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I have used one pair for years. Sometimes in backpacks of up to 100 miles. I have used them on trails, roads, for stream crossings and cross country. They have a large toebox and are very comfortable. They are a great compromise between running shoes and heavier boots. The heel is spongey and absorbs some of the pounding in downhill hiking. The soles are very flexible and do not give as much protection from rocky terrain as heavier boots, but, for me, this is a minor issue. Have used them for 100's of miles and they hold up well. I still use my original pair.

I'm a 8.5 size and these fit well with wool socks. At first I got a pinching pain in one foot. I loosened the first lace and it went away. These are on the way to being my favorites.

I've had these boots for about 4 months now. I mostly wear them on long day hikes. To this point they are the most comfortable boots I've ever had. 12+ hours per day and my feet are great. My only issue is that they are HOT. My feet have never sweat more than with these boots. I've tried all manner of socks, wool, cotton, blends, etc and they all have the same result: soaking wet feet at the end of the day.

Use: Primarily short hiking and scrambling near the river with my dog. Nothing heavier than a hydration pack on my back. Hiking mostly on trails that often have lots of exposed river rock.

Bought these a couple of weeks ago with some trepidation - based solely on the fact I hate buying shoes on line and would rather go to a store to try them on - that goes double for something like hiking boots where a wrong size would have unparalleled misery on a hike! But, I received a $100 voucher from opening an REI account and, after realizing my low top sneaker style Patagonias weren't up to it after going up and down Mt Mitchell last summer, I bit the bullet.

I have been wearing these boots 10 plus hours a day, since I received them,(about a week) I LOVE them. they are very comfortable, little to no leg fatigue at the end of the day. have put 2 hikes at 2+ days in them. I live in Montana where mother nature is bipolar, they are super waterproof and have lived up to Danner's name. I recommend them to anyone who needs a great everyday boot, along with a great hiking boot.

I bought these for ugly winter weather to run errands, go to work, etc. but NOT heavy duty hikes, so please keep that in mind. Although I have used them for light family hikes with the kids, I have never worn them with a heavy pack on challenging trails. TLDR: WOW, the perfect everyday shoe for that "hiking look" without the weight or break in. It feels well made and the overall fit is spot on, although it is made for thicker hiking socks, so you may want to adapt the sock weight to fine tune the fitting. I would buy these in multiple colors just because they are the perfect winter shoes (for the Bay Area, California). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you're looking for legit hiking construction without all the technical features you'd never need for everyday wear.

I've been wearing these to work about three days a week for the past year and I also hike in them. I build gardens in NYC so I'm on my feet all day. The soles have lasted walking on concrete and they've taken an absolute beating. I also have a wide foot and these have ample room for when I'm wearing thick socks, but they also don't feel big and clunky when wearing thinner socks.

Right out of the box these are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned and they're tough as nails.

My Danners were comfortable right out of the box! I sprayed them with a waterproofing spray before hiking and they did not disappoint. I was able to walk through streams and the water just rolled off of them. Very happy with my purchase and these are my new shoulder season boots for Spring and Fall.

Will have to say these boots have been the best hiking boots I've ever walked in! To date, i believe i have hiked over every aspect of ground and weather there is, dirt, rock, sand, heat, rain, snow, and pavement. The only two downsides i have found, they require at least low calf length socks and the shoe laces are thin (not bad, right!?) The leather sides were a little stiff at first, as expected, but broke in quite quickly. The soles on the other hand felt broken in straight out of the box with the most remarkable grip I've ever experienced in a boot. They are "sticky" and cannot recall any time i have had a bad slip. They do have a loose fitting feel to them but at the same time are supportive throughout the ankle, heel, and mid foot. The toes have nice wiggle room, which is nice when you feel like wearing thick socks! These boots do make your feet warm. I can wear thin summer socks during the winter months without my feet getting cold. The waterproofing has stayed intact, the only time my feet got wet was when i went hiking in the rain and wasn't wearing rain pants. my jeans got soaked and leaked down into my boots. These boots have made some happy comfortable feet !

pro: Cool Looking. Light weight.

I love my Danner Mountain Light II boots. They are a little heavy for day hiking, though. These 600 Boots are much lighter and perfect for what I need. Day hiking with or without a light pack. No break in time, just like the Mountain Lights. I have put ~100 miles on them so far and I really like them.

I've been holding off on writing this review until I could get a good sense of what this boot was about. I've been wearing them on my walks to and from work everyday for the past month in all different weather conditions. I've walked 75 miles so far, and I don't have any issues that others are talking about.

I haven’t taken these boots out to any hiking yet, but wearing around town, the are as comfortable as sneakers and required absolutely no break in. These are not heave duty boots with ankle support, but as a lightweight waterproof hiker, seem to be excellent.

I bought these boots for an archaeology field school I'm doing this summer. What I like about these boots is that they aren't stiff or heavy like regular work boots, also they are made of good materials and seem to breathe well. The sole is very grippy, watch out if you go from parking lots to tile floor you will trip if you underestimate the grip of these soles! Size runs about a half size larger than regular shoes. Which works well if you want to wear thick hiking socks. Which is what i do.

I've had these for a few seasons now. They are comfortable, durable, and attractively styled. These boots have seen hundreds of miles on trail and probably thousands of miles of casual use (I rotate these among my work boots). The waterproofing holds up to ankle deep streams, and the only noticeable wear is a result of a chomp from my dog. They're a little heavy, but not too heavy for a midsize boot. I would likely buy another pair of these is anything happens to my current pair.

I've had these boots for YEARS. Since 2014. And my boots are still in great condition. They've been up and down mountains and over tons of trails.

Boots are great right out of the box. They needed no break-in period. I need a boot with a wide toe box, which this one has. I've worn these boots on pavement, trails, rocks, and through a creek. All is good. My only complaint is that the laces are WAY too long. I have to double-knot twice just to keep them from getting caught on stuff. My normal size in a running shoe is 10.5 D. That is the size Danner I bought and it fits perfectly.

I bought these boots in January for my trip to Big Bend. The boots are soft, and light! And breaking in these boots is no problem. My feet didn't hurt after a long hike, nor did these boots slip on the lose desert rock. The only thing I'd say is an issue would be heat. Especially if you're wearing thick wool socks. But that didn't really bother me. Water Proof, light, super comfortable, and grips well. Get these Boots.

I bought these boots a few months ago, they are very comfortable but after just a few light hikes on easy, mostly dry trails, the outsoles are already separating from the upper. They need to be stitched or use much stronger adhesive. I’m going to spend the extra money and get a Danner model that is built more sturdily. I love Danner boots, this model is a great concept, just a miss.

Bought these back in 2017 for a 3 month job. They were great. Not a long break in time. Wore them occasionally for the next few years. Then the past 6 months have been wearing them almost exclusively for work again. A seem finally have out today :(. They have lasted so long and have been great. Only bad thing is that they don’t make the yellow color anymore.

I live in Colorado. I like practical but still cute shoes. . These are crazy comfy. Right out if the box. Sooooo much toe room! . I accidentally forgot my regular shoes for work and bartended in these happily all night. I get tons of compliments When I wear them. They got a little hot when I was hiking in the summer but not a deal breaker with the right soc

Thick, grippy, supportive outsoles. Wish I could keep them. Durable leather. Cheap liner material. Needs more breathability. Seam near the ball of the foot is uncomfortable, and the lace eyelets can be felt through the boot when laced down.

I bought these boots a few weeks ago for a hiking trip I was going on in upstate New York, and they were amazing! Super comfortable, true to fit with a great tread that I desperately needed in the snow! Water proofing is legit; my feet stayed dry the whole time. Looking forward to hearing these in the great outdoors again soon!

Love these boots. Light weight, comfortable and waterproof. These fit great and the grip is amazing. My only gripe and reasoning they do not get the 5 stars is they are made in Vietnam. Every pair of Danners I own we’re all made right here in the US of A except these, had to talk myself into keeping them but glad I did

I purchased the Dinner Mountain Men's 600 Mid WP hiking boots. Man almighty these boots are comfortable and rugged just what I hoped for. The boots are water proof right out of the box. I could hike a mountain, being confident. Also a plus being stylish having a nostalgic look.

Bought these boots online from Australia , very impressed with the boots extremely comfortably , walk about 30kms aweek in them no breaking in required.Very good grip in the red mud where I live and have received many compliments regarding te style Chris Melbourne Aust

Suffering right heel pain and tried 6 other brands (Merrill, Vasque, Salomon, Sorrel) before coughing up $$$ for Danner

Great boots! I needed something that I could wear them every day and get compliments from everyone. From the office to hikes and everything in between these boots hold up to any conditions. Will need to get some gators to play in deeper snow conditions.

I have put a few months in these boots, and I am so in love with them. They are insanely comfortable and extremely light. I have owned Danner boots in the past and these may be my new favorite. I would recommend to friends 10 out of 10 times.

These shoes were comfortable out of the box. They fit like a performance basketball shoe but have the ruggedness of a hiking shoe. I took them on a 2 hour walk the first day and my feet felt great the entire time.

Put about 80 miles on them so far and they're even better than I expected.

These have been my go-to shoes for backpacking. They've performed consistently in the Dolly Sods, West Virginia and have always managed to keep my feet dry and comfortable.

Comfortable but noisy! Out of the box they were great but soon they were driving me nuts.

These boots are great. Minimum break in time. REI sales person extremely helpful.

I just had to get a full size smaller than I normally wear. Great hiking boots!

Lightweight, well-made, fit my brother’s feet perfectly

Very comfortable hiking boot. Wide across the toes.

I've waited for 2.5 years to write this review, but I've done so much with these boots and brag and scream their praises so much that it's my duty to tell everyone I can. I've done everything you can in these awesome boots. I've backpacked over multiple days carrying 45 pounds on my back — they were great and never gave me a blister. I've snowshoed in them on multi-day snow camping trips and my feet never got wet. These are my spring and winter dog walking shoes because they keep my feet dry and I can walk miles in them just like my running shoes.

What attracted me to these boots (other than the great, throwback design) was that they held my heel down when flexing on an uphill climb. Some of the other, more technical (looking) boots I tried let my heel move around much more than I was comfortable with. Once on the trail, these were fantastic for letting me actually feel the terrain and hike accordingly. I prefer a little sensory feedback, and these were just what I had hoped for. Here are the highlights to be aware of with these boots:



I purchased this boot but it's a little too narrow. Is there anyway for REI to get the wide versions? An EE width?

​We do not stock wide widths in these boots. REI.com does not place special orders.


Is there a mens 7.5? I ordered an 8.5 and it is huge but there appears to be no size below an 8?

​Size 8 is the smallest size we carry for this boot.


Which width are these, D or EE? The Danner website advertises that these are available in a D and an EE width. I don't see an option on the REI site.

We offer the Mountain 600 Mid WP Hiking Boots in the standard D width.

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