Osprey - Hydraulics LT Reservoir - 2.5 Liters

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I bought an Osprey hydration pack a month ago right after picking up a ghost hybrid bike and I would have to say Osprey makes some great products. Loved it so much about 2 weeks ago I picked up an additional Water bladder. So easy to fill and close and I have used other brands before but I really do love these. Later would like to get one in a larger size to carry even more water. It is a must have specially if your doing any hiking or cycling on these hot summer days.

This is a great hydration pack. The nozzle is much stronger and more effective than the Camel Back nozzle. Fits great in my pack, and super light. I really like the ability toped the top. It makes it a lot easier when you want to pour a lot of water out of the pack, and easier to fill than the camel back twist off top. The only downside is getting replacement parts. I lost the whole hose from the disconnect point at the top, and REI doesn't sell that whole hose with all parts together, so you have to replace each individual part of the system (bite nozzle, hose, and connector. Overall great product.

I love the lightweight design and the wide mouth top makes it easy to fill the water bladder, top clip keeps the bladder from leaking. The quick release bite valve works great and I can clip my water filtration system into the bladder making filling it while in the pack easy. On the downside is the water taste like plastic I had to fill the bladder let it soak for three days them empty it for the last two weeks to get rid of the taste. It would be nice if they did that at the factory.

I like this bladder. It is easy to clean, and can be taken apart to do a deep clean. The nozzle is great, because you have to bite down on it to get water. This prevents leaks. In an Osprey pack it works perfectly in the water compartment and stays vertical in the pack, does not slide down as water is being drunk. And the magnet clip is a fun gimmick and does its job.

I just returned this without even getting to use it. Before I took it on my first hike I filled it with water to test it. First issue, it leaked. It seemed to be a manufacturer defect because the leak came from where the red plastic handle sealed to the bag. My second issue, it didn't slide easily into my Osprey day pack. I figured the same manufacturer would make this easy but I think there's more work to do. Maybe wait for then next version.

The grey carrying handel broke my first time using water bladder. Bad design, broke where carrying Handel straps to backpack. Went back and read reviews and it sounds like this happens often. Other then that I did like it. The magnetic clip was a very nice addition. Bad taste of silicone the first time even after rincing it a few times before using. After using on first hike with water in it for a few days I'm expecting the taste to go away. Thy say soaking it with water and lemon juice for a day will help. planning on returning Handel for a replacement. c

I got this to replace my good old hydropak that had lasted forever. I used this twice but it was such a pain to clean. Very narrow at the bottom and top so awkward to dry out and air out properly. It has been in storage for months because of this. Tried to return it today and apparently I am missing one of the parts that connected the hose and they won't take it back even though it has been used and is not just going back on the shelf. Pain to clean and too many parts, and return policy is not helpful....great. Total waste of time and money.

I went on my first backpacking trip (4 days, 3 nights) on the Superior Hiking Trail with this hydration bladder. I was hesitant about it: I had read lots of reviews about leaks and the connection point breaking, but I didnt have any of these problems! Worked great, and I LOVED the magnetic holder so there was no fumbling around while hiking. I wasn't sure if I should get this one or the 3L with the shape-holding support, but I am glad I opted for this lighterweight one--it held it's shape just fine without any kind of extra support.

I bought this for my Grand Canyon trip (which was awesome, by the way!) The bladder, however, was awful and I was very disappointed. The hose is composed of two sections, the shorter of which stays inside the bag and the longer which is outside the bag. These two sections of the hose come together and apart by either clicking together or pressing a small red "lever" at a joint with a small connecting contraption (see REI picture, top right). When the bladder is full and situated in the bag, the pressure forward and movement presses the lever, thus causing the 2-section hose system separate and cause spills inside the bag! To add to the frustration, there is no way to place the red lever that connects/disconnects because the section coming off the bladder is not long enough.

Had a 3-liter starter water bag to put in my Osprey Stratos 24. It broke after less than a season making a fine mess. Went with th 2.5 Osprey Hydraulics for two reasons: save a little space, and to get something more durable. Great move on both accounts. It's easy to take care of and has plenty of water for the 10-15 mile walks I prefer.

