Garmin - Forerunner 735XT Heart Rate Monitor Watch

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Have had for almost a month now and I really like this watch. Only reason it did not get 5 stars is because it does not have a "hike" mode and because I still think $450 is outrageous. Love the way it syncs with phone app. GPS and heart rate work very well. For those of you like me that want a watch for hiking and don't want to spend $600 for the can use this watch in "run" mode. Some of the metrics watch tracks in run mode will not be relevant, but it will still track your mileage, elevation, and time. Does excellent in bike mode as well.

I bought this three months ago and use it frequently. It's been awesome! Only reason for a lower review is due to the screen. Read a review that said their screen cracked easily so I bought a screen guard to add protection. However, while walking with it on, it nicked the edge of a door way and it causes a crack that eventually lead to a split down the entire face of the watch (similar to a car windshield). This has been a great watch with a wonderful app. But for the cost and activity level of those who might wear it, the screen should be stronger.

For the last three years I've been using a Garmin 910XT, which got the job done admirably as a purely exercise specific device with almost no modern frills. I decided to try out a Fenix3, it seemed like exactly what this Army, outdoor enthusiast, fitness data oriented person wanted, but I could never stand the weight, especially for sleeping with it on, which negated the sleep tracking, and it just wasn't good enough for being $500+. The 735XT came in and does virtually everything right. the battery life is phenomenal, I get about 6 days including all workouts (but if you're an Ironman-er you might want to go with the Fenix3), it has all the features I need for biking, running, swimming, and hiking. An Altimeter would be nice but that's about all it's missing. The heart rate monitor works better than expected and it's weight is feather-light. The sync to my iPhone is nice

I've been waiting years to buy an activity tracker. I did research to see if I could get something less expensive. Lesser expenses devices couldn't handle swimming as well as giving me a display.

I was reluctant to buy a Garmin because I didn't know which model would best suit my needs. I'm a 53-year old avid runner, and new to cycling and duathlons. This mid-price model turned out to be exactly what I needed. It pairs quickly with Strava so there's no need to run/bike with my phone for GPS measurement. It charges and syncs with software on my laptop and uploads easily to my smart phone. There are applications readily available which allow you to customize the look of the face and determine what and how much information to display. It's fairly intuitive to use, the wrist-measured heart-rate is fairly accurate as is the step counter. It can be a little wonky, so I sometimes have to power it off and on to unfreeze it. Garmin will only support its devices for 5 years (so a representative has told me), but I'm sure I will upgrade to another model before then. I wish I had purchased this item sooner...

I bought my watch back in June and a couple of weeks ago it stopped syncing with my phone and the time has been completely off ever since. I have been able to fix the time issue by plugging the device into my computer but it always ends going back to the wrong time again. Garmin customer support keeps sending me ways to "fix" the watch but none of them have worked. For a watch this expensive to last less than 6 months is ridiculous. Im not pleased to say the least.

When it's working, it's brilliant. That's why it gets two stars instead of one. Unfortunately, it's never working. The 1/22/18 app update completely destroyed bluetooth connectivity, so I have to power cycle the watch and turn off, then turn back on, bluetooth on my phone to get it to sync at all. Since then, the watch has been freezing up a lot, and I've had to restore defaults twice to get it working again. The date and time will be completely wrong at random. It will fail to record steps at random. Sometimes it sends me notifications, and sometimes it doesn't. It's a real shame, because this would be the perfect watch for me if I could keep it working. Alas, I plan on returning it.

Loved this watch while it worked... 13 months in, it is absolutely useless, shuts off just as soon as it is turned on. Garmin will replace it for $110, which is absolutely ridiculous! If you are willing to pay $350 to use it for one year, then this is the watch for you. After doing a bit of research, this is a very common problem and happens quite a bit. It's very disappointing, I thought I had purchased a quality product from a reputable company, no such thing!

Busted after less than one months use. I’m an avid triathlete and used the forerunner 735xt for pool swims and running. After less than 5 pool swims (and probably 15 runs), the display goes haywire constantly flashing on all settings. Watch still worked for runs in terms of gps and heart rate, but the continuous flashing of the display is enough to drive one mad. Also, the pool I swim in is about 4.5 feet deep in the deepest section, so there was no free diving involved to push this smart watch to its limits. I’m very disappointed in this product for its quick breakdown. I’d hoped to get at least a season out of a tri watch, but I am now stuck with a warranty process right in the middle of summer. I love my garmin 520 on the bike and I wish I had the same experience with this product.

