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Just got this guy in the mail for my AT thru hike next spring and as it was raining outside, decided to set it up in the living room. I timed myself and it took 7mins to set up, rainfly and all. Thats crazy for right out of the bag. Super easy color coded poles. And Darwin (my beagle/boxer) mix literally hid in it from the thunderstorms outsids. You can sit up easily and it is roomy enough that I coukd fit my pack ny my feet. Awesome prodect REI! Can't wait to take her on the trail!

Easiest tent I’ve ever put up! Super light weight and functional. I’m 5’4” and I feel nice and cozy in it!

Couldn't be happier with this tent so far. Bought it for a trip I have planned for this coming fall/winter to Montana. I recently took it to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and was forced to take the low spot on the campsite due to a small site and there being three tents set up on the site. Wasn't too worried about it with the weather forecast being free and clear for the time we were there. Well that changed quick. We got 3+ inches in the matter of 2 hours along with high winds. I had a steady stream of water running under the tent along with it being beat on from the wind. It stayed dry and up right through the storm. To me it has passed the test. Would recommend over and over again.

I bought this as an update to my trusty old QDT1, which is showing its age. I saw that they updated the pole system to be more like the QD2 (I have the 2015 version, my main tent at the moment), which solved my main gripe about the QDT1. As cool as the asymmetrical pole system was on that, you would need to stake it down to get the full interior volume going and not have the foot well collapse on you. Another unexpected upgrade is the inclusion of DAC stakes, from the hooked aluminum rods that were included in the QDT1. Will fit an Exped Synpad 9LW in there although a bit snug.

I've had an REI Half Dome for years and loved it. I wanted something lighter that didn't cost a fortunes, so gave this a try, and am glad I did, I love it. It's got many small features that make it great for backpacking. Little gear trays and pockets for example. And it's light and packs down small. I ditch the back and just put the individual parts in my backpack, and it barely takes up any room. It weighs just over 2lbs, which is incredible. Very happy with it.

I took this tent on a solo backpacking trip recently and it performed flawlessly. I was able to set it up in less than 10 minutes, thanks to its free-standing design. I later staked out the fly when the wind kicked up and it barely moved after that. The weight to features ratio on this tent give it its 5-star rating. I recommend this tent if you're looking for a fairly lightweight single person tent. I plan to use this on future bike-packing trips as well.

Originally I've bought the quarter dome 2 and after the first trip I've decided to downgrade to a quarter dome 1. Don't get me wrong, the quarter dome 2 was super roomy! And I loved it. But, a tent is really just a place to sleep in right? So the quarter dome 1 was worth losing that extra space and I saved some weight!

This tent is super light and very easy to setup. I've used it to camp in the desert in Arizona and SoCal as well as more mountainous regions in Northern California, New York, and VT. As you can tell from the photo below it's got a mesh dome that is super breathable and still gives you a glimpse of the sky when you're falling asleep.

I debated between this, a Nemo hornet, and the copper spur. Spent time in the store setting all Three up and throwing my gear in, etc. this tent was way cheaper (esp with a 25% of rei brand item coupon) and is totally free standing unlike Some of the other ultralight tents. It is super roomy, and I’m a larger girl with a wide sleeping pad. The vestibule has plenty of room for my pack, handy pockets for my personal gear and a tab to hang my lamp. The only reason I might have chosen the copper sour was if I wanted room for a second person for similar weight- however I use this tent on scout trips where I often like to be by myself at the end of the day so it’s perfect!

All around great tent. Light, easy to set up. Plenty of room inside, I'm 5'7" & 155 pounds. Tons of room & could store my pack inside as well. We even played chess inside to avoid mosquitos & the other person is 6 feet tall. Super stoked with this tent!!

I bought this tent for self contained cycling. It is light weight and with the fly, provides enough room to keep your gear dry. It is light weight and costs less than other light weight tents. Additionally, it is easy to erect and take down. I recommend it highly for bicycle camping.

I love my REI Quarter Dome Tent. As a 5’3” female I have plenty of room in this tent, it’s so easy to set up and break down when your in the backcountry on a 5 day 100 hike. It’s the perfect sizes and leaves me a lot of room in my pack of all my other gear. I’m getting up there in age and due to a snow ski injury where I blew out my knee, this light weight tent, and my other ultralight gear has allowed me to keep backpacking. I’m not as fast as I used to be when I was younger, but still able to hike 20 miles a day so I need a tent I could set up and break down quickly not to burn daylight. I’ve had this tent for 4 years and it’s holding up like a champ. I’m very happy with my choice.

The tent set up was simple and much roomier than expected. The 2 lbs 7 oz weight is perfect for long hikes and has lots of head room. The new door design is excellent update and the tent is completely freestanding.

