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I bought this at the Garage Sale this weekend in Greenville, SC. I looked at it in the store but did not completely stretch it out as it seemed a little longer than the regular sized but not huge so I bought it. The stuff sack states it is a long wide and is 78 x 25 x 2 inches which matches REI's website. However that is definitely not the case. It actually measures 96 x 30 x 2 inches. Any one else had this issue? Not sure what to do with it.

I bought this item for a great price. I purchased it on a Thursday and it came on Saturday. It was supposed to come on Wednesday so I was so happy. I took it out and blew it up with 10 breaths and laid down on it. Oh so amazing! That night I slept on it and I slept all night. I am 6 foot 1 and I got the long wide and it's great. There was still more room to sleep on. I slept on my backside and stomach and I didn't touch the ground with either. It also is so easy to pack up. It took me about a minute to pack it up if that. The deflation valve is epic, it works great. Best pad I have ever been on and purchased.

I've only slept on this pad one night, in which I was wearing a mid weight base layer, knit cap and wool socks. I was using a Hammock Gear Burrow 20 degree top quit and was comfortable in the mid 20s. I'm a 6ft tall and 165lb stomach sleeper so I opted for the regular/wide and am glad I did. Enough room to toss and turn a bit and not come off of the pad. The pad seems to be well built but only time will tell the real story. For those wondering, the Exped Schnozzel works great with this pad! One bag full is all that's needed to completely inflate. The only negative I have is that a patch kit isn't included.

I returned the Big Agnes AXL because it was too cold, even in moderate temps. I was looking for a pad with a good r-value, was not too heavy, didn't have horizontal baffles and was comfortable. Admittedly, I was concerned about durability (always possible it could have a leak after I write this) but to took a chance to got this Flash for a week long trip in the Sierras, with some nights in the upper 20s at 12,000 feet. The Flash performed well. I was not cold, the pad held my 200 pd body, side and stomach sleeping body up. I have nothing but positive experiences. I would certainly recommend the Flash to a friend and would gladly repurchase it.

I purchased a REI Flash insulated air pad back in Feb 2017 to use on a Rea Lake loop trip. My first night using the pad I was getting into my tent and placed my knee on the deflate valve before inflating the pad, causing a pinch type cut in the pad. After inspecting the valve I found that the plastic was very sharp inside the air pad causing a very small cut. I feel that this is a design flaw. I am not sure if I will keep this pad, I could see this happening again getting ready for a nights sleep in the dark. If you purchase this pad keep in mind not to place your knee in this area!

Ordered and received this pad by mail (Flash insulted air pad, regular wide). After opening it and measuring it I realized that it measures way longer than its stated product size (72"x25"x2"). I decided to call a local store to see if I could replace it but the pad they pulled and measured had the some issues. Please beware of sizing if you choose to purchase this pad. I also noticed that this has been an ongoing issue shown in previous reviews. You would think thay would pull this product to save people time and hassle.

I love REI products! This pad would be great if it held air consistently. However, I just returned from a 6 week, 460 mile trip in the Sierras and unfortunately by week two, it had sprung 2 leaks at the welds. I repaired them, but two days later a new leak appeared, again on the welds. Over the next two weeks, it sprung 2 more leaks at the welds. I ended up sleeping 4 different nights on the cold, hard ground. I finally had to buy another sleeping pad in one of our resupply towns.

The 1-star reviewers aren't making this up. My experiences echo theirs. Don't buy this until REI fixes the design or manufacture. These aren't tolerable leaks.

Rode my bike 7 miles each way in the rain to get mattress after saving for months only to have it go flat 10 minutes after I blew it up with a bad valve and a poor design inflation valve

I have owned 10 different inflatable mats in my life. This one is in the top two. The biggest bonus is how easy it is to fill up, due to reduced volume. It's also stable and comfortable. * My big hope is that REI makes a memory foam slip-on cover for this baby!

The sleeping pad is very light and exceptionally comfortable. A comparable, more expensive product also sold by REI seemed equally comfortable but produced a racket reminiscent of crumpled potato chip bags that promised to disrupt sleep. As a side sleeper, I am particularly pleased that it provides adequate cushion and insulation for cold nights out there.

Got as a gift and upon opening and using for the first time ever it has multiple leaks along the waffle welds as mentioned by many others reviewing here. I patched 2 leaks, both patches work perfect, then one of the patched welds gave and is super lumpy. And then another weld started leaking.

I loved this sleeping pad and have used it for various camping and backpacking trips since last May. It was very comfortable when it stayed inflated even when I slept on my side. In total I've probably used it 50-60 times. On my last backpacking trip, I woke up on the ground. I patched near some of the welds where I could hear/feel air leaking from, only to wake up on the ground the next day due to new leaks. I'm very disappointed in the quality of this product, and I was unable to exchange since it had been just over a year. I definitely would not purchase again given the product leaked after a few uses.

I bought this pad for use on the JMT. I took it on two test trips beforehand and it worked great. For the first half of the JMT it did just fine but then the problems started. Every night another one of the baffles would spring a leak on the corner. I struggled to find enough patch kits to get me through the trip by bumming off other hikers. I used all mine the first night it sprung a leak. By the end of the trip I had 5 patches on it.

After 10 years of using a 3/4 thermarest, I moved up to a Flash (Long Wide). The weight is wrong - with the strap and bag it weighs in at 1lb 5.6 ozs. This is more comfortable than the thermarest, but doesn't quite work as well in the hammock. ;-)

Bought this to go in the New Rei Quarter Dome 1 and is fits with plenty of space to spare. I had the Older Flash Pad(green one) It was a bit loud at night and the new version(red) Is quieter and more comfortable.

I purchased this pad in Maryland(drove there from PA) during my 2017 AT thruhike after my previous generation(the green one) bursted a baffle. This pad started leaking after the first night. I patched over 12 leaks between northern PA and Katahdin. No matter how firm or flat it was it sprang leaks at the welded seams. I would fix the current leak and within 1 or 2 days there was another leak. I returned it to REI once I got back into civilization. The search continues for a fast to inflate and reliable sleeping pad

Finally, I have found the perfect pad. I am 5'10, 190 lbs with wide shoulders. All the pads I have used in the past have been either too narrow or too heavy and bulky. With this pad, I can sleep without my arms resting on the cold ground. This pad provides the ultimate combination of comfort, size, weight, ease of use, and insulation. I recently spent the night in Canyonlands NP where the temps dropped down to the low 30s and I was able to sleep in sublime comfort.

I received this at the same time as a few other big name brand pads. The more affordable REI pad crushed them in every single test. I was blown away by how much more functional the REI pad was.

Punctured on backcountry night 2 from rubbing on a rocky ground, despite being in the tent which did not have any floor rips/tears. If you're only ever sleeping on flat, picked-over campsites with a tent and ground cover, it's probably fine. I don't think it is durable enough for backcountry use. No flat repair kit included. Fortunately we had another repair kit and I was able to repair and use it for the rest of the week. I think for the price, it's a fair product. However, there are more durable air pads with similar specs that I now think are worth the extra cost.

I just received this, so no nights on the trail. This is a replacement for an older exped pad and already I like it. It's lighter (though this Regular pad weighs 15.5 oz without the stuff sack, not 14.8 oz.), and takes less time to inflate. It seems quiet, and while the pattern was a concern, it actually feels more comfortable than the vertical channels in my previous pad.

Got this for an early spring 4-night trip to the Adirondacks. First the good: There is a real dearth of pads in this weight and price range, and only a couple of other options in a wide/regular length. In fact, I have the previous REI Flash pad and I love it-my only beef with it is it didn't come in a wide version. As a side/belly sleeper, narrow pads leave my arms off the pad. So I was really excited to find this available in regular wide. I found the new version comfortable enough, although I greatly prefer the long continuous baffles of the previous version. The old Flash (lime green) has held up for 3 years of heavy use, although it did develop a leak around the edge of the valve that requires repeated repairing.

Poor design or construction or both. Bonding that creates air pockets does not withstand inflation (see pic). I patched the first two with aquaseal, but new leaks formed after ever other use. DO NOT BUY.

Working well so far. No leaks. Inflates very easily, no real need for a pump. Very quiet compared to most of the lightweight pads I tried. Only used a few times so how long it lasts remains to be seen. Wasn't sure what size to get but I went long wide (78" x 25") and I'm happy with my choice. I'm 6'1" 165 lbs and fit on the pad with about an inch or two above my head and beyond my feet. The regular would have left my heels off the end which is not a big deal, but I prefer not to do that. The wide is great for having your elbows padded while lying on your back. Feels very stable. Note to the guy in earlier review who measured it as 96" long and thought it was defective. Blow it up and then measure it again... you'll be amazed.

Brilliant comfort, nicely light & compact, a real treat IF it works...

Chose this over the expensive name brand one because this was quiet! Didn’t sound like a bag of chips when you move on it. Inflation and deflation were a breeze, insulation was great, and thickness kept me off the cold ground. Worked fine at altitude but you do have to wait for the air inside to cool down then add a little more after 10 minutes.

I’ve had two of these pads and I won’t buy a third. It is very comfortable, even for a side sleeper, it is very lightweight and packs up very compactly.... but the first one died in the middle of a backpacking trip with only about 10 night’s sleeping on it. Of course REI replaced it without and questions but now the second one died with probably less than 8 night’s sleeping on it. I am very careful about trying to make sure that nothing sharp is under the pad and that I don’t sit on it with anything sharp in my pockets that might create a hole. Again a very comfortable pad but it has failed me twice now, I’ll be looking for something more durable.

Love this pad! It blows up fairly easily and deflates practically the minute you open the deflate valve. Despite how thin it is, it's super comfy (I'm a side-sleeper) and lightweight. I paired it with a Z-lite and camped out in the snow, and it kept me warm and cozy.

Pleasantly surprised with this pad. I purchased the regular wide model. It's huge but super easy to inflate (12 breaths), deflate, and fit back into its stuff sack. Also, my arms don't fall off the sides! The fabric feels durable but is also comfortable against the skin. I'm a 220 lb side sleeper and this pad is more comfortable than others I've tried. I can feel the ground when sitting on the pad and/or when changing sleep positions but not while lying down with weight distributed. My only concern is the valve, which could be more robust. Will definitely purchase the repair kit (sold separately) before taking into the field.

The first two nights on my recent 9 days on the JMT, it was FANTASTIC! This would get a 9.5 rating, but... The third night it started leaking from the inflation valve. The best I could get was two hours sleep before I needed to re-inflate it. Thankfully the insulation inside kept the cold out even when deflated a bit. The Sea to Summit repair kit I was carrying has reeds in it, but they are not a direct replacement for the Flash Pad's reeds, so no joy there! This pad is only a couple months old, so back to REI I go.

Very comfortable and quick to inflate/deflate with the two valves. Unfortunately, it developed a leak in a deep seam (high stress point) which is tricky to patch. Patched that, and after one more night of sleep it developed another leak, again in an inside corner seam. Patched that, and it leaked again. After my hike (Sleeping on the ground for two nights) I found 3 more seams with leaks, so I returned it. :-( Note - I'm a 180 lb side sleeper, so I inflated the mattress so as not to bottom out. Might work nicely for a lighter person.

Used twice during California “winter” and found it to be comfortable while sleeping on my side (I’m tall and skinny, so hips and shoulders are pressure points). While comfortable it’s not a mattress. The insulated aspect seem to work well, with no coldness emanating from below. Takes about a minute to blow up at low elevation. Deflates easily and packs compactly. Only down side is the stuff sack provided with pad is tearing at the seam, but I haven’t been down to REI to talk to them about it.

Horrible product. I was given this as a gift, and have used it for over a year. It constantly develops leaks along the edge of the baffle welds. I will repair the leaks, can use it for a little bit, but new leaks appear. These are never punctures in the face of the fabric, but always at the welds. I went on thinking that I would eventually patch all the potential leak sites, but it keeps developing new leaks. I can no longer trust it to take out on trips. I see some have reported this problem, others have not. Maybe it is only certain production runs, but I would recommend avoiding this product.

I've had two REI Flash air mattresses. My wife is on her third. Why so many? They fail. REI replaces but what good is that when you are in the wilderness? Leaks develop in the pockets between the air pods after 20 or 30 uses. We are giving up on these mattresses and feel that REI should stop selling them until this quality control problem is fixed. There are enough other bad reviews that REI should acknowledge and fix the problem or stop selling this inferior product . We live REI and are members for more than 25 years but this is a problem that they haven't acknowledged or addressed. Do not buy!