Used it for day hikes in GSMNP. Lasted 4 days on the 5th at the trail for a 15 mile day hike noticed that by daypack was wet. Tiny hole on the handle you are supposed to carry and hold the bladder for filling up and getting it into you backpack. Luckily good old duck tape solved the issue at least for that day - will have to return

I bought this for a recent backpacking trip in the Sawtooth Wilderness in Idaho. The hydration pack is sturdy and I love the magnetic clip. The red handle makes it easy to carry. However, no matter how careful I was or where I clipped the magnet, the bite valve ended up covered in dust. The soil in the sawtooths is largely packed dust. Whenever I set down my pack, either the valve would fall off into the dirt or rub against a dusty piece of gear. Because it’s silicone, the dust sticks and you can’t just dust it off all the way. I had to clean it off with spit or water and a bandana nearly every time I wanted a drink! There are bite valve covers available now, but the reviews are awful. It’s a small issue, but a pesky one that turned an otherwise great product into a hassle. The dust that settled into the base of the soft valve (under the hard plastic) was impossible to get out until I got home. I’d like it if they could do some kind of plastic egg shape cover that clicks together and covers the whole mouthpiece.

I bought this a couple of weeks ago prior to doing a hiking trip to Yosemite. I was debating between the more generic CamelBak because it was cheaper and this model. I'm so glad I purchased this reservoir! Osprey technologies work together so seamlessly and they address issues I would have never thought of. From the magnet to hold the mouth piece in place to the 2-part drinking tube for easier cleaning, every little piece was thought out and worked perfectly with my Osprey daypack. Highly recommend!

Never had a chance to use this item. The night before I wanted to use it, I filled the reservoir with water and it had a very small but noticeable and unacceptable leak in the body of the reservoir.

I need a bladder since I carry a lot of water for me and my dog and large Hydroflasks aren't always feasible. I was nervous though because of other reviews regarding a "plastic" taste. I won't lie, this one did too at first.

I bought this to replace an old reservoir that had developed a horrid taste that even drink mixes couldn't cover. I followed Osprey's directions on how to get rid of the bad taste on this new one, and for the most part it did. There's still a little plastcy taste but not bad. So far I've had no problems with leaks or the hose coming apart like I've seen in the reviews. I use it in an Exos 58 pack, and it fits beautifully, easy to get in and out.

After taking this reservoir on about 10 days of hiking the bite valve tore right where you bite it. The valve leaks non-stop unless you wrap it above the rest of the pack or blow air back into the pack after every drink. It's really annoying. After searching the REI site for a replacement I found that this is a very common problem and seems to be a design flaw. I would not buy it again and will probably go with a different brand next time.

I like the opening on this hydration pack. The easy slid on/off clip makes it easy to clean and fill. I personally prefer this to the twist "cap" style openings. Osprey has changed the locking mechanism for the new line and I am not completely sold on it, but it is functional. The magnet clip is great! no need to fumble with putting the hose into a clip, or having it bounce around freely. I would buy this again and again.

I’ve used this reservoir 3-4 times on day-hikes. It is easy to fill and close, I prefer the fold-over top with the sliding clip to the screw-off cap that Camelbaks have. The bite valve is comfortable to use. And I really like the magnetic clip that comes with it for securing to my pack’s chest-strap. Apparently Osprey packs have the magnetic anchor built in, but this came with a clip-on anchor for my non-Osprey pack.

I purchased two of these for my son and I for a treking trip. Mine worked well for about 2 days then began leaking from the mouth piece. I was with experienced trekers and campers who examined the product to fix with no luck. I had to do the rest of the trek crimping the hose to prevent further leaks. My son's Osprey began doing the same thing about 5 days into the trek. The product did not work well for us.