I bought this tent recently for a 5 day trip in the Dolly Sods Wilderness. Not a single complaint. This tent weight-wise is on par with more expensive tents, but at a fraction of the cost. Very easy to set up, it takes less than two minutes. I am 6ft 200 lbs and use a long sleeping pad, there was room to spare but not much. Plenty of rooom to sit up however. Not exactly what i would call a roomy vestibule, but there was just enough room to keep my gear and boots dry. Plenty of gear pockets inside. Overall a great backpacking tent.

I bought this tent to lighten my load when not backpacking with my wife. At first I was a little skeptical about purchasing it being that I'm 6'3. There is plenty of room and the setup is a breeze. My only complaint is that the vestibule needs to be larger.

Bought this bad boy for a three week cross country trip. Pitched it in the back yard a couple times to test. Fast to set up, very stable in cross winds, roomy inside, and packs into a nice small package. TOTALLY recommend this for motorcycle camping.

The tent itself is a great one-person tent! I'm only 5'5" and was able to fit my backpack inside to use as a pillow. My friend who is 6'2" laid down inside and had room to spare. There are gear pockets overhead and one behind your head for plenty of room to keep items you may need at night. The only reason I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because the footprint doesn't fit properly. It's pretty loose and doesn't quite fit right.

Purchased to replace older version of Quarter Dome 1. The upgrades to this year's version are well thought out and worth the purchase. Great product!

This is my first backpacking/backcountry 1-person tent. Before this, I've only had 2-4 person tents for car camping with friends. Earlier this month, I used this tent for backcountry hiking in Denali National Park and designated camping in Channel Islands National Park. First-time setup took me less than 10 minutes. Love that the included stakes are made of strong aluminum instead of plastic.

I loved that it's light weight. Sure there are lighter weight options out there but this tent doesn't require much to set up, has self standing poles, and is pretty roomy inside. i was cozy all night with all my gear and two medium size 40lb dogs. I would suggest if you bring your dog to only bring one, because while mine as "medium" they are a thinner bread and sleep in little balls. Anyway, I had no problems and would recommend it to anyone. Compared to my 6.5 Big Agnes... I couldn't even tell I had it on my back at 2lbs 7oz. Lovely!

Bought to replace a bivvy. This is very light weight, super easy to set up, and has plenty of room both inside the tent and vestibule. It also has some extras. In all, it's a really great, light tent that you won't be disappointed with. • The poles are super light, but the two bent poles (on head side) means that they protrude slightly when you pack them up. It's not really a big deal, and only noticeable when you're trying to put them into the bag. The tent itself is really light and compressible. The rain fly is much lighter than I had expected. There's really no reason not to carry the fly along considering how light it is. • Set up is as easy as laying the tent out, matching pole colors to tent colors, and hooking the tent to the poles. Easily set up by one person. Rainfly fits snugly, and has plenty of optional anchor points. Anchors aren't required but would make everything that much more fit for bad weather. It took me less than a minute to set it up the first time. • I'm 155lbs, 5'10" and have plenty of room inside. The walls are steep, even without staking the tent down, so the whole space is useable. If you're my size and have a small dog (30lbs or less), then you could both fit in there. With the rain fly on, I can fit my 60L pack in the vestibule without issue. You can also easily crouch through the one-sided opening. • A few pockets inside by the head and the top means you have plenty of space for your gadgets. There are loops at all the anchor points, so you can hook even more stuff up. There's a zipper at the top of the tent to reach the vent on the rainfly. If it's sunny, you can also use this as a quick reach into your tent to get to those top pockets.

Love this tent for the weight, space and quick set up... Why it doesn't come w a ground pad is ridiculous, but bought it separately

I used it for a 2 week sea kayak camp journey along the Myrtoan coastlines of Greece on December 2018. My first impression was preoccupied by the light and sensitive feel of mostly the rain fly and the peripherals. Setting the tent up requires several steps that must be done in the right order. Complete colour codation makes things much easier. A BIG surprise was the ventilation, I have never been in a tent so dry on the inside. I 'd buy it again just for that. It held dry on rainy nights even under heavy rain and withstood medium to strong gusts with ease. Dries fast and packing is a breeze. It needs careful handling and avoiding friction with pointy, sharp or abrassive objects. Pitching the rain fly taught is a challenge and some reinforcement patches seem to be slightly out of place as the one for the rear ring spine. The poles are very high quality and so are the stakes. Generous inside height, large vestibule and easy entering / exiting, not possible to easily open the zipper all the way with one hand. Rain fly only, tent only pitching options very welcome. In all a very elaborate and effective design that would come together even better with heavier grade fabrics.