Had no luck with the 3 units purchased for myself and kids. Each leaked in the same location. Also was not conducive to side sleeping. Even when fully inflated. I am 180lb. and was not fully comfortable on the unit. REI was great in resolving the issue. I have purchased the Trekker 1.75 and it is 10X more comfortable and worth the weight. Trekker 1.75 is my choice and recomondation.

I loved the light weight and comfort of this pad. Regular wide is a nice option many other pads do not have. However it only lasted 5 trips before the area at a weld started to leak and the pad went flat. This is a problem that you will see in other reviews. If you still want to buy this, best I can say is be careful how full you fill it. Do not fill it too firm or use a pump sack to make it firm. Leave it slightly under filled soft. Be careful not to kneel on it as that will cause the welds to tear a small leak.

We have three air mats from three different brands. The REI mat is definitely our favorite! It is holding up on our second big summer trip ( one 14 nights, one 8 night), its at least as comfortable as the others and its the cheapest. As far as leaking is concerned, my almost twice as expensive mat already has two leaks too, so i guess you have to live with that with these mats. Only down side: we were 4 days on a sandy beach and sand collects more in it than on other mats, but thats the nature of its design i guess.The mat is quiet to sleep on and incredibly easy to inflate. I also like the fact that there are two separate nozzles for inflation and deflation

Biggest difference in sleeping pads - how quiet is it? Lots are light weight and compact - this one is that and quiet. Doesn’t sound like your sleeping on aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Couldn’t believe how quickly it inflates and deflates. Used it on Three Fingers, Glacier Peak and Mt Pilchuck this spring and it worked wonderfully.

Have had two of each in two different versions of REI inflatable pads over the past few years. All four of them leak like a sieve right through the fabric. Took them to REI to return them and REI said to go take a hike. Actually, the lady suggested I should try to sell them on Craigslist!! (and pawn them off on someone else) Apparently their "100% satisfaction guarantee" means the life of these pads is designed for one year. After one year is over, they couldn't care any less and will not stand behind the defective material. Very disappointing, I camp a lot and can no longer recommend any REI pad (or other gear for that matter with their shoddy "guarantee".

I originally bought an ultra light pad that sounded like a potato chip bag crinkling; I returned it and bought the Flash sleeping pad. I used it for one 4-night backpacking trip and I was happy with it. I then used on a second trip and after 2 nights of sleeping in the back of my truck on top of a Thermarest pad it wouldn’t stay inflated. I am meticulous on the care of my equipment as it may save your life one day. Many reviews I’ve read say the same issue has occurred and leaks at seams occur.

Three of these mattresses developed multiple leaks at the ends of the welds. I see this problem repeatedly mentioned in reviews. Will coop brand management investigate and fix this problem? Otherwise, my husband and I will keep seeking frequent replacement of our leaking Flash mattresses.

I bought this pad halfway through my Appalachian Trail Thruhike and used it the rest of the way, I love it. I did have it pop on me once but it was my fault, I was cowboy camping on some jagged roots with just a layer of polycro in between my pad and the ground. Tried to repair it, but it didn't work great repairing in the field. REI sent me a new one since it was within the one year and have not had any issues since! I've winter camped with it to 10 degrees F and was plenty warm! It's only a few ounces heavier than the neoair with more warmth, and a lot less money! Its also much quieter when deflating. Totally worth it.

Got a great deal on this (long wide) after trying it out in my local REI. Have used it for about 7 weekend trips thus far, in weather ranging from about 55 degrees at night down to about 36 last night and no issues to report. I'm an "active" side sleeper and was concerned that it wasn't going to be thick enough to accommodate my nightly acrobatics, but it has been wonderful. It has kept me warm and comfy with no leaks or issues every time! It barely fits in my tent with the extra inches, but otherwise no complaints. My partner ended up getting one after trying mine out as well.

I bought this pad for a short bike tour. I only used it in a hammock for less than a week before it stopped holding air. It has a slow leak and I can't seem to find a puncture. It is usually deflated before morning. Worked great up until then.

I loved this pad for the first 20 nights that I slept on it - until it started leaking badly. Before it started leaking, it was just about perfect: incredibly small and light, easy to inflate, a breeze to deflate and pack up, and very comfortable to sleep on. After it started leaking, I decided I'm done with inflatable pads. I treated this pad with as much care as I feel able to provide - always slept in a tent with a ground cloth or tarp, always checked for sharp edges under the tent, always packed it up promptly in the morning and kept it in the stuff sack supplied, never set it down outside the tent except in the stuff sack. So if it can't hold up under those conditions, I can't use it. I'm disappointed.

I just received the regular size. Mine weighted in at 14.9 oz as measured on my trusted postal scale without stuff sack and Velcro strap. Not sure why the earlier reviewer's came in considerably higher. Mine is 3.5 x 9 rolled up as delivered. Haven't used it yet but wanted to post the weight I measured.

Which was only around 6 nights. Thank goodness I always carry my Therm-a-rest Z pad with me. My backpacks are typically two-nighters. This pad saw me through three of those, and failed me in the North Cascades. Not sure where the leak is, but it's going back. I read the reviews and knew this might happen, but was hoping that it would hold up like my old REI Flash pad did.

I just finished hiking 3 weeks on the JMT. I had purchased one of these pads hoping for better nights sleep. Unfortunately the pad developed a slow, difficult to locate leak, just days into the trip. I don't believe I was abusive to the pad at all. Sadly, I slept on the hard ground the duration of the trip. Also, I really wasn't very keen on the valve set up on these. These may be good for car camping but I don't think the are durable enough to be counted on for backpacking. I found the leak in my bath tub once I got home. Very small and have no idea how it got there as I was careful and only used in tent.

I have had this pad for 1 year ( just past warranty). When i took it out for its second season i tested it and found a pinhole when the top and bottom layer meet. so i ordered a patch kit from REI and fixed the hole. Then i tested it again and 2 more pinholes in different spots appeared but also where the top and bottom meet formed. I fixed those 2 holes. and after that i tested it again and now i had 3 new leaks. I repeated this process until i ran out of cement. and it is still forming pinhole leaks where ever it is welded. it is a design fault and from the comments i see i am not the only one with this problem.

Being 6' 5 I got the long wide version of this pad for maximum comfort. The pad proved loyal for the first year and a half but then it started getting leaks after leak. I patched four, then realized it was a loosing battle. Fact is, I payed 140 dollars for this thing to last; I took great care of it, using it roughly 7 trips a year, and it failed me early. A friend of mine bought the static v, a $60, very similar pad, and he's going on three years. This thing just isn't worth it, sorry but in my book quality and durability always goes over ultralight expectations.

If there's one product that needs good testing before it's sold to the public, it's a sleeping pad. The failure of a sleeping pad can be the difference between sleep and no sleep. Well it's obvious REI didn't do enough testing judging by the reviews and my personal experience.

I bought this and it came in the mail three days before leaving on a weekend backpacking trip to Shenandoah National Park. I blew it up and made sure it held air before putting it in my pack. A lot of the other reviews said it only takes about 10 breaths to blow it up but it took me about 15 (maybe I take smaller breaths!) Compared to my foam pad, this one is incredibly compact so I was able to put it inside my pack rather than strapping it on top. Our first night on the trail was wet and rocky with temps in the low 40's but the pad kept me warm and dry. I didn't even notice the rocks. I'm 6'2" and weigh 200+ so I bought the wide/long. I'm also a side sleeper who tosses and turns all night long. It gave me plenty of room and was very quiet. The only time I could feel the ground was when I knelt on the pad or if I supported my weight on an elbow. It also deflates amazingly fast and easily goes back into it's bag. It was definitely worth the money.

Bought this roughly a year ago and used a handful of times. Deflated on me one night so I just took it to REI today to have them help suggest a repair, which I found near the weld --not visible to the eye at all. I asked if this was a defect or possible problem with the design. The shop person assured me, no way! And told me to use tenacious tape to repair. After 2 patches I'm finding more leaks around the welds. There is no way that this not a defective product. And, after reading all of these terrible reviews saying the same thing, it is seriously disturbing that REI still sells it!

I took this out on a multi day backpacking trip as part of my sleeping system. After the first night using it I woke up to a deflated mat. There was no visible puncture marks but sir was leaking from a seem in one of the divots next to an air pocket. I will be returning this and exchanging for something different.

I just spent 3 nights in the bottom of the grand canyon with the REI Flash Air Pad, REI Igneo sleeping bag and the Sea to Summit Reactor Bag Liner. Nights dipped into the low 40s. I was so toasty warm I didn't need the bag liner at all and slept in nothing but underwear.

I bought this pad about 2 years ago for a Zion trip. Loved the size and light weight of it, and it was fine that first trip. I used it maybe once or twice after that and only 4 or 5 nights total use all inside of a tent. It's only been in a tent or in the bag inside my backpack. I went camping last week and woke up to a deflated pad sleeping on hard ground. I blew it up again and within 30 minutes or so it goes flat. I took it back to an REI store and since it's been over a year since I purchased it they won't warranty it. For the price this thing should really hold up for more than a few nights of use.

Just returned from an 8-night/9-day canoe trip in Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario (adjacent to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota). The Flash pad replaced a Big Agnes I had for years and I have no regrets--it's comfortable, quiet, easy to inflate and did not leak even though it was packed and unpacked 6 times under some trying conditions. I am 6' tall, 160 pounds and the regular fit me perfectly. In the photo you can also see my faithful old REI Clipper 2-man tent. Although it's a little heavy (6+ pounds) it's the most bombproof tent I've ever been able to find, perfect for one person like me with a lot of camera gear. Front entry which keeps things drier than double vestibules in my opinion. Freestanding with a smaller footprint than double-vestibules also, which is great when I have to wedge it into a tight spot on a small campsite. Wish they still made them!

I got some of the best sleep using this sleeping pad and it is quite comfortable, but I would not recommend this product. This sleeping pad popped after less than a month's use. Other people I know who have purchased this pad have experienced the same issue with it popping after limited use, all within a year of purchase. Inflatable sleeping pads are susceptible to wear and tear, but a patch kit is not included in the purchase. I think the sleeping pad is cheaply made and there are other sleeping pads on the market that are of better quality.

Picked up this pad on sale a few months ago. I've used it several times camping and backpacking this summer. I'm 6'1" 235 lbs and a side sleeper and I've found this pad to be extremely comfortable. It's compact and lightweight and I can store it in my sleeping bag compartment with my bag. Has enough insulation to keep you from getting cold when the temps dip below freezing. Overall I've found this pad to be a great value for someone who is budget conscious like I am.

I've had this for a bit over a year. Used it quite a bit, and have generally loved it. Packs up easily and pretty small. Though just after a year of having it, it now has a leak. The leak is at a seam, and doesn't seem to be the result of a puncture or anything like that. Pretty bummed by the fact that it's leaking only from its own construction, and not because of my use. I'd expect something like this to last quite a bit longer. Hopefully this one is just defective, but who knows. Either way, I'm tasked with patching a very odd spot, or coughing up for a new pad to replace this lightly used pad.

I loved this pad the first two or three nights I slept in it. It soon started leaking air, and I would wake up flat. Although my tent had a very good ground tarp and floor, there were some bits of dirt/pine needles, so I blamed the issue on them. After patching it up 10-15 times, I started to suspect it wasn't my fault that the air was leaking. I couldn't spot any holes on it, but every morning without fail, I'd wake up flat on the ground and freezing. I don't know if it's an issue with the fabric, but it's left me needing to buy a brand new pad, not to mention some uncomfortable nights... I've ended up switching to an Alpkit Cloudbase which has a similar construction and I have loved it.

So far so good. Quality seems to be too notch. Width is just right for my broad shoulders. Fills up & empties fairly quickly.

With a higher R rating than other similar choices, no cold at all cam through the pad. Also, kept me off of the ground; no contact at my hips or shoulders (sleeping on my side). The pillowy effect is a bit odd and might take some "getting used to", but great pad considering weight, performance and price!

For one I love this product. There are a few things I wish it had to make it better. For one it takes me about 10 big full breathes to fill up wish this was a little less like others. Also I wish it would come with a repair kit like the others that are the same price. Lastly since I got the negative out I will say this. I have the REG version and I'm 5,5 and I just fit on the pad which is okay for me but if your bigger maybe you should get the long. Also his pad is very soft and very comfy way better than my military version and a lot lighter.

