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Caveat: this is my first mountain bike. I purchased the Co-op Cycle DRT 1.3 because it provided me higher quality components than other "name brands" within my current budget. The thing that drew me to this bike was the high quality, mid-range component spec that I think will provide some of the highest performance per dollar available today. This is one of the only bikes I've seen ~$1000 price range that consistently had Shimano Deore parts instead of parts from their lower grade group sets. I chose the 1.3 over the 1.2 because for ~$200 more, you get air suspension instead of coil (go ride a few and you'll likely think it's worth the money!). Know that you are paying for high quality components on this bike and not wasting any money on paying for a brand.

It's alot of run to ride and learn on, this is my first real Mountain bike. For the price this thing is great, it just works and it works well. The reason I don't give this 5 stars is I went for a tubeless conversion (more grip, a little easier to maintain, thicker tires etc... Small stuff) and although on the website and in the manual it says the tire is tubeless ready the rear rim would not seal properly and I had air leaking from my spokes, not a good sign. If you don't want to go tubeless immediately this bike is perfect, but if you want to spend triple the price, you might be able to find something better.

I live in Virginia with the Air Force. I try and bike to save the knees. I'm not a competition biker, but I do like to push myself. I had to replace the pedals because they didn't last long. I ride the Harwood Mills trails in Newport News, VA quite a bit. The front shock is a heaven send, but still with all the roots my tire is bouncing all over the place. I wish I'd have saved up and got the full suspension option. The tire valves are new to me. Ended up having to get an adapter for them because the pumps wouldn't work. I'm glad I went for the 1.3 versus the 1.1. My son got that one and while he can keep up, it's a smoother ride with the upgraded shock.

One of very few bikes in it's price range with better components on it. Rides great on and off trail. Would highly recommend.

After a few rides, I have to say I love this bike! Shopped around, and the value for the component level is great, and the ride has exceeded my expectations. Very happy with this bike, and it looks great, too!

Just getting into the sport, and was frustrated by the MTB forums trying to decide on a bike. Every recommendation insists you need to upgrade this or that for it to be capable of hopping a tree root and you end up going from sub $1K to looking at $5K bikes. I spoke with the guys at REI, and they were super knowledgeable and recommended the 1.3 for what I was planning on doing, and even stating it was still a little overkill giving me room to grow in the sport.

I've had this bike for a little over two months now and remain quite happy with it. The fork is good and takes the edge off of hits without feeling bouncy or flexing too much and the drivetrain has been perfectly reliable. Hydraulic brakes are strong and predictable. It's been perfect for my riding on the local trails which are hilly and open with plenty of chatter and switchbacks. Can't say how it handles anything too technical or extreme, but it handles anything I've tried as a polite trail rider and it strikes a good balance between agility and stability on downhills.

have about 4 solid rides under my belt but overall its a great ride. Light weight and quality components

I just bought this bike today and immediately drove to some trails for a 10 mile test. I must say I was super impressed. I've recreationally rode mountain bikes my whole life and just recently decided I wanted to get more heavily into the sport. I started out at the Dick's Sporting Goods bike sale and went through two of their "top of the line" GT bikes in two days with of moderate riding. Finally on the third day I got smart and decided to get some expert help at REI they recommended the DRT 1.3 to me. I couldn't be more happy with the features that come along with this awesome bike. The shocks absorbed everything I asked them too and I was able to get up to about 30 mph on some pretty technical trails. I love that you can lock the front out on the up hills because you might not think it, but it makes a heck of a difference. The brakes were awesome and left nothing to be desired and the tires provided plenty of traction for climbing, speeding downhill and stopping. I felt completely in control the entire time I was on the bike. If you've got $1000 bucks to spend on a mountain bike it should be spent on the DRT 1.3. I can't wait to keep getting better with this bike and see where it can take me in the future!

Handles everything I throw at it, smooth shifting, good shocks, excellent climber. Overall very solid bike. REI packs a lot of value into this package.

Originally purchased the drt 1.1 but quickly found my skill level required more. Started looking for ways to improve the 1.1 but decided to return it and upgrade to the 1.3. Best decision. Not to mention that REI had a sale on it at the time (always a bonus). Honestly though I would have purchased at full price. This bikes frame is solid and light, double butted. the matte pirate black finish is a bit darker than a gun metal grey, and looks awesome. Components on this thing work splendidly together. Tires are decent. Ut are really tubeless ready tires, rim's are tubeless ready though. I'm gonna put some maxxis tires on this puppy. Raidon front fork with lockout worked great but gave me some issues, there was a factory defect. Took bike in to REI and they thoroughly looked over the bike and agreed the fork was defective (fork had this rattle in the stanchions that was prominent when front end bounced). REI mechanics went to bat for me, contacted suntour and replaced the front fork; no hassle at all. Overall great experience with REI and love the bike. Highly recommend.