Good sized bladder and hung well in my osprey pack. I only am giving 4 stars because it is difficult to clean/dry and there is no cap cover. I didn't have a terrible plastic taste as some other reviewers said, but I also filled it with lemon water and let it soak for a couple hours before use. BUY THE CAP COVER!! mine would accidentally hit sand and nasty up the bite valve

I bought this for my long hiking trips in the desert. It does its job. The slim design helps for easy loading into my osprey 65 pack even when loaded up. It is easy to fill from high or low pressure water systems. Does have a plastic taste, but I used lemon water (soaked it in the pouch for a day) to rid the harsh plastic taste. It still tastes a bit like plastic but it doesn't bother me..when you're thirsty all water is appreciated. The only reason this loses a star is because its a pain to clean out. The wetness makes the bag want to stick to itself encouraging mildew to form. the bite valve is hard to clean too. I ended up leaving it filled until I could clean it at home after my trip and stuck a large pasta ladle into it to keep it open until it dried. BUY THE BITE VALVE COVER!! I can't tell you how many times when I put my pack down the bite valve got sand or dirt on it, no matter where I secured it to my pack

I like to run a bladder because I find I stay much better hydrated than without since I hate stopping to fish out bottles to drink from on hikes and backpacking trips.

Got this to replace my camelback (exchanged twice and still leaked) after yet another leak. Have used it about 10 times now and not a drop has leaked! Very pleased, easy to fill and clean and I love the two section hose, leaving the tube attached to my pack and not haveimg to thread the tube through a sleeve or small opening in my Redwing 44 daypack.

After coming from an old platypus with the small fill hole, this thing felt like a miracle. The braces in the bag keep it thin even while full, it's super easy to fill, and it's nice and light. My only "complaint" is that the yellow daypack I tend to use it with has started to dye the plastic after about 10 uses, but this is not a big deal to me.

Bought it for the wife and so far so good. Lays flat and easy to fill. Only drawback is the tubing seems smaller than the other brands so putting a Sawyer mini filter doesn't work. You can force it on, but then you can't get it back off. Even cleaning it with a standard brush, the brush got stuck in it. Otherwise, great hydration pack.

I bought this to try to get a bladder free of plastic taste. Success! I like that Osprey has teamed (or bought?) Hydrapak--I've used their bladders and found them very durable and easy to use and clean. The new Osprey is great and I love the included quick connector so I can refill without removing the bladder from the pack.

When I first opened this product, I was confused on how you open it. The gray piece slides off, but then the flag to open it was very difficult to separate. I was afraid I was going to rip it open and break it. But apparently the first time to opening this was difficult. Would recommend better instructions on Osprey's part.

These Bladders are outstanding. Easy to fill, easy to clean -- They dry out very well. I bought a 2.5 and a 3.0. I don't like the 2.5 liter because it lacks the hard stabilizing back which prevents it from collapsing (sagging down) in your backpack. I would not buy the 2.5 again because the 3.0 liter is SO MUCH BETTER.

I bought this bladder several hikes ago and now can't imagine being without it! Excellent design - fits wonderfully with my Katadyn Water Filter & my Osprey pack. I use the 2.5L with both my 50 Liter pack and my 22L daypack. The comments about plastic taste can be fixed if you soak the bladder and squeeze a lemon in it!

Bought two used for 12 days on the trail. Bite valve on the first lasted two days, about 5 on the second. Both leaked for the lenght of the trip. Replaced (at my cost) two valves and held up for the rest of the trip.

I have used this bladder on long hikes. It has performed well with no leaks. I do love the quick release feature to remove the tube from the bladder. It makes it easier to refill the bladder. The only thing I don't like how hard it is to keep the top open when filling the bladder. It is really too stiff.

This has been an excellent bladder. I have had it for over 2 years and used in my osprey Daylite and my Atmos AG. It’s gone on day hikes the multi-day climbs. I take care of my equipment, clean it well after each use and let it dry completely before storing. I also make sure the sleeve in the backpack is clean before installing the bladder. These things aren’t heavy duty, but with care, I’ve gotten dependable use. I expect at least a couple of more years out of it too. Yes, there was a plastic flavor at first but after initial cleaning and a few uses it is gone. An extra 1/2 liter would be nice, but I like the light weight and that I can put only the water I need for my hike in it. The filling process takes some getting used to, but it works well enough. The quick connect mid-tube makes pack installation and refilling easy. Some of the negative reviews may be from those who haven’t had it long or were hard on their equipment. They may need a canteen instead of a bladder.