I just took this 1 person tent out on the Tahoe Rim Trail for a week and it performed really well! The first night out, there was a big storm with high winds, hail, rain, and lightning. I got a chance to pitch the tent "inside out" for the first time during a raging storm - I staked out the footprint, connected the poles and attached the fly then jumped inside and pitched the tent. Everything stayed dry. The tent held up great in the wind and hail. Having used an older Quarterdome 2 for several years, I am very pleased with the latest improvements in the Quarterdome line. The color coding of tabs and poles made the fast pitch in the storm very easy. The tabs & tensioners for the tent and fly are super easy to use. The ventilation is improved too. All in all it is a great solo tent and surprisingly roomy. I highly recommend it. Worth the few extra ounces to get a freestanding tent - is a big help when you want to shake out dirt or move it slightly.

I bought this tent for solo bike touring. Thus far I've used it on one month-long trip in Spain. It's amazingly roomy, so I don't get any of the claustrophobic feeling I've gotten with other one-person tents. There's plenty of room to sit up, and it's wide enough at the head end to sit cross-legged. The vestibule is roomy enough for several panniers, and I very much like that the fly zip is on the side of the vestibule, allowing you to get in and out while still keeping stuff mostly protected from the rain.

Recently purchased this UL 1P to replace my much heavier, 18 yo NF Talus 2p for a week on the AT First the pros: this tent is roomy for a 1p tent and is super light and easy to set-up. Gear pockets are adequate and well placed and the ventilation was good Now the cons: the clips that attach the rain fly at corners are very flimsy and one broke on the 3rd night out. Can’t imagine the other three lasting even a year of regular use. This tent also did not perform well in heavy rain. One problem with its rain performance seems to be that on the non-door side the fly just doesn’t go far enough to the ground. In heavy rain this allows rain to splash up under the fly and in through the mesh of the tent. The mesh is also exceptionally thin looks easily torn/snagged.

This is a totally awesome tent. Super easy setup. Mere minutes. That’ll be nice in the long run when getting into camp late. Material is nice. The clips at the foot of the tent, used to attach the rain fly, feel cheap, but I think with proper use, it’ll be fine. Awesome product! Photo was the first time I tested it, demonstrating its freestanding abilities.

I cannot say enough good things about this tent. I ♡ this tent for so many reasons. It is very easy to set up, has color ccoordinates, even in a heavy rainstorm stayed dry inside narrow but roomy, can sit up in it, storage pockets, nice sized vestibule decent weight a great backpacking tent.

I love everything about this tent: weight, set up, head space, durability, etc. A couple of days ago while in the Sierra Nevada mountains, a friend and I experienced a severe hailstorm: one inch size hail that lasted well over an hour. My tent held up like a charm without a tear or leak. Whereas my friend with a $1000+ tent developed a huge leak resulting in at least 1 inch of water in his tent. I stayed high and dry but had to be careful to keep my head away from the tent wall in order not to be bonked on the head with large hail.

Bought this 1/4 dome for myself and my 14 year old wanted the Nemo Hornet. While both are very light and engineered very well the 1/4 dome won out after using for backpacking around texas for the last 6 months. The Nemo was just too flimsy and the engineering of the ground cloth to the main tent pole connection is just, well bad.

The first camping with this tent saw 20-30mph wind gusts throughout the night. While a bit noisy, the staked tent stood firm. My dog snuggled up at my feet - plenty of room for both of us in the Q-Dome 1. I'm definitely happy with my purchase.

I purchased this tent because I was going on a solo retreat and did not want extra weight slowing me down and taking my energy. This tent weighs about 2lbs 10oz with the stakes, guylines, rainfly and footprint all packed together. I was very happy with the ease of setting it up and I had it completely set up with my bedding and everything inside within 5 minutes. Since I was camping in June in New Mexico the daytime was pretty hot (around 90 degrees) and although the night dropped to the 50's, it took a while so I started the night with the rainfly pulled up to allow for extra ventilation. The second day, it started raining but the inside of my tent stayed dry. I had no issues with condensation on either night. The inside of the tent was roomy enough for me to sit up fully and change clothes and also had enough room at the foot for me to bring my boots in so they didn't get wet before the rain started. The vestibule was the perfect size for my pack to fit under as well. I placed some rocks on the ground under it just to lift my pack off the ground during the rain since there is about a 1/2 inch gap from the edge of the vestibule to the ground but I think that would only be an issue if the rain was blowing hard. It is definitely a one person tent, although I think if I was hiking with my 30lbs dog we could both sleep inside with relative comfort. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase and I look forward to using it for many years to come.

When I took this tent out of the package, I thought to myself; "This is too thin to hold up in a serious rain". Boy, was I wrong! I just completed six nights on the Long Trail in Vermont. On Friday, 8/17, on top of Glastenbury Mt, my team of students and I were caught in one of the worst thunderstorms I have ever experienced. It began raining at 8pm and did not let up until 8am. When I looked out of the tent at the bottom of the fly, the water was coming off in sheets, not drips. My right hand to God, there was not one drop of water in that tent. Nor was it even damp. I bought this tent using my dividends. Knowing what I know now about this product, I would pay full price for it. Such a great piece of gear!!

