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Couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I have been wanting a co-op bike ever since REI started selling them.

I bought approx one month ago and am very happy I did! The bike performs well and has features comparable to that of a thousand dollar bike. Service was great as always. A very fun basic hardtail that feels good on both climbs and descents

This bike has some really nice features for the price: air suspension forks with remote lockout, hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano derailleur, wide bars, and a good seat. Steep (relatively speaking) head tube gives me confidence climbing, but is not ideal for fast, technical downhills. Derailleur shifts hard under high stress climbs. I really wish it had come with a 1x or a 2x drive chain.

I test rode many new bikes before I bought the DRT 1.2, and overall the DRT 1.2 was the most comfortable for me. The component group and fork is nicer than most of the comparable LBS options in the same price range. I thought the hydraulic discs were unnecessary at first, but after putting about 150 miles on it since purchase, I have to say the hydraulic discs are very nice. The forks are a 1.5" to 1.125" taper, so changing or upgrading in the future will be very easy since most all the new forks are for tapered headset. It's a little heavier than other options but it's not really an issue for me. The seat is a WTB Volt which I believe it 142mm (measured mine), and it is very comfortable, although it does not look like it would be, so another pleasant surprise. Overall I am happy with the purchase and would not hesitate to buy another co-op in the future.

I have abused this bike for a little over a year now, all I have had to replace were the tubes and tires. Nothing has broken. I have gone off of some big nice jumps. I have mastered the wheelie (which I previously tried to learn on a walmart bike) It's a great beginner bike, more than one.

I bought this bike a few weeks ago and I'm really happy with it. Pretty rough ride on technical trails but it's a HT. Very smooth on flowing trails. Breaks stop on a dime, shifts smooth and have received a lot of compliments on it.

I had a 10 year old entry level mountain bike and brought this one as an upgrade. Wow what an upgrade! As per Strava I’m much faster but more importantly it’s more fun! Love this bike!! Service was great too.

I’ve had this bike for about a year now. I love it! It’s durable. I weigh 200 lbs and believe me when I say I have put this bike through all the tests.

I have only had my new bike for a few weeks but love it so far! Easy to ride and very comfortable. I'm a newbie to mountain biking and I think I picked up the right bike to start with. I'm excited to get it on the trails, learn some new skills and become a member of the MTB community.

Decent bike for the price! But, will leave you wanting more.

Nice bike, but definitely not true to size. An xl feels like a large. If only there was a 2xl lol

Excellent quality for the price, been out a few times

I bought this bike one day and took it to Duthie Hill only to be disappointed because I only got to ride it for maybe an hour and pushed it back from the hills because the chain snapped. Bad thing is I was on a gravel road and not doing anything tough, like a trail, this was a service road. Big disappointment for me. Maybe the bikes aren't built with quality parts, chains that is.

Bought a few weeks ago to get into MTB for the first time. I originally wanted the DRT 1.1 but after reading the reviews on the 1.2 I changed my mind. Key reasons: stronger frame, front fork lockout, internal wire routing, and overall better quality components and ready for upgrades when things break. I’ve put about 15 “beginner” miles on the bike and it has been pleasant to say the least. Suspension is okay, shifting is okay, brakes are okay, but to me (my own opinion) the best thing is that the bike feels very sturdy and strong on the trail. I know this bike is entry level but I feel confident that this bike will hold up on intermediate trails. The bike pros at REI were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I will be a returning customer when it comes tome for component upgrades and/or a new bike. Looking forward to putting more miles on this bike and seeing more of the outdoors!

I bought the bike yesterday just looking at the specs for the price I immediately bought it. The specs is equal to $1,000 worth on other bikes w/c may not be even.

I've had this bike for a few months, and it's a fun cruiser for basic singletrack, a little street riding and pump tracks. I live in north Florida so it works well for this area. The spec is good for beginners but if you plan on riding anything that isn't pretty mellow than I would save up and buy a serious bike.

Good bike for the value, got it on sale ($500 off). The bike has nice components, and the only problem I had was that gears 1-2 and 1-3 do not work well. Will schedule a check-up.

This is a good intro bike I got for my wife to ride.

Great bike, had a small issue that REI took care of immediately. There's no comparison for the money at a few hundred more.

I have this bike for a couple days and I am happy with my purchase. Great quality bike for a good price.

What is the rider weight limit for a DRt 1.2?



what type of trails is this bike made for?