I returned the watch after software failure post swim to find out the second watch failed in the same scenario. It was either a major software glitch or watch is not water proof. The watch would restart, light stayed on until battery drained, would vibrate middle of night. I had both watched updates to latest software. I am not quiet sure why all the 5 star reviews unless they have not used it in water.

For my first GPS watch, I've liked the functionality for a mid-range price. Looks nice too, as a watch.

This is the best watch I've ever owned. Had it for several months now and am still thrilled about this purchase. Great for workouts (even multisport workouts) and constant monitoring of activity, heart rate, and calories burned throughout the day. I had the Forerunner 235 before this watch and was disappointed with it. This one is well worth the upgrade.

The device works like it should and then some. Plenty of battery life, smart notifications, respectable assortment of apps and bells and whistles. Just, be prepared to do a LOT of customizing via a non touch UI if you're going to get the most out of it, and finding all the menus takes work. Protip: long hold the "up chevron" to get to a quick menu of various controls. So, if you're prepared to dig into menus, you'll find this watch can help you visualize and track your progress in 3 different ways.

Avoid this product at all costs. My parents bought me this watch for Christmas because I race in triathlons. The UI is extremely slow. When I press a button to move to a menu, it takes 3-4 seconds to respond.

My previous review of a Garmin product (620), I absolutaly destroyed it. It was the worst product I ever used. Simply put, a piece of junk, and swore I would never buy a Garmin product ever again.

After 4 months of regular use, Bluetooth failed and stopped connecting with my iPhone. I tried every procedure and reset. iPhone wouldn’t recognize the watch.

I love this watch. I had been debating between the Forerunner 235 and the Garmin Vivoactive HR when this was released. It has the best of both worlds.

It's the only nice smart watch I've found you can actually swim with. Unless you send your Apple watch, Samsung, or Fitbit in to be water proofed, you can't swim or shower with them. This watch also having GPS is seems pretty limitless.

I had a Fenix 3 that I really liked with the exception that it was a little bulky/heavy and that the exact time would drift slightly. I then tried the 920. I liked the fit, but the screen was a lot smaller than it looks like it should be and the screens/functionality are fairly limited. The 920 is a pure tri watch and I was looking for more everyday watch that could also serve as a backup to my cycling computer. The 735 is very light & comfortable. It has more functionality than the 920, but not as much as the Fenix. Overall I'm happy with this watch, but won't think twice about replacing it as the next cool thing comes out.

I purchased this product last fall. I have worn it most of the time since as my primary watch and fitness tracker. I have used it multiple times weekly to track running activities. Over the time that it worked it met my functional needs well and I would have rated it a 4 overall given some desirable features and display options are not provided by Garmin directly - they are available via 3rd party app.

I bought this watch to replace my apple watch, first gen two weeks ago. I wish I had bought it earlier. The 735XT does everything I need it to do and nothing more. Forget a touch screen. This side buttons on the 735XT are far more convenient and your not wiping the sweat off anytime you need to pause/stop a run/ride like I would with my apple watch. Great product. I see myself owning this watch for a long time.

95% of the time it works great. But after the last two updates it had some very irritating glitches for at least 24hours, where it didn't record any steps during a walk, and reset both the format and the time 14 hours ahead. As for recommending it; the 735XT is still better than a FitBit

I have had this watch for almost 18 months. I did have exchange it for a new one when the main power/start activity button stopped working. It has simple functionality but the GPS is certainly not very accurate when running in the forest or mountains and often is off by as much as a mile for even a shorter 8-10 mile run. I know this because I have several friends I run with that have more expensive Garmin's that seem to be more accurate.

Already had a garmin but the low price said upgrade now! The gps pickup is so fast and the battery life is great. My only negative is the directions on how to use the watch are very minimal, it's taken trial and error to try and get the most from the watch and I'm sure I'll find later that I'm only scratching the surface of it's capacity. The visuals on the watch face are much better and easier to read at a glance than my prior Garmin.

My 735XT started reading off, way off, after a few months of use. It would read accurately some of the time, which made it hard to determine that it was variably 20 - 30 bpm off at other times. You can, of course, use the 735 with a chest HRM, but be warned that the optical wrist HR can be 30 or more bpm off, so use data from this watch with caution. I used the high (and inaccurate) HR data for training, which has been a mistake.

I just bought it yesterday and am already thinking about returning it. It was fine when I first charged it and powered it on. But after I paired it with my phone and did a sync, both date and time went wrong. I called the customer support and he said my software is way too old that I need an update. (I just bought it!) Not only that, after the update, I need to go outside to start a run session so I can use GPS to get the correct date and time again. (That didn't work.) I'm very frustrated. It may have all the fancy training features, but I can't wear something that does not show correct time.

I have always used Garmin products for my swim bike run and hike adventures and originally was drawn to the design and features that this watch totes. However I have had to return 3 of these watches due to defects. I exchanged the first after less than a year of use due to the screen freezing and then going blank. I had no problems exchanging the item and will alway buy from REI due to the ease of exchange and that the fact that they honestly back their products. About 7 months later I unfortunately had the same issues with the screen on my second watch 2 hours after an easy, non traumatic swim in a pool. Again, the screen was frozen, this time on lit up stripes and would not reset. After another easy exchange with the sympathetic REI employee who lamented the loss of my swim data with me, I returned to the store again 3 months later with the 735XT after waking up from a nap to the death screen. Two stars because I truly loved this watch but for some reason this glitch has not been fixed and it has proved unreliable due to this defect.

Series of problems: first couldn't get Bluetooth to turn on so,could synchronize. Garmin advised to cycle power - did and worked. Problem continued but no longer can fix. Won't synch by using cable to computer either. Final straw today when could not turn stop watch on for run. No time, no trace, no record. Planning to return.

I liked the watch. But after two days of use, the sleep monitor stopped working(1). Spent 3-4 hours on internet research and with Garmin customer service. Nothing helped. What I found shocking is Garmin did acknowledge it as a known issue but did not have any timeline to get it fixed(2). To me it sounded like they did not really care. Also the quality of material (glass,strap etc.) does not really make the price tag of $350+ justifiable(3). I had return it for those 3 reasons. Hope they update these soon.

I bought this to track my workouts at the gym and mostly for when I go hiking. It works great and has been extremely accurate, simple enough to use. The battery life could be better is why the four stars.

Mine lasted about a year and a half and I used it frequently. My only complaint was that if I ran on the treadmill the distance was off by quite a bit from what the treadmill would say even though I set my height. Took a vacation to Hawaii and went in the pool (I had swam with it many times before!) and when I got out my screen went glitchy and then it completely died. I let it sit for a couple of weeks (maybe it needed to dry out?) and charged it. Now it turns on but the time is not updating, the activity button doesn’t work right. Since my issue stated after a swim I’m guessing it wasn’t waterproof which seems crazy! This is a triathlon watch! Also to only be able to use it a year and a half is frustrating!

I bought this in May of 2017 after my other brand watch battery failed to hold a charge for longer than 4 hours a day. Saw this on sale at REI and decided to give it a go. First few months were great, no problems. Almost a year later, the whole thing crashed. I tried to do one of the many software updates and it just crashed the whole system in my watch. It no longer displayed the correct date or time. Once I set it for a run and it connected to the GPS, it corrected the day, but not the time. I did this several times as I had read other reviews that said this would fix the issue, but it didn't. I took the first one back to REI and got an exchange for a new one. I haven't had any issues with this one yet. Here's hoping!

I received this watch for Christmas (after strongly hinting that I wanted it) and used it as a replacement for my Garmin 405 (which was on its last leg). So far I am very pleased with this watch. It is easy to switch between sports, it finds GPS quickly, it paired easily with my foot pod, speed/cadence sensor, heart rate monitors, Zero Runner and phone. It gives me all kinds of information I don't know how to use, but is cool to know, and a bunch of information that has been useful in training.

Great watch until it broke after about 1 yr and REI would not stand behind their product. Just buy it for cheaper on Amazon. You have no more protections for the higher prices here.

I started with a Fenix. That was too big and bulky for me to wear. While this watch does not have all the features as the Fenix it has more than enough to cover your training needs.

Replaced my old Garmin 405CX. The 735XT is lighter, thinner, easier to read, more comfortable (no more thick stiff band), offers easy band replacement (did that on 405, NOT easy), and syncs via smartphone without having to mess with ANT / USB connectivity hassles. The heart rate monitor is fantastic, I gave up on wearing the chest strap with my 405CX, now I have it on my wrist -- appears very accurate.

I was hesistant to spend this much money on a watch, but so far I've been really impressed. It's light weight and has battery life for 6 days. I like that it does all three sports and differentiates between indoor/outdoor activities. You get a ton of information about each workout through the app or your basic stats on the watch. The buttons took a few days to get used to, but no problem after that.

Never had a GPS/ HR watch before this, and blown away by data coming at me.

I purchased this watch last month, but so far, so good...I love this watch! I also love the Garmin Connect dashboard. I love the eco-system Garmin has created; from the accessories to the apps...awesome stuff! Side note; my wife uses the Garmin Forerunner 235, which has died twice...she's now on her third watch. Hopefully, the 735XT holds up in time...

I have been trying to decide - for a long time - on a watch to track my running activity. Finally purchased the Forerunner 735XT and I love it. It is easy to use, the right size (not too big or small) and tracks everything I need. Battery life is 7 days which means I recharge once a week.

I bought the 735XT to keep track of my daily workouts which currently include: running and biking. The step counter has been an add enjoyment! I love how the watch reminds me to move. The heart rate monitor and blue tooth have been a super treat. I love the watch!

The list of features implies that is tracks your pulse when swimming. It does not. You must purchase an additional strap, according to the manual.

The watch in general is great. Lightweight, functional, easy to use. Based on reviews some folks didn't like how the display wasn't as bright as advertised but it's plenty bright at night. It took a while but I finally got the chance to go swimming with it and it died a terrible, terrible death. Just contacted REI to see what the fix or replace options are.

I bought this watch about a month ago, and I absolutely love it! I previously used the Garmin 310XT, and this watch is a HUGE upgrade. It's lighter, quicker (to load GPS), and more advanced! I highly recommend it!

great watch, excellent for triathlon training especially swimming. I like the bike and run settings as well, only with there was a setting for HIIT, such as an Orange Theory Fitness workout. great battery life.

I bought this to replace my fr630 (didn't like the touch screen) and absolutely love it. The optical HR is great for training runs when you don't want to bother with a chest strap.

Everyday style- great for working Professional and serious athlete. This watch keeps me from growing soar with reminds me to move. When I cannpt hit the GPS, it keeps me honest paired with a foot pod and heart rate monitor it's easy to train on pace regardless of fast or slow treadmill. In addition, the cadence, height, side to side % foot time on the ground make me aware of staying balanced regardless of road camber. Overall, in my 15 yrs with Garmin products, it is my favorite.

Low battery life is the only con of this watch. Its super light and great for triathalon training or any of the 3 individually. Can be worn with almost anything and look spiffy.

Tons of great features, very light and comfortable and very customizable.

Good watch. Took it out for its first tri and was easy to use.

This watch has been great for triathlon training, but take the time to learn how to use it before you are recording workouts. There are many functions, and figuring them out during workouts has wrecked some of the recording. Still haven't quite mastered creating custom workouts, or how to consistently sync with the Training Peaks app. But the distance is very accurate, pairs nicely with garmin connect!

This watch accurately, from what I can tell, tracts swim bike & run. However the sleep stats are way off. I work night shift sometimes & it thought I was asleep. Also if you want super accurate HR you’ll need the chest straps. Happy sweating!

Just so you know, I'm a complainer. I just wanted to get that out in front, and let you know that I do think this is a good running watch. I don't know about triathlons because so far I have not subjected myself to one of those! My complaint about the watch is the accuracy. The trail I run on is under heavy deciduous tree cover. On days with cloud cover the GPS isn't great at knowing where I am so the pace on the watch can be off by as much as a minute per pile. Usually it isn't off by more than 30 sec per mile, but for me that is too much to be used as a pace setting guide. How do I know? There are mile post every 1/4 mile on the route I run, so I know exactly how I'm doing. On the flip side the overall distance is pretty good. I can use that to compute an overall pace for my run and that agrees well with the overall pace the watch shows me. Usually on an out and back (as opposed to a loop run) it shorts me a little bit on the distance, seemingly because it doesn't know exactly when I reversed directions. Still the overall distance is +/- 0.05 miles over five, seven, eight or thirteen miles so what am I complaining about? It's pretty close to the true distance. In the end I'm very happy I bought the watch because of the apps for tracking my runs, equipment, performance, records, heart rate etc. I bought it originally because I was tired of running long legs of relay races and not knowing how much further I had to go so that I could properly ration my water and energy. It's great for that, though I wish it could give me more energy! While I'm on that topic, I've had it for three months now, and the battery lasts about five to seven days with three long runs a week and a number of walks. It charges quickly (1/2 hr?) which I like.

This is the second time I am sending my Garmin back to be repaired. I can't seem to acquire a satellite in order to correctly tell the time! They were good about replacing it the first time but this time I have had to hound them for a response. NOT GOOD GARMIN.

This watch is working great! The only issue I've had, that makes it just shy of perfect, is it lost me for about 75 yards in the pool on one of my swims. It was also tricky to sync to iPhone at first, but the Garmin community boards helped me troubleshoot.

I had to return this watch. GPS accuracy while hiking is very poor. On windy trails in the trees or in remote areas, the elevation is very inaccurate. Syncing location with GPS takes forever. The performance is better in a wide open area.

This watch does everything I want it to recording my activities, swimming, biking, running. I have not accessed all the features yet but am very pleased with its performance and all the data it gives me about my workout on Garmin Connect.

In the wood we go for a mapped ten miles and this spits out 8.5 miles. It can't even hold the line on concrete under the open sky! Bummed I missed the chance to tak it back... I'll be pulling my old sunnto ambit2 out of retirement

This is a great product for tracking biking, running and swimming, not to mention monitoring all the things the Fit Bit does. Only better! This is the best fitness product to which I've been exposed.

Bought this last December and wear it everyday. Used the running program to train for a half marathon. This watch gave me all the details I needed to be more consistent with my workouts.

I received the watch about a month ago. I use it for biking, kayaking, and indoor training. It helps me to improve my fitness and having the GPS allows me to see where I have been.

Heart rate it reads is pretty accurate, it's an important tool in all triathlon trainings. It's lighter than Fenix 3, and I still get a lot of compliments about its looks.

Has a ton of features, but was unimpressed with the build quality- materials felt on the cheap side for the high price. The side charging was also awkward. Returned it.

Love to be able to track my run mechanics, and i love the ability to track SWOLF for my swims. Heart rate appears to be the most accurate of all wrist-based devices.

Such a fantastic tracker! Love how much I'm able to do with it. Having it shipped directly to my house was great too! Showed up way earlier than anticipated!

I am in love with it!!! I used to have a samsung watch but this one is way better. If you're into running or cycling this is definitely the watch for you

I purchased this watch in late 2017 after my old forerunner stopped working. I use it mainly for outdoor running and indoor lap swimming. Overall it works well, however it has some strange quirks. The clock, for example, keeps changing itself back to a 12 hour clock no matter how often I switch it to the 24 hour format. The heart rate monitor struggles at higher rates, sometimes getting stuck on 85 (it’ll just read 85 for an entire run). Sometimes it’ll show a varying heart rate while sitting on the counter top. When swimming, it doesn’t detect a lap unless I do a flip turn (and sometimes even then it doesn’t pick it up). After a couple of years it started having trouble connecting to my phone to update and refresh; I noticed that for the past few months unless I turn the watch off after every activity, it won’t sync with the app. Now it won’t connect at all; if the hard dock update with the computer and Garmin Express doesn’t work, I’ll have to replace it. This is incredibly disappointing because everything else on the watch works sufficiently well, and something as technologically basic as the Bluetooth would cause a $350 running watch to fail.

Purchased less than 2 months months ago. Completely nonfunctional. Don’t waste your money.

Has done everything I have wanted it to do. I sue it everyday and through every activity.

Makes Biking, Swimming, Running easier by being

This is a great watch for tracking everything from sleep to mountain bike trails

Does not track runs very well, will probably return. Not very happy

Great product

I love the watch. the look is great and it works great on all the sports. I have found that the heart rate is accurate and love not having to use a strap around. I use it every day for exercise and every day life. the swim function is good, the running works great. I like the interface with strava. The running function works great. My only complaint is the autostop function if I run trails. if I go slow it stops and does not count my time or distance. I have had to replace 2 times, I am on my third and dont want any other versions. but I am surprised that I have had to replace it that many times. all within the warranty period. the last issue was that it would start scrolling even when not in scroll mode until it used up the battery. My battery lasts at least 3 or 4 days. It charges very quickly. the computer interface works well, although some of my downloads have not worked well. some times it takes a bit to syn with the phone. but if I stop fussing it updates quickly. for people with glasses it is some times to see the screens with 4 functions. I also have a hard time setting y heart rate alerts. still working on getting those right given that in the bike or the run they are critical. I do not have any of the other elements for bike or additional heart rate monitor. but I dont want or need more. I really like it and depend on it.