I had the last generation of Quarterdome. The one with the oddball pole set up. I ended up returning it and went back to my trusty Passage1 tent for a year. This year I saw that REI updated the QD1 with a new pole arrangement and taller stature. I thought I would try it again. I'm glad I did. Much sturdier than the old QD1 and more head room too. Over a pound lighter than my Passage to boot. Pretty easy to set up and seems very stable in the wind.

I tried riding with my half dome . Which I love, but it was a little too big. The quarter dome was very nice. Like the half dome easy to setup with the color coordination of tent and poles. Kept me dry to during the rain and the vestibule has plenty of room for gear.

I bought this tent to lighten my pack up when not hiking with my wife. I was a little skeptical about but it being that I'm 6'3 but I had plenty of room. The setup of the tent is a breeze. Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase. The only complaint is that the vestibule could be larger.

At first look you like "alright looks a little small but I think I can make it work." So I hold her in my hands and BAM!! I notice the light weight and you know how awesomely important light weight is! So I dive even deeper and decide to set her up and lo and behold it's has one main pole that clicks all together and it's colored coordinated! Crazy Right? Two worlds, Super Easy! Ok ok we got her set up and the staked to the ground with some very wicked stakes. Now here is the moment time to climb inside of what looks like a very small tent. I unzip her beautiful double stitched zipper and make my way inside. Let me tell you it was like the wordrobe to Narnia, Sooo much room on the inside. What once look like a tent barley big enough for my 6 year old little brother now has enough room to fit me and a mate.

During one cool night of use It to fit myself (5'11") and my dog (60 lb. lab) comfortably. It was easy to set up and the rain fly gives some shelter your pack. It didn't rain so I can't speak to how dry a pack would stay on a wet night.

This lightweight one-person tent is a snap to set up. Poles and clips are color coded, very smart idea. The vestibule under the fly is big enough for my boots, but I wouldn't trust it to keep my backpack dry in bad weather. Happily, I am 5'7" and there is ample room at the foot end for my pack.

I bought this tent for a backpacking trip in the Wind River Mountains and was delighted with its performance. It was reliable, simple, and did its job.

I've used this tent 6 or 8 times this past year. Wind, heat, a little snow and one, Cascade's downpour. The tent is long and is wide enough not to feel claustrophobic.I am 5'9" and 160lbs. The tent is easy to put up initially and easier still after putting it together a few times. The one problem I had with this tent, the floor wet out during the aforementioned, Cascades downpour. I did not use a ground sheet as, this tent floor material is rated "water proof". I am sad.

I love this tent. Large enough for single person (I'm 5'6") but small enough for backpacking. Light weight yet seems strong. It's an REI tent, so you can also get it on super yummy sale when they hold them.

Received this tent and tested it out in the swamps of Arkansas for a couple weeks. Couldn't have been more stoked on it, love that the door is on the side, love the easy set up. I'm 5'8 and it's fairly roomy, had a couple nights of heavy wind and rain and wowza! I was nice and dry. Love my new home.

I've used this tent about a dozen times in the last six months, and it has held up great. I'm about to take it to the Grand Canyon for a couple days. It keeps out the moisture, and tiny bugs very well. Super easy to set up, and take down. Doesn't take much room in your pack either. It is small on the inside, so bear that in mind if you're claustrophobic. If it's a clear night though, and you don't need the cover, you'll get a great view of the night sky. I was able to do that in NH this summer, and it was an awesome view.

I love my Quarter Dome tent! It's easy and quick to set up, it's a perfect size for me (a petite woman) with plenty of space to keep some of my gear at night, it breathes well, and it's lightweight when packed and on my back. And it's a great price for all of that. It served me well in the backcountry of Yosemite and the coast of California. Make sure you buy the footprint for it; you will definitely want it.

Overall the tent is fine. The setup was fairly straight forward and everything fit well. I did not run into any rain, but I did run into trouble with the tent staying upright in the wind. There was a moderate breeze in the campground and I oriented my tent to put my head on the up-slope. Once everything was set up I noticed that the tent would flatten out with most gusts of wind. I reoriented the tent to be in-line with the prevailing winds, but it still did not hold up well and flattened out with any cross-breeze. Strong winds later in the weekend meant that I had tent walls pushing up against me throughout the night. The tent is probably fine for calm weather, but does not provide robust shelter.

Bought June 2017 and used extensively that summer and a few times this June so far. Had the 2 man half dome which was great for 2 but considerably heavier. This tent is super easy and fun to set up for what you get in return. Have been in wind and rains with no problems/ held up very well. Yes I definitely put a super lightweight tarp underneath cut to specs and works fine.

