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This is the first time I have spent significant money on a bike and it has been 100% worth it. The hydraulic brakes make me feel safer while navigating the terrible city drivers, the suspension makes the ride smoother when hitting rough roads, and the tire size is perfect middle road to make me feel confident when taking on a rough patch of the streets. It's light enough weight that I can pick it up easily. Absolutely no complaints and great bang for the buck.

I primarily bought this bike for commuting in New York City, particularly to areas that are public transportation deserts, as well as, weekend recreational cycling. Overall, it rides well. Good on the varied terrain of Brooklyn and Manhattan streets, and bridges - cobblestones, potholes, grates, manhole covers and slatted wood "boardwalks" and bridges. The gear shifting is smooth so I don't loose stride on the uphills or downhills.

A great improvement over old beach cruiser with only seven speeds. Very nice so far.

After trying out several bicycles at the REI store, I am glad I found this one! Everything about is great. I got the medium sized women’s bicycle and it is just right (I’m 5’3”). The shifting is so smooth - great on hills. I ride paved bicycle paths and really like this bike. No problem keeping up with my husband!

Rides great, seat is comfy but not as cushioned as a cruiser bike. Gears change easily.



Does this bike have a manual I can download? I purchased this bike a few months ago at one of the stores and am looking for explanations of features and instructions on how to remove the wheels, etc. The store is too far away to go ask in person. Thanks

Unfortunately, we don’t have specific manual for this bike. However, we have numerous Expert Advice articles on general bike maintenance that are very helpful and can be accessed by opening the following link:


I’d like to switch the seat for something more comfortable. What seats are compatible

You can use any modern saddle that has a mounting bracket designed for seat posts with a 30.9mm diameter.


Can you swap out the tires for more 'mountain bike' like ones?

Yes, you can change out the tires for a model with a deeper lug pattern so long as the new tire has the same dimensions.


What brand rear rack will fit this bike? It has a steep rear top bar. I tried an Ibera Touring carrier plus and the front attachment arms are too short.

The Topeak Explorer MTX Tubular Rack with Disc Mounts is a good choice for this bike.


I’d like to have this bike delivered to me. Does it come put together?

Bikes do arrive assembled except for the pedals and handlebars.


What does step through mean?

Step through means the top tube of the frame slopes down more toward the seat tube to make it easier to mount the saddle.


I want to replace the quick release seatpost clamp with a bolt on style. What size would I need?

​This bike has a 30.9 X 300 mm seat post.


I just purchased this bike. Is there a particular rear bike rack that works well with it? Thanks in advance.

This bike has rack mounts that will work with most rear bike racks:


I need a kickstand that works for this, greenfield doesn't. My bike is less than a week old and hate to have to return because of this. Please tell me the exact kickstand that fits. Thanks.

​As of September 2018, the two Greenfield kickstands that we carry are compatible with this bike. However, the kickstands do not include the hardware required for installation on this bike. We recommend visiting a bike tech at your local REI for help installing your kickstand.


I bought a CTY 2.1 for my wife. I want to install fenders but I see no front eyelets. The bike's description says it accommodates a rear fender. Does it not accommodate a front fender as well? Also since the tires are 40mm, what fenders do you recommend?

​The SKS P50 Chromoplastic Longboard Fender Set is compatible with this bike. However, installing the front fender requires some modification. We recommend bringing your bike into your local REI for help installing the fenders.


Which derailleur hanger replacement fits this bike?

​Derailleur hanger #38 is compatible with this bike.


Does this bike come with a kick stand or does one have to be installed after?

No, this bike does not feature a kickstand. You can locate kickstands here:

Sportswriter dude

Will this bike accomodate fenders and pannier?

This bike can accommodate fenders and a rear rack.


We have a Burley trailer we are trying to attach but because of the hydraulic breaks it won’t fit. Is there a particular adapter we need? 

​The Burley hitch will work on bikes with disc brakes. Please visit your local REI or contact Burley directly for assistance with installing your trailer.


Does the bike come with pedals

​This bike comes with platform pedals.


Is this bike compatible with the Yepp Mini?  What about the Yepp Mini Nexxt?

The Thule Yepp Mini is compatible with this bike, however th Yepp Nexxt Mini is not.


Any plans for this bike to be made in a size L? 

​As of November 2017, we do not have plans for size large. All available sizes are on our website.


Does this bike accommodate a trailer?

​This bike fits most bike trailers.


What size would work best for someone who is 5'3'' and who has short legs: S or XS?


Does this bike comes in extra small size? I am very short. Only about 4'11". It's really hard for me to find a bike that fits. 

We do make this bike in an XS frame size. More are expected later fall 2017.


The XS frame doesn't accommodate a water bottle holder without an adapter; does the S frame have the pre-drilled holes for a water bottle holder?

The small frame size has braze-on mounting points for a water bottle cage located on the downtube


How well would the bike perform on non-paved roads (ie. country gravel road)?

Thanks to the front suspension and 700c x 40mm tires, this bike is a great choice for riding on gravel trails and roads.


Weight limit for these city 2.1 W bikes?

​This bike has a 250 pound weight capacity.


Which way does the lockout for the shocks turn? Is it locked when the dial is to the right?

The lockout for the shocks is locked when it is fully twisted clockwise and is labeled on the lockout.


Just curious how difficult this is to put together if shipped...does it require puting it together from the ground up or does it come in larger pieces? 

The bike is mostly assembled and requires minimal assembly if you have it delivered to your home. It is not particularly difficult.


My daughter rides to work everyday and is looking for a good city bike with fenders to stay a bit drier when it rains. What are her options at REI?

This bike is a great choice for what your daughter is looking for. You can add fenders to it for commuting. Those can be found here:


I'm taller than 5'9" so are these new bikes available in LARGE for taller women? If not, what other bikes do you sell that might work?

Unfortunately, this bike is not available in a size large. You may want to consider the GHOST Square Cross 3 Step-Thru Women's Bike instead:

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