I got one of these when they came out last summer

I'm not one usually to write reviews, but I have been so happy with this product and it's performance I had to tell the story. This is my 3rd Garmin watch over the years, and I have had this watch for ~2 years now. I bought this watch right after I ran my first half marathon. I had a 910xt at the time that I had used for a couple triathlons. I traveled a lot for work and it was always a struggle remembering to bring my watch along in my suitcase and make sure it was charged, or remembering to bring the charger. This watch came along and it was a watch... not just a fitness device that I put on right before a run or swim. It had the battery life to survive on my wrist all day in the office and then track my evening runs all week while I was out of town. And it had so much more - all the lifestyle tracking features, the pairing with my phone instead of the ANT device you used to have to use to upload your runs to Strava. Anyway, after 2 years of amazing everyday use, countless runs in winter snow and summer humidity, a climb up Mt Rainier and many other mountains and multiday backpacking trips, 5 more half marathons and even my first full marathon, it broke. I went for a swim a couple days after my marathon and it hadn't been in the pool for awhile and it started behaving strangely, vibrating and scrolling. What I really am happy about is Garmin's customer service. They replaced it at no charge, even though it is out of warranty. What a great company, and product! I am sold on Garmin for life.

I loved this watch for running! The heart rate seemed accurate, battery life was great, it was a decent size for everyday wear, it picked up a GPS signal pretty quickly,...



Can read my text messages and see incoming phone calls on this watch?

Yes, this watch alerts you to incoming text messages and phone calls when paired with your smartphone.


How do you charge it? My watch did not include any device to hook it up to anythingm

The watch should come with a USB charging clip. Please give us a call 1-800-426-4840 if yours did not.


I got the Garmin Instinct at the end of December but have not been overly thrilled with it. I was debating returning it and trying out this watch. Anyone have experience with both watches and have a preference? 

​The 735XT is designed for triathlons with a multisport mode. It also includes features like running dynamics, VO2 max estimation, and is power meter capable for cycling.


How big is the watch face?

​The face diameter is 1.23"/31.1mm.


I have a very small wrist (5.5 inches/14.25 mm). Will this watch be too big?

Good question! This watch will fit a wrist ranging from approximately 5 - 9.25 inches and features a bezel of 1.23 inches.​


If you set the stop watch and don't use it for a while, will it revert to the home screen? I have a vivoactive HR and it will revert to the home screen after a while, and then I have to scroll back to get the stopwatch again. Thanks.

​The watch will stay on the stop watch screen until another action is taken.


Does this watch allow the user to program custom pace intervals? Like if I want to run 2 miles between 10:00-10:30 minutes/mile, then 5 miles between 9:00-9:30, and so on?

​The watch allows you to program the pace of each interval for customized training.


Does it have an always-on watch face like the Fenix?

​Yes, the Forerunner 735XT also has an always on watch face.


Does the 735xt really measure open water swims? Many watche say the do however, only good for pool swim.

The 735XT is a tri-athlete watch designed for open-water swimming. However, open water swimming can have choppy results with any GPS device and is very dependent on how you swim. The 735XT produces its most accurate results with the Glonass turned on.


Does this watch include Rowing as one of the activities or would it be considered “other?”

​Yes, rowing is one of the activities for this watch.

Hiking 543

Is this watch a good choice for hiking or would another style work better. 

​You can wear this watch for hiking, but there might be other watches that offer more specific features for hiking that may interest you. Please call us at 800 426-4840 for additional help.


What Garmin watches can I download a cycling course to and have it track progress against the course including if I am off course?

This watch will allow you to track against downloaded cycling courses. For information on other watches that allow this, please contact us directly at (800) 426-4840.


Will the Forerunner 735XT communicate with the Garmin Oregon 600?

The only information the devices can communicate with each other are way points and track logs.


Will this pair with the heart rate strap from a Garmin forerunner 15?

The chest strap included with the Garmin Forerunner 15 GPS Watch is compatible with this watch.


My wife is looking for a watch that will allow family members to watch/track her live on long distance runs. Will this watch work for live tracking? If not, do you know what one will?

This watch features Garmin's LiveTrack, which allows friends and family to track your activities in real time.


Does the 735xt offer the lap by location feature? If not which ones still do? Looking for a watch to use as an everyday smart watch, fitness tracker for HIIT bootcamp cross training and to also log lap times at the motocross track on my dirtbike.

This watch does not have a lap by location feature, per se, but you can program it to count laps each time you reach a set distance. If you know the distance of a single lap at the motocross track, you can set that as the lap distance.



No, the 735XT does not have the golf features that the 935 has.


Do I need to have my phone with mei order to use the god

You do not need your phone to operate this watch. Data such as heart rate, speed and distance can be viewed directly on the watch.