I splurged on this pad as I have trouble sleeping in our tent with hip issues (side sleeper) and wanted a comfortable pad for a 2 week camping trip on the west coast. It is very long and was very warm which I liked. The valve is difficult to blow into as it is flat and doesn't fit your mouth but it doesn't take a lot of effort which I could do it easily unlike other pads that I've always had trouble with (dizzy). My co-tent companions complained that I was noisy when turning and moving. I was comfortable and pleased, besides the noise, until night #9 when I realized I was laying on the ground with no pad cushion - it was completely flat. I blew it back up and went to sleep, the next night, it was the same thing but flatter much quicker. I had been sleeping on campsites that had no sticks, roots or other items to puncture it - these were nice, pine needle areas with a tent, plastic and emergency blanket between so that should not have been the issue. I am going to take it back to REI and check out an updated version of Therm-a-rest pads. We still currently own and use Therm-a-rest pads from 30 years ago that are still working with no issues. Wish it would have been different as I liked a lot of things about it but will switch back to the dependable brand I've always used.

Recently purchased 2 of these pads to pair with our North Face Cats Meow bags. Wow, what a great combo! Having been a die hard Thermarest user for years, I was skeptical at first when the representative at REI recommended it. Boy was he right! I would have to say that this pad is as comfortable as a Thermarest Prolite, but packs smaller, and is lighter. The only difference is that this one is not self inflating, one of the reasons I was hesitant. But, considering we could inflate it with a stuff sack, and not have to carry a pump, it was on! Great buy, great piece of gear. I highly recommend.

I read all these bad reviews then decided to take a gamble on the pad anyway -- I was going to be on the Vermont Long Trail for 3 weeks and wanted something light and comfortable, but also not too expensive. Just like other reviewers said, this pad started to leak within 5 days. I patched the hole and then it got another 2 days later! I used the pad only in my tent and in trail shelters. It's a huge bummer sleeping with a flat pad - thankfully it wasn't in cold weather. When I got to town I shipped this home to return to REI and bought a foam Thermarest that I could depend on. I understand that inflatable pads need to be well taken care of but this thing is just too fragile and/or poorly made.

I’ve only used my rei flash pad one night so far but I give it 5 stars for the following reasons: Inflation is a breeze Deflation is a breeze Packs small and light Baffles keep air evenly distributed even when you are constantly changing positions like I do- sides, back , stomach sleeper! I ordered the wide version- perfect for me - 5’6” 170lbs. If I have issues with durability I will change my review. My only suggestion would be that rei include a patch kit that would work best for this mat- would be a great convenience instead of me having to add one more thing to my supply list!

I honestly expected to love this pad, but found it extraordinarily noisy and subject to cool spots. I just used it on a four night backpacking trip in Yosemite. In addition to the noise I mentioned, I found that there were cool spots even when firmly inflated. If any part of the pad is fully compressed--from side sleeping or just when sitting up on it--the insulation goes to zero. Granted, I was above 9000' a couple of nights and temps were in the 30s, but still that's exactly when you need a pad to be warm. Between the noise and the cold, I cannot recommend this pad and will return it.

I bought two (2) REI Flash Sleeping Pads - one in REGULAR WIDE and one in LONG WIDE. On our first overnight shakedown trip the LONG WIDE went flat and did not hold air. I returned it and got another one. On our next trip, again it DID NOT HOLD AIR. There appears to be something wrong with the LONG WIDE size. I tried finding the hole both times by using the stream and both times could not find it. It may be the valve - not sure. DO NOT BUY THIS PAD until they work out the problem - that is my suggestion.

Really great pad. My feet do often move off the bottom of the pad while sleeping because it gets slim by the feet, but that doesn't really matter all that much for comfort. My back always stays on the pad, and its cozy! I've tested a few others and this is a very cozy pad for how light and packable this is. This is my exclusive backpacking pad. When i car camp i use a larger pad. Also it blows up very quickly, just a few good breathes does it...

I have had this for about two years and don't use it often, maybe 5-10 times a summer. I had a leak in the field on one of my only two-night backpacks last summer. I was able to get it fixed for the second night but found it weird that it leaked at the weld (which is not a part of the pad that rests on the ground). It happened again when I used it at a friend's cabin, the first night, so I don't know how it would have gotten the leak sitting in storage. For a bonus, it is still a decent insulator even when it's flat. After reading the rest of the reviews it looks like a common thing.

I love this new addition to my backpacking arsenal. It's light weight and works well for sleeping on your side and chest, even though you think it wouldn't because it is so light weight and thin. It's a little bit crunchy and loud, but nothing like the Thermarest that it is going after, which sounds like a bag of sun chips. I would definitely buy this again or recommend it to anyone looking for something to fit in their bag. I'm 6'1" and rock a 45L backpack and it is great for working within that space.

I found this pad to be comfortable and well insulated, but it developed a pinhole leak at the edge of one of the baffle welds after the second night of camping. It is obvious to me that this isn't a puncture from a sharp object but a failure of the material along a high stress area.

I love this sleeping pad! From deflated size to inflated size, this thing is perfect. I slept on it for 5 nights straight and never had to re-inflate it. I was initially gentle with how I got on the pad to sleep but by the end of my trip, I had no problems just plopping down because I knew it wouldn’t damage it (I was worried about popping it or something). Perfect length, perfect height off the ground, perfect packed size.

I bought this last year and I hadn't gotten the chance to use it. My husband and I went camping and brought the tent instead of the hammocks so I decided to try this out. PERFECT! I slept like a baby. It supported my weight and I'm a back, stomach, and side sleeper. It took me about 5 breaths and it was inflated. My husband was so jealous. Now he's going to get one.

I couldn't believe how easy this is to inflate and deflate. On top of that... how light and small it pack down. If that wasn't impressive enough, how comfortable it is. I'm a side sleeper and my hips don't touch the ground. I am so excited about this purchase. It has made my camping experience so much more comfortable.

I bought this pad to use for a recent bikepacking trip (Summer 2018). It was great the first 5 nights. On the 6th night I woke up with it completely deflated. I searched everywhere for the leak, but couldn't find it. I only used the pad in a tent that sat on top of a ground sheet. Spent the last several nights having to sleep without any cushion. Sent it back to REI and fortunately they credited my account pretty quickly for the full amount. Researching a replacement now.

I purchased this because I wanted a higher end air mattress to replace the foam one I’ve been backpacking with for years. This one seemed small and light, so I bought it just over a year ago. The 7th night I used it, I found myself lying on the cold hard floor of our tent, with the mattress deflated beneath me. Further inspection in the morning revealed the inner seam of one of the dimples was faulty and air was leaking. You couldn’t see the hole unless you splashed water into it. I tried patching with rubbing alcohol and gorilla tape but if just deflates more slowly. I tried returning it, as it failed due to design, and was informed it was outside of the 1-year return policy. So now I’m looking a very expensive ground tarp. Maybe it will help keep my new non-REI sleeping pad clean. I do not recommend this design.

The new version of this should be avoided. I went on an 8 day trip and after 5 days of extremely careful handling and use it started to fail to hold air. After day 6 it was basically worthless extra weight to carry. Not worth the risk and wish I'd seen some of the other negative reviews prior to purchasing.

I'm glad I didn't read these reviews before I purchased this pad, as I might not have purchased it. I have only used it three times now - three nights, but so far no leaks. It's very warm and comfortable, particularly given I sleep on my side. As a somewhat big girl, I thought I should get the long/wide one, but the REI guy said I didn't need it. So far he is right. It is quiet, and I can move on it with relative ease. I'm thinking about buying my daughter one.

I bought this pad in March of last year and while it is very comfortable and lightweight, it has sprung a leak in one of the welds after less than 15 nights in the wild. Never used outside of my tent, always kept in its stuff sack when not in use. It’s past the 1 year return date, so I guess I’ll try to patch it, but it’s pretty disappointing that this happened. I’m obviously not the first person to have this issue, so maybe I’ll contact REI about it anyway.

I had this mailed to me while I was in the middle of Utah biking across the United states west to eas as my last pad failed. In less than 2 weeks it was leaking at such a rate it was unusable, despite the 3 patches I already applied. So I was forced to sleep on the ground and all Rei would do is expedite one to a private address I don't have access to while making me pay for the replacement. Don't waste your time or money on this pad, it'sa total waste if

The first night was great. Very comfortable. Second night it was flat after 90 minutes. Same thing happened all night. We were camped on stony ground and in a harsh storm. Lousy sleep. Returned to REI. Going back to my good old Therm-a-Rest

I'm 6'2", 190 lbs and a sidesleeper and this is hands down the best sleeping pad I've ever used. I used that other extremely popular ultralight sleeping pad (ryhmes with GeoScare) for over 120 nights and it made my hips sore and left me tossing and turning all night every night. The Flash is just the opposite. The design is ideal for side sleepers as there is a lack of pressure points to bother the hip bones. I recently slept 7 hours straight on the Flash without waking up once! This is the pad I wish I had found years ago. And the R Value is excellent too!

I am on my second pad because the first pad sprung a leak with no obvious hole after using for one season (including a thru on the JMT). REI gave me a refund so I decided to try the same pad again because I thought it was very comfortable and lightweight. I used the second pad for less than 6 months and now the pad is leaking again. I regret getting the same pad and I wish I would have went with another brand. I am happy this pad got me thru the JMT before it started leaking because a leaking pad = really poor sleep. I will be looking into other brands now.

Camped in 15 degree weather with my dog, this pad was surprisingly comfortable and provided great protection against the cold. I was on the fence between this and the therm-a-rest pad. This one is a few ounces heavier, but much cheaper and has a higher R value. I decided to go with this one as my first inflatable pad after switching from a regular pad. I got the regular wide so my dog has room to sleep on the pad with me. If you're a side sleeper this pad is a great way to go. I was very comfortable the whole night, and the pad did not lose any air. Also, it is not noisy to move around on, which I read was a problem with the therm-a-rest. As I put more miles down with this product I will update this post if anything changes.

We bought two Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pads for our bicycle tour through South America. After about two dozen uses one of the mattresses developed an air leak at one of the waffle welds. Over the course of the next month more and more leaks developed in other welds. Now the other mattress is also leaking in the waffle welds. Bike tube patches work fine to fix the leaks but after a couple of uses another weld starts to leak. Warranties are worthless when traveling through the cold Andes mountains. SO FRUSTRATING! Do not purchase this inferior product.

I purchased a tall wide pad and loved it for three nights. Then it started leaking deep in the dimple on the crease where the top and bottom parts are welded together. No problem getting a refund.

Sadly I was unable to use this brand, I tried two different pads and they both ended up 100% deflated in the morning. A shame because this packs up small and folds sideways nicely for a hammock.

I borrowed this from a friend and used it for 3 nights of camping. Yes, it inflated easily, and I’m sure it’s easy to stash for backpacking. However, it is extremely narrow, and unless you sleep like a mummy and only on your back, it tends to “walk” out from underneath you, so you wake up at least halfway on the hard ground. Also, it POPS super easily, so now I have to replace something I only needed for 3 nights!

bought 6 of these for a hiking group.

I bought this a few weeks ago to replace my more bulky thermarest and I love it. It rolls up to this tiny cylinder and it's nice to not have to attach it to the outside of my bag for backpacking. While backpacking, I was prepared for the poor sleep I normally get, but I actually slept the best I had in weeks! The inidividual air pockets make it hard to roll out, and it gets you off the ground a good bit (with insulation!). I tried out one in store and then got the smallest size, which seemed bigger than the one I tried. Even after multiple uses it still folds up and rolls perfectly. It is a little slippery if you're on an incline and it can be subject to moving around in the night around your tent. Love this product, it was a great investment.

This pad is super lightweight, easy to inflate, deflate, store, and very comfortable when it has air in it. Unfortunately, I roll around when sleeping and the sound this pad makes when you move on it is something like rubbing an inflatable raft while making a balloon animal. My tentmate didn't appreciate it one bit. Then it developed a slow leak after only a couple of nights resulting in my waking up on cold snow. I didn't try to fix it because of the noise and have returned it. 4 stars because if you can live with the noise its a great pad.

