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This is the first bike I've purchased for me since childhood. It replaces one that I had been riding to try to get in shape that belonged to one of my children. If has been great! I think for my needs it might last a lifetime. Current age 67. Greg

I love this bike. I've already put over 200 miles on it. Prior to this I rode a cannondale r400 road bike. The gearing feels really great and it's too much of a jump between gears like on my road bike. It's super comfortable and I feel a lot more confident on it than my road bike.

I got this for commuting and it works great, super comfortable and it looks great. Been having problems getting attachments that work well such as fenders and kickstands. Staff have been great in making it right but has been a bit of a pain going back and forth to exchange things.

This is my second CTY 2.1. I turned the first one over to a friend after touring for a while. REI store bike service was great ... always willing to have a look or do a quick tuneup. Can't wait for stores to open again!

Only have about 20 miles seat time, but very happy with bike. 57 years old and havnt ridden in many years. Recommend the riser for handle bars.

This is a great bike. It’s so much fun. I take the trail into the city often. I’m going to make a couple mods to fit my needs and this bike is fit for that. The saddle is comfortable. My downside is the frame only fits a smaller Ulock that compromises the ability to lock my front wheel up to the frame. Good for wheelies. Great hybrid.

Solid bike for the money and for what it's intended for (mostly urban ridng with the occasional light off-roading). Great parts and well built. I have a Ghost bike that I purchased for REI and loved, but I wanted the CTY 2.1 for my wife as she uses it to pull the InStep baby/toddler stroller. I recommend getting a kickstand from Amazon for this bike, especially if you plan on pulling a trailer. We first looked at the CTY 1.1, but liked the fact that the 2.1 had front suspension shocks. "Buy Once - Cry Once!"

Comfortable ride on road and trail.shifts gears easily, handles hills. A great bike.

I’ve had this bike for a month. I use it for my short commute to work everyday. It is perfect for the mix of potholed streets and gravel trail on the way to work. I’ve taken a couple of longer rides with it also and it was comfortable and responsive. Really like the feature to lock the shock when not needing the suspension. Makes it a little more responsive leaving stops, etc.

The bike came in the mail yesterday with scratches all over the frame... I don’t know about you, but when I buy something new, I expect it to look that way when it arrives.



Can you go any "meatier" or "aggressive" with the tires for this bike? Aside of what comes on it was curious for a little tougher trail tire...

Even with enough clearance, the tire's fit to the rim can depend on the tire manufacturer. However, this bike can accept a tire up to 45mm wide (about 1.75 inches wide), or a knobbier tire in a 42 or 43mm size.


What size tube is appropriate for this bike?

The 700 x 35-43, Schrader is the best tube size for this tire and rim.


Are there any locations still stocking the size L and/or will any more size L be available this season?

​As of July 2019, we have some of the eclipse blue in stores but don't expect anymore online in the near future. Please call us at 800-426-4840 for help finding this bike in a store near you.


What is the maximum rider weight that is recommended for this bike? 

This bike has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.


Any further word on upcoming XL size availability? I'm 6'3", and don't require the upgrade to the 2.2 bike. (Also, I like this color better.)

As of July 2019, this XL in the Eclipse Blue is still available in for purchase in a few REI store locations, and we do not have plans to replenish our stock. Please call us at 1-800-426-4840 for more details.


I just bought this bike a few weeks ago and it was Tektro brakes. But this site states that it should have Shimano brakes, did i get an old or incorrect model?

​The current model of this bike does have Tektro brakes. Thanks for bringing this information to our attention! We'll update the info on the site as soon as possible.


What is the maximum tire size you can install on this bike? 

This bike can accommodate a tire up to 45 mm.


What is the max width of fenders I can install? 

The SKS P50 Chromoplastic Longboard Fender Set is a good choice for this bike. Keep in mind, it may require some alterations to get a proper fit on the fork. Stop by the bike shop at your local REI if you need a hand installing them.


What kickstand and fenders work for this bike

The SKS P50 Chromoplastic Longboard Fender Set is a good choice for this bike. Keep in mind, it may require some alterations to get a proper fit on the fork. Stop by the bike shop at your local REI if you need a hand installing them.


How capable is this bike on mountain bike trails? I live in Michigan and would love a bike that can transition smoothly from commuting to work to weekend warrior in training.

As a hybrid bike, this is a great choice for work commuting and weekend trail riding. This bike has a front suspension to provide a more comfortable ride on the trails but also features a lockout to ride smooth and efficient on your work commutes.


Are there any plans to stock this bike in an XL size? I don't even show it as a listed size for this particular bike. Looking to pick up a new bike, so hopefully it'll happen soon!

As of May 2019, we don't have plans to carry the XL size in the near future.