I studied specs on-llne for single person backpack tents and chose two to examine more carefully: the REI QuarterDome 1 and the EOS 1. Both had great reviews, were lightweight (under 4 lbs total), and were a reasonable cost. I set them up in the living room a few times and spent time with each tent. Obviously I couldn't take them on the trail since I would be returning one to REI. I chose the QuarterDome 1 because it was well made, lightweight, roomy and well designed with many smaller convenience features. The EOS 1 was also very good, and a few ounces lighter but the QDome 1 is roomier. My old tent was an REI Chrysalis and performed fine but was just too small, even for me at 5'7" and 145 lbs., and was about 1/2 lb heavier with footprint. Looking forward to taking the QDome1 out soon.

This is no doubt a great tent. I got it home and set it up right away. Don't let this little tent fool you, it is very roomy inside. I'm 6'4" and there was still plenty of room for me. My only complaint is that it was heavier than what REI indicates.

This tent is great. It is very well made and the fully freestanding pole system is just great. I was looking for a lightweight backpacking tent and this fit the criteria. I had gotten and returned a semi-freestanding one that just wasn't versatile enough for me since you sometimes don't know what your staking opportunity will be and I really wanted a freestanding design that could shave as much weight as possible from my pack. I came across the Quarter Done 1 that a friend was using on an outing and it seemed pretty solid. I was really looking for a 2-person tent for the interior space factor but with the QD1 I've got plenty of room inside for me (6', 225 lbs) and some gear (phone, extra clothes, personal incidentals, and boots at the foot of the tent) without feeling cramped. The vestibule is roomy enough for my backpack and then some. When packed this tent is very compact and doesn't take up much room in your pack. I haven't tested this in high winds or rain. Rain probably would not be a problem since the fly is well designed for the tent. If I knew I would encounter high wind, I would probably use a different tent just because a 1 person tent that is roomy and lightweight is just not something I'd want to test if I have other options available. That being said it does have guy lines at the poles so if I were to encounter unexpected winds I wouldn't feel totally helpless at all. You will want to get some additional stakes to throw in just to be prepared in case you do need to stake down the guy lines. This tent comes with great lightweight stakes but only enough to fully stake down the tent and the fly. I know there have been some issues with the size of the footprint not being ideal but I don't have that issue with mine at all. The fact that this is a very lightweight tent, you will sacrifice a little something on the durability of it which is to be expected so I always feel that being able to purchase a footprint is essential for this type of thing. If you take care of your gear, this shouldn't be a problem. If you're looking for a lightweight backpacking tent that is fully freestanding that doesn't sacrifice, this is a great choice.

This is my second season on the previous version of the quarter dome. I really enjoyed it last year. It is easy to pitch, roomy for one with a great vestibule, and lightweight. Seemed like a good tent.

I love my REI Co-op Quarter Dome 1. I have owned and used a lot of tents during my life, from a four season a-frame mountaineering tent to various free standing tents to a couple two-person tents. The REI Co-op Quarter Dome is my first one person tent.

I am a first time hiker and camper in my excursion to Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon. This tent was very light and portable on this 20 mile hike and beyond easy to assemble and dissemble. I did YouTube on how to set up the tent and it was so super easy. It rained on my one night camping and the rain and wind didn’t phase my tent at all. It was sturdy through the elements. It is very spacious with all my items and me spread throughout it too.

Great value for a backpacking tent. This version is much better than its predecessor. I'm 5'8" 165#. No issues with space, this tent is roomy. I like the nylon loops to hang a lantern. Setup takes about 7-10 minutes at first but you'll get faster as you develop your system. Other than getting lighter, I'm not sure how REI can improve on this design. Maybe get rid of the buckles, they might be a point of failure if you step on them.

This is my favorite one man tent of all the tents I have ever used! It kept me nice and dry on the Washington section of the PCT... unlike my friends in other tents!

Had the previous version and this may be a little heavier but it seems like stronger materials used and a lot more head room plus it is freestanding. Easy to put up.

I was preparing for a cross country bicycle trip a few years ago and was looking for a one man tent. The previous REI single man tent was not a fully free standing tent. I did not really like it and had another year to prepare, so I waited to study what was available. The following winter, I considered using my REI 3 man tent with 2 vestibules, which I really liked. However, my gear was getting heavy, so I looked again at the REI tents and found they had a new version of the Quarter Dome 1 tent which was free standing and had a larger vestibule. I was very happy with this tent. I lived in it for 8 weeks every night. The vestibule was large enough for my 4 panniers. There was room enough inside for my handle bar bag and reading material. I was able to journal while it was raining and stayed dry even in down pours. Even though I usually had to pack up while wet from dew, it either dried as I was putting it up that evening or I dried it at lunch in the sun. I see little wear after these 8 weeks of abuse. My only complaint, was the lack of stakes for the tie down cords. I can say this tent performed better than I expected. I have it packed away ready for my next adventure.