So glad I stopped myself and tested out pads in-store. I had done a ton of online research and was about to buy a pad for twice the price of this one (literally had it my hand). Then I spotted the tester pads and started testing them all out. Sleeping pads are so subjective to each individual, Was pleasantly surprised to find the pad I found to be the clear winner for "most comfortable", just happened to be way lighter and half the price as the one I thought I wanted. Even at only 2 inches thick, it blows 2.5 inch pads away in comfortability (side sleeper). And the outside material is so much nicer to the touch then the expensive pad I was going to by. I'll give you a hint of which pad I was going to buy, it looks a whole lot like this one. ;)

This is to correct my previous review about its size - simply put I was wrong and its size is correct. You just need to inflate it, then the pad shrinks a lot to become shorter to be the size as described. This just has different design from previous version of Flash pad and other air pad kinds but again, once you fill the air in, the length becomes shorter and normal size! Sorry for the misinformation earlier but I found it today as I was curious enough to try it out as I see REI Dublin store still has a lot of them and keep selling :-)

It was a great pad for about 15 days of use. Then 3 days into 6 day backpack it goes belly up from weld leaks. Gave up trying to fix and spent the rest of the trip using it as a glorified ground cloth under my extra clothes. Given the amount of feedback on the same issue, I guess REI has decided not to stand by their products any more. So after 40+ years, it looks like we are partIng ways.

I am 6'3", 215lbs and initially got the regular size. It fit in my tent well but it was a little too short for me, my heels were on the ground. Luckily I was camping in a sandy area. I returned my pad and get the extra long/tall but now it doesn't fit as well in my small tent (REI halfdome). Other than that, which is really my tents fault, I have nothing bad to say about this. It was easy to inflate, easy to clean, easy to pack, lightweight and compact. I would purchase this item again. I wish it was cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

I received this as a gift. I crashed on my buddy's basement carpeted floor to test this sleeping pad for the first time. It started out super comfortable until 2am when I found myself flat on the floor. I re-inflated it. 4am the pad was flat again. I found a puncture hole on the bottom of the pad. Using the included peel and stick patches was to no avail. I am disappointed.

I love REI and have always trusted their products, but this one was sorely disappointing. I purchased this pad 1.5 years ago and after one season of use, it started to leak at the welts/welds all over. I patched 6 and finally gave up. A manufacturing flaw? I hope the current version holds up a l lot better. I've heard the same problem from at least 5 other backpackers.

This pad is super light weight and, having insulation between my body and damp soil is a great plus. My problem with this pad is the BIG, open valves for blow up. It does not take a lot of effort to blow it up. But there is NO way to stop escaping air, in the process of getting valve closed. I think it would have been wise to incorporate some sort of stop of escaping air valve instead of the wide open valve you incorporated it this.

Loved the weight and size, and spec to spec with other brands, just seemed like a no brainer. Used slightly for maybe 10 nights until it developed a slow leak along a seam; morning I'm sleeping on the ground without any padding. Returning tomorrow, sadly. Seemed like a perfect product and disappointed I've got to find another pad to replace it with. Oh well....

Purchased two of this item - one is still good but the other went flat on its 5th night in Faroe Islands in middle of nowhere. A hole near the welds - and 5 additional so far, all of them I patched during the night but still leaking. All the issues with the welds on upper side. Sleeping on cold ground in the tent is not fun, even inside the warmest sleeping bag.

Used this pad for several trips, and it performed well until maybe a dozen uses in. It started leaking air slowly around the inflation valve, which isn't really a patchable area. Leak was slow at first and would be half inflated by morning, I ended up returning it. Not sure if mine was a fluke, but I will be trying a new pad next. My last inflatable pad lasted well over a 100 nights before there were any issues, and it was less than half the price of this one, though it had a lower r-value (klymit static v, highly recommended).

This sleeping pad is comfortable if you're lucky enough not to have leaks. Turns out the design/quality of the product isn't all there. In between the little baffles where it's pressed in isn't always a perfect seam because that exactly where air apparently likes to leak from. I've counted and patched 9 different spots where small leaks have occurred. The holes are not visible and not from direct use meaning I didn't accidentally make any holes from using it. It's almost like the seem press was not up to par in some patches on the pad. Didn't last more that a handful of sleeps and it's already been patched 9 times! Very comfy at first when full of air but bad design or bad quality! Even after patching up and holds air (for now) it's unreliable for the trails.

I've had about 5 or 6 pads throughout the years. For the compact-ability and weight, this is bar none the best I've used. It's narrow, but if you don't move a lot while sleeping (flailing around like my wife...which is why I've had 10% of the bed for most of my marriage...which maybe has trained me to sleep straight as an, this got personal....) then this is a must have for either car camping or backpacking. It provides ample cushioning and you don't feel the ground when you shift from one side to the other.

I have had a few other pads in the past. This one is by far the best. As long as I was laid out on it I could feel nothing under me (rocks, roots, etc.). If I sat on it or put a knee on it then I could feel the ground. With other pads in the past even laying down I could feel my hip touching the ground. This is a great improvement. Also, unlike many store stuffed products, this folds and rolls up easily and goes back in its bag with no problems; same size as in the store. I am a picky, fussy sleeper and camper; just getting back into camping after a break of some years. This pad is a very pleasant surprise. Also, it has no internal self inflating mechanism, but only takes about 10 deep breaths (take your time and don't get light headed) and it is full.

I couldn't believe how comfortable this was the first time I tried it out. Extremely comfortable and light, and I believe one of the best R-values for the weight. I purchased the long wide because I sleep like a starfish, the only downside is that it takes quite a few breaths to fill it up. I found a regular size for $20 bucks at a garage sale (patched the hole and its fine) and it's much easier to fill up.

Total dog doodoo. I wish I could give it zero stars. Avoid this thing like the plague. The way it is constructed results in the material rips at the baffle seams every time it is inflated and used. I don't mind patching a hole now and then, I've gotten a few great sleeping pads from garage sales, patched them up and reveled in the savings - but you can't even get through the night without it ripping a new hole. I can't believe REI would put out such a poorly design piece of gear. There are bound to be a ton at the REI garage sales with this issue, avoid them so you don't end up with a worthless piece of fabric you can't return like me. Hopefully you decide to read the reviews before you buy one too. With the design issues I can't believe they would try to resell them.

Added as a replacement for an older flash series. This one packs smaller is lighter and makes less noise when moving. While it is a half inch thinner it still does a great job keeping you off the ground. Air release valve is at the end of the pad and allows for quick deflation while rolling up. This is a great pad

Spent the last 14 nights on this pad, I was worried having read all these reviews about them being susceptible to pinholes. But I can tell you I haven’t gone out of my way to baby it, even laid down with my boots on it, And so far it is doing a wonderful job holding air. So with durability out of the way, the comfortability and size of this pad ( I’m 6’2, 200 pounds) is fantastic which when you’re sleeping out doors for multiple days is a game changer in terms and morale and general health. Highly recommend this pad

I had hopes of some awesome night of magical sleep on this air pad. Realistically, long days of hiking make for great nights of sleep. As a side sleeper this was adequate, my shoulders and hips would ache in the morning. I'm resigned that there may not be a product at my price point that could counter that. Bonus points for it Not being TOO noisy, easy to inflate, easy to deflate, and easy to pack. I have taken this on a four day hiking trip to Isle Royal once and have not had issues of leaks others have mentioned.

Sleeping pad developed pinhole leaks from main fabric after ~1 year of careful use (always slept in tent with ground tarp, never used as a lake float). REI refused to return or repair because the leak was not from the seams. I expect REI products to last longer and be of higher quality than this sleeping pad.

this is a tough review to write. I've used this pad on at least 4 different backpacking trips: one in RMNP, and a few in the high country of Arizona, with temperature lows ranging from 20-50 degrees. when coupled with a 15 degree bag, it was great --when it held air. I love everything about this pad. it is simple, lightweight, warm, and comfortable. The only problem is that after my last trip, it developed a substantial leak at the valve that was irreparable with my patch kit, and ultimately left me on the ground shortly after inflating. After reading other reviews it appears this problem isn't isolated to me. I returned this pad and went with a sea to summit pad (the brand this pad is mirrored after). If REI can resolve this minor issue then this pad would be a awesome!

Long wide version failed on a backpacking trip first night. Used the whole roll of duck-tape and kept finding more unrelated holes .. after 5 holes ran out of duck-tape (used it very heavily due to the shape of the pad) and had to sleep on the branches from a pine tree at 30F for 4 nights. Thanks REI

Blow the pad up, you'll notice it shrink from 90+" to the size it's supposed to be.

I admit I'm a restless sleeper but this pad made so much noise I finally let the air out and slept on the ground to allow my wife and I some peace and quiet under the stars. Otherwise it was comfortable enough. Shipping back to REI (another return at my expense since no stores within 200 miles)

Finally got to use this mattress and woke up 2hrs after climbing in the tent to find myself flat on the ground :(. Spent the rest of the night waking up about every hour to inflate it again. Stuck it in the lake the next morning and found there’s a leak at one of their “efficient welds” a few inches from the edge of the pad. Gave up and slept on the ground the rest of the trip. Also noticed while rolling it up that some of the insulation was starting to come out the deflate port.

It's a great pad in that it's cheap, compressible, warm, and comes in a wide option (for stomach sleepers like me), but the outer fabric is just too thin—after babying it for a year (never using it outside a tent) it started leaking air through a few micro-abrasions that can't be patched.

This pad feels pretty good. It provided reasonable warth and insulation. The reason I only gave it 2 stars is because it is LOUD. It sounds like someone is walking on a crickled up tarp all night long or through dead leaves. I always knew it was loud but last trip my buddy used one as well and from 25 feet away, in my own tent...him rolling around on the pad and the crickling sound woke me up on numerous occasions. When you sleep in the woods a lot you tent to wake when you hear footsteps. Well...this sounds enough like leaves crackling that it woke me up. I am going back to my closed cell foam and hope that anyone I backpack with doesn't use this pad. Also....not a good pad if you had dogs. Mine popped first use but I repaired it because it was my dog and not bad design.

My wife just used it for a two week camping trip and she was totally happy with it. (And she is not an easy customer as far as camping is concerned) The pad is super easy and fast to blow up (especially compared to my thermarest) It's amazing how little air you need for this mat. I love that you have a valve for blowing up and one for letting the air out; makes both procedures way, way easy. We where on a sandy island with lots of dust: no wear or tear to see so far. I am gonna buy it again for my son.

I just took this sleeping pad on a summer mountaineering trip. Tent was pitched on snow for two nights in high 30s temps and I slept very comfortably. Compared to my old pad, which was the self-inflating type with some foam inside it, this one is warmer, lighter, more comfortable, and packs in about 1/3 the space. For all that improvement, and assuming it doesn't get any leaks, it is a great value. Also, although it is not self-inflating, it only take about 12-15 breaths to fill it to a good level.

I used this pad for a week long camping trip. The pad did great on the trip - it was very light and very comfortable. After the trip, I noticed that the weld around the inflation valve was corroded and leaking significantly. This pad has a very short lifespan.

I got this because my Big Agnes started losing air while we were in the Grand Canyon. My daughter had this one and really liked it. Unfortunately, I didn't use until this past weekend and it was flat by morning...not flat with a little air - all the way flat!

This pad developed leaks after only a few uses. I previously had the non-"insulated" version (which REI discontinued) which also leaked after a few uses. It's honestly a great pad until it leaks, then it's useless. Taking this back to my local REI today.

I bought this pad at the anniversary sale for a great price. When I used it the first 2 nights it performed wonderfully. Then the 3rd night it leaked on me. Thank god I had a back up pad or I would've been on the solid ground all night! If it didn't leak with the minimal use this product would be amazing. Cause when it was inflated, it was super comfortable. I was not rough on the pad at all and even had another foam pad underneath. I hope REI can fix this problem going forward with newer models

I bought the Regular Wide (which is apparently 72 inches in length. Unfortunately, I opened it up and it seemed way too long, so I measured it. Tape measure comes to 90 inches in length. What an unbelievable failure of quality control.

it was comfy until it started to leak and left me on the cold hard ground. hopefully I can return this for store credit or something pretty disappointing usually the REI brand is pretty good. I would get a different pad next time.

I've spent two months with it hiking on the Appalachian Trail and it got wet, muddy, and trampled on by a dog once and it's still kicking. Works for side sleeping. It also packs down pretty small which is great. Highly recommend

I wish I could give this less than one star.

