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Ran a Spartan Beast race in Big Bear, CA with these shoes. The grip up and down the trails with different terrain was amazing. The shoes were comfortable the entire race.

I was initially impressed by the quality of the shoe, and was excited to try these out after great success using the La Sportiva Ultra Raptors in the past. After just 3 miles in to my hike; I realized that these shoes were not for me. The arch support felt off to me, and the shoe rubbed the back of both feet causing hot spots that made it very difficult to continue uphill. I am sure these shoes are excellent, but I ended up returning these after just one hike and now I'm trying the La Sportiva wildcats out. Make sure you walk around the store wearing these for a while before getting them (as you should with all shoes).

Super cushioning. Very comfortable. HUGE lugs. Feels like shoes with clits. When they say it is "structured" it means build like a tank. Great support. Same feel as La Sportiva Wildcat or Ultra Raptors, but a little more flexible. True to size 44.5 = 11 US

I bought these to find something like a Wildcat but with a stiffer sole. They are indeed stiffer both in the sole and the way they grab the foot- feeling more like a boot than a trail runner. I guess that I got what I wanted. I did not realize that what I gained in stiffness I lost in comfort; I feel a bit straight-jacketed in them. But the really disappointing aspect is that they don't breathe well. Even my TX-3s have more air flow. I thought that hot feet were a thing of the past with trail runners. I may return these, and stick with my Wildcats and TX-3s.

These are my first pair of trail running shoes. Usually running on semi rocky, muddy, dry, loose, and off-trail trails in Colorado. I havnt found a time where they slip, maybe on wet rock but then again when is that ever a good idea. Very comfy for being a little stiff which helps give some added confidence in placing the sole on uneven terrain. Responsive and to me $140 is a decent price for what you get. I wear a 10.5 Mens in all my shoes, this one didnt feel like it ran large but a little narrow.

Put only 15 days on these shoes before the fabric inside the heel ripped in both shoes. Really surprised = disappointed.

After years of plodding around in big hiking boots, I finally discovered the joys of backpacking in trail runners. The last two years I experimented with Hokas and just had issues with the height of the heel, the tendency to roll one's ankle as a result, and the delicate nature of Hokas. Also, the tread wasn't all that. In 2017, enter the La Sportiva and I'm completely sold. I backpacked on Mt. Adams twice, Goat Rocks, William O. Douglas, Trinity Alps twice, Mt. Margaret area (Mt. St. Helens), Bears Ears, Idaho Sawtooths, Glacier Peak and some other places I'm forgetting right now. These shoes are AWESOME. They clung to hillsides in the Trinity Alps that I'm pretty sure would have slipped out from under me with other shoes. Incredible support in rocky terrain, never once feeling a rock poke through to the sole of my feet. No fault of the shoe, but I wore them out and will be buying a new pair for 2018!

I've had a hard time with finding shoes to hike in - my midfoot is extra wide, I have hammer toes, the list goes on. I have tried every trail running shoe in the Altra, Sportiva, and Salomon lineup. Nothing has worked for me...until now.

I tried these on and they felt very comfortable so I pulled the trigger. After trying everything from Brooks, altra, Hoka, Salomon, oboz, Merrell, Vasque, etc, I figured I'd give these a shot. They didn't hurt my knees, bottoms of my feet, or even cramp the top part of me foot like oboz does. BUT they were narrow, which caused a blister on my pinky toe. So I took them back to try some New Balance minimus, to hopefully tuffen my feet up. If La Sportiva made them a little more accommodating for US sized feet then they would be awesome, but like most European shoes they are narrow.

I've been looking for shoes to help me cope with plantar fasciitis for a few months now. Our morning walks in our neighborhood, which includes a 200ft climb to our house have been pretty painful. Especially when putting pressure on my heel.

These are just killer shoes. I had a pair of Raptors that I wore out and saw these and decided to try them out. Glad I did! These are not going on some spring chicken either, I have very experienced feet and they are enjoying wandering about in the Akyras.

I'll preface this by saying that I dont wear these shoes for trail running. I do wear them for hiking. The foot bed is thick, firm and comfortable. The soles are excellent in mud, slick mossy rock, hopping over downed trees and wading through small rivers and streams. They dry a little slower than other shoes I own but that is worth the trade off. This is my first pair of LA SPORTIVA shoes. Goodbye SOLOMON!

Fifty years ago it was common for tongues to slide off to the side of the foot, causing problems. Good shoe makers figured out how to make the tongues stay centered. Not these guys. You'll like these shoes if you like stopping your run or hike frequently to drag the tongue back to the center so it doesn't rub the side of your foot. If not, look elsewhere.

The Akrya's are one of the best pair of trail runners that I have worn. The fit is right on the money perfectly hugging my foot. The later stabilization with an aggressive enough tread is exactly what I was looking for out of the shoe! I am throughly happy wearing these on my runs on the beach, on wooded trails, or on loose rocks in some more aggressive terrain.

I have long skinny feet. Most trail runners are too loose on me. This is my first pair of La Sportiva's. I got them for climbing class 2 and 3 mountains but I put 18 miles of trail running on them this week and I'm very impressed. I'm already looking at buying another pair of La Sportiva's so I can have a pair to run in and a pair to wear around during the day.