I bought this for the light weight. It was easy to set up and take down

I just finished a 2 week hike on the AT in Rocksylvania during one of the rainiest years on record. Pitched this tent at Hertline Campsite & Creek near NOBO mile 1200.4. Luckily I chose one of the tent pads, as by morning water was rushing from every direction toward the creek and pond. I woke up in a torrential downpour. It rained so hard that night that the AT looked more like a creek than a trail as I hiked north. I staked the rain fly down low in preparation. I stowed my backpack, boots and other equipment under the vestibule. With the exception of some splash off the rainfly everything was protected from the rain. Inside my Quarter Dome, I also stayed dry. My warm weather sleeping bag is a sheet I made with a pocket for my air mat. The sheet under the mat stayed dry. I did purchase and used the footprint for this tent. I find the Quarter Dome easy to set-up and take down. When alone in a shelter, I have used the tent without the Fly for insect and mouse protection. I chose this tent when it was redesigned to stand alone. I always pack the footprint separate to use in shelters under my mat. The quarter dome is an awesome light weight tent for the money. In this tent you will be saying, "Rain? What rain?"

A great UL 1P tent, with some outstanding design details: the vestibule door has different open positions, the non-door side has a toggle strap that pulls the tent slightly out towards the fly. Light, roomy, intuituive setup, good hub pole system. I like the simplicity of it.

Bought this tent to camp in Africa with and I only used it no more than 5 times and the zipper already broke off. This is one month into my 4 month trip. Not only that, but it didn’t even stand a chance to the rain down here. Water will get inside your tent. I set up the tent correctly every time and made sure to read all of the instructions. I do not recommend this product at all for the price that I paid.

Very pleased with this tent!! Pleantly of room to sit up and change clothes with room to spare while sleeping. Side vestibule makes heating water from your sleeping bag a snap in any type of weather. Easy to set up and fits back into the bag without struggle. Surprising tough for the extreme light weight fabric. Highly recommend!

Very easy to set up. Plenty of room to sleep comfortably. I like the red bags for poles and tent pegs. My last tent had brown bags that blended in with the ground. If you have been searching for a quality solo tent; this is the one.

I actually have the Quarter Dome 1 model that preceded the upgrade. It's been a great tent. I bought it in 2015 and used it for 1 wk. for the last 5 summers in the NM Rockies. This past summer the rain fly developed a tear along the edge [10"]. I was surprised that REI considered this standard wear and didn't cover under warranty w/ either replacement or repair.

I bought this tent because I was using a 2 man and wanted something more packable and light weight. This tent does the trick! Light, comfortable, and very easy to set up! I used it on a three nigher, and am really looking forward to a 7 night trip this summer!

I bought this recently to lighten my load after previously using a two man tent for solo backpacking. I was surprised at how much room was n the tent and never felt cramped.

Easy to set up. Super lightweight. More roomy that expected. An effective footprint would be nice.

Roomy and plenty of ventilation (sans rain fly). Super light and perfect for solo backpacking.

Both of my shoulders were touching the sides of the tent. Just not for me, too small. There was not enough space to roll around and store a few small things by my side. I really need a 1.5 person tent.

I bought this tent in April 2018 to lighten my load. I have took it out 6-7 times and it has been great. It held up two weeks ago in hail storm (pea size). Last week was another story, the tent was well staked out and somehow water got in under the fly and pooled at my feet. Taking out tomorrow to see where the problem. A great tent has good space on the inside. The alcove makes great storage for my pack.

I have the 2015 version of this tent - originally bought it for a fall thru-hike of the 800+ mile Arizona Trail. Cheapest tent available for its weight at the time. Every long hike I do, I say, “This’ll be the last hurrah for the QuarterDome,” but it never is! This tent has survived over 2000 miles of solid backpacking being used every night for months on end. It’s handled some major snow storms, dime size hail, intense tropical rain (camping in Hawaii I got over 5” in a 24-hour period once), and some serious 50mph gusts. S It does collect condensation a bit severely and the single vent on my model wasn’t quite enough to handle this, but that’s only an issue in certain conditions. Space wise, I’m pretty thin (5’11” and 145lbs), so I’ve got plenty of room for gear at my feet, above my head, and on either side of me. The vestibule is plenty big for wet rain gear and soggy shoes at the end of the day. Also, I’ve added an extra stake loop on the wider end (two-pole end) of the rainfly to keep it from slacking onto the tent-body in heavy rain events.

