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I've only had this bike for 3 or 4 weeks now, but it's been an outstanding bike so far. I don't ride because I want to race, or use this as my only source of cardio. I mainly just ride this bike to work and for short, casual exercise rides. So in reality, it might be overkill for me. But as soon as I felt how light it is, how fast it is, and how smooth the shifting is I was sold. I was a little worried about how forward my riding position would be on this bike, since I'm mainly using it for casual urban riding. But the guys at REI Anchorage swapped out the stem that comes on it, for something with much more angle on it. I'm 6'2", 230lbs. and I can comfortably ride this bike (it's an XL) for hours on end. I've put about 50 miles on this guy so far and it's been an absolute blast, can't recommend enough!

Great bike for the price point and for what it does. Was disappointed because the description says it can take up to 700x35c knobby tires. I bought continental 700x35c cyclocross tires and the front fork did not have clearance for them to spin freely. Wish the description on this bike was changed to say that not all 35c tires will fit.

I've been going back and forth between many bikes from several manufacturers and eventually was down to deciding between the Co-op ARD 1.1 and Co-op ARD 1.2 (this bike) and went in to test the both hoping that the ARD 1.1 would satisfy me and save a couple hundred dollars. After the test ride I thought about it for a few days and just couldn't get out of my head how great the ARD 1.2 felt relative to the 1.1 (both great bikes) but the 1.2 just seemed like next level quality. Fast forward 4 months and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I'm relatively new to daily biking but this bike has made it an absolute pleasure. I haven't had any issues with components and have had a great experience on a wide variety of trails including dirt, limestone, and paved. I'd definitely encourage anyone deciding between this and the ARD 1.1 to get out and test them both and decide for yourself if you were as impressed as I was.

Now that I have put over 500 miles on my ARD 1.2 bike, I can say definitively that there are two standard features that I consider VERY uncomfortable. One is the handlebars. When I drop down to ride in an aero-friendly position I cannot get comfortable. It feels like my hands are constantly slipping off the ends of the bars. I have given up that position altogether by adding aero-bars. Secondly, the seat! It was not made for comfort nor for extended rides! Gonna have to change it out... or face those "you know what" side effects.

I bought this bike 10 months ago as my first “real” bike (and first with drop-bars), and I have been nothing but happy with the purchase. I wanted a bike that was accessible enough for my stop-and-go 14 mile commute to and from work, tough enough to take off the tarmac, and fast enough to open up 50-100k routes; this bike has been just about perfect for all of it.

Been enjoying the ride although exclusively on pavement with the stock 28s thus far, and looking forward to seating some wider tires (32s?) for some adventures on dirt. My last road bike was a 1987 Lotus with shifters on the downtube and a biopace chainring ;-P ...Still works, but the ARD 1.2 provides a welcome ergonomic and technologic upgrade. Fitted mine with a Specialized Power saddle and Shimano ES600 pedals, so the long rides are smooth and comfortable. No need to spend more for a super fun ride!!

Great bike. I've been commuting on it for 6 months now, and the disc brakes and higher-quality components are worth every penny. Runs easily over rough pavement and packed dirt, even with the stock tires. Well done REI! One note - the front fork is a bit unique in terms of size and fender mounting options. It takes a bit of creative trimming and bending to fit one on there. Racks and fenders fit easily on the back.

Decent bike. Not great but adequate.

I am not a big fan of high end bikes. I believe that your strength and endurance will determine the speed and distance you are going. Being said that this bike fits the bill of budget bike with 105 groupset. There is no other bike in comparison exists out there with similar setup. The bike handles great for long distance asphalt and some short compact gravel distances with tires it comes with. It’s a full five stars for me. I spent some money getting a professional bike fitting at Landry’s in Boston area, and they did an awesome job! The bike folks at REI Framingham are not at all up to the mark with information. Buyers do their own due diligence. I am 5’9” and bought medium, which is on edge of one size up to large size. Getting large size would have been an aggressive riding geometry for my height. Happy riding.

I've been an avid bike rider for 20 years and have worked in bike shops as a salesman. Most bikes in the same price range offer variations on the same components, so what you are often getting at any given price point is that manufacturer's bike frame and geometry. This bike is an endurance geometry, good for your lower back and for long distance riding on a variety of surfaces. We are told that carbon fiber is the lightest and steel is often the most comfortable because of it's shock-absorbing properties, but the latter with a weight penalty. My only concern with this bike was the aluminum frame, which, historically, are lightweight but harsh on rough surfaces. Well, like Cannondale's advances in aluminum frame comfort, the ARD 1.2 has a very light and comfortable aluminum frame, augmented by 28c tires (thicker than the usual 23 or 25 road tires) and carbon fiber fork. I bought this bike sight unseen through the website and LOVED it immediately. It's VERY quick, handles like a sports car, very comfortable over rough surfaces, and the riding position was nearly perfect for me at 6'2" (I bought the XL frame). Don't expect that the aluminum frame is going to be exactly as soft as carbon, titanium or steel (it's not), but at this price point, it's an amazing bike. I do wish the front crank was 105, but a minor complaint. This bike is a real value at full price (and you get 10% back in dividend), even more so if you can get it on sale. It's ready to go as is, though most people will want to upgrade the saddle to something that has a split in the middle...

I bought this bike four months ago and could not be happier! This is the current model of an REI bike I got four years ago. This model adds disk brakes, wider tires and additional clearance for even wider tires. I have ridden hundreds of miles already. To get ready for a ride on a crushed limestone trail, I changed the stock 28mm tires to 35mm Continental Urban tires, which handled the trail with ease and provided so much of an even smoother ride, I have left them on. Just completed my longest single road ride yet (64 miles) and the bike handled it beautifully. I highly recommend this bike!

I just ordered the ARD 1.2 for the pure joy the test ride reminded me of a Saab 900 turbo! Next step is to swap out the tires for something that will navigate rail trails without losing too much smooth surface efficiency. #Rei employee; There are mythical tales from the ETE of such a hybrid. What tire/tube combination do you recommend?

Love. Love. Love this bike. Been shopping for nearly two years till I saw this bike in Sante Fe. When the sale came in San Diego, that was the final push I needed. Feel like I could climb a vertical wall in the lowest gear and DO roar down the hills in the top. Disk breaks are great, the 28mm tires are smooth and shifting is seamless.

After a lot of comparison shopping I bought this bike. The components were better than similar price point bikes. So once I worked through the big brand name bikes, this was a practical choice and REI is reliable business. Price value carried the day for the COOP bike!

Fantastically equipped bike with great ergodynamics for distance rides... Completed Santa Fe half century on mine and it performed brilliantly. Highly recommend this bike to anyone beginner or advanced riders alike

Coming from a Trek, i was not sure about the Co-Op brand and quality. This bike has surpassed all of my needs, i spend hours on the saddle with ease, great looks and handling as well. I am a fan of this product!

I planned on purchasing this bike as it has a Shimano 105 group and disc brakes on it... compared other similar bikes by other manufacturers, it is less expensive. But, the 'deal killer' was the 'through axle'. Both my wife and my car have nice fork mount roof racks on them. Because this bike has a front through axle, it will not mount to a fork mount rack.

This bike is a really good value based on all the others that I looked at and test rode. Equally as good or better than much more expensive bikes.

I took this for a test ride and loved it. So I bought it. Nine thumbs up.

This is my first road bike and I settled on this one because I love disk brakes and the Shimano 105 drivetrain.



What size thread for pedals will work for this bike?

The pedal crank size is standard 9/16".


What is the seat post setback?

The seat post doesn’t have a setback but the saddle position can be adjusted slightly on the rails underneath.


How can I get a replacement derailleur hanger for this?

The derailleur hanger #167 is available from the Derailleur Hanger web site or the Wheels Mfg. web site.

Rob W

I want to make this bike more friendly on steep hills. Could I replace the cassette with a Shimano 105 11-34t like the ARD 1.4 and the crank set with a Shimano GRX 30-46t gravel bike crank set? Are the existing derailleurs compatible?

Please consider reaching out to the REI store nearest you and presenting these questions to the Master Bike Tech who is trained with mixing and matching bike components.


I am saving up my pretty pennies to buy the ARD 1.2, which is on sale right now. I am really curious if this model is going away like the 1.3 or just up for a refresh. I love everything about this bike and hope it stays around. Thanks for any info!

​As of July 2019, we don't anticipate more stock of this bike in the near future.


Do you have a recommendation for a replacement tire that is wider and better on gravel and trail use than the factory tire? What size?

Due to possible interference from the fork or frame, we suggest staying with the same size tire. You do have the options of taking the bike to your nearest REI store for personal assistance to determine other options that may fit.


Would 650 rims work with the ARD? If so how much more tire could I fit!

​We do not recommend using a smaller wheelset with this bike.


I am looking to replace the freehub body. There is no manufacture information on the freehub body itself. Who is the manufacturer/ what is the model number so I can replace it?

Yes, the rear hub is a Joy-Tech Alloy 11-Speed Freehub (32H 135mm to use with 6 bolt disc brakes). Please contact one of REI store location bike shops to order a replacement.


Does the ARD 1.2 Bike include Shimano 105 R5800 components or the newer R7000 components?

This bike features Shimano 105 components in the 5800 groupset.


Who manufactured the fork and steerer tube and is it compatible with having no spacer above the stem and below the top cap of the compression assembly?

Yes, you can have the stem run all the way down with this bike, but your bike mechanic or an REI bike shop can do this labor for you to cut the stem for this set up. Also, the carbon fork is proprietary and designed by us.


Will REI continue making the ARD 1.3 AND 1.4 or are they permanently discontinued?

We do not plan on carrying the ARD 1.3 in the near future. As of March 2019, the ARD 1.4 (item #133305) is currently in stock and available to order.


Back in 2018 there were four different ARD Bikes: the 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and the 1.4. I was saving up to buy the ARD 1.4 and was planning to buy one either this year or next but suddenly I notice that the 1.4 is no longer available. What happened?

Check out the link below for the ARD 1.4:


What is the recommended most affordable choice for tubeless rims/tires with the ARD 1.2 bicycle? Does REI carry tubeless ready wheel sets for the ARD 1.2?

We don't have a specific tubeless set to recommend, however, we have multiple options currently available on our site and in-store. Additionally, we have a great article in the following link that will help you decide if tubeless tires are right for you:


The Features section specifies bike includes Shimano 105 2 x 11 drivetrain. However, in the technical specs section it is indicated that the Crankset is Shimano RS500, which is not really part of the Shimano 105. Should the description be updated?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! You are correct, the crankset is not part of the 105 group set.


Can I carry this bike with a Hitch-mounted bike rack?

​This bike can easily be carried by a hitch-mounted rack.


Would the Ard 1.2 with 32c tires hold up on Tushar Crusher Course? Asking for a friend?

This bike is designed for paved roads and gravel paths. However, you may need tires with a more aggressive tread pattern for the challenging terrain found on that course.


What is the rider weight limit for XL bike?

The weight limit is 250 pounds for all sizes.


What size tube would the stock tires take? I get the 700x28-35, but there is another measurement of 32, 48, or 60 mm?

​This bike is compatible with a 700c X 28 – 32 mm bike tube with a 48 mm Presta valve. We recommend the Co-op Cycles Presta Tube - 700 x:28 - 32 that can be found in the link below:


What is the crank length and handlebar width for a size medium?

​The handlebar width of the medium bike is 420mm. The crankarm length is 170mm.


If I'm going to try a larger tire, say a 35mm, do I need to change the rims?

​We do not recommend using a tire wider than 32 mm on your rim.


What size fenders would work with this bike? Looking for a fender that would allow me to put the largest tire I can fit on this bike and still fit within the limits of the frame. 

It's possible that fenders could be installed but there's no easy formula to determine which model fenders are compatible. Please bring your bike into your nearest REI (or neighborhood bike shop) where an experienced bike tech can help assess which fenders may be compatible.


Hi, I just picked up the ARD 1.2. ....Liking it so far. Question: How long do you think this bike should last?

With proper care and maintenance, it's realistic this bike could last many years.


I bought the ARD 1.2 and I'm ready to buy new wheels for the bike, but I can't find the hub width measurements anywhere. The 1.2 has a 12mm TA in the front and 9MM QR in the back, right? Can you provide the hub width?

​The hub width on the ARD 1.2 is 100mm.


Can this bike be fit with touring racks and bags?

​This bike is able to be used with touring racks and panniers.


Could you provide the BB type and model? Could you also provide the crank lengths for sizes M and L?

​This has a threaded Shimano bottom bracket. The M has a 170mm crank and the L has a 172.5mm crank.


What bike rack is the best for this bike?

​You can look for a rear cargo bike rack that will work with 700c size wheels and has disk mounts The MTX Tubular Rack with Disc Mounts is a great choice.


Are the rims and wheel tubeless ready?

​The rims and the tires on this bike are not tubeless-ready.


Just bought one today at Glenview IL store.  They did not have a manual for it.  Can you send me one in PDF?   I want to understand how to deal with the disc brakes when changing a tire

Please contact us by phone at 1-800-426-4840 or email us using the link below for further assistance.


Can this frame support tires that are wider than the stock 28 mm? If so, what are the widest tires that will run on this bike?

This bike can accommodate a max tire size of 700c x 35mm.

Doc B

What pedals and tires come with the Ard 1.2 as standard gear?

Pedals are sold separately (commonly the case on road bikes at this price point). The tires are listed in the specs: Clement Strada LGG 700 x 28mm. Hope this helps!

Jimbo 999

What is the max weight load for this bike?

​Adult Co-op Cycles have a weight limit of 250 lbs. for the rider and gear.


Is the ARD 1.2 the closest thing to the Strada (which you have now discontinued)?  I am looking to replace my 2005 Strada with a newer model and would like to keep the dropper combo shifters, but I'd be happy to upgrade to disc brakes.

The ARD 1.2 is not meant to be an updated version of the Strada, so it is a little different. However, the Strada would be somewhere between the ARD 1.1 and 1.2, so either are a good choice.


What is the bottom bracket drop measurement? Specifically interested in the XL size, but I am sure others would like to know this measurement for the other sizes as well.

The bottom bracket drop measurement is 69mm.


What are the dimensions of the Co-op Cycles rim: height, interior width, exterior width?

We're sorry, but that information is not available at this time.

Mntn Trkkr

Can you provide details if it has rack/fender mounts (front or rear) and the number of water bottle cage mounts.

This bike is compatible with front and rear fenders and is rear rack compatible. There are 2 spots for water bottle cages.


Can you provide the geometry and metric details of your bikes? Please. What are the seat, fork, and head tube angles? You guys are offering nice bikes. Show you are serious about selling them.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will update the information on as soon as possible.

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