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After having ankle surgery, these boots have been the most comfortable boots I have put on. I have been in tenis shoes for the last 3 years due to ankle problems and couldn't wear anything but Saucony. This last fall, I was finally able to get out of tennis shoes and into boots. This was not my first choice do to the price, but once so put them on I haven't taken them off. They are a little loose around the calves, but not awful. I loved them so much I went back and got the brown ones as well.

I received these just in time for the cold, slushy, snowy weather. They have kept my feet dry and warm. Very comfortable. I can wear my jeans inside or outside, or with tights/leggings. I like the height and clean lines.

I wanted to love these but found the calves were just too wide for me. If you are looking for a wide-calf boot, I think this would be a great purchase. The boot seemed like it was great quality, I wish it would have worked for me.

These are honestly the most comfortable boots I've ever had. Great support, warm, and nice enough for work. Highly recommend these.

I usually wear an 8.5-9, so I ordered the ( however they were too small. I exchanged them for the 9.5 and they fit perfectly! Such a comfy boot and perfect for winter and wet weather conditions! I saw the comments about the wide calf however it wasn't that much of an issue of me and they have a buckle so you can tighten the calfs.

Nice and comfy. Didnt really need a break-in period. Lots of room in the toe box. Fitstrue to size. The insole is removable so I can put in my own insoles (Dr. Insole - the best!) when I have to be on my feet for a long period of time.

I am super happy with the appearance and quality of these boots. However, I'm 5'3" and the height of the boot could be about an inch shorter to be most comfortable. The back of the boot hits the back of my knee when I bend my leg to a 90 degree angle. The calf-width is fine for me though. I was able to purchase them on sale which means I'll keep them given the style and quality.

I love these boots. They don't sacrifice function for the sake of fashion. The boots look great with any outfit and are fit for snowy/rainy conditions. They have great tread and are waterproof (except for the zipper). I have worn them to work in the snow and my feet have stayed warm and dry. My only complaint is that I have really short legs (30-inch inseam) and these boots hit right at the back of my knee. They are real leather and were a little stiff for the first couple weeks of wear, which made it uncomfortable to bend my legs/sit down. Now that they are broken in, the fact that they are so tall doesn't bother me anymore because the leather has softened up. I had read other reviews before trying these on in REI that said the calf was way too wide. I didn't find this to be an issue, though. I have more of an athletic build and I wouldn't say that I require wide-calf boots. These boots leave a little room in the calf, but I think the fit is just right for me.

Everyone complaigns that these boots are too wide but let me tell you...I work out, a lot. I dont have adorable chicken legs/calfs and these have the perfect snug but not suffocating fit. The color is great and the leather is amazingly soft i make everyone touch them! I'm 5'8" 140 and normally 7.5 these run true to size

I bought a pair of the black boots for the East Coast winter, and I love them. The are comfortable for walking all over New York City, where I live, and they've kept my feet and legs warm. I like the buckle design near the top of each boot to let you adjust the opening to your calf size. I tightened the top a bit, and the boots look tailored-fit for my calves. I recommend going up one size up if you want to wear socks. I usually wear size 7 but bought size 8. I've gotten many compliments from friends.

I wanted to love these boots. They feel so comfortable and the leather is super soft. But the calves were so wide I felt like I was wearing garbage pails. I am a runner and usually struggle with calves being a bit too snug.

I know some people are having problems with the calf size of these boots but I was amazed and excited to find such a wonderfully comfortable high boot I can actually wear. They fit like a glove from the first time I put them on. Love, love, love.

These boots came just in time for the first big storm in Denver. They are warm and comfortable and I can wear them all day. I accidentally stepped into a puddle of slush that went up to my ankles and my feet were still warm and dry afterwards. I usually wear a size up in boots but I found my true size of 8.5 fit better. I found that I need a shoe horn to get my boots on easily because of the thicker insulation in the shoe. It is true that other reviewers find that the calf area is large but with the thicker insulation and my tucking my leggings in, there is still a small gap between the boot shaft and my leg. My calf circumference is 14.5 inches so I can pinch almost an inch in the back of the boot. I am thinking of taking them to a cobbler to see if they can take the boot shaft in. Overall a great boot for the price.

I pulled up the reviews while I was in the store, and thus focused on the calf width. I have average calves and yes, they could be snugger; but I tuck jeans into them and I also punched another hole in the adjustable tab so that I could tighten it a bit more. Between those two things, I'm fine with the calf width. I took off a star for the fact that the zipper tends to come down an inch or two. I can't feel the difference when it has unzipped; they don't feel looser or anything. If I decide it really annoys me I'll take them to a good boot repair place and have one of those zipper pulls put on them that won't come down if the pull is laying flat against the boot. But so far not worth the trouble. I love the sole, because it's got some definition but still smooth enough to be good and safe for riding. True to size for me.

I bought these boots for something to wear during freezing Minnesota winters that were less bulky and more attractive than snow boots. I love these boots! They are SO warm, maybe warmer than my snow boots, easy to clean off snow and salt, and really good looking (I get compliments all the time on them). Also, I have a wider calf, so I am always nervous to purchase boots online, but these fit great! I love them so much I am buying them in brown too.

I ordered a size 11 and was pleasantly surprised that it fit like a true, comfortable 11; the toes were not squished or pinched for space; the boot has a solid formed toe. The calf actually fit my legs perfectly; so many boots are much too small. I believe this is a 15.5 circumference boot. The leather was quality. The only reason I didn't keep these is due to my high instep; the top of my foot pressed too tightly to the leather and caused discomfort.

