Scarpa - Origin Climbing Shoes - Women's

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I would say at first they hurt. After breaking them in they fit pretty well and they were comfortable. The only problem for me is that they aren't that sticky. But that's a beginner shoe for you! My friend helped me pick these out. As a beginner there is no need for them to be too tight but just right. The shoe slightly stretched after they broken in and that's when it stopped hurting.

I bought these a little over a month ago when they were on sale and have been loving them! I've seen several more experienced climbers wearing the same shoes, and I noticed that the price is much better at REI than at two local climbing gyms that had the same pair. So far, so good for me.

I've worn rentals before but I bought this shoes less than a year ago and they're great! I can Crack climb with them, I've gone outside and they've been amazing! Needles to say I love them and I'm one of those lazy people who hate tying shoes so the velcro is nice in that sense.

My first pair of climbing shoes and I've used them at gyms and outside and they were great. I like the Velcro straps because it makes it easy to put on and take off and I love the color as well! They're pretty comfy for climbing shoes and I would recommend them!

Really great shoe for those new at climbing. When I purchased the shoe it was very snug and it well. Took about 3 days at the gym to break in fully, now they run a little large but are still good for climbing and have good grip.

This shoe is a great buy- easy to break in, versatile, and super comfy for all day climbing. I recommend these to most of my friends for a first, less aggressive, shoe.

My first pair of climbing shoes thanks to the helpful and very knowledgeable staff at REI HB. I got a nice snug fit and I feel like these will last me a while.

At first, these shoes were painfully tight on my feet, but over time they were broken in remarkably well. The pain is definitely worth the gain.

I am a beginner and have a lot to learn about gear, but this shoe is as comfortable as a climbing shoe can be. I am happy with them.

Great shoes for beginning climber! Got my normal shoe size. Toes not squished. Can feel the toe holds. So glad I bought them!

I'm a total beginner, but this shoes is great and I was able to find a size that fit comfortably but correct.

Great shoe for an easy break in period, just starting out, or in the gym. Love the material.

I’ve been climbing with it and it’s comfortable and does what’s it’s supposed to do!

This shoe is easy to get on and off and is great for beginners.


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