I was packing for a hike on the AT and needed to drop some weight and make room in my pack. I just bought a Therma Rest Trail Light Pro and it was just too bulky and heavy "2.8lbs", so I went to REI and they had only 1 Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad Long in stock, it was a display model. This pad was 1/2 the pack size and 1/2the weight "1.4lbs" of the Therma Rest. I was glad I did. Easy to set up and put away. Not self inflating, but 1 had no issues blowing in about 25 puffs to inflate.

We have been using this for 10 days and already have two flats, it's very hard to fix, we have tried with 3 different repair kits (thermarest, tear-aid, park tool bike patches) and none of them is working.

I'm (apparently) a sucker for punishment and my backpacking trips usually involve 25+ daily miles, most of them exhausting and brutal. The only thing I need to endure the suck is a good night's rest. This air pad is extremely comfortable due to the baffling setup, the thickness is good and, most importantly, it's quiet(!) unlike some others I've tried or been subjected to by proximity. I haven't had the weld leak issues described by others but hey... that's why you buy things from REI.

Recently took this camping with me to the Guadalupe Mountains. This pad kept me warm and comfortable. I have the wide regular and I am 6'0" and 190 lbs. length and width were fine. The only word of caution is on the thickness. If you're a big guy like me and a side sleeper, the pad can be thin in places. I could feel the ground through the pad in my shoulder area when on my side. BUT it wasnt enough to keep me from sleeping fine. Also, the weight and packing size of this pad is great!

I originally purchased this sleeping pad by the recommendation of an REI employee and was surprisingly disappointed... It would slide out from under my sleeping bag, the bottom was tapered (which I didn't think much of since my bag is as well, BIG MISTAKE), and I could feel every bump from the honeycomb texture underneath... After a night backpacking, and one more test night on my bedroom floor, I exchanged this for the REI Stratus Pad and am SO impressed with the positive difference.

I have been increasingly impressed with REI's products as of late, and the flash pad is now my new favorite gear item. I treated myself to a "real" backpacking pad earlier this summer and bought one of Nemo's insulated pads. However, after a few test runs, I was unsatisfied with the pad's comfort levels, as well as the insane amount of breaths it took to fill. So I exchanged it for the flash pad as well as a pump sack. The pump sack and flash pad combo was a big selling point for me and it was actually both cheaper than my previous set up and much more convenient to use. As for the pad, I was impressed by its incredible price and corresponding specs (R value, weight, packed size, etc.). I have now used the pad on several weekend trips and a week of backpacking in Emigrant north of Yosemite. Even though the thickness is only 2", its comfort level is quite impressive. For example, the cell/baffling design makes it much more comfortable than the 3.5" Nemo pad I previously used. I'm generally a side sleeper and my hips and shoulders have also had no problems sleeping on this guy. Can't recommend it enough.

I just finished the Eagle Rock Loop with this pad and I have to admit I had high expectations. For the pros, I love how wide and long my pad is. I never rolled off it throughout the course of using it. I had previously had a thermorest xlite, and I had my arms hanging off of it (and the sound wasn’t any better). The one con that I have, and sums up my night sleeping, was it was pretty terrible keeping me insulated off the ground. I slept cold all night with my EE 30 degree bag(which I’ve used down into the 20s as I’m a warm sleeper) and the temps overnight were low 40s. I’ll keep the pad for above 50s camping, but it’s a huge disappointment considering there were a number of reviews I’d read for colder temps. As a side note the REI pump works, but be prepared to spend some time filling the pad up.

After a long day.....the REI Flash insulated Air Pad is a must have, definitely sweet and amazing, was ready for the day in the morning. Flash Pad = Solid Sleep with full Comfort

I bout this pad two weeks ago, and after having the chance to use it, I was in love with the comfort, effortless set up, and simple put away. Definitely worth it. Thank you, REI!

If you move around when you sleep, you camp mates my be a bit irritated. It crackles fairly loud when you roll over or shift. My backpacking budding has noticed it a lot.

Purchased this to reduce some weight in my pack. Just completed 5 days in Grand Canyon with new purchase and extremely happy. Paired up with my Therm-a-Rest Z Lite foam pad for an excellent nights sleep. This pad is easy to inflate and most importantly easy to evacuate ALL the air each morning. Pad packs down easily for minimal pack space needs. Also a quiet pad. As a side sleeper and even stomach sleeper this pad met my needs. Looking forward to next trek with the REI Flash.

We bought two of these for a mountain trip in Canada. When we blew them up one didn't hold air for more than 30 minutes! 10 days with no sleeping pad. Not cool!

Like everyone else is saying, pinholes galore. Was great on a few weekend trips with Scouts, but after owning it for 18 months it's unusable.

Large number of welds have begun to leak over time. This is a manufacturing defect and not use related. Cannot keep up with patching all of them. Luckily I am was able to return within the 1 year warranty. Typically huge fan of REI brand gear. This was the first one to fail me. Hopefully they remove this product from stores based on users experience to date. Don't worry - I still love you REI.

Used this pad for two seasons. Very comfy and light, but don’t be fooled. There is a major flaw in these. Weak point when the baffles are welded together. Have patched twice and lost all confidence. I take care of my equipment. These are NOT puncture holes. REI only warrants for 1 year. Expect more from a pad and company. Won’t take to the wilderness without a patch kit. Probably will buy a real brand next time, soon. I have Thermatru pads much older and no problems.

Used this for about two months now. No flats, surprisingly I liked it more than all the other more expensive brands a stomach sleeper. I did use a thin foam pad I keep around as a back up in areas like the desert to ward off spikes. I had pro deals on most of the other pad brands but this is actually the one that tickled my fancy the most when I tried them in person. What really did it for me was how easy this one was to roll up compared to the other inflatables.

I purchased this mattress a few months ago, blew it up before my trip and everything seemed in order. Fifth night on Santa Cruz Island a pinhole developed near one of the welds and wouldnt hold air for longer than 15 minutes. Meanwhile my 25 year old Thermarest guidelite is still going strong. Sorry REI. With all of the other poor reviews stating the same leak at the weld, it may be time to take this one back to the drawing board. I cannot recommend this product.

Pro: Compact and light weight


The sleeping pad is does not adequately retain air.

Poor quality. slow leak. EVEN WORSE CUSTOMER SERVI

I took off on a two month backpacking trip with this pad—and it lasted 8 days. Got a leak on the edge of the waffle weld, which I patched and found another leak the following night, and the next, and the next, all in new places, all at the edge of the waffle welds. I inflate with lungs and used it on soft ground with a ground cover. No reason this pad shouldn't last more than a week. While it worked it was very comfortable, lightweight, and rolls down small.

I used this pad for most of the summer on trips from New Zealand to Corsica & Iceland. At first, I loved this pad. Compact, easy inflate / deflate, warm, and ultra comfortable. However, about 20 nights in, I woke up on the ground. I re-inflated, hoping it was just a faulty closure of the valve, but woke up on the ground 4 hours later once more. I carefully inspected the exterior and found no rips, tears, or holes. I was eventually able to isolate the leak to a small section of the stitching inside one of the chambers. It was literally microscopic- like the air was coming right through the fabric. I tried patching to no avail.

I have used this twice now, last October for 3 nights in the Gila Wilderness, and again in November for 4 nights on a hunting trip in the San Juan NF. At 33 years old and having used foam mattresses my whole life, I decided to make a change towards comfort, away from my trusty Thermarest SoLite. I suffered a 3 oz weight penalty, but gained so much more: easier to fit into pack/more streamlined pack exterior, better insulation, and better comfort while sleeping. On both trips, the temperatures dropped below freezing every night, on the hunting trip in November it was regularly in the mid 20°s Fahrenheit. With my Marmot Hydrogen bag, I noticed no cold rising up through the pad. If anything, my back and sides felt too warm! I am a side sleeper and I was able to get great sleep on all nights. My typical set up is a floorless ultralight teepee or tarp, with a tyvek ground sheet. I had zero issues with punctures or abnormal deflation. I like that there are two valves, one for inflation, one for deflation. I find it very easy to set up and pack away.

I got this a little under 1 year ago, and after 5 days of my first backpacking trip with it, it had a hole in it that caused it to deflate completely in an hour or so of lying on it. I was storing it properly in its container each night and otherwise doing reasonable things to take care of it. The hole was not in a place where it was likely to happen from an external puncture - it was in the seam of one of the indentations. I eventually was able to patch the hole (although it was difficult because of the location and material), but the very next time I used it other holes sprung up in other seams. Although I'm terrible at sleeping outside, and this did help (was more comfortable than previous pads I've used), I'm switching to a less comfortable foam pad because I don't want to take that risk of it popping while I'm in the backcountry.

I've used this pad about 8 times over the past year and the last two trips out it developed leaks at the welds and would go flat every 30 mins. 1 hole the first trip, now 2 holes this last trip. It is now out of warranty and in the trash, unfortunately. The quality is low and there is something wrong with the way they manufacture them. Save yourself the headache and buy something with better quality and warranty from Thermarest or Sea to Summit.

I've slept on this pad for 5 nights on the floor of my van and the first few nights were great. Very comfortable for a 5"3 120 lb human.. By the third night, I noticed air slowly leaking, and on the fifth night air wouldn't hold for more than an hour. I blew it up the next morning and sprayed it with a hose to find the holes and surely enough the welds were leaking. This is clearly due to the product since I was sleeping on a very clean surface.

I find the pad super comfortable and warm. It is lightweight and compact. I would give it five stars if not for the leaks. The Sea to Summit repair kit has worked well.

Its a very nice and comfortable air pad, when it works. It start to leak after about 25 night on it. In the beginning I needed to add air one time at night, then 2 times. Not happy about that. I don't like the REI orange color, a more nature friendly color is to prefer. I hope REI will address this problem with the weak welding. As backpacker you can't get to the store and get a new one. We have to trust the product, not letting us down.

This product had multiple air leaks the fourth day of my three week JMT backpacking trip. Poor design concept with inferior quality. Air valve design similar to those found on inexpensive pool toys. I have been an REI member since the seventies and have watched the quality of REI products decline over the years. Either make a commitment to better quality name products or become just another big box retailer. Very disappointed with this item.

Picked up two of these for my son and I to use this past week. I spent 6 nights on mine in a tent and he used his in a hammock. I’m a side sleeper and no issues, no hip pain and did not hit the ground. Very quiet and cozy. I slept directly on mine with my bag over me like a quilt and it was fine on my skin. Temps ranged from low 50’s to mid 60’s and no ground chill. Seams held and no deflation over night. All in all a great air mattress!!!

I bought this sleeping pad and spent 16 days on the trail with it and, unfortunately, it did not hold up very well. This pad is relatively light weight but sacrifices durability. Camping on well established sites, it still sprung multiple leaks and even after patching them up the leaking did not completely end. Also, I found the the one way valve would become unseated a lot of the time and was unreliable in preventing back flow of air.

Recently purchased and used for a camping trip. Previously only had a closed foam sleeping pad under my sleeping bag so this air sleeping pad is AMAZING!! I am a large man (6-2, 275+lbs) and a side sleeper so I wasn't sure how well the Air sleeping systems would work for me. I tried multiple sleeping pads at REI's store and found this one to fit me best. I was camping in California so the lows for the night were in 40s and I have a standard rectangle sleeping bag I've had for ages not sure of the rating. We were car camping this trip so I brought along the closed foam pad and placed it under the Co-op flash. Since I was sleeping a little bit hot on the first night I ended up unzipping my bag and ran into issue when I would switch positions. It was the middle of the night when I came up with the idea of trying to sleep just on the pad and use my bag as a giant blanket. It was perfect! The next night when getting everything ready for bed I zipped up only the first 1/4 of the sleeping bag and then turned it zipper side down so I could stuff the co-op flash inside of the zippered section (keep my feet warm and secure) and use the rest of my sleeping bag a blanket style laying on just the Air sleeping pad (closed foam still under it as well) and it was best night of sleep I've had in a long time. Better then my actual bed at home. This pad will keep you warm and comfortable for whatever positions you sleep in. I would highly recommend this product.

for the price I was hoping for a lot more. had to re-inflate in the middle of the night. Was not that easy to inflate (granted I was tired from a long hike) on the very first night of use... I did keep it inflated for the first few nights of ownership but its not like i had any help in inflating.

So I've only taken it out once on a three day hiking trip so still a lot of room for it to fail, but first impressions are fantastic. Comfortable for side, back, or stomach sleepers. I was expecting more noise as I move around (I do that alot) but hardly hear anything. I got the long but I really didnt need it so I will be buying the regular and putting this one to the side when I want to rangle a friend to came hiking with me.

