The North Face - Apex Bionic 2 Soft-Shell Jacket - Women's

Category: Women's Jackets

I have been looking for a good fleece-lined soft shell for a while and this was about the only one I could find that fit. Unfortunately, it is not very well made and leaks cold air through the many seams on the back, which are not taped or sewn tighly. The vertical seam down the center-fire, bra-strap level horizontal seam and shoulder seams all pour in cold air at the slightest movement or draft. It wasn't warm enough for even 60F / 15 deg C and breezy.

Nice and warm and flexible not bulky works great buy

I had been reading up on the North Face Apex Jacket for months before I actually decided to pull the trigger! I am so happy I did! I wore this jacket for the first time this Summer sailing in the San Juan Islands and this jacket did an excellent job of blocking the wind. It is a more fitted jacket but I was still able to fit a long sleeve layer underneath.Definitely worth the money!

Well-made, but I felt the fit was a little smaller than I prefer and thus the jacket didn't move with my body very well. Because I'm always layering, I like to have layers that can both be an outer and inner layer depending on the weather and the activity level. This felt too stiff to be a good versatile, all-around layer.

I had one of these many years ago and lost it, but recently was working near the ocean in a windy area and needed something not too bulky but warm. This is still a great jacket and also flattering.

This jacket is everything I need. It is warm, it is very comfortable, and I love that fit.


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