This bike had all the parts I wanted out of this build. When compared to the bikes in the same price range this bike was in my top two. This bike had a better design.

The bike itself is a great value. And the buying process was really efficient and friendly.

Husband is in total mountain bike bliss!!! Thanks!!

The decal on the top of my frame is crooked and I was wondering if it is a sticker or if it is permanent .

I love it, solid and affordable. Only upgrade I needed to do was pedals.

Love the bike really nice components for the price.



is the head tube tapered

Yes, the head tube is tapered.


What is the frame shell width for this bike? Trying to swap out bottom brackets and I need to figure out which spacers to put where.

The bottom bracket shell width on this bike is 73mm.


Can i use this one on pavement trial too?

Yes, you can use it on paved trails, however, this hardtail mountain bike is truly designed to handle the rigor of dirt trails. If you are predominantly riding paved trails, you may choose a hybrid bike instead.


Hi, The caps on the ports/openings for internally routing a cable for a dropper post don't appear to have cutouts to make a small hole for the cable. Do you sell caps with a hole for that, or is the idea to leave the port open all the way? Thanks.

The rubber cap on the port for the dropper on this bike does not have a small hole. This was done by design to accommodate the different size of droppers on the market. You might check with your local REI bike shop to see if they have any other suggestions.


Is there anyway to buy touch up paint in the same color? Or a color code that I can use to match at a local body shop/hobby shop? 

We're sorry but we don't have a color code or paint available for this bike.


What size front hitch is compatible with the DRT 1.3 for vehicle rack mount?

Any of the vehicle hitch mounts we sell are compatible with this bike. The choice for you will depend on the size and class of hitch installed on your vehicle.

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What is the stem length? 

The stem on the S and M frames is 60 mm and the L and XL frames is 70 mm.


Is this bike compatible with the SRAM Eagle NX drivetrain (1x12)?

As long as all the proper components are changed, the SRAM Eagle NX drivetrain is compatible with this bike.


What is the recommended psi for both front (2.35) and rear (2.25) tires?

The tire manufacturer suggests a psi range of 25-50, depending on your need and comfort level.


Can I get a diagram for the joy tech DO41 loose ball disc hub? I just repaired a tube and now can't reassemble hub.

​We're sorry, but that information is not available. We recommend bringing your bike into your local REI and speaking with a technician in the bike shop for further assistance.


What is the max load weight on these bikes?

This bike has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.


Is the bottom bracket opening compatible with a BSA style threaded bracket or a press fit? 

The bottom bracket is threaded.


Is the downtube “COOP” decal a sticker that can be removed or is it permanent? Hoping to swap for a black decal

​The decals can be removed with some effort.


I am looking for a bike I can take on the trails, but also ride around town... less than 30 miles... I can spend a little more, but the review on this one seem like it might work... thoughts?

Yes, the DRT 1.3 would work for you. Depending on the overall conditions of the trails, you might want to go with a little less aggressive tire tread.


What is remote lockout

The lockout for the front suspension is located on the handlebars. If it isn't remote, then you need to activate the lock out on the top of the suspension fork.


I need advice on whether to buy the drt 1.2 or the dry 1.3. I am 5' 8" and weigh 160. I am 63 and in good physical condition. I plan to ride single track including at the local ski hill.

The biggest difference between the DRT 1.2 and 1.3 is the drivetrain. The components on the 1.3 are lighter and will give you smoother shifting over time. The 1.3 also has a slightly wider tire which makes it easier to roll over obstacles. The 1.2 does have 7 more gears. The key to finding the proper bike frame size is by measuring your total inseam (not pant inseam) while wearing your cycling shoes, and then comparing it to the standover height of the bike. We attach sizing charts to every bike we sell on to help you determine the correct size and fit.

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Does it have a tapered headtube?

Yes, the DRT 1.3 model has a tapered head tube.


Can you run these rims tubeless? I looked at the Weinmann website, and it looks the the U28 rims may not be tubeless ready. Also do you know the weight in XS size? I may get these for my kids, so weight matters for them.

​The rims can run tubeless. We recommend speaking with your local REI bike technician for more information. This bike weighs 29 lbs. 4 oz. in a size XS.


Does the DRT 1.3 accommodate a rear rack?

​Yes, this bike is rear rack and fender compatible.


Can I raise the handle bar?

Yes, the handlebars on this bike can be raised with a stem raiser. The Delta Cycle Alloy Stem Raiser is a good choice.


