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Love this for reading, napping and just tree-gazing :)

We purchased one of the 2 person hammocks about 2.5 years ago for camping trips. It's been used maybe 8 to 10 times. Pretty light and gentle use overall. On a trip this weekend the hammock tore apart right in the center. Given how expensive these Eno hammocks + the straps are a customer should expect a higher quality and more durable product.

Setup in backyard immediately and very comfortable. Not so sure about 2 adults but with myself and a couple small kids we found it just right. Can't wait to bring camping and maybe hiking soon.

I actually bought this as a gift and got jealous so I bought myself one. This is my first ever hammock purchase and I love it. Love the color and the donation to the NPF so it was a no-brainer. The description for the product says REI donates $10 while on the tag attached to the hammock it says $5. Regardless, still a great product.

I bought this hammock to take on a recent road trip through several National Parks. I thought it was fitting that it's the National Park hammock. It was wonderful. Relaxing in the Redwoods couldn't have been better.

Love this hammock, it is so easy to put up and it packs up into a small size so it’s easily portable. I sometimes use it during my lunch break for a nap. Super comfortable and sturdy!

The description online said there'd be a $10 donation made but when I got it the tag said $5, maybe rei donates too? It's an ENO hammock so it's tuff and awesome. LOVED the colors.

Great hammock! Excellent design and superior construction. the contribution to the Park Service is icing on the cake!

Love resting on my deck in this great hammock! Can't wait to see how it travels to neighborhood parks and campsites.



One reviewer claims that the Pacific crest is a bit smaller than the regular double size eno.  Is that accurate?

Both the Pacific Crest Trail Association DoubleNest Hammock and the regular DoubleNest Hammock measure 112 x 74 inches.


Similar to kc12's question posed a month ago, will the DoubleNest be too much of a cocoon for one person? Will it close up too much and obliterate the view? Would love to know before your sale ends 9/1/14!

It does close up a bit and gets cocoon-like, but the material is easily manipulated to get the desired effect.  I frequently sit sideways in it and move more of the material to my back and use it like a chair comfortably.  When I sleep in it I like the extra fabric as you can put something in the pouch to weigh it down and toss it over and it keeps you warm and protected from insects.  


How long will take if the eno double hammock is back ordered?

I ordered mine two weeks ago and just got an email saying that my order has been delayed but that my eno will remain on order for 30 days and after that the order will be canceled.


I am looking into purchasing this hammock. Does it come with the straps? If it does, hammock aside, what is the weight limit of the straps? Does it include a rain cover?

No and No.


How much space between trees/poles do I need to hang this properly?

A minimum 10' span between anchors (trees, posts, etc.) is recommended. If you find yourself needing an accessory to span a greater gap between anchors, consider a set of hammock straps:


Does this hammock come with straps for hanging.? If not what straps would you need?

No, the straps for this hammock are sold separately. Check them out:


What size stand would go with this hammock? I have a 9-foot stand.  Would that work?

A 9 foot span may be too short causing the hammock to hang too low. ENO explains that you need a 10 foot span for the hammock to hang correctly without the suspension straps.


Interested in ENO doublenest 754773. Is it Yellow as indicated in description, or lime-green as indicated in picture? I do not want yellow. Also, is there a seam down the middle of hammock, which I read is uncomfortable? Aluminum wiregate biners?

This hammock comes in multiple color combinations but as noted on the product page ENO uses all fabric remnants in the production of their hammocks so the color combination of the hammock you receive may vary slightly from the picture. Also, this is a very comfortable hammock and doesn't have a seam in the middle and it comes with a pair of aluminum wire-gate carabiners.


What is hanging on the side of it? Is that a holder for stuff?

​That is the built in stuff sack for the hammock. You could also use it to store small items such as a smartphone or keys.


I am giving this as a gift... what all do i need to buy so the person receiving the gift has everything they need to use.

The only accessory required to hang this hammock are the suspension straps. The ENO Atlas XL Hammock Straps are a great choice.


