75L of water in a 3L res?

Yes, freezing will not damage the reservoir as long as there is room for the water to expand when frozen.

Don Quixote

Is the hose diameter of this bladder compatible with the quick connect for the Katadyn Hiker Pro? Thanks.

The hose diameter of the Hydraulics Reservoir is compatible with the quick connect for the Katadyn Hiker Pro


Will this bladder fit the Osprey Stratos 36 pack ?

The 3 liter Hydraulics Reservoir will fit in the Stratos 36 pack.


What is the proper bite valve cover for the Osprey Hydraulic Reservoir 3 Litter and where can I purchase one.  I just purchase the Hydraulic reservoir from REI but they did not have a cover for it in the store.  I need to protect the Bite Valve from dirt.

Unfortunately we do not have a bite valve cover for the Hydraulics Reservoir. You can purchase Osprey Bite Valve Sheaths from other retailers.


Will the Osprey 3-liter Reservoir fit in the Osprey Aeither 70 Backpack?

The 3 liter Hydraulics Reservoir will fit in the Aether 70 pack.


Does this come with the magnetic sternum (that goes on the chest scrap) that connects to the mouthpiece?

Yes it does. It's a removable piece that you detach from the bite valve and attach to the sternum strap on your pack


These reservoirs have been unavailable for at least 2 months, not from just REI, but everywhere I've looked. Any idea what the problem is and when we might see them return?

The Hydraulics Reservoir is new this year and has been very popular since its release. As of July 2016 the reservoir is available for backorder on our website.


Will this fit into Osprey Ariel 65 backpack?

Yes it will.


When will the Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir - 3 Liters be available to purchase online?  

We're hoping to have the Hydraulics Reservoir available to order soon. Keep checking back.

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