While these are the most comfortable hikers I’ve ever had, I returned the first pair after ten miles when the exterior rubber began to peel off the toe. Tried another pair and put @300 miles on them during a thru hike and the same rubber peeled, and the fabric around the ankles simply shredded apart. While REI is awesome with their guarantee I definitely caution anyone from purchasing these again unless you are doing very light hiking or flat non-technical trail running, they just can’t holdup.

After 4 months laces broke. Take a look they are hard to replace. I replace my trail runners every 9 months or so (I use them for hiking and every day use not for running) and I have never had a lace break. For $140 you might think that would never even be an issue. Seems like a petty complaint for an other wise very comfortable shoe but the shoe has very tiny loops for the laces and how many places should I need to visit before I can find a replacement? The folks at LaSportiva customer support gave me no options

I wore these right out of the box for a few intense days in the Sierras. They were super comfortable. Not only did they provide great protection underfoot but they provided excellent traction on soft snow. Aside from a little dirt, they showed almost no wear after several days and seem to be very well constructed.

I've put about 40 miles on these shoes, and they are great. The sizing runs a bit narrow but is otherwise true. My Solomon's worn about about the same rate as these. These shoes are well ventilated and the shoe itself, top and bottom provides good to excellent support and protection. I like them.

Not racing anymore but want maximum security particularly on wet rocks and slippery downhill trails -- I do a lot of canyoning in Nicaragua! Found the heel drop a little challenging but so much superior to two models of Salomon Speedcross I had before with had virtually no grip on wet downhill slabs

These shoes are absolutely amazing. They handle the last Vegas Nevada terrain very well. I was apprehensive about some of the slick rock running, but these shoes stuck like glue going up and down.

Love these shoes! Very comfortable and easy to lace up and stay tied for the whole hike. Great traction too. Today I was on loose gravel, dirt, boulders and ice patches. Never slipped once! They are expensive but used my dividends and a 20% coupon so very affordable that way!

happy with the product. Made hiking over sandstones in Zion easier

Sweet trail sneakers. I was shredding through my Brooks' cascades, which I like too, but the Akyra's were a good replacement. The brake system helped out nicely on the loose shale. Just tried them out in the so cali three summit challenge carrying a day pack. I got them a size larger than the cascades. No hotspots either for me. I'll see how they hold up a bit longer.

Love the fit of the shoe.. the performance of the shoe. The price of the shoe is alittle on the high side.. 80 dollars for just 1 shoe.. to me is border line ridiculous. I bought them anyways. Just to see if they were worth the money.. i cant justify the money spent yet. Only time will tell... all sais and done 200.00 out the door

Second pair I have had of this shoe. This second pair has a default or something not glued properly in the sole. The right shoe “roles” up under the front of my foot. It happens somewhere under the insert. Feels like a big wad of something. It moves around. I tried to walk it off, but never completely goes away. Had to return.

I have a tough size to find, about 12 1/2. This company is one of the few to offer a half size above a 12. Also, they have several shoes in this catagory and size, and they offer various feels of walking. The construction so far appears excellent, and if this shoe lasts reasonably, I'll be one happy camper.

I bought these shoes for my tall girl friend. Her feet are almost as big as mine. These are wider than women's shoes which she needs.

For each of the last three years I have bought a pair. They are an attractive show. Great fit, it like sucks into on and becomes part of your foot. The grip is great, any time I place my foot it sticks, no slipping at all. I really love this shoe.

Purchased this shoe specifically for hiking. Wore them on a 40 mile- 4 day hike on the AT with a 35lb pack. This shoe is light weight, very comfortable, rigid enough to provide stability while having enough flexibility to provide a smooth heel to toe transition and an excellent cleat design that offers great traction. It rained continuously while hiking two of the days. The shoes are not water proof however they do not absorb a lot of water. The insole is removable and the shoe drys quickly. My socks were not saturated and it never felt like I was sloshing around in the shoe. I am planning a future AT thru hike so I am going to purchase another pair of these shoes before the design gets changed.

I bought these with the sole purpose of running trails in North Georgia. The traction is great. And they are very comfortable. The only down side is they are heavy and while running in wet grass my feet also get wet.

These are great shoes. I bought these a few weeks ago to hike the Swiss alps. They been through the snow, mud, and water. After the quick rinse, they looked great walking the streets of Paris. No break in required.

I really like this shoe. It’s a little heavy. But very durable. I use them for trail running up in the blue ridge mountains. Thank you REI for taking your time to assistant me and recommend the best shoe for me.

Very , very narrow in the forefoot and scuff mark in the collar (minimal stuff , would not mind that minor defect . Right out of the box , I could see that would not fit . Tight , narrow altough looks very nice

Shoe is oversized. Try them on first as the last for this shoe is not the same for other La Sportiva shoes. I do wish that they made them in smaller sizes.

My feet hurt all the time so its hard for me to find good shoes...these have been great. Thick soles, light weight, and dry fast!

Unusual design, but it works really well. Aggressive sole grips loose soil, and the top fabric breathes well.

I used to have a pair of Bushido's this is a nice upgrade. La Sportiva are like Ferrari's for your feet.

Traction is great; easy to break it; very durable. So far I am loving them!

The shoes are great for trail running and have a good grip to the ground.

Great pair of trail shoes. Extremely comfortable n durable on the trails

Great pair of hikers. Extremely comfortable with a great grip.

I bought an insert to prevent... did not help with the blisters

great product. great grip. feels very light and looks trendy

Tread on the shoe is amazing, but arch support is lacking.


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