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I bought these shoes and tried them about 2-3 weeks in the gyms going at least 3 times a week if not more and they just where not what I expected from a $130+ pair of shoes they did everything just ok it did not smear well it didn't stick to foot holds that well I ended up having to compensate a lot in my climbing to make up for these shoes because of the slips. This would be an amazing beginner shoe if it weren't so expensive.

I've been climbing for nearly 4 years now, and this shoe is my 5th pair in that amount of time. They've held together way better than everything else I've worn* - I tend to develop holes in the front at the big toe, and in some pairs the sole starts to separate from the bottom at the front. These have shown zero signs of any of that wear, and I've been using them for 4 months now.

Gym climbed several times. So much more comfortable than my aggressive shoe and really stick. Highly recommend for casual to semi difficult climbing.

This solves the problem of how to find a shoe that is tight enough to be effective but still comfy enough to enjoy. Great shoe to beat up at the gym. Slips on & off easily with Velcro and rear straps. Careful not to leave it in the heat of your car, though. It'll shrink on you a little.

I do love Scarpa. These are honestly one of the most comfy pair of climbing shoes I've worn. Lots of padding around the heel/ankle. Which is partially what I was looking for, an easy, comfy, lazy pair of climbing shoes I could slip on and off at the crag or gym without untying laces. But unfortunately the comfort doesn't make up for performance issues. The main bottom sole is as good as most other shoes, however if you look at it, it's a pretty slim section covered with the good grippy rubber compared to others. The black rubber at the parts around the top of the toes and sides seem like they aren't even climbing grade. And the parts of orange rubber. Ugh. It's so slippery. The orange goes down into the arch of the foot which is actually used occasionally. Not very well thought out. Other great shoes have the climbing rubber all over that area. Also not sure if this is the reason, but it seemed like the synthetic material at the toe box made this shoe overheat very quick in the sun.. This shoe might be a good pair for a beginner at indoor climbing. But, I'll be returning these for another pair! Maybe the Scarpa Vapor V..

These shoes were good for the first few months but ended up stretching really far out with a lot of use. They became way too loose around the toes and made it really hard to climb on smaller foot holds. I wouldn't recommend it.

I started climbing in a pair of Scarpa Origins that were an excellent beginner shoe but oddly stretched out and became really sloppy. REI had a sale and figuring that I liked the initial fit and feel of the Origins, I went in and snagged a pair of these. First and foremost, fit and feel is very comfortable. The heel hold well, mid foot is comfortable, and the toe box is snug without being a toe torture chamber. The velcro straps are wide and secure easily. With this in mind, the performance isn't 100%. The shoes perform well on straight forward routes, but on more technical moves and edges where being precise matters, they felt less than what I was looking for. I have since upgraded to a pair of Evolv Supras, fantastic for edges and precision work, and I currently use these as my outdoors shoes for long days at the crag. Overall, they're comfortable shoes that a beginner would definitely benefit from and they are great for long days and long climbs were being comfortable matters. If you're looking for something super aggressive or high performance, consider otherwise.

These are my first climbing shoes. I have climbed both in the gym and outside in them a lot. Thet are a good first shoe, but they do slip. Good for edging but not great for toe holds.

Very comfortable shoes. A little too soft for me and a little too comfortable. I was looking for a stiff, precise edging, flat-lasted shoe, and thus didn’t quite fit the bill.

I am a new outdoor climber. These shoes have been great so far. They were the only pair at my local REI that did NOT painfully dig into my Achilles tendon.

These are some great climbing shoes, did stretch out a little after about 5 sessions like planned. Definitely a well worth it upgrade from my old pair

Bottom line: these choose turned a painful joy into an effortless passion for our child. REI staff werr first rate in advice.

Very comfortable fit. Possibly a good beginner shoe but too slippery for any intermediate to advanced routes/problems.

I have trouble finding climbing shoes that are tolerable for wide feet. These fit the bill perfectly!

Probably on top rope. Bouldering it was worse than tennis shoes, comfy fit but no grip to speak of

I am a 5’9”, 145 lbs woman and my street shoe is size 9.5-10 (7.5-8 in men’s). I first tried the women’s Trantulaces La Sportiva and I wasn’t crazy about them. I returned them and bought these shoes instead. I am so glad I did. The problem I have with women’s shoes, is the toe box and heel are too narrow. It causes blisters on weird spots on my feet and it sucks. Men’s shoes in general are wider, plus they come in better color choices anyway, so no complaints.

These are good. These are good. I mean, really good.

Bought these as a replacement for my Scarpa's origin wich i sized too small and were breaking my feets after a few boulder. I've been climbing for 2 months and even though I would of wear of my origin before buying other shoes I had no choice but to get new shoes. I bought these mostly because they didn't had my size in more agressive shoes. I don't regret my choice, these are some of the comfiest thing you can climb in. Coming from the origin thick 5 mm not so sticky rubber theses grip like champs. I feel comfortable on edges but I get much more sensitivity than the origins. The downsize is that theses aren't agressive at all and wouldn't be a great choice for anything steep but I would recommend these as beginner or flat intermediate shoes. If you're looking for a flat, really comfy shoe with decent sensitivity these are a great choice, I'm eager to keep learning and progress in those but I would like something stiffer for super small edging jobs and would choose something lot more downturned and agressive for overhangs.


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