The water pack was super simple to use and easily slipped into my backpack for the 3 day hike I took it on. The separartion in the tube to remove the bladder without undoing the whole drinking tube is really nice. We added a filter betweent he two as well to filter the water after we filled up from the creek.

I don't usually write reviews but I was blown away with this hydration reservoir. It is my first time getting Osprey (have used Camelback in the past.) and we will be only buying Ospreys from now on. It seals so well and the magnet it comes with keeps the mouthpiece in place while hiking or biking.

I Like the magnet feature on the hose, it keeps the nozzle in the perfect place and eliminates having to fight to find it behind my shoulder or have to unclip it from the strap. Work perfectly with the osprey bags, and the it clips to the inside of the bag to keep it from sagging in the pack.

Holds enough water for a full day's hike. Hose is detachable which makes it easy to fill, easy to pack, easy to clean.

Shape fit well in my pack. I liked who the hose disconnected from reservoir which made it easy to remove & refill without having to route the hose each time. I did have a after taste initially even though I had tried to rinse the bladder before I used it on a 5 day trip.

The hydra pack is a very infecting way to get you h20 on the go. The high capacity works for almost all treks and the durable mouth wide an withsatand even the most avid of chewers. If I could describe this provider in one would I would say that it’s nice and Spicey.

This is a great water reservoir. It's easy to fill and works just fine. I'm replacing a 2 year old Osprey 2 liter reservoir that has a screw on cap that is much too small. This new reservoir has a nice wide "mouth" which makes it really easy to fill. Good job Osprey

Used in my pack about five times and the top hook snapped off. This is the supposedly​ the new and improved. REI replaced without a problem and have only used twice since. Hoping the first was a fluke. Would've received 5 stars if not for this problem.

Very easy to use. Love the detachable drinking tube - no longer have to thread the tube out of my pack every time I want to fill the reservoir. Wide opening that is easy to seal. The 2.5 liter capacity is great for those long hikes. Easy to clean.

I tried this on one all day hike and didn't like it. It's very thin which bugged me, didn't stay in place nicely and doesn't seem durable. I've been using an Osprey bladder for 4 years with no problem but this model tasted overwhelmingly of plastic

The silicon reservoir is very flat and compact, with a cinch top instead of a screw cap. It if flexible and holds lots of water but I suggest washing it before first use. Maybe the fact that we didn't explains the weird rubbery aftertaste.

The product works just as it is meant too. Never thought I needed it, but very happy I got it. Water stays cool in pack. Fits nicely in me REI backpack. magnetic clip is super convenient when on long hikes. Really recommend this product.

I highly recommend this bladder. I've used it on multiple day hikes and a 3 day hike in NM. My brother's camel back bladder started leaking 5 min into our trip. I would recommend spending the money especially with the Osprey warranty.

My husband and I each bought one of these for our recent backpacking trip. Mine did leak a small amount from the mouthpiece, but it was really small droplets every once in awhile along the hike. My husband's did not leak at all.

I have always loved my camelbaks but I didn’t realize that I was missing features that made cleaning easier or filling better. The magnetic clip is the best choice for easy access to water but it’s strong enough that stays put!

Just received today and filled it up and it leaked pretty heavily right under the red plastic. I contacted rei and they are sending me a replacement. Great customer service! First time ordering online. Great customer service.

Recently purchased this unit and have only been using it for a month but I must say so far it's been impressive. The quick disconnect and open top filling methods are both must-haves now for any future reservoir purchases.

I bought this for my Osprey pack and it fit perfect. I really like how easy it is to put the hose through the opening with the quick release valve. 2.5L is a great size and easy to clean with the slide opening.