We're thinking of getting this to install in our screened-in porch. What kind of space is needed to comfortably hang the hammock? We would need to attach it to upright wooden beams that are about 8 feet apart. Would that be enough?

​Without an ENO suspension system, you need to have a space of exactly 10 ft. to hang the hammock.


My eno didn’t come with any rope to tie to the tree. Is that normally have to buy separately, which wouldn’t make sense since that’s a necessity to using the eno.

​Hanging straps or rope is not included with the purchase of this hammock. The ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension System is a good choice.


Is it easy to sleep in and what is the diff between double nest and single nest?   is it easy to set up?

Yes, these hammocks are comfortable to sleep in and easy to set up. The hammocks are the same length (112") with the SingleNest being 55" wide, the DoubleNest is 74" wide.


Can I wash my hammock in a washing machine? 

Yes, you can wash ENO hammocks in a front load washer. The manufacturer suggests removing the carabiners and washing in cool water on a delicate cycle with a mild detergent. Do not dry in a dryer; hang or lay flat to dry only.


Does this come with carabiners?

​Yes, carabiners are include with this hammock.


What is the minimum distance between supports for the hammock?

​The minimum length is about 10'.


Can my 2.5 year old toddler safely sleep in the hammock overnight instead of using a bed? Thank you.

We do not recommend leaving a 2.5 year old inside of this hammock unattended, and suggest you contact ENO directly to verify their recommendations for use.


what is the difference between the Atlas Straps and the Atlas Suspension system? Getting the hammock as a gift and not sure which to get to go with it

​The ENO Atlas XL Hammock Straps are 54 inches longer and have 10 extra loops compared to the original ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension System. The ENO Atlas EXT Hammock Utility Straps allow you to add an additional 54 inches of length to any existing ENO suspension system.


Can I wash my hammock? Has anybody tried to put their Eno hammock into the washer? I love it and don't want to ruin it, but it needs washed.

We do not recommend putting this hammock in the washing machine. Hand washing with Nikwax Tech Wash is a better way to go.


I have no trees in my backyard. Is buying the hammock worth it? 

​There are hammock stands available for purchase separately if you do not have trees to mount your hammock too.


If the caribiners are removed, is the hammock machine washable or is it best washed by hand?

​We recommend washing this hammock by hand.


Does this one come with a suspension system? or do I have to buy that separately like the other hammocks?

​Suspension straps are not included with this hammock.


Can you wash the hammock?

This hammock can be washed. We recommend spot cleaning it or washing the whole hammock by hand in the bath tub.


What straps should be used with this hammock?

These are what I have, they do perfectly. https://www.rei.com/product/840700/eno-atlas-hammock-suspension-system


Does this come with straps?? What kind of straps would I need to buy to go with this? Sorry I'm a beginner haha

Hanging straps are not included with this hammock. The ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension System is a great choice.


Does this hammock come with the straps?

No, the suspension system straps are sold separately.


Do you ship overseas? 

​Yes, we can ship ENO products overseas.


I am comparing all the ENO double nest hammocks: 1) Other ENO double nest hammocks specifically mention in the 'DETAILS' section that they are 'machine washable' but not this one. Is this one machine washable? 2) what is '70-denier nylon taffeta'?

We do not recommend putting this hammock in the washing machine; hand washing is a better choice. This is constructed with 70-denier nylon taffeta. Denier is a measurement of the thread and weave density; the denser the weave, the bigger the thread and more substantial the fabric is.


I am about 5'11 and 145 pounds should I get the double or single? I am worried the single would be a bit too small since I like things bigger anyway. I would probably be the only one using it and don't have to worry about fitting another person.

Either hammock will work for you. If you want more room, we recommend the DoubleNest.


The reviews are very helpful, especially the ratchet strap. I was looking at this as an option since I have to young boys. I was thinking one child with a parent. Has anyone used the hammock like this or have some tips/suggestions.

This hammock is designed for two, so it can be comfortably used by a child and a parent.


Accidentally pulled the ropes out of the hammock lining (the ones that the carabiners are connected with, at either end of the hammock). I didn't not untie the knots, did I ruin it or can I re-insert them?

The ropes can be reinserted and should be tied properly.


The material for this hammock is different from that of the original ENO hammocks. How do the materials compare? Which is better?

According to the manufacturer, the fabric has not changed from the original 70 denier nylon taffeta.


The other double nest hammocks from ENO say that hand washing your hammock is a better choice. However the PCT hammock says its machine washable unlike the other ENO hammocks. Why is this? Are they made of different materials?

According to the ENO care instructions, you are able to machine wash all ENO hammocks on a gentle cycle with mild detergent in cold water in a front loading washer. They should then be line dried.


Can it be washed in a washing machine?

We do not recommend putting this hammock in the washing machine. Hand washing is the better choice.


Is it normal to have loose threads around the hammock? I just purchased mine yesterday and notice loose threads.

This hammock should not have loose threads.


I just tried my double nest hammock for the first time and could not lay in it without being totally engulfed by fabric.I tried putting material under my arms, but then couldn't lay my head all the way back and just had to sit up. What can I do?

You can try using a pillow to support your head and shift yourself further to one end of the hammock then the other. How you sit in the hammock can also be affected by how the hammock is hung. Try less or more tension to find what feels good to you. Finally, you can sit in a hammock perpendicular to the direction of the straps and spread the fabric out with your body.


Are the straps included?

​Hanging straps are not included.


Will the PCT Association be available in SingleNest? or just DoubleNest? I really love the colors, DoubleNest may be too large!

As of January 2017 we do not plan to stock the SingleNest.


How long is the hammock I want to use it as a bed and the hammock I have currently is 13ft. 

​This hammock measures 112 inches in length.


I just received this hammock, but the colors aren't as indicated online. My base is emerald with royal and tan accents. Does the one pictured exist?

The description of the item states:


How long is that hammock wood i am 5'4

This hammock is 112 inches long.


Hi I purchased a double eno hammock recently and my second time out I noticed stress openings in the material, I Have to gone above the weight restriction, I was wondering what I need to do to get a replacement from the warrentee

Please contact us by phone at 1 (800) 426-4840 to discuss your hammock.


does it come with trees for hanging?

Yes, although the trees are not delivered with the hammock. To make it more convenient for hammock users, a remarkable inventory of trees are kept in forest locations around the world. Some of the the inventory locations have easy access, other locations are more difficult, but this wide variety of trees and locations eliminates the high cost and difficulty of transporting trees along with your backpack gear. 

Sandy Jen

I purchased this to lounge around in with my husband and tried it out this weekend. We're smaller, and were unable to lay in the hammock side by side without toppling into each other and being squished in a giant fabric cocoon. How do you get comfortable?

Spacing the anchor points farther apart is a great way to limit the cocoon effect on the DoubleNest Hammock.


Are you unhappy because colors aren't exactly like the photo? Here's what the product description says: "Please note: ENO uses all fabric remnants in the production of their hammocks so the color combination of the hammock you receive may vary".

No, because I just adjust my monitor until it matches the hammock--if I just had a phone and couldn't adjust the hues, I'd sue.


How long does it take to get deliver?

The following link will provide you with estimated shipping timelines for the DoubleNest Hammock.


Do the hammock fully close?

The DoubleNest hammock does not have a closure.


The picture of this PCTA hammock in the "online store/shelf" is green with charcoal and teal trim. The one that ends up in the cart is charcoal with green and teal trim. Which one is it? Do I have a choice? I want the green one.

If you order the Pacific Crest Trail Association DoubleNest Hammock you would receive the Teal/Charcoal/Emerald color.


I have seen two different colors for this specific PCTA hammock. The picture REI has shows the emerald color for the body. Pretty much everywhere else (including the ENO website) shows a picture with a grey body. Which is correct?