I am curious how this bike will compare to the CTY. 2.2 in regards to ride and feel. I will be using the bike for daily commute with mixed trail, road, and dirt. I want the flexibility of having a dedicated off road bike that can do it all. Thoughts??

Great question! On the road and on the loose gravel trails, the CTY 2.2 is going to be faster thanks to the 700c x 40mm tires. The CTY also has 7 more gears making it great for commuting and climbing hills. The fork on the DRT 1.3 has 120mm travel and will absorb more shock compared to the 63mm of travel on the front fork on the CTY. Based on the type of riding that you described, the CTY 2.2 should meet your needs. The only thing that is it not really designed for is singletrack style mountain biking.


Is the decal on the top of the bike in front of the handlebars a sticker or is it permanent because mine is very crooked and off centered?

​The Co-op logo is a sticker.


1) Does the DRT 1.3 come in a women's model? 2) If the unisex geometry and reach fit me better, can I order it with the narrower handlebar and women's saddle?

​This bike is considered to be unisex. We recommend contacting a bike tech at your local REI for help with changing components on this bike.


The dimensions chart does not list the specs for the DRT 1.3 XS frame. What is the standover height?

​Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are researching this and will update our size chart as soon as more information is available.


Does this bike come in XL? Does it have a weight limit? Looking for a bike for 6’ 2” 350 pound man.

We expect more stock of the XL size in fall 2018.


Can the frame accommodate a fork with larger travel? 140 MM fork?

For information on swapping out parts on your bike, please visit your local REI bike shop.


What rear racks are compatible with the DRT 1.3?  Any suggestions?  I'd just like to attach some panniers for light bikepacking.

​We have a small selection of cargo racks that will fit this bike. We encourage you to call us to review the options. We can be reached at: 1-800-426-4840.


What model # is the Shimano SLX Plus derailer, and is it a medium cage or long cage? Thanks for your help:)

The model number for the rear derailleur on this bike is RD-M7000 SGS. It is a long-cage derailleur.


does this bike use boost hubs

​No, this bike does not use boost hubs.


what is the stem length?

​The stem on the S and M frames is 60 mm and the L and XL frames is 70 mm.


Can the DRT 1.3 accept 27.5+ tires front and rear? In other words, is the frame (and front fork) designed to accept the wider tires which can be up to 3" x 27.5"? Prior Q&A only confirmed someone was running 27.5"x2.4". Thank you.

This bike cannot accept a 27.5+ tire.


Can you run 29s on this bike?

​This bike is not compatible with a 29er wheelset.


Is the headset 1 1/8 inches ?

​This bike has a 1 1/18 headset that tapers down to 1 1/5 inches.


Is this bike able to be upgraded with after market parts?

Our bikes shops can upgrade components for you. Please contact your nearest REI bike shop for details:


What size are the axels on front/rear wheels?

​The front is a 15 mm thru axle and the rear is a 10 x 135 QR.


I don't see this available in large, why not?

We are expecting more of the DRT 1.3 bikes late-summer 2017.

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I bought one of these as a 1st MTB and I have a question about buying an spare tire tube: Do I need 2 spare tire tubes since the front & rear tire sizes are slightly different widths, or would 1 size only cover either one as the spare? Thanks!

​The same size bike tube fits both the front and rear tires. Most tubes fit a range of widths (i.e. 27.5 x 2.1 to 2.35), so just be sure to purchase a tube within the range of your tires.


What is the rider weight limit on this bike?

​The rider weight limit is 250 lbs.


Are there any restrictions or recommendations on rear racks for this bike?

​This bike works with racks that are disc brake compatible.


Why is the head tube angle different on the 1.3 (69 degrees listed) and the 2.1 (68 degrees)...are the frames different or is this a typo?

​The geometry measurements listed for the DRT 1.3 and 2.1 are correct. The angles on the frame of the 2.1 are slightly different because of the larger tires.


Hi I would like to know what style of fenders you would recommend for this bike, thank you for all the help and I really love this bike!!

Unfortunately, we do not carry fenders that will fit this bike. The DRT 1.3 will need a fender size of 60mm.


If a bike is shipped to a store for pickup will it be assembled and ready to ride?

When shipped to one of our retail stores this bike will be fully assembled and ready to ride.

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Hi What is the gizmo on left side under bottom bracket, looks like it connects to brake caliper?.

​The part you are referring to is the hose guide for the hyrdaulic brake line.


Any options for fenders? Looking for bikepacking / enduro commuting options.

It is full fender and rear rack compatible.


For bike packing, what frame bag is recommended for inside the frame triangle?

We have a selection of frame bags for you to choose from. Please see the link below:

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