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I got a pair back in November of 2016. Had a small issue with an inside thread the first 2 weeks, had replaced, since then havnt looked back. I'm always running or hiking the Abq, NM foot hills tons of loose rock trails and packed dirt. The foot plates are a life saver, have landed on rocks and injured my arch or heel with other shoes. They started very sticky even with 70 percent of the tread worn now I don't really slide or slip. I run a lot on rubber tracks and asphalt, they are pretty harsh on tracks because of so much grip, they are pretty comfortable on asphalt. The foot plates on asphalt start off nice and firm, but on runs from the 5-8 miles they are too firm. TRAILS! I've never had a better shoe, they have a great spring to them. Light weight and will absorb hard impacts.

I used to love every Brooks shoe until a few years ago and now they just can't get it right. By far the worst part is the horrible elastic bands that keep the tongue down - this makes it way too hard to get my foot inside the shoe even when fully unlaced, which means my heel presses down on the heel cup of the shoe when I put them on. This has resulted in the junky material in the heel getting completely frayed and smashed internally. So now the top part of the heel has no structure and it gets in the way every time I try to put them on. Super low quality feel as a result. And now it takes forever to put the shoe on. The shoe fits pretty decently otherwise, but the heel rubbed on my last hike (maybe because the busted upper heel box), which was only about 6-7 miles with a lot of elevation. I guess I keep coming back to Brooks since their shoes used to be so great, but they tinkered with the formula when the minimalist thing was a trend and they just haven't been able to recapture the magic. Bummer.

I ordered my usual size and it was too long, so I went down a half size. The shoe was way to narrow and my feet were coming over the inside edge of the toe box, this left my inner foot vulnerable to being banged by rocks. I only did one run with them and the sole started to peel off under the first metatarsal head. I returned them for a different brand.

These shoes are fantastic for trails. They're lightweight, quick, and have pretty aggressive tread on them. I run on trails that are usually wet and covered in leaves, and I still feel stable with them. HOWEVER, if you are trying to get a "two for one" shoe that you can use on trails and on roads, look elsewhere. I don't think there is nearly enough cushion for these to be comfortable on roads, and the tread just doesn't feel right on pavement. Also, if you overpronate, these shoes will exacerbate your problem. They don't offer a whole lot of arch support nor support for he outside of your foot. Great trail running shoe, just don't try to use it for something it wasn't intended for! (i.e. roads) Lack of cushion really isn't a problem if you stick to trails.

Bought these for trail running and hiking to replace a worn out pair of La Sportivas. They're pricey but have excellent reviews online. Realised after two times or their just too narrow for my feet, not an issue I encounter often. Returned them for another pair of La Sportivas.

These shoes had about 70 trail miles on them when the yellow tread began to peel off.

I liked the light weight and the traction/sole but they could use a title more cushion for my taste

These shoes fit really good, are light weight, flexible and make running easier than other shoes that I've had. I will definitely be interested in another pair of these in the future

As someone else mentioned, these run very narrow. I am usually normal width D and have another pair of Brooks that are almost an inch wider. Seems like a nice shoe otherwise.

These shoes are very narrow as shoes go. Whether it was due to their narrowness or some other issue, I had some general foot pain/discomfort even from short runs.

Bought these for work, decided to bring them on a small 5 mile hike. Left my heels bloody raw, no matter what I did could not make them comfortable.

I use my Manama Trail Runners on all surfaces. I have run with them on the road, trails, and as flats on the track. Great shoe! Light and fast!

Great trail running shoe......very comfortable and running....

An outstanding shoe on mixed trails and nasty climbs.


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