I have never had a small pad like this, Ive only ever used self inflating thick pads, so I was a little skeptical buying such a small lightweight pad. Especially being 6'4 and 250 pounds. I tried it out in the store and fell in love with it. The extra long and wide pad fits me perfectly. Since I bought it I have been camping a 4-5 times and I love it, I have never bottomed it out or had it go flat. Highly recommend for the price

I originally bought the women's flash pad, and was fairly satisfied. It sprung a leak after about 2 months, so I exchanged it. There was only the men's version left, and it is leagues better than the women's. Much comfier and more stable to sleep on. Generally satisfied by the sleeping pad- it's lightweight, easy to inflate, and very comfortable. My only concern is that it might go flat again as quickly as the last one did.

Enjoyed the pad for 11 months in all different type of weather from 30 to 90 degrees and held up. Always used in a tent, cleaned after, always well taken care of. I'm a side sleeper and I found it to be okay, overall happy with the thickness. However, out of nowhere the pad deflated while in the Grand Canyon. The leak was at the valve and so I couldn't repair it to avoid the cold ground. If the valve held up, I'd keep it.

I’ve only had this pad for 6 months, and it has had multiple leaks at the welds. I take very good care of my gear — I have inflatable pads from another manufacturer that I have owned for more than 25 years that are still in great shape. However, I decided to try the Flash pad to get a lighter and less bulky pad than the ones I’ve used for many years. But this turned out to be a terrible purchase, definitely not worth it.

I love this sleeping pad. Had been using the same one for almost 10 years and finally needed a lightweight upgrade. The technology is so awesome now and this price was unbeatable. An REI employee swore by this pad when I was browsing in the store, and I couldn't be happier. Slept like a baby the first two nights I tried it out, both in a car and a tent. Can't wait to take this on more backpacking trips this summer.

Exchanged my thermarest light for this pad a day before my Yosemite trip to hike half dome as suggested by a friend who recently purchased this pad. So glad I followed their advice and have no regrets! This pad is WAY smaller and much lighter and more compact than most pads, it's also super comfortable for side sleepers! Everyone in my backpacking crew was super jealous of my pad, and I couldn't recommend it more!

Was looking for another lightweight pad where I could use a Snozzle for blowing up my pad, this one did the trick. Previous pad worked with a snozzle but I always had a hard time trying to stay on the thicker, less wide mattress and getting it to the right hardness. This pad works much, much better for me. Being wider I have more room to roll in my Quilt. Being almost an inch less thick made it easier to throw on the quilt and to stay on the mattress Tried another brand before this one, returned it because of how much time it took to deflate. This pad was much quicker and easier. Which is important since I use a 1 man tent where room and time to roll and unroll are at a premium, something I put to the test on a 25 miler doing the Lost Coast Trail in California. Read other reviews about pin holes. None after the first trip, but then again I was sleeping in a tent on the sand.

Very disappointed with this pad in the back-country given Gear Lab review. I could feel the rocks on the ground, which caused pressure points on shoulders and hips. Tossed and turned all night even with an additional I'm 52, 135 lbs, and have had two shoulder surgeries. It did not insulate as well as my old, but heavy, BA Insulated Air pad. Perhaps if you are young and Gumby this would be a great, light pad.

Recently went on family (4 total including 2 teens) back country trip in Yellowstone. Needed new air pads, bought 4 (2 reg and 2 reg-wide) of these at store after teens lying on several for comparison. Various terrain for our tents at 3 different locations and elevations in the park; very comfortable, no leaks, slept great - temps at night ranged from low 60s - 30s including frost. All good. I recommend.

I purchased this for a trip out to PNW. I really wasn’t that impressed with the pad. It was easy to blow up, deflate, and roll back up and return to the carrying bag. But as for sleeping I didn’t really feel like it provided me too much support. I could still feel little pebbles and dips in ground. It’s a little noisy when you move around. I prefer a firmer pad, so for me it just wasn’t a real good fit.

I've owned this pad for over a year now, I'm 6'1" and 190lb. I've taken this pad into pine forests and rocky deserts. This pad has not had any problems with leaking despite this being my replacement pad for 3 other pads that have previously failed in the same environments. It's also important to note that this pad has a respectable R rating, so it will pair well with the new ultra light down quilts.

I have used this on 4 separate backpacking trips(14 nights total). I am 160 lb side sleeper. This pad has changed my experience in the woods, it is that comfortable. In the past I always used a Z-lite. Let me speak to the durability as I knock on wood. I have had no problems with it at all. My dog has been with me the entire time and he has walked on it numerous times while it was inflated with no problems. On a trip to PA. I stayed in some Adirondack shelters and I laid this down right on the wood floor and slept on it for 2 nights. In hind sight after reading some reviews I probably would of put my footprint down underneath it just to be safe. When you sit on the pad it is not comfortable but once you lay down it is amazing how your weight is distributed. I would highly recommend this pad. Based on some reviews I'm going to bring a patch kit but again I have not had those issues.

I like this pad. I’ve only used it on a few trips so far (I have the reg wide). I sleep really well on it. I have used other pads that are more comfortable, but weigh a lot more. I have used pads that weigh less, but are very uncomfortable. This pad is a good compromise between weight comfort price and durability. I bought a second one for my wife. I use the 2oz Schnozzel to inflate it - works great.

I spent five nights on it last fall in the rockies and it worked great but this spring I went down to Utah and on my second night it went flat. Couldn't find a hole anywhere to patch so something inside must have failed as it wouldn't hold air for more than an hour. Thankfully I was able to return it. First REI brand product that I've purchased that has failed me. My tent and sleeping bag are great.

I've had/used this pad for exactly 14 months, with what i'd call "mild to medium" use. It already has 3 holes in very difficult-to-patch places where the two sides seem to be glued together, but since i'm *barely* a year out of their so-called "100% satisfaction guaranteed" warranty, they won't replace it. Very disappointed in this product, and the company's unwillingness to back up their brand.

I bought the pad before I read reviews. After shopping at REI for 45 years, I have learned to trust the REI brand. I have a great REI flash pack, REI Halo sleeping bag, and REI tent. After purchasing this pad, I read the reviews and saw many complaints about leaks at the weld/seams. I should have returned it then. I used it for 3 nights last summer without a problem. I just returned from a 10 day backpacking trip in the Sierra and the pad got a leak on day 2. The leak was at the weld, so I used patch and glue that came in the repair kit then added a tenacious tape patch over the top after it dried. I was careful not to over-inflate the pad. It worked for 3 nights then got another leak. On an otherwise great backpacking trip, I spent two long nights on the hard ground after long days of hiking. I have to agree with all of the many negative reviews. There seems to be poor quality control on these pads. This is very uncharacteristic for an REI product.

Don’t waste your money. Tried this sleeping pad in the store and it was great, bought two and took them camping and both pads were completely deflated in a few hours of sleeping. Patched a few areas, seemed to help but they both still leek air like seives. Super disappointed. Love REI gear, but there are a super let down.

cute design and idea, but this product is not ready to be sold. I used it once, with a foam pad, and tarp underneath, and it developed a leak. The in-valve system is good in theory but not in practice, it did not work properly several times. For the single night it was fully inflated it was comfortable, and is very light.

Was skeptical at first with how light it was but it was worth every penny. Easy to inflate and so much more comfortable than my Alps air pad. I shift sleeping positions regularly and this pad worked great for side, back or stomach. Have read some issues with pin holes and will watch out for that but so far so good.

I am a short 5'1" restless side sleeper, gearing up this year. I purchased this in a regular length and returned it as I wasn't thrilled (thanks REI one year!). Comfort was just . . . ok. Didn't bottom out side sleeping. Good weight at 15 oz (my replacement which is lime green and comes from a Big competitor is the same weight, but 66' rather than 72"), but even with the longer length for the REI Flash Insulated, I rolled off it because I am a flip flopper and the foot is mummy shaped. (My new one is rectangular which gives me lots of room to flop around). This is less noisy according to other reviewers than for instance the Sea to Summit, but my nearby tent mates (not in the same tent) nicknamed me "Crinkles". (My new pad is still noisy but less so). Besides the weight advantage to this, the cost was better than my new pad (but the higher cost is worth it to me). Slept some in colder temps around 40 in this and didn't feel cold. Would I recommend it to a friend? Maybe.

Very first impression: I place the item on my scale before even trying it out...the regular is 15.8 by itself without the stuff sack. Thanks REI.

Very lightweight and packs small. Easy to inflate/deflate. Was a little "slick" with my bag and a little noisy but very comfy even when sleeping on side, slept on an exposed hillside in a major downpour and definitely kept the damp and cold away, great price - the noise trade off well worth it for the comfort!

I was hesitant in going for a thinner pad after enjoying the sleeping benefits of thicker UL inflatables. But so far so good. Sleeps comfortably, and this is important with pad size this thickness, you can sleep on your side comfortably! Saved s few bucks (call it 40%-50%) vs more expensive Gucci UL pads too.

I purchased the Flash, Airail, and Therma Rest camp something, the Therma rest because it was 30 inches wide. Im over six feet, broad shoulders and didnt want my arms on the ground. The width was fine but not for backpacking. It was comfortable enough so I tried the Airail. This too was comfortable although only 25 inches wide but it was packable. This was comfortable enough too. Both self inflating which is what I wanted. Then tried the flash. Much more comfortable than the previous two. The bubbles provided good support, no bottoming out when I got settled and most importantly I didnt feel like I was sleeping on a downhill slant like I did with the other two. Its true, 10 breaths or so and its ready to go. I am very happy with this product, good R rating good weight, good size for my body. I think Im a side and stomach sleeper and maybe back sometimes, Im asleep so dont really know. I have tried mattresses with horizontal baffles and veruy much prefer this style.

Went to Isle Royale National Park for four nights of backpacking. Bought the Flash and tested at home, all seemed fine however after hiking to our first campsite, I pitched the tent, and blew up the pad. Then went down to the bay to make dinner. Upon arrival, the pad was flat. It was a slow leak. Super bummed.

This is the second version of this pad I've had to return because of a leak. The previous iteration lasted almost 3 weeks of trail use. This one lasted less than a week before developing a slow leak (had to be inflated every 90 minutes all night). It was placed on top of a CCF pad on carefully selected ground.

I have been using this pad with a dense foam pad upper it, and it works fine. On my last trip I did not had the foam pad so this pad was directly on the cold Alaska/Yukon October ground...I did not sleep well. The insulation in the pad was not up to the job...from now on I will mack sure to bring both pads!!!

I bought this for a seven day 110 mile hike through the Shenandoah Valley and it served me well even though I'm a side sleeper. Recommend getting a pump to go with it. Other reviews said it's loud if you toss and turn, but I didn't think this pad was any louder than the others being used by fellow hikers.

This is a great pad, too bad the construction doesn't hold up to minimal use. If it doesn't hold air, none of the other features matter! I have now had two of these pads fail at the waffle welds, which is simply poor construction. One lasted a year of mild use, the other lasted two nights before failing.

We've used a pair of the regular sized pads on several tent camping trips and so far we've experience no holes or other negatives listed in some of the reviews. I like how quiet this pad is compared to a much pricier brand I've used in the past. Easy to blow up and deflate. Quite comfy. Would buy again.

I've only used it a few times but very comfortable and worm. Probably too worm for summer camping in my area. (South Louisiana). I've heard of others finding holes early on with this pad but so far I've had none. I bought this pad because I could get a 25" wide regular length for a little over $120

Just got the pad yesterday after ordering it online. My first impression was that it packs down small, like thermarest neo air small, which is a huge plus in my book. This pad is replacing my old Big Agnes Double Z. The REI flash has a better R value and is made of a less slippery material. My main gripe with the BA was the thickness and the packed size. At almost 4 inches when inflated it felt more like a pool float and if you roll off at night you know it immediately. On top of that it takes 10x as long to inflate as the flash. The flash is thinner and will bottom out when sitting or kneeling, but when laying down it works wonderfully, the air cell technology makes the whole pad feel like it is supporting the same amount of weight and is very comfortable. I got the regular size and it is more than enough length wise, I didn't see the need for the wide version. I think the flash should keep me happy, and at only 100$ compared to neo air and sea to summit at 150 my wallet likes it too!

Bought this a few weeks ago and took it out for three nights on the AT. Used it once in a lean-to and twice in a tent. Was very comfortable, not noisy and warm enough on 38 degree nights. Very easy to inflate and deflate and packs up pretty easily. Overall very please with the product and the price.

Poor craftsmanship. I just came from the garage where I finally threw this thing in the garbage can. I bought this pad a year ago and have had it on multiple trips. After patching 4 pin holes at the interior welds I'm done with it. I never used it outside my tent and take good care of my gear.

After years of putting my sleeping bag on the gym floor at the Hilly Hundred bike ride in Ellettsville IN, I finally caved in and bought this air sleeping pad. Just thick enough so I can sleep on my side and have my hips not hit the floor this allowed me to rest wonderfully. Glad I bought it

Blowing this up with your mouth is a little strange but is well worth the weight. It super light and also deflates easily when desired. I can lay on my side and it is still comfortable. Little slippery for restless sleepers like myself who can find themselves spun around and only on half.

Used this on several camping trips over the last several months. My favorite thing is the way the baffling is designed. I'm a side sleeper an and so most air filled sleeping pads don't do much at the pressure points of shoulder and hip, but his pad actually still supports in those areas!

After using it about 10 to 15 times, tiny pin holes developed throughout it. I patched up about 12 of them until I gave up and slept the next two nights on the ground for the remainder of my 6 day trek. Not as dependable as what it used to be and I believe there is a manufacturing flaw.

We bought two of these for our AT Section Hike. On night husband's went flat. We stopped at an outfitter who tried to repair it and it went flat 15 minutes after the repair and had to buy a new pad. Two nights later...mine went flat. I should have believed in the reviews.

Hiked thru the Sierra Nevada last Sept.for 20 days. Needed a light pack. This one definately solved that requirement. It worked perfectly. It was both light and stayed inflated. I am 5 ft 7 in and a little under 200 lbs and it was comfortable sleeping on my back as well as on my side.

My boyfriend and I purchased these sleeping pads for our weekend camping adventures and this past weekend was our first time using them and we both agreed, it was our best 2 nights of sleeping we've ever had. We didn't wake up all sore in the morning, it was like sleeping on a cloud.

I cannot adequately review this insulated sleeping pad because I haven't used it outside while on a trip. However, we inflated it and put it on our kitchen floor then lay down on it. My husband thought it was so comfortable and for such a great price that he ordered one for himself.

This is very light weight and rolls up very compactly. But you don't really want to sleep on this. It is very thin. And narrow. I guess Im used to the roll-up type pads . Maybe this is the state of the art, I don't know but not good enough to sleep. Im older maybe that is it too.

I love this sleeping pad. It is lightweight and small but the "honeycomb" of padding is incredibly comfortable. I am a female side sleeper so I usually have problems with my hips hitting the ground even on a well inflated pad, but not with this one. Would absolutely recommend.

Took this air mattress on a 5 day section hike from Three Forks to Neel's Gap last week and by the 4th day this mattress would not stay inflated thru the night. I don't know what happened but I woke up to the hard ground after hiking 10 miles that day. Not a happy camper!!!

I thought that sore hips was just part of backpacking. My old pad did just fine except I'd have to role over several times a night. I hadn't considered a blow up pad because I thought the effort to blow it up would be obnoxious. I don't know about the other brands but the Flash blows up easily and has provided the best nights sleep I've ever had. It is totally worth it to invest in this pad!!!!

Worked great for the first night. Light weight and compact, I was super excited. Woke up the second morning and I was sleeping on the ground. Checked and saw that the plugs were still sealed. Since I'd had it for a whole of 5 days, I took it back to REI and replaced it with a new one. So far I'm okay with that but only used it once. If it goes flat again I won't be getting another one.

This sleeping pad is almost perfect: it’s light, compact, and effortless to inflate and deflate. Unfortunately, it’s proven to be delicate and prone to punctures. Loving the utilitarian features, I’ve replaced it twice now, in hopes that these punctures were freak accidents. But after two new pads have gotten holes, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth keeping faith in the product...

This sleeping pad is easy to inflate, stays inflated, and packs up into the smallest space imaginable for something so comfortable. I use it for kayak expeditions - and size is an important issue.

Dear outdoor gear makers,

Lasted just over a year with about 20 nights sleeping on it. As so many others have stated, the welds started to fail. After patching the first one, another leak at a different weld started. This cycle continued and after patching 4 welds, I gave up. It is comfortable and easy to inflate and deflate, but I cannot trust this pad now and will be looking for a different brand to buy.

This product is perfect in almost every way for me. It's super comfortable, it's nice and wide, it's light and it packs small. But sadly, it leaks. Small pinholes started showing up after about 12 nights of use. They were so small and numerous that it wasn't worth patching. I ended up returning it. I really want REI to get this figured out so I can buy it again with confidence.

I did a lot of research online before purchasing this one. I bought it for the R value (3.7) at the price and weight and size. I liked it a lot better than the Big Agnes Air Core. It was super easy to inflate and was comfy. I had set up my tent on a rock and a tree root; didn't feel a thing.

I bought this pad and Loved the design which allowed me to sleep in my side more. No puncture issues in a tent or national park shelter. Great space for width. No hooks on it to link to sleeping bag. Also, when filled with air from own breath, it deflated as the night got cooler. Not the fault of the pad but of science. decided to get a sleeping foam pad instead.

After a lot of research on sleeping pads, I was very excited to buy the Flash. After the second use of the mat I found that it was not holding the air properly. When I went home I found one hole, repaired it and it still didn't hold the air. Subsequently, I found two other leaks, and i decided to return the product. I'm very disappointed with the quality of this mat.

I initially purchased an REI air rail, There was something wrong with the valve, that prevented it from closing. REI took the return, no problem. The polite salesperson showed me the flash, and I was sold. Have only used it one time but very comfortable and warm. Lighter, easier to inflate and deflate than the air rail, really nice product, and well worth the price!

The pad is a great size and comfortable. It only takes about 15 breaths to inflate. Packs down to a great size and Is light . The pad is very comfortable and I like to sleep and my side so it supports me very well am even on your back. The honeycomb design is very comfy and warm. I take this on Scout trips and it is great. Highly recommended for scouts and campers

This was an amazingly comfortable sleeping mattress, I was pleasantly surprised by this. I have had many sleeping mats, starting with the good ol' Egg Carton style, to self inflating high end sleeping pads, and a few in between. I am extremely excited to use this going forwards. It is nice and light weight, packs small, and even has some good insulation quality.

I started using this pad and it is not as confortable as I expected. If I had to seat down, and put my hand on the side, it will deflate on that part and I could feel the hard floor underneath. It seems that this is caused because of the very thin material of which is fabricated. On the other side, it is very light and does not add up weight to my backpack.

The pad is a perfect size and weight. I love how nicely it packs down. And when I lay down on the mat in the store, I thought it was pretty super. But after spending nights on it, I can say with confidence that it just isn't that comfortable. It's not terrible, but I prefer my self-inflating Thermarest... which is much heavier and bulkier. So... trade-offs.

Bought this for late season backpack hunting. Tested for leaks before trip and found none. Held air well during trip as well. Pad is quiet, comfortable, and noticeably warmer than big Agnes q core slx. no way is the additional 3 ounces worth the additional $100 cost for an insulated thermarest IMO. I’ll be really happy as long as it keeps holding air

This thing is comfortable, but it makes a ton of noise every time you turn over or move! It drove all of us on the tent crazy. I see that no other reviewers have had this same complaint, so maybe it has to do with the material of my tent floor not liking the fabric of the pad. Our other pads (thermarest and ridge rest) do not have the same issue.

I was a little skeptical of these air pads, however one weekend of camping later I’ve been convinced they do what they’re expected to do. Despite the heat (+90°F until 9pm), I was able to get a decent sleep in on consecutive nights camping in NH.

Light weight product, great for backpacking. held air with out the need to re-inflate through the night. The only thing that bothered me was my hips hurt through out the night. I’m a bony 160lb 5’10” guy who sleeps on his side. Great support while on my back or stomach but the design didn’t adequately support my hips while sleeping on my sides.

This is going to leak air. I got mine and it started leaking very shortly after and I’ve used Gear Aid’s seam grip over every hole I can find. Every time I repair a hole a new one shows up. I’m only 100 pounds so it’s not like I’m putting that much pressure on this thing. Every single “seam” in the baffling is a potential air leak. So annoying.

Purchased earlier this month as an upgrade to my old self inflating pad and love this new 2" thick pad. Used it 3 nights in Colorado mountains with temps only dropping to upper 30's but feel it would easily take you below freezing comfortably. I'm 6 foot tall, 185 pounds and bought the tall wide version. Very easy to inflate and deflate.

Recently used this pad on a 4 day backpacking trip in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Purchased this pad because it is one of the few regular length pads that comes in a wide version (25") so shoulders/arms don't hang off the pad. Very comfortable pad and so far have not experienced any of the "leakage" issues reported by many other owners.

Our family has three of these pads and unfortunately all three of them developed leaks at the welds, all within 1 week of each other. We are very disappointed in the durability of this product. Efforts to patch the leaks were only successful on one of the three products. Seems to be a systematic quality issue that needs to be rectified.

Had this for about a year now. Used in the PNW in the summer, and the Midwest in the Winter. Pros: Comfortable Easy to inflate/deflate Warm Very packable

I used this for 3 months on the Appalachian Trail and was very happy with the comfort and ease of inflation/deflation. However: (1) After a couple months I smelled mold at the inflation/deflation ports, and could see black stuff inside when I held it to the light. I suggest using a mechanical inflator instead of inflating by mouth for extended use. (2) Again after more than 2 months, the one-way valve in the inflation port came out (I guess it fell somewhere into the pad) making inflation a little trickier. It was still usable but after my hike I returned it because of the valve failure. Note: I did replace it with the same pad; overall I was happy with it. I've ordered the REI Stratus pump to go with it; not going to inflate by breath anymore because of the mold issue, which I think would be likely with any breath-inflated pad. The pump is only 2.5oz. I haven't received it yet so can't say how well the pump works. I do like the sleeping pad very much.

I was told by a sales rep that this pad self inflates but the one that I bought didn’t self inflate at all. After blowing up the entire thing myself it completely deflated after a couple of hours of use. The deflated pad did provide insulation from the cold ground and it kept me dry but that’s the only benefit that I experienced.

Carried this for 4 days thru Zion National Park as pad/barrier. It worked really well in the REI hammock and even better on the ground in the absence of trees. I was stayed warm and dry in the back country as well as the campground with this as part of my sleep system. Easy/light enough to carry with no issues. Highly recommend.

Gave this pad to my son as a graduation gift. It failed the second night of his first camping trip using it. Super disappointed. When he took it back to REI, the salesperson helping him said she had the same experience with this pad. There is clearly an issue with the construction of this pad, and REI shouldn't be selling it.

I love this pad. It's durability was not enough for my level of use (A few 2-3 day backpacking trips and developed a slow leak), but it would be great for plenty of people. It's incredibly comfortable, compact, and lightweight. Just know that it's a little fragile. Appreciate REI's return policy, as much as I hated to return.

I bought this pad in May 2017, it leaked after 25 uses (6’1”, 195lbs) on river trips inside a tent that was on sand. Tried to return June 2018, but they stuck with their one year warranty. As a member since the 1970’s this was the first time I had returned anything to REI and probably the last time I’ll purchase from them.

I'm glad I took this car camping first before taking it on a backpacking trip. It does not hold air and I was laying on flat ground 4 hours into the night. I see that other folks had the same problem I will be returning this for sure. Usually, REI brands are quite good!

I bought this to replace a foam pad to reduce bulk and add a little comfort. I tried Thermarest and Sea to Summit pads but this one was lighter and more comfortable than the others. It is a little noisy when turning over at night but quieter than the Thermarest for sure.

Save some weight and still remain comfy with this pad. I love it have my thick insulated Big Agnes comfy yes but took a ton of air to inflate, this pad is really fast to blow up and still nice and comfy. Easy to deflate and roll up best value I can find on a great pad.

Sprug a leak after 3rd use car camping. Didn't even make it to the backpacking part of the trip. Very disappointing. Don't get this one. I'm writing this review as the last of the air escapes from around the patch I put on it. Guess I'm sleeping on the ground tonight.

I have used this pad several times now on backpacking trips, car camping, as well on floors and in hammocks, and it has worked very well each and every time. It is lightweight and very easy to inflate, deflate, and roll back up. For the weight the rvalue is excellent.

I’ve had it for almost 3 years now. Probably 500 miles on it. Still works great to this day. I am 6’4” the long/wife is massive. Probably would jump down to the regular/wide for my next one. I use it mostly with my enlightenment revelations quilt and it works perfect.

I've used it a few times in the last couple months, and it always Inflates and deflates easy enough, and I haven't had any issues with it losing air over night. Small enough to fit inside a mummy bag if you wanted,but Doesn't slide around too much otherwise.

I'll preface this by saying I picked up 2 of these (a regular and a long) at a Garage Sale Event last year. They WERE marked as having leaks, but I figured for the price I'd take a chance. They're just big flat balloons essentially so find the leak(s), patch them, and enjoy. No so fast! I think between the 2 pads I have, conservatively, 3 dozen Seam Grip dots at the hexagon seams. As previous reviewers have stated, it seems new leaks appear with every inflation. It's become sort of a me versus the pad challenge now, but I'm at the point of tossing the 2 in the trash. It appears this is more of a manufacturing problem than a materials problem. Not sure how the pads are "welded" to form the air pockets but it doesn't hold up. Maybe mine are from older production runs and they corrected the problem by now. I will add that I purchased a yellow insulated version of this pad this spring at another Garage Sale to use as a cheap hammock pad. So far it's held up with heavier use than the orange pads with only the original patched leak.

I have had this pad for 2 years now and i really do like it, it supports you in your sleep very well. A couple months ago i had an incident which caused a leak which i have attempted to patch 3 times but there are still other places air is coming out.

I would give this product 0 stars if I could. I've now spent three trips sleeping straight on the ground (in the desert, in the snow, and in a rocky field) because it has broken mid-trip. I treat my sleeping pads just fine, this one is just so flimsy.

Took this on a 4 day backpacking trip. Tuolumne Meadows to Devils Postpile. The nights were around the low to mid 30s and it kept me warm and comfortable. I use a quilt sleep system and I am a side sleeper. The pad kept me warm and was comfortable.

the pad inflated to a very firm feel fairly easy and without a long blow up process, which was nice. however, the inflation and deflating plugs popped off way too easy during the night which let to deflation of the pad and ruining its effectiveness

I just completed 100 miles at the AT under bad weather conditions and this Matt handle everything perfect. Light, confort, and easy to inflate, de inflated, and super easy to pack. I highly recommend this Matt and I will buy another one but wide.

I'm a roller and side sleeper and I have been known to carry a heavy air & foam pad just to be comfortable. This pad was great. I can't comment on it's insulation or long term durability. Great splurge for those that need to cut weight and bulk.

I have used this pad now for close to three years. It’s easy to inflate, deflate, pack up, and use it again on the next trip. I don’t know why it seems to fail so many folks. Maybe check your tent floor before you lie down on it for the night?

Really was lost on the route to go for a sleeping pad. Talked with 2 guys at REI and both of them spoke highly of the pad and today I slept in lower 40s upper 30's giving a trial run and I stayed warm and toasty. Highly satisfied customer

I’m a beginner but after one trip on the ground just in a sleeping bag my hips were killing me. This changed the game and was very comfy. Inflated it one night and it stayed inflated until the next night with only a few breaths to refill.

Usually on my first night sleeping outdoor I fell uncomfortable and have to change position many times during the night. Using this pad, I slept comfortably all night long. It also is very good size and wight for carrying in the field.

Used with a cheap foam pad underneath for protection, these are the best nights sleep I have had in the woods. I am a side sleeper and they really support you. Great product. I have two now, a reg and wide. I really like the wide.

Before I even had a chance to feel how magnificent this lad was, it leaked and I ended up sleeping on a plastic mat. Not very comfortable to say the least. I have had very good experiences with REI branded products until this one.

I have used this for a few months and on a few trips. Worked incredibly well on my backpacking trip through the Tetons. It's is light and comfy as the title says. Blows up pretty quickly and was able to do it easily at elevation.

It's a good, comfortable pad. It inflates easily, rolls up small enough and weighs less than a pound. So far I've used it for fifteen nights over five trips. I typically sleep on my side. No problems with leaks or anything else.

Its everything I wanted in a sleeping pad - light, comfortable, easy to inflate and deflate etc. However after a few times, it started leaking and I couldn't tell from where. Had to return it and got a Sea to Summit instead.

Used this pad for the first time camping this week; I was more comfortable sleeping on this than I was with the air mattress I've used for years. It's lightweight, quick to inflate and deflate, and is compact. Would recommend!

I bought this a month ago to take to Costa Rica for a week-long camping trip. I am a side sleeper but this pad allowed me to sleep soundly and comfortably. I paired it with the Helio Sack 55 and I would certainly recommend it.

After using it 3 times the pad started letting me down. After trying to repair the pad, I tried to take it back only to be reminded that even though its not been used much my 1 year was up. So I now own a leaking cheap pad.

This is the best pad that I slept in but my last night it popped. I could not locate where the pop occurred nor could I fix it. When it popped I was simply laying on it like the previous 5 nights. It was new. I returned it.

Bought this for back country camping in Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, was comfortable at 35F. I'm 5'9 175 and stocky, the wide was more comfortable for me, but still packs very small and light. Great value. Very pleased.

I've tried 2 other big-name expensive sleeping pads and neither of them are near as good as this one. Comfortable for side-sleepers, light and warm. If there's a better pad for twice the price I'd like to see it.

I used for backpacking. It’s light. Wide for my body and evening distributed my weight. Didn’t have lower back issues or shoulder issues on my side. Also had a compact pillow that helped too. Highly recommend.



How loud is this bag compared to Sea to Summit bags and Thermarest ProLite? I have a ProLite and consider it to be quiet. The S2S pads seem quite loud. Would love the pack size, loft, and insulating value of this pad, but I don't want the noise of S2S

I posted this question, and now I'm responding to answer my own question for the benefit of others. I bought the Flash sleeping pad. It is considerably more quiet than the Sea to Summit pads. It's somewhat comparable to the Thermarest ProLite. I'm very pleased with the Flash pad so far and highly recommend it!


First, you are awesome REI. I love that you want happy customers and that you have an affordable in-house brand. That said, please hear us: this pad leaks too easily! REI pads have 35% one-star reviews (all leaks), others are 4-11%. What will you do?

We appreciate your feedback. Our team is always working to improve our sleeping pads.


I usex my flash camping and the one way flow stopper on the inflation valve fell through the housing and down into the air pockets. Is there somwhere I can go to replace the one way inflation apparatus?

We recommend visiting your local REI store location to determine if there is a way to recover the stopper from inside the pad. For a retail location nearest you, click on the link below.


Hi guys, I bought this in 2017 and took to the Marathon des Sables last year. Though I'd used it 20 times in the states, it failed on the first day, with leaks along the seams. Seems like a manufacturing issue so how would I get a replacement or refund?

Sorry to hear your mattress failed. I invite you to review our Return Policy to help you decide how you might like to proceed:


Will the big Agnes pump house ultralight inflation sack work with this pad?

​The Big Agnes Pumphouse Ultra is not compatible with this sleeping pad.


Can I sit on it? Is concentrated booty weight going to wear out different than usual laying flat to sleep? Not as folded or wadded up, just flat pad would be more comfortable than sitting on hard ground inside my tent.

Sitting on one area of the sleeping pad will not wear the pad significantly more than with normal use.

Gator Girl

I have this pad, and love the comfort, size and weight. However, after a 5 day backing trip with friends, they were complaining about how "squeeky" I was during the night. None of their pads made noise when they moved around. Is there a remedy?

​The pad will break in gradually and become quieter.


Is REI planning to produce a rectangle version of this pad?

​As of August 2018, we do not have any plans to design a rectangular version of the Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad.


Is this supportive enough for side sleepers? Could you still feel the ground below you?

​The pad is suitable for side and back sleepers. You can adjust the air volume to maximize the support and comfort.


What is the difference between the flash all season insulated and just the plain flash insulated?

​The Flash All-Season Insulated Air sleeping pad features extra synthetic insulation and multilayer reflective film.


What is the best way to wash the flash 72"?

We have a great article that reviews care and storage. Please open the following link to review this article:


Will the Green Klymit Rapid Roll-Top Air Pump (Flat Valve), work with this REI Co-op Insulated Flash Pad?

This sleeping pad is compatible with the Klymit Rapid Roll-Top Air Pump.


Hi, I have this air pad and I was wondering if there is an air pump/pillow like the Exped that I can use instead of an electric air pump.

​The Exped Schnozzel Pumpbag is compatible with this air pad.


Will the Neo Air Air Trap pump work to fill the REI CO-OP Flash?

​The NeoAir Pump Sack is designed for NeoAir mattresses specifically. Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to test the pump sack on our Flash sleeping pad.


I used my pad all summer while hiking and it is dirty and stinky. How do I clean/deodorize the pad?

​Hand washing or spot cleaning with Nikwax Tech Wash is a great way to clean this pad. After cleaning, hang the pad to dry with all valves open.


bought the pad yesterday to use tomorrow night, but seeing one review of a deflating new pad I thought to blow it up. mine also does not hold air, so I wondered if anyone found a solution besides returning to REI

​We suggest making sure the air release valve is securely closed.


If this pad springs a leak after one year, will REI accept a return or exchange?

Please use the following link to our return policy and limited warranty information:


Maybe a dumb question but how do you pump it up?

This pad can be inflated manually or using the REI Co-op Stratus Sleeping Pad Air Pump.


I have a Kelty Coromell Down 40F sleeping bag which measures 36' x 81" and I need to know which Flash pad do you think would be the best fit for my bag.

​The long and regular size flash sleeping pad fits your sleeping bag just fine.


Can I use this sleeping pad in a 10 year old Therma Rest Chair Kit? 

We're sorry, but that information is not available.


The specs say 20 inches wide for regular and 25 inches wide for wide. What is this dimension? The top part where my torso would be? Or the bottom where my feet would be?

​This spec is measured near where your shoulders will lie on the sleeping pad.

Walkin Joe

Is the inflation valve "one way", holding air in until you blow into it again? Can the air in the pad be "fine tuned" by letting some of the air out thru the inflation valve, which Sea to Summit pads provide?

The inflation valve is one-way, so when you blow into the pad then take another breath it will not lose air. If you would like to remove some of the air from the pad you will have to open the deflation valve to allow some air to escape.


I just received a Flash Sleeping Pad in the mail. It is tagged at a regular, which is spec'd at 72" long. Uninflated, this thing measures 88" inches long. I don't even think that will fit in my bivy sack. What's up with the extra 16"?

​Once the pad is inflated, it will be the proper length.


What is the outside material made of?

The outside material is 30 denier polyester ripstop fabric.


How thick is it? Why is there no 3/4 length?

Fully inflated, this sleeping pad measures 2 inches thick. As of April, 2017 we do not plan to make 3/4 length version.


Will the long and wide version fit in my Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 1 Tent ?

​Yes, the Flash pad, long wide, will fit in the UL1.


How does it compare with the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir All-Season with regards to comfort and ease of inflation (with your mouth)? They seem fairly equal in most other respects.

​Although having different types of valves, both pads are easy to blow up. The Therm-a-Rest NeoAir All-Season has 2.5" of thickness where the REI Flash Air Pad has 2". The extra .5" of thickness and the rectangular shape of the NeoAir may provide a bit more comfort.


does the sea to summit air stream dry sack pump work with the pad?.

The Sea to Summit Jet Stream Pump Sack is compatible with this sleeping pad.


What is the best way to roll up and put back in small bag it comes in? 

Open the deflate valve, lay the pad out flat, fold length wise into thirds. Roll from the foot area, keeping the roll as tight as possible to push any air out. Secure with the hook-n-loop strap.


Will the Sea to Summit Repair Kit work with this pad?

​The Sea to Summit mat repair kit is formulated to specifically work on Sea to Summit surface fabrics.


What is the best way to store this pad when not in use?

The best storage would be laid out flat, uninflated. Under a bed works well. If that isn't possible, leave uninflated, loosely rolled, preferable in a large storage sack.


Is it okay to inflate this by mouth, or do you recommend using a pump sack or other pump to avoid moisture buildup inside?

It is ok to inflate this pad by mouth. If you do, we recommend storing it flat with the valve open, so any moisture will evaporate.


Is there a patch kit available - just in case?

We do have an REI Co-op Sleeping Pad Repair kit available for purchase. You can find it here along with other accessories;

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