I picked this tent up because I had a coupon, and always wanted a 1-man tent. I've yet to use it on an overnight backpacking trip, but in setting it up in the woods behind my house, I'm expecting nothing but the best.

Awesome quality and well thought out design in this one person tent. It takes only a few minutes to set up. I am 6’0” and 205 lbs - plenty of room for me and enough room to sit up comfortably. Only downside: higher price. However, you get what you pay for. In this case, it’s worth the extra $$.

I've used this tent on two backpacking trips so far and it's held up in wind and rain without an issue. It's a great size if you leave your pack in the vestibule. Set-up is quick, color-coded and pretty much idiot proof. I might buy the two-person just for the extra space. Great buy.

This tent is easy for one person to to put up and take down. There is little room for extra stuff, though it has many pockets for small things. What it lacks in space it makes up for in size, weight, and price. It was perfect for me and my pack and boots fit fine in the vestibule.

I took this upon a solo High Sierra trip recently. All I have to say is, whoever it was that designed this tent for REI deserves a bonus and a promotion! I am very happy that I have it.

I amsolutly love this tent. I have taken camping all 4 sesons and made it work but the best part about it is how easy the set up and take down is. Walking into camp and amlmost just throwing a tent together and throwing you gear in the vestabule is amazing.

After 5 years of using my Passage 1 (great value!), I upgraded to the Quarterdome 1. Great move... I lost 2+ pounds from my base weight. The QD1 is dependable, light, and sleek. You can't beat this for solo backpacking experiences.

I bought this tent almost a year ago and taken it out on multiple weekend trips. It’s quick and easy to set up. There’s enough room for me and a few of my things, but there’s not much room for my pack...

Have not had the chance to backpack yet, but pitched in my basement to make sure I was able to set up quickly and easy.

The length of my Quarterdome 1 is 84". I like the tent. It is long enough for me, however it is not 88" in length.

I really like this tent. I've only taken it on one 3-night trip so far, but it's exactly what I expected. It's over a pound lighter than my last tent, which was my main reason to change. It's essentially the same size, very slightly smaller floor and vestibule, but taller by 6 inches. My previous tent had a rectangular floor, and I was a little concerned that I might not like this tapered one as well, but it actually seems bigger than my old one. I didn't notice the slightly smaller vestibule either, I think that's because the door on this one is closer to one end, where my previous one was centered, which kind of split up the vestibule area into two smaller places to store things. The increased height is AWESOME! I'm 6'1" and use an air pad that's 3.5" thick. My head was right at the top of my old tent and if I tried to sit on the pad and lean out the door, I always caught my head on the top of the doorway, a real pain when wearing a stocking cap in cooler weather. Plenty of height in this one. Seems easier to get in and out of with the door nearer to one end too. I'm 58 and not as nimble as I used to be. This tent has great airflow, it's super easy to set up, and no issues in a fairly serious thunderstorm.



How many tent stakes are supposed to be provided? I think it should be 11, but the one I just bought only has 8. I say: 4 for body, 4 for fly edges, and 3 for long guy wires.

This tent includes 8 stakes. Additional stakes are sold separately.


What footprint do you recommend for this tent?

The Quarter Dome 1 Footprint is a smart option:


How many holes per inch is the mesh? Will it keep out no see ums?

While we do not have the amount of holes per square inch for the mesh on this tent, we can confirm that the mesh is a 20-denier polyester no-see-um mesh.


Is this a free standing tent?

​Yes, the Quarter Dome 1 is a free standing tent.


Is the quarterdome a polyurethane or silicone treated fabric? I am thinking of the maintenance...

​This Quarter Dome tent uses polyurethane.


What is the total weight tent, fly, and footprint all together?

The weight of the three pieces is 1 lb. 14.1 oz.


Peak height is listed as 42". Is this the interior height? Thanks!

Yes, the peak height is the measured from the floor to the highest point inside of the tent.


What is the nylon coated with, silicone or polyurethane? It makes a difference in choosing a repair adhesive / sealer...

​The coating is polyurethane.

the kid

I tore the stuff sack for this tent. Is it possible to purchase a replacement? If not, can you recommend an alternative? I didn't see anything in the store of similar dimensions...

We don't sell a replacement stuff sack for this tent but you can look at our selection of stuff sacks that could serve as a replacement. Since the packed size has a length of 18.5 inches, you'll want to find something at least that long.


Is the floor waterproof? Do I need to use a ground tarp if camping in wet conditions?

​The footprint of this tent is waterproof. Although a footprint is not required in wet conditions, it will provide more protection to the floor from both abrasion and water.


What are the legnth of the poles collapsed?

The longest individual leg is approximately 16.25" long.


What is millimeter rating of the coating on the floor?

The floor and rainfly on this tent have a 1200mm hydrostatic rating.