Does this watch come with a charger?

​This watch does include a charging/data clip.

Big Al

Is the 735 display brighter than the 235. I found the 235 to be very hard to read in the sun with sunglasses on and the brightness is not adjustable

The Forerunner 235 and 735XT have the same brightness and screen resolution. The brightness is not adjustable on the 235 or 735XT.


I'm wanting to track my mileage, route, and elevation change while hiking. Would the Forerunner 735XT, the Fenix 5 or Fenix 5S be better for that purpose?

​All three models have the ability to track elevation using altimeters. If your primary use is hiking, we recommend going with the Fenix 5 series. These watches use a barometric pressure based altimeter which has been known to be more accurate and reliable compared to the satellite based altimeter on the Forerunner 735XT.


Is there a map view on this model? I had a Forerunner 305 from way back that had a nice little map to help navigate explorations.

​No, this watch does not show maps.

Pat BC

I would be buying this for someone who does mountain biking and road cycling -do you think it is a wise choice?

​This watch is a great choice for both road and mountain biking. The watch does have cycling specific features. Additional information can be calculated using sensors (sold separately).


I'd like to purchase a watch for my husband. He is on a competitive rowing team. Which watch would be best for him? 

​ This watch has many features that might be useful for rowing.


i have a 920xt and went out and got the HR-monitor chest-strap meant for it from Garmin. Does this chest strap HR-monitor work (pair and function) properly with the 735xt?

​Yes, the HR chest strap will pair with the 735XT through the ANT+ like the 935.


Are the straps interchangeable? Thanks

​Yes, additional watch bands can be ordered directly from Garmin's website.


How do I get the move alert to stay turned off? I've had it for just over a week and three days in the move alert began resetting itself.

​To turn off the Move Alert, you will need to go into the Activity Tracking Settings of the watch and then turn off the Move Alert; you can also turn off the vibrations or audible beeps by adjusting in the Device Sounds Settings.

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Do you need the bike accessories to track your ride or can you do that with the wAtch alone.

This watch does measure some cycling data like distance, but you can purchase additional sensors and accessories to gather even more data:


I just received my 735XT in the mail yesterday. This morning I opened up the brand new package and plugged the watch in to charge. It's been charging for the last 6 hours and is completely unresponsive. Am I missing something?

​Please contact us directly at 1-800-426-4840 to discuss your watch.


What sports does this track? Specifically does it track golf, skiing?

This watch has activity profiles for running (indoor/outdoor), cycling (indoor/outdoor), swimming (pool/open water), cross-country skiing, paddle sports, trail running, hiking and strength training.


is this watch compatible with separately available heart rate chest straps? can it do wrist heart rate most of the time and switch to strap heart rate? which straps does it work with? I need one for the pool. thanks!

This watch is compatible with ANT+ heart rate monitor straps. It is possible to alternate between the wrist based monitor and the chest strap. If you are looking to monitor your beats per minute while swimming, the Garmin HRM Swim or Tri chest straps are the only option.


What is the difference between the 235 and 735. I just need one for running 

​The Forerunner 735XT is compatible with the new line of HRM-Swim and Tri chest straps. The 735 has a longer lasting battery, a compass, more storage for activity data, Virtual Partner and Racer features, more in depth heart rate data, more in depth running data, point-to-point navigation and cycling and swimming specific features.


Does this watch transtion from one activity to another easily, like a one button push?

​This watch has a multisport feature which lets you switch sports with just a one button press.


Does it siync with iPhone?  Will it vibrate with incoming calls?

​This watch can be connected to an iPhone. You are also able to get incoming notifications (texts, calls and e-mails).


How does the battery work, you have to buy a new one every few days? Or does it recharge from a cable? How easy is it to replace the battery and how likely is opening up the watch to ruin the water-proofness? How much does the entire watch weigh?

​This watch has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery charges with the USB cord which is included. We recommend contacting Garmin directly with questions about battery replacement.


Does the Forerunner 735XT Heart Rate Monitor Watch require the separate heart rate strap to determine stride length and other running metrics? I'm trying to figure out just how needed the separate heart rate strap seems to have better HR results?

The heart rate monitor chest strap provides more precise information and is required for stride length and other running metrics.


how does the unit perform for capturing accurate elevation while cycling? I often use a running watch as a backup for the Garmin 510 while cycling and find the sampling rate isn't sufficient for cycling speed.