This bike is designed for single-track, trail riding and all-mountain/endure riding. It is not designed for downhill, dirt jumping or dual slalom riding.


Hey. Can I come in your store and order this bike in a Medium? Online, you only have small left, and that is way too small for me. Buy anyway, can I come in one of your stores and can you order a medium for me? Thanks a lot.

​As of September 2019, we are not expecting more size medium. All available sizes are shown online and our stores are unable to order other sizes.

Benny Boy

Can you add a dropper post?

Yes, this bike can accept an internally routed dropper post.

Benny Boy

How many gears can you add to this mountain bike?

To add more gears, there may be multiple component changes. Please contact one of our REI bike shops for specific details:


What is the width of the handlebars?

The small and medium frames have a handlebar length of 720mm. The large and extra-large frames have a handlebar length of 740mm.


I was in looking at co op bikes.The drt 1.1 women's fit me perfectly but I don't like the color or that its specified for a woman. How much bigger is the drt 1.2? I'm 5'6" Male but prefer an undersized bike

The sizing is very similar. Check our size chart. The smalls are (on average) for people 5' 3" to 5' 6". Medium is for 5'6" to 5' 9". So you should be able to go between the same size for the unisex and women's bikes.


What is the max size tire width I can put on these rims? Can’t seem to find rim specs. 

​You can use tires up to 2.4 inches wide on these stock rims.


What size are the brake rotors front and back?

​The front rotor is 180 mm; the rear is 160 mm.


What size thru axle is used in on the front fork?

The front fork has a 15 mm thru axle.


are the tires tube less compatible?

The rims are not tubeless compatible.


What’s the fork offset 

​The fork on this bike has a 42mm offset.

James please 16

Does co op 1.2 have a tapered head tube and how much would it cost to convert the 1.2 to tubless?

These are 2 questions that are better addressed by a Certified Master Tech at any of our REI retail bike shops. Please consult your nearest REI retail store for the most accurate answers:


What is the size of the bottom bracket?

​The bottom bracket is 73 mm – 118.


What is the weight limit of this bike? I'm about 300lbs and looking to get in better shape. Want to start biking and really liking this bike.

The weight limit for this bike is 250 lbs. Please call us at 1-800-426-4840 and we can offer more recommendations.


Also, is the front hub boost (15x110) or standard (15x100)?

The front hub is standard 15 x 100.


Is the stock rear hub/wheel boost spacing (12x148) or standard (12x142). Looking to upgrade it and don't want to get it wrong.

The rear axle is a 9mm non-thru axle with a quick-release handle. The rear hub width is 135mm. The front hub is a 15 x 100mm thru-axle with a quick release handle.


What is the rim width of the rims that come stock on this bike?

​The rim has exterior width of 28 mm.


How wide of a tire will fit this bike? i would like to go wider. has 2.2 on it now thanks!!!

You can safely use a tire up to 2.4 inches wide on these stock rims.


What are the specs of the chain exactly. I broke my chain, is it possible to upgrade 

This bike requires a 9-speed Shimano compatible chain. For questions regarding upgrades to your bike, we recommend chatting with your local REI bike shop:


How does this bike compare to the Cannondale trail 6?

The DRT has a front fork with 20mm more of travel. The DRT has 3 chainrings on the crankset giving 5 more gears overall. The DRT has a higher quality front derailleur. The Trail 7 has a slightly wider tire.


Will this bike accept a dropseat?

​This bike can accept an externally routed dropper post.


can the DRT 1.2 take a 27.5 by 2.30 tire?

​Yes, you can put a 27.5 x 2.3 tire on this stock rim.


I was told that rei was making a newer version of this bike in the next month. Do you have a projection for when it will come out? Also, what would the price point be for the new bike compared to this price point on this bike?

Please contact us directly at (800) 426-4840 for more information about future products.


Which thru axle adaptor do you recommend for this bike? I have a standard fork mount rack, and have tried the Thule and Yakima 15 mm x100 mm and the Yakima 15 mm x 110 mm adaptor and none have worked. The frt. QR thru axle gets hung up and cant be remov

​The thru-axle is 100mm x 15mm. We suggest the Thule Thru-Axle Adapter 15mm.


What is the maximum weight capacity of this bike?

We put a maximum weight for the rider and gear at 250 lbs. for our adult Co-op Cycles.


