Wild Zora - Original Meat & Veggie Bar

Category: Camp Kitchen

I purchased the Mediterranean Lamb and Apple Pork Meat and Veggie Bars - both of which are safe for people on the Autoimmune Protocol. They're delicious. I bought them as a safe source of protein to put in our getting-ready-for-hurricane-season box. They're so good, I polished them off and had to buy another set before we've even had the first storm of the season!

I could not taste any lamb flavor at all. I think less processing might help the flavors of all the ingredients to come through. It didn’t taste bad but I could tell what the meat was.

Less salty and easier to digest than jerky, thanks to the veggies. Really tasty, the flavors are balanced and has no artificial aftertaste. The serving is small, you will eat the whole thing at once, which is a plus for me - I don't like the leftovers on a hike. As the bar contains organic meat, I feel the price is fair.

Jerky products tend to be hard to chew. This has a much softer texture and is delicious to boot. I love these!

Very good flavor. The only thing I did not like was it is a very small portion.

My dog love these. I buy them as a special treat when we go bavkpscking

I have only had the BBQ Beef flavor but I loved it, and plan on trying out the others. The flavor is strongest on the spices, and they blend well with the meat and veggies that are mixed in. The only flavor that really stands out to me of all the ingredients is the chipotle, only because of its smokiness, which is a nice relief from so many BBQ flavored products where the tomato flavor is all you can taste.


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