The GPS-based altimeter has been reviewed as fairly accurate. The watch is both WAAS and GLONASS which assists in increasing the number of satellites available.


Can this be plugged into a computer to download data to Garmin Connect/Strava or is it a smart device only product? 

This watch can be hooked up to a computer to download/view additional data.


Does the forerunner 235 heart rate chest strap work with the 735xt

Yes, the heart rate monitors are interchangeable.


Can this watch display the current altitude wherever you are, e.g., when hiking in the mountains?

This watch has a satellite based altimeter. As long as you have a clear line of sight between the watch and the sky, you can view your elevation anywhere in the world.


Does the 735 sync directly with Apple's Health Kit (I.e. For step, calorie and activity tracking)?

​The Garmin Forerunner 735XT Heart Rate Monitor Watch syncs with the Garmin Connect app on your phone. This information can be displayed in the Apple's Health Kit.


Does this watch have a temp reader? I'm looking for a watch that does that, also a good one for backpacking the AT with. 

This watch can record ambient temperatures with the Garmin tempe sensor, which is sold separately here:

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I am primarily a xc skier, both classic and skate, does this watch have built in specific xc skiing tracking?

While this watch does not have a dedicated ski feature, you will still be able to use it to gather performance data such as heart rate, distance and speed.


Does this watch work for tracking elevation gains/loss and speed when road cycling?

This watch has a satellite-based altimeter for tracking elevation. Also, you can measure speed with the addition of the Garmin Speed Sensor (purchased separately) using the following link:


Looking at replacing the 910XT with the 735XT or the Fenix 3hr. We have recently added in Kayak and hiking to our activities but only competitive in Tri's. Thoughts? I understand the fenix is a little more bulky and heavier.

For more clarification and comparison information regarding the Garmin Forerunner 735XT, please give us a call at 1-800-426-4840.


Does this or any other Garmin besides the fenix 3hr haver a sapphire crystal?

The Forerunner 735XT does not have a sapphire lens. As of December 2016, the Fenix is the only watch model from Garmin that has a sapphire lens.


I use the Stava app on my android and I phone when I ride. Is this watch going to be compatable with my phones and does this watch transfer heart rate data to the Strava app on my phones?

The Forerunner 735XT will pair with your phone and does transmit heart rate data to the Strava app.


Does this watch have a lap timer or stop watch? I'm looking for a gift, and one of the requests was a lap timer.

This watch has both a lap timer and stopwatch.


Do you have to wear a chest strap for the swim feature? Will the HR work in water with out a chest strap? Is this touchscreen?

To get a heart rate reading in the water, the Garmin HRM-swim or HRM-tri monitor is needed.


One of the reviewers says the watch does not have an altimeter, but you list an altimeter in the specs. Who is right?

The specs say "satellite based altimeter". That means it uses GPS to calculate altitude, unlike the Garmin Fenix 3 or FR920XT, which both include a barometer that uses air pressure to determine altitude. They also both have a magnetic compass, which the 735xt lacks. Those are the two primary feature differences between this watch and the Fenix 3 HR. Supposedly the GPS-based altimeter and compass on the 735xt are fairly accurate in their own right, but be aware you don't get the dedicated components like you do in the Fenix. The tradeoff is you get a way smaller form factor in the 735xt, and half the weight of the Fenix 3 HR, but you lose the magnetic compass, barometer, and some battery life.


For the bike, does this Garmin sync with the Trek for cadence? Other bike functions? Thanks!

The Forerunner 735XT is compatible with ANT+ Power Meters, ANT+ Heart Rate Straps, ANT+ Speed/Cadence sensors, Speed-only sensors, and Cadence-only sensors, ANT+ Bike lights (i.e. Varia lights), ANT+ Remote displays (i.e. Varia Vision Heads Up Display), Garmin Varia Radar and Shimano Di2 Electronic Shifting. The watch is not compatible with any Bluetooth Smart sensors.


Does this watch have a quick release option like the 920xt and the fenix?

​The Forerunner 735XT does not have a quick-release option.


I currently have a Suunto T4D and I'm wondering if this will be a good replacement? I mainly use the suunto for the training effect so i'm not sure if the suffer score is equivalent to that or not. In what ways is it similar or different. Thanks!

Suffer Score is a kind of analysis of your heart rate monitor data from Strava that is included on the Forerunner 735XT Heart Rate Monitor Watch​. It is not a training program and it does not provide suggested workouts like Training Effect.


Does the GPS work in open water like the 920xt?

The Forerunner 735XT GPS will function in the open water.

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