Got for my Osprey Aether 70. This item was made for the Osprey packs and the fit is perfect. Looked at the other hydro reservoirs and they just did not fit right. Again, I stayed with the same brand for fit.

light weight bladder, check it first to make sure no leaks, mine had a pin hole in it. Use a zip tie, or sharing tube on fitting or they will slip off if any pressure on it. love the magnetic holder

I know some reviewers complain about a plastic taste with this reservoir. I've always used camelbak reservoirs in the past and to me this pack has less of a weird plastic taste than my camelbak did.

I love this as part of my Osprey 15L backpack. This reservoir is much easier to fill than Camelbak and I love it has a little built in spout to pour during camping or refilling other water bottles.

It is easy to clean, holds plenty of water, and fits nicely in my pack. The first few uses, it did taste like plastic, but that's the only thing that prevents me from making this a 5 star rating.

I returned this as soon as I got it out of the packaging. Very flimsy product that is hard to get it to sit right in the pack. Also, the new design makes filling the reservoir very difficult.

The bladder design is nice. I don’t know how you can get to the tube to clean it, since it has a cutoff valve at the end where it disconnects from the bite valve(?)

Besides some brief confusion over how the thing opened (the plastic stuck to itself in a strange way) I have zero complaints about this reservoir pack.

Good design, works good, but after many fill and rinse it still has a nasty plastic/chemical taste. I added a slice of lemon to the bag which helps.

Everything about this bag works well- except I lost the magnetic little piece that hooks onto my sternum strap. Is there a replacement available?

Works great with my backpack. Kept me well hydrated. Easy to use with the pull off at the top so you don't have to reroute the tube.

Bought this and decided last minute I wanted the 3L reservoir instead. Great product though and the magnetic hose is a great add

You are probably in trouble if you need more than 2.5L. That much water gets heavy. Not sure the best way to dry it out.

So far, so good! I've put more than one leaky bladder in a bag. Always a bummer. So far, this one has not been an issue!!

I bought this in anticipation of going to a hiking/backpacking camp in the Southwestern United States. We did things from backpacking in Arizona on a river, to summiting a mountain in the Monte La Sal state forest in Moab, Utah. I used this reservoir nearly everyday. It fit perfectly in my osprey backpacking pack, as well as my day pack. It was never too big for a smaller backpack, even when full. The baffles did an excellent job at keeping the package slim and long rather than fat and short. It holds a really useful amount of water, not too much, not too little. The way that the tube connects at the top of the reservoir is really helpful when my backpack was full of gear, as compared to most other reservoirs, where you can only connect and disconnect the hose at the bottom. The fold and seal lid works really well, I never experienced any leakage, even when I accidentally left it full of water for a few days, when I wasn't using it, while tossing the bag around and stepping on it, using it as a mattress, etc. It is very easy to fill, and hold when full with the large handle. All in all, an excellent reservoir, and my best purchase of 2017 to prepare for the trip.

Filling with water and sealing off is simple. It disassembled for easy cleaning. Reconnected securely! Does not leak.

Used it for thru 20 mile enchantment hike...it was awesome...no new plastic smell and the magnetic clip was great.

Water taste like plastic. Did what they told me: fill with lemon water, freeze etc. still does not taste right.

I bought this because it fit the new Osprey backpack I used for a hiking trip(the backpack I loved). I wanted to use this over my smaller camelback bladder that I've been using for the past 5 years, also...after 5 years its probably a sanitary idea to get a new one. I used this all week and it worked very well, I especially like the magnetic clip that keeps the bite piece on your chest(liked it more than the clip that my old camel back used, though those 2 bladders are my only experience). On my last hike of my trip, I felt some water running around my butt and brushed it off as excess water from when I filled it as some spilled on the side. I took it out after I kept feeling water to realize that it had sprung a hole. This bladder had its own deep pocket in my backpack and I didn't keep anything sharp that would poke through that separator let alone the bladder, just trail mix and some simple supplies. I'm disappointed that this only lasted me a week and while my experience with it through the week was good, I would hesitate to ever get another for fear that this would happen again. If this had happened earlier in the week, it would have made my trip a whole lot worse.