Did this product recently change? I bought one of these bikes in store and it has Tektro brakes on it. Reason I am asking is that the rear brakes "stopping" power is falling behind the front brakes and I would like to know if it is the cable or the pads.

This bike has not changed components. The older model of the CTY 2.2 featured Tektro brakes and could be the bike you have. We recommend visiting your local REI store and speaking with a bike technician to help troubleshoot the issues you are experiencing with the brakes.


I am 6'2" height but don't see XL size for this bicycle. Does it mean I have no chance to get this model for myself?

​We are expecting more stock in the XL size later this spring, 2019.


Hi, are there any recommended fenders for this bike?

The SKS P50 Chromoplastic Longboard Fender Set is a good choice for this bike. Keep in mind, it may require some alterations to get a proper fit on the fork. Stop by the bike shop at your local REI if you need a hand installing them.


What is the diameter of the seatpost for this bike? I need to buy a new one as mine was stolen, and I can't find this information anywhere online. Thanks in advance!

The seat post on this bike has a 30.9mm diameter. The length of the seat post varies by the size of the bike. Stop by your local REI if you need a hand finding a good replacement.

Woodsman Rick

Is there an owner's Manual for the bike. I just purchased this bike as a returned item and would like to find the literature that came with it.

Please call us at 800-426-4840 and we can email you a copy of our Co-op Cycles manual.


Does this bike have a quick release front tire?

​The front fork uses traditional dropouts; the bike is built with a bolt on style skewer that works with a 5 mm hex wrench.


what is the recommended rear rack and kickstand for this bike?

This bike works great with the Topeak Explorer MTX Tubular Rack with Disc Mounts.


I was told this bike is manufactured by Giant Bicycles for REI. True?

Our bikes frames are manufactured by our own contracted factories.


Has anyone found an appropriate kickstand for this model? The greenfield kickstand that REI carries with the top plate doesn't work because the derailleur gets in the way. 

As of July 2018, we do not carry a kickstand that is the correct length for this bike. You will want to select an axle mounted kickstand since the top plate style will not fit behind the bike's bottom bracket.


What is the right pressure for my tires ?

​The stock tires on this bike are designed for 50-85 psi.


Do you know when this bike will be back in stock, specifically in a large?

​As of May 2018, we are out of stock of this item online and do not know when it will become available again.


Is there a size XL for the CTY 2.1?

As of May 2018, we are out of stock of the XL and do not know when it will become available again.


Which tube size for these tires? I'm looking at but not sure which size to get? I think the 35-43 because tube width is 40mm?

​Correct, the 700 x 35-43 is the best tube size for this tire and rim.


Does this bike come in XL? I didn't see that size on your website

​As of April 2018, this bike is available in size XL at some REI retail stores.


I really want it in black! Is there any way I can get one online?

​As of April 2018, we do not stock black. All available colors are on our website.


How does this bike do off paved road. Still flat but dirt and gravel?

​This bike has front suspension and 700c x 40mm tires making it a great choice for riding on loose gravel trails.


Would this bike handle fenders, a paniers rack, and towing a kids trailer, all at the same time? Thanks.

This bike should be able to accommodate fenders, a rack, panniers and a kid's trailer all at the same time. The maximum weight capacity for the bike is 250 pounds. A trailer that attaches to the axle of the bike is the best choice.


Has this bike been discontinued or will it be in stock again at some point?

​More are expected to be available late summer 2017.


Has this bike, as well as the women's version, been discontinued?

The CTY 2.1's have not been discontinued. We will have more of these bikes in fall 2017.


Does the bike not come with a kick stand? Bought it today and noticed when I got it home

​This bike does not include a kickstand.


Can I install a dropper post on this bike?

​This can accept an externally routed dropper post, but not an internally routed post.


What is the length of this bike, with tires on? What is the height of this bike from ground to handles?

This CTY bike with the medium bike frame is 70 inches long and 44 inches from the top of the handlebars to the floor.


What is the weight limit of this bike?

​The weight limit for the rider and gear is 250 lbs. for our adult Co-op Cycles bikes.


I was in the store today and the salesperson said this model did not have hydraulic brakes, was a steel frame and had 3 X 7 gears. Was he incorrect or did the specs change?

​This bike has an aluminum frame, Shimano hydraulic brakes and a 3 x 8 Shimano drivetrain.


What would be appropriate fenders for commuting in wet Seattle and 15 miles on the Burke?

Any road bike fender of the appropriate size will work for this bike.


Does this bike fall into the category of a Hybrid bike?

​A hybrid bike is a an accurate description for this bike.


Would this bike be good for light gravel and dirt road trails? I'm looking for something for paved roads and some trail riding, not hard mountain trails.

​This bike will be a great choice for commuting on surfaces from paved roads to light gravel and dirt roads because of the shock absorbing fork, front suspension, and Kenda Kick-back tires.

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