YETI - Rambler 30 fl. oz. Tumbler Handle

Category: Camp Kitchen

Both my wife and I very much like our Yeti 30 oz tumblers, but she wished hers had a handle. Now it does.

This handle makes all the difference when using the tumbler.

While not perfect, and it is expensive for what it is, it does the job adequately enough. And for the 30 oz Rambler, it really is a necessity; the diameter is just too large to hold by hand without it on a regular basis, and the insulation on the tumbler is so good, that outside, even with hot coffee or tea inside, the outside steel will be about as cold as air temperature and thus your hands even with a glove, will get cold, so the handle makes holding it okay. For long periods of time, no, but short periods like a coffee break, comfortable enough. The edges could have been made a little more rounded over, and just the tiniest bit of softness on the grip would go a long way, but it will do until they come out with a better design for the overpriced $10. C'mon, Yeti! Put a bit more of your profits into some better design research, please! Cheers!


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