Is this a good bike for all around riding Gravel, Black top, Trails,

​This is a hardtail mountain bike designed for trails, gravel paths and muddy terrain. We do not suggest it as the best option for road riding.


What are the specs for the innertube? I need a spare.

​The Co-op Cycles Presta Tube – 27.5 X 2.1 – 2.35 is a good choice for the DRT 1.2 bike.


Who manufactures the frames for the DRT 1.2, 1.3 & 2.1? Where are the frames manufactured? What other brands are also manufactured alongside these bikes? Please let me know. Thanks!

All three of these bikes have frames that are proprietary and built for REI by our manufacturer in China.


Can the pedals accept toe clips?

The pedals on this bike can accept toe clips. The reflectors need to be removed.


Is this bike recommended for cross country style mountain biking? If not, why? Thank you.

This bike is not designed for cross-country; it is designed as a trail bike. Cross-country bikes are designed with riding fast and with climbing in mind. For more information on different types of mountain bikes please visit the following link:


Will 27.5+ tires fit

​This bike cannot accept 27.5+ tires.


I have a dropper post and went to install this on the bike and there is not a way to feed the cable internally. There is supposed to be a hole in the crank casing that would allow for it but there is a black plastic sleeve in there. How do I install???

​If you have questions about aftermarket parts installation, please contact your local bike shop for assistance.


Is there a place to get a more complete spec list for the DRT 1.2?

​Please contact us via e-mail let us know which specs that you are looking for.


I'm looking at upgrading my bottom bracket and crank arms on this bike, but cannot find full specs on this frame for the life of me. Is this a threaded euro bottom bracket?

​The DRT 1.2 has an English threaded bottom bracket, more specifically a BB-ES300.


I would like to upgrade my fork... eventually. What are the specs? Is 120mm the max recommended travel?

This bike has a SR Suntour XCR fork with 120mm of travel. The specs for the fork are as follows:


What is the lowest gearing for this bike? Or better even, can you say how many teeth on the smallest (front) chain wheel and how many teeth on the largest (rear) gear? I want to compare with my current bike for use on very steep grades.

The crankset has three chainrings consisting of 40, 30 and 22 teeth. The rear cassette's largest cog has 36 teeth.


Will you be getting more of these bikes in a size medium?

We are expecting more of the DRT 1.2 bikes in late-summer 2017.


What is the width of the WTB volt saddle on the medium sized bike?

The width of the saddle measures 142 mm.


What is the widest rear tire the frame could accommodate assuming an upgraded fork was installed? 

A 27.5 x 2.4 inch tire is the biggest tire recommended for this bike.


What is the weight limit on this bike for size XL?

This bike has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.


Does the DRT 1.2 bike use the same frame as the DRT 2.1? I'm just curious whether the 1.2 will fit a 27.5+ tire as an upgrade?

The frames on the DRT 1.2 and 2.1 have slightly different geometry. We are not able to confirm if the DRT 1.2 will fit a 29" wheel.


Can water get into the entry and exit locations for the cables running through the frame?

The cable entry and exit ports do have rubber covers to keep water and dirt from entering. However, the covers are not fully sealed so water and dirt can enter the housing area.


I have one of these bikes, it is nice! My question is how does one attach a Burley D'Lite Bike trailer with the disc brakes and a 9mm quick release hub vs. the 12mm thru-axle and adapter system that Burley talks about to this bike...any ideas?

​Your bike is compatible with the trailer and you do not need an adapter. Full installation instructions are provided with the trailer.


Are the tires compatible set up as tubeless?

These tires are not tubeless compatible.


Is this bike full-fender and rack compatible?

Yes, this bike is rack and fender compatible.

Patrick Benson

I have special needs in a bike. How high can the stem post be?

​The stem cannot be adjusted, however stem riser can be added to this bike.


What is the maximum weight limit for this bike?

​This bike has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.


What is the maximum tire width that the 1.2 can accommodate?

​A 27.5 x 2.35 inch tire is the widest tire recommended for this bike.


Are the frames the same across the board? as in DRT 1.1, 1.2, and the 1.3?

The DRT bikes have the same frame size. For example, the DRT 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 2.1 in a medium have a 16 inch frame size. Detailed geometry specs can be found by clicking on the size chart on

Old part

What size is the rear thru hub?

​The rear hub is a 9 mm quick release. It is not a thru axle.

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