What is the denier of the fabrics for the canopy, floor, and rainfly? For examlple the Nemo Hornet 2P is 20 (canopy), 15 (floor), 10 (raninfly). I would like to know those attributes of the quarter dome.

​This tent has a 15-denier ripstop nylon for the fly. The floor and canopy utilize a lightweight 20-denier ripstop nylon.


Can I purchase an extra pole set for the tent?

We use Tent Pole Technologies to make replacement poles. They should be able to make a replacement pole that will fit your tent properly. They can be contacted at (800) 266-9527 or at the following link:


What is the floor denier rating?

​The floor is a robust 20-denier ripstop nylon.


Does the listed Minimum Trail Weight of 2 lbs. 7 oz. include the eight stakes? Do the guylines come with tension adjusters?

No, does not include the stakes. Yes, the guy lines do come with tension adjusters.


What rain tarp would you recommend with this tent?

We recommend the REI Co-op Quarter Dome 1 Footprint for this tent:


I have a 76"x30" sleeping pad. If the end of the pad was 12" from the narrow end of the tent, would there be enough room widthwise for the pad?

​Your sleeping pad will be too wide to fit in this tent, even if pushed all the way to one end.


How does REI recommend cleaning a tent? I am drying it out after 3 days of rain Will sweep out debris and then might wash fly/footprint?

For information about how to clean a tent, we recommend viewing the link below:

20 Boz

How many tent stakes come with the Quarter dome 1 tent?

​This tent comes with 8 stakes.

Blair SF

Currently I see there is just one option for color... Hot Red. Is REI planning on releasing this with more color options in the future?

​As of August 2018, we do not stock any other colors and do not anticipate more colors in the near future.


I'm 5'ft 3in . Would this be big enough for me and my 65lb goldendoodle. I'm looking for something lightweight that we can use to backcountry hike/camp. I need something light that won't break the bank. If this doesn't work can you suggest anything?

This tent will most likely be too small for you and your dog. The REI Co-op Quarter Dome 2 Tent will provide more room.


I would love to hear from someone who is 6'05 and using this tent and how it is working for you.

With an 88" floor length, you would have and extra 11" of space in this tent beyond your overall height. However, depending on where you position your sleeping bag, the top or bottom may touch the tent walls.


What is the diameter of the cord on the corners and on the fly that is uesed to guy the vestibule out? I have an older model and want to replace it with reflective line.

​The cord to stake out the vestibule is 2mm.

Johnny A

I lost the rainfly for my quarter dome tent. It was last seasons im assuming cause it’s orange and not red. How can I purchase it if possible. Please help. 

​Unfortunately, a replacement rainfly is not available.


This tent has hang loops for storage. What do most people do if you want to hang items such as socs or shirts. I would think you would have to tie a line between two of the loops for this purpose.

​You can use a universal gear loft or tie cord from loop to loop to use as a clothes hanger.


I own the Quarter Dome tent that is a few years old. I set it up today and found the inside of th fly was very sticky. The sticky stuff transfers to my hands.  What is the proper method to get rid of the sticky stuff?

We recommend contacting us at 1-800-426-4840 to discuss possible options.


Can just the fly and footprint be set up, without the tent body, for a light, fair-weather shelter?

​Yes, this tent can be set up using just the footprint, tent poles, rainfly and stakes.


Does this tent need a foot print

While it is recommended to use a footprint, it is not necessary. You do run the risk of reducing the life of the tent floor.


Do you ship internationally?

We are able to ship this and many other items internationally. Here is a link for more details:


Does the floor have a seam or is it tub style?

The floor does have a factory taped seam.


Can this tent be used in mild snow conditions, such as a one night snow camp in Mammoth?

You can plant the tent on a snow surface without compromising the tent, but it's structure is not designed to hold snow loads or withstand high alpine winds.


Does this tent need to be seam sealed?

​This tent has factory sealed seams.


I know the dimensions say the foot width is 27 inches, but is that truly an interior measurement or is that taken somewhere between the tabs/stakes? I want to know if my 26-inch-wide sleeping pad will fit, albeit closely.

When properly staked out, the interior length of the tent is 88 inches. The interior width at the head is 34 inches. The interior width at the foot is 26.5 inches.


Does this tent come with the rain fly and stakes?

​This tent does come with a rainfly and 8 stakes.


In the Quarter Dome that I have been using happily for several years, the rip-and-stay fasteners that were glued onto the inside of the fly for fastening it to the poles have all come off. Does this version have the same type, or are they improved?

​The tabs are sewn on and then seam sealed at the factory.


does the poles come with the tent

​Poles are included with the tent.


what is fly/pitch weight and how does it relate to all the other weights given for this tent in the tech specs ???

The fly/footprint pitch is 1 lb. 12.8 oