Big Agnes - Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad

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My fiance and I each bought one before an overnight trip because a friend recommended air-inflate pads. Fully blown up it was too firm, so we let some air out, but then they felt like they continued to deflate slightly overnight. Also, if you are a light sleeper these are SO noisy. We returned at the end of the trip. Very light weight though for long-trek backpackers.

Camped twice with it so far, both for 3-4 days. Slept great every night. Material is a little loud I guess but I don't really notice it. Slept on side, stomach, and back. With and without sleeping bag. All comfortable. Just big enough. Can use to camp or backpack. Easy to fold and put away.

If you sleep like a rock and never move at night then maybe this pad is the one for you. But if you toss and turn a bit during the night and aren’t alone in your tent your friend will probably dislike you in the morning. Not only is it ridiculously noisy, but its slick surfaces cause it to slide around when you shift positions as well so you may end up squashed up against the edge of the tent – that is assuming your friend didn’t make you go sleep outside earlier.

This is my first air pad, and I'm very glad I bought it. Just finished a 6 day hike and I slept as good as I do at home. I toss and turn a lot, and like some reviewers said, it was a bit noisy when I rolled over, but I hike alone so it didn't bother anyone else. Well worth the money spent. Packs small, easy to deflate and pack, and inflates easily enough, just takes a lot of breaths.

So far, it's held up on 30 degree nights sleeping in a van. It takes up less space than conventional twin mattresses and I've yet to compress it enough to feel the floor/ground. I like the adjustable "valve" that allows you to set your personal "stiffness".

This pad leaked air from day one. It got worse and worse until I was waking up to refill it 8-10 times a night. The material is faulty and leaks tons of tiny bubbles when submerged. I gave both REI and Big Agnes a chance to make it right, but neither stood by their product. Be warned!

This is a Good Sleeping Pad but it is Very Loud. The crinkle was loud enough to wake me up at night so I returned this after 6-days of use. It is however much more easy inflate/deflate than the previous version.

We have 3 of these. Love how easy they are to fill but especially air back down when rolling up thanks to the very large valve. Perfect balance of comfort and weight/ packing size.

I am a BIG guy 5"10, 345 lbs. I bought this to use on a Team Rubicon deployment to North Carolina. I slept on this thing for 8 days and was amazed at thae fact it lost NO air during use. It is comfortable and works best when paired with one of big agnes park series sleeping bags

Once you try this sleeping pad & it’s pump, you’ll never go back to anything you’ve ever owned. Such a small carrying pad with such a simple Pump house blow-up. And included in this clever concept is a dry bag. Fantastic for any type of outdoor hiking/camping.

This sleeping pad is just what I needed as it's lightweight, packs into a small stuff bag and easy to inflate. I just tried it out for the first time and it worked great. I have the petite size which works ok for me (I'm about 5 ft 7 in).

We bought 2 of the regular wide sleep pads. These are super comfy! Definitely the best sleep I've ever had while camping. We camped in late May in the mountains so we did experience a couple unpleasant 26 degree weather overnight. We did get cold. Not the fault of the product though as that's not the weather it's meant for. I still rate it 5 stars. Easy to inflate and deflate. Easy to roll up and pack away when finished using it. Can't wait to use it again later this summer!

My boyfriend has been a hard conversion to camping but I didn't give up. I bought 2 of these to add more comfort to the experience and hopefully quiet his complaints. I think they work very well and he's coming along gradually. The first night in Big Bend, he griped the next morning about not sleeping well. The subsequent nights, however, he said he was rested and feeling fine (probably just adjusting to the whole "not in my own bed" thing!). We travel A LOT internationally and I reminded him of the many terrible mattresses we've slept on by comparison.

This is the first sleeping pad I've experienced a truly restful sleep on outdoors. While it takes some time (and lightheadedness) to fill it up, the valves are easy to use. It packs down extremly small, about the size of a typical nalgene bottle. I'm hoping it will be durable and I can use it for a long time!

I have used this pad several times so far in temperatures below 30’ and I still stayed comfortable and warm. It is good for side sleeping, cheap, and a well made pad with a solid warranty. It won’t be as comfortable as some of BA’s more expensive pads, but it hits the mark as a comfortable budget pad.

Comfortable at first but after a certain of time your back starts to ache. I have taken it to 15 trips It’s decent for the price It’s good for packing (small size) Durable It’s loud It gets uncomfortable after awhile

bought last week. used 3 nights camping on hard rocky ground at 11 degrees at night. was warm and comfy the whole night.


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