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I live and work in Yellowstone and like camping with my hammock. Hammocks tend to make sleeping bags lots colder so I bought this 0 degree bag and could not be happier! Nice and warm on a 30 deg night, very comfortable and it fits great! Btw I am 6'8 tall 290 lbs.

I used the bag late September in Yellowstone. Temperatures went down to 25F. I was perfectly cozy in the bag (even too warm at times). The bag is wide enough to let you move (I'm a side sleeper). Foot box is great.

I am 6'3 170 lbs and have more that enough room in this bag. I have used it about 4 time in below 0 degree conditions and it keeps you nice and toasty.


Michael B

What size bag do you recommend for a male, 5' 11" and 180 lbs?

​The regular length bag will work for you.


Is the compression sac that comes with the back waterproof ?

No, the compression stuff sack is not waterproof. Waterproof compression sacks can be found in the following link and filtering by "waterproof".


This bag didn't include a non-compression storage bag. I'm not familiar with synthetic insulation storage. Can it be stored in the stuff sack or should it be stored "loose"? I went through the sleeping bag care link and it didn't describe any differences.

​Sleeping bags should all be stored loosely. Putting the bag in a stuff sack or compression stuff sack is ok for short periods of time.


Do you think this bag is warm enough for a 3 day climb of Mt Baker in August, or a 4 day climb of Mt Rainier in July, for example?

​This sleeping bag has been rated down to a comfort of 15.3 degrees, making it a good choice for summer mountaineering.


Will this bag fit into the sleeping bag compartment of an Osprey Atmos AG 65 Backpack?

​With the sleeping bag fully compressed in a compression sack, it can fit inside of the sleeping bag compartment of the Atmos AG 65.


does this bag fit in the sleeping bag compartment of a kelty redcloud 90?

The sleeping bag stuff sack measures 11.5 x 21 inches. This will likely fit inside a dedicated sleeping compartment on a 90 liter pack


Will this bag fit in the sleeping bag compartment of the Osprey Aether 85 AG?

​When fully compressed, this sleeping bag can fit inside the bag compartment of the Aether 85 AG pack.


Can this bag be machined washed multiple times

It is possible to machine wash this bag multiple times when done correctly. For information on how to care for your sleeping bag, please refer to the Expert Advice article below:


Can I buy two of these and zip them together to form a sleeping bag for two? Does the zippers go all the way down, and are on both sides?

Two Trestles sleeping bags can be zipped together if one is men's (left hand zipper) and one is women's (right hand zipper). The main zipper goes down to about one foot from the bottom of the bag. The other zipper only goes down a short way as shown in the photo.


Will this bag in long & wide using the Osprey stuff sack recommended above fit "properly" in the lower portion of an Osprey Atmos 50 L backpack?

This bag does not fit in the sleeping bag compartment of the Osprey Atmos 50.


Would you say this is good enough for the Kilimanjaro trip? I am assuming yes, but want to make sure...

Without knowing more about your trip and what time of year you are going to be travelling, we are unable to confirm if this sleeping bag is going to work for you.


This seems to be a new version of the Trestles 0, yet I see nothing on Marmot's web site promoting the new design(as of 1/2017) or showing changes/improvements. Is the previous version being permanently replaced with this version of the bag?

This is the newest version of the Trestles 0 sleeping bag. Marmot used a lighter and more compressible synthetic insulation making it about 9 ounces lighter than the older version. REI is proud to be first to market on the new line of Trestles sleeping bags.


What compression sack is best for this bag?

The Osprey StraightJacket Compression Sack in a 32 liter is the best choice for this bag. However, this sleeping bag does not compress down well due to its size. You can find the compression sack online here:


When rating the temperatures sleeping bags can withstand what assumptions are made about the R-value of the sleeping pad that is used?

Sleeping bags are tested with a 1 inch thick insulated sleeping pad. If your sleeping pad has a higher R value it may add to the overall warmth of your bag.

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