The "slide" closure is very hard to work. The bit valve for drinking does not allow enough water to flow.

the extra connector made it easier to thread into my pack. also works well with Katidyn be free system.

It’s pretty good but missing a hook to hang it on a tree or something after a hike

Convenient but water continuously flows until you cover it with the rubber top.

This is a far superior reservoir system to camel--- so so easy to use.

What I like best about the Osprey Hydraulics LT Reservoir is the hydration tube connection. It connects much further up the tube than other bladders which usually connect right at the base of the bladder where the tubing enters the reservoir. By connecting further up, it's easier for me to disconnect in order to refill while leaving the drinking tube connected to our pack.



Will this fit the Osprey Dyna 6 pack?

​This hydration reservoir is too big for the Osprey Dyna 6 Hydration Vest.


Why is the difference, beside capacity, of the 2.0 and 2.5? The smaller one is priced higher on Amazon.

​The difference is that the Hydraulics LT Reservoir is the light version. Instead of having the stiff backer plate, it has twin-welded diagonal baffles that stabilize the water and maintain a flat profile in your pack. This reservoir also has a 2.5 liter liquid capacity as opposed to a 2 liter liquid capacity.


Will this fit into a North Face Littus 22 pack?

This reservoir is compatible with The North Face Litus 22 Pack.


which bladder fits the osprey daylite?

This reservoir is compatible with the Osprey Daylite pack.


Which reservoir fits the Osprey Jet 12?

The Osprey 1.5 liter reservoirs are a good choice for this pack.


Is this LT model ideal for the Sirrus 24 daypack? or would you recommend a different reservoir?

​This reservoir is a great lightweight option for the Osprey Sirrus 24 pack.

REI fan

Would this fit in my deuter fox 40? Which size do recommend for day hikes or backpacking trips?

​This hydration reservoir will fit inside your Deuter pack.

Danny Noonan

I bought the international version of Syncros 10 backpack which does not come with a bladder. Is this the same bladder that comes with the US version of the Osprey Syncros 10 hydration pack?

​Yes, this bladder is what comes in the Osprey Syncros 10 hydration pack.


Will this fit my Osprey Talon 22 Pack?

​This hydration reservoir fits inside the Osprey Talon 22.


I bit through the rubber on the nozzle, can that be replaced or do I need to buy a new bladder?

​Here is a link for a replacement bite valve:


Can I connect the Sawyer Squeeze water filter in-line to this bladder?

Yes, the Sawyer Squeeze can be attached to this reservoir with the in-line adapters.


Will this fit in a osprey daylite daypack

This reservoir will fit inside the Daylite backpack.

Jeff 277

Will the 2.5 liter fit the REI Traverse 70 pack ? Thanks !

​Yes, this reservoir fits inside of the REI Traverse 70 Pack.


Can I use 2.5 or 3 for my Ospreay 28L ?

You can use up to a 3 liter reservoir in a 28 liter Osprey pack.


Does the 2.5 LT fit in the osprey daylite day pack?

Yes, the 2.5 reservoir will fit in the Daylite pack.


Is this made BPA free?

​Yes, it is BPA free.


What is the difference between the Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir and the Osprey Hydraulics LT Reservoir

The difference is that the Hydraulics LT Reservoir is the light version. Instead of having the stiff backer plate, it has twin-welded diagonal baffles that stabilize the water and maintain a flat profile in your pack​.


Can I freeze this bag with water for summer use?

The Hydraulics LT Reservoir can be frozen. Make sure not to overfill.

friend of Pork Fat

What size is the hose? O.D. x I.D. ? Thanks!

The inside of the hose has a diameter of ¼ inch.

Gene Fox

Does this fit all Osprey packs, specifically Osprey 32

The Hydraulics LT 2.5 liter reservoir will fit most hydration compatible Osprey packs.

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