We are carrying the Teal/Charcoal/Emerald in the Pacific Crest Trail Association DoubleNest Hammock.


Where could I get the rest of the items needed to set this up?(Rope and other things like that) And where are the accessories that they mention in the video?

Accessories including the hanging straps can be found on our site:


Does this come with the standard ENO tree straps for hanging?

No, unfortunately you have to purchase those separately


I am 6'10" and weigh 340lbs; how will this hammock do with me laying/sitting in it?

The DoubleNest Hammock has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. when used with reinforced suspension straps such as the Atlas Straps;


Can we request for the colors to be inverted? I am hoping to get a little more red and less charcoal color.

That is not a request that can be accommodated. As noted in the last bullet of the details "ENO uses all fabric remnants in the production of their hammocks so the color combination of the hammock you receive may vary slightly from the picture ". This means that occasionally the color combinations are reversed from how they are pictured, but it cannot be specified. You are welcome to visit your local REI store and pick out the color combination of your choice, so you can be sure of the color orientation.


Is it breathable? The material seems like it would be hot and since you are cocooned, I want to make sure it isnt like being wrapped in a tarp. 

The DoubleNest Hammock is very breathable. This would not be similar to using a tarp.

RJ Oahu

The one in the vid looks red with gray trim. But the only selection is orange with a gray trim. Does the orange look more red when you receive it?

Our video features a red hammock which may not be available to order at this time. If you order the orange hammock, it will be a true orange color. Please note: ENO uses all fabric remnants in the production of their hammocks so the color combination of the hammock you receive may vary slightly from the picture.

MB the MB

What is the minimum distance between hammock ends for optimum use?

The minimum length is about 10'.


The first time we used our DoubleNest (orange/grey), it got soaked in a rainstorm. Some of the orange dye transferred onto the grey edge and our clothing. Has anyone else had this issue? Can I do anything to prevent it or do I have a defective hammock?

We are not aware of such an issue with the Doublenest. We encourage you to contact ENO. As always if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you are more than welcome to return the DoubleNest.


We would like to use this between trees but also with a hammock stand.  Any advice or experience with using such a stand with this hammock?  Thanks!

The DoubleNest Hammock will work with pretty much any hammock stand. The Byer Ceara Hammock Stand would be a fine choice.


is the nylon coated with anything -- like PU or some other coating? 

The DoubleNest Hammock does not have any water resistant or waterproof coating on it.


Does the double nest eno come with straps or do you purchase those separately?

This item is not packaged with any straps; it’s packaged with caribiners that allow you to hook the hammock ends to existing anchor clips.


I'n just considering hammock camping and would like to know what else one should have.  I'm a three season camper.  So...guessing the hammock, some high-end straps, a bug screen and a rain cover.  Anything else?   Thanks, Chip

You've got it. To go with this DoubleNest, we recommend the ENO Atlas Suspension System, the ENO ProFly or DryFly Rain Tarp (the ProFly provides more coverage, the DryFly is better in high winds) and the ENO Guardian Bug Net.


Wondering how long it will take if I order the blue/yellow/purple doublenest hammock to come in?

As of 8/24/2014, ENO has stated that they will be delivering more stock in the blue/yellow/purple color to warehouse on 9/02/2014.


for the two different pink/yellow/blue colors, are they actually different? Meaning is one an actual yellow and the other a neon color or what? because they look the same to me

The yellow in the yellow/pink/blue color is a true yellow. It is not the bright greenish-yellow that it appears in the first photo.


I'm looking into getting into rock climbing big wall type stuff in Yosemite and such places. Would this hammock be save 1500 ft or so up?

Eno Hammocks are not designed for use while big wall climbing. For climbing, we recommend a sleep system designed specifically for that purpose, like a portaledge, which has a rigid structure.

purplependulum in Denver

Can you hang this hammock in an hammock stand?

It could be possible to hang it from a hammock stand. You will want to check your specific stand for any hammock size restrictions.

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