I usually wear a size 8-8.5 and tried a size 9 in store (only size available). It was too big, so I took a chance and ordered 8.5 online. Fits like a dream. Yes, the boot calves are a big as mine are on the slender side. However, I simply made another hole by pulling the strap as far as it would go, bumping up against the seam for the buckle. There is still a finger or two space but not enough to warrant a return as I'm wearing these for outdoors - not necessary a fashion statement. I wear leggings a lot and the bit of extra room will surely accommodate thicker pant styes very well. I am so pleased that I immediately ordered another pair in black. So happy to have a sturdy pair of insulated, waterproof boots for my area's rainy climate. 4 stars because I had to self-adjust the buckle strap, otherwise 5 for style, comfort, and functionality.

I have larger calves and it was a shock that these boots were TOO big for me. I'm 5'6" and my calves at the their widest point are almost 16" in circumference. I think the problem is that the boots are a bit too tall (because they hit the back of your leg as you walk around), the boot gets wider and wider as it goes towards the top, and the opening doesn't taper back in slightly to hug the calves. Sad to have to send these boots back.

I wrote a review earlier but I'm updating based on recent use. I purchased these for a trip to Ireland in the winter. I walked 6-10 miles a day, hiked in mud and rain, and my feet got run over with ocean waves. Awesome boots, they were comfortable, and my feet stayed warm and dry. The calves are big, and they a a bit tall if your short. Overall excellent boots and I highly recommend them.

I bought these in November and my first pair started leaking at the seam between the sole and the main body of the boot after being worn for only 1 day, I exchanged them for a new pair which began to leaking within a week. I have not returned them a 2nd time but canno wear them in anything but dry conditions. I am very disappointed in the construction of these boots.

I was so hopeful about these boots but I am just too short for them. I'm 5'2" and the boots dig into the back of my leg behind my kneee when I walk. If not for that I would have had to exchange them for a size up. I usually wear an 8 and I think foot size wise I would be a 9 in these. Because of the height I will have to return them.

These shoes are comfortable and warm - almost too warm for California but they work for cold weather. I bought them to replace my beautiful Merrell waterproof boots after the zipper broke. I get a lot of compliments on these new ones. I am 5'4 and wear a size 8 shoe. I will be going into my 2nd winter - I hope that last.

I absolutely loved these boots and they fit amazing in the footbed, but the shaft was way to wide for my calves and didn't look flattering at all. I would recommend these boots for someone who has wider calves and long legs because the shaft comes right up to the knee. I wish I could've kept them.

One of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. I can walk in them for hours. I can ride my horse in them. Basically waterproof for the most part. Have been wearing for 3 years without any issues. One of the best boots I've ever purchased. Would definitely buy again.

I have not worn for long walks, but so far very comfortable. If you have small feet (6.5) and bigger calfs these are great. Tall boots never fit my calfs and these are actually roomy. They run very small, I ended up buying a full size bigger than my normal shoe size.

I really love the boots but took them back for the same reason as the others. The tops are oddly large. I'm only 5', maybe a taller person could wear them with bootsocks. I ended up spending twice as much and got Sorels. Merry Christmas to me.

These boots would be perfect...except for the way too wide calf. I read other reviews and assumed I would be fine because I don't have small legs. I was wrong. No human has calves large enough to fit these boots. It looks sloppy.

I bought these as a gift for my 14 year old daughter. They are beautiful, great looking, waterproof and durable. She loves them! She says they are very comfortable and wears them all the time. Will buy this brand again!

Wore these boots sightseeing all around Chamonix, France (when I wasn't skiing). Loved the fit, and look. And they were warm too. Could wear my pant legs either in or out. Would definitely recommend.

I'm average height and these boots are too tall for me, they knock the back of my thighs when I walk/climb the stairs. However, they are really comfortable so I might just keep them...

Loved these boots but the calf is huge. I'm a runner and do not have slim calves. But, I had inches to spare on these. Sadly, will be returning them.

The tops of the boots were too wide and there was nothing that made me love them. Just a plain black boot. I returned them

I LURVE my new winter boots. I only wish they were a bit more snug around my ankles.

Love them; very comfortable, sturdy and look good too



I see there is a zipper that goes about to the ankle with no inside lining around it. Are these boots waterproof past the start of the zipper, or just for the foot? Worried about water seeping in in greater than ankle-deep snow.

​These boots have a gusseted zipper with a full length waterproof membrane for complete waterproof protection.


What is the heel height of these boots.

These boots have a 1 inch heel height.


I just tried these on in store-size 11. There was no 10 and it doesn't come in 10.5. I usually wear a 10-10.5. Even with skiing socks on, these felt a little loose. I ordered a 10 online-any chance they'll fit?

​Based on the information provided, it is possible size 10 will fit.


Is there a side zipper for easy on and off of these boots?

Yes, these have side zippers that run from below the ankle to the top of the boot.


Are the buckles on the Calf adjustable? I see everyone says the calves are too wide.

​The buckle adjusts down slightly by 1/2 inch.


What is the circumference of the shaft/calves? Just worried that previous reviews say they are too wide so wanting to measure to make sure they'll fit.

The approximate shaft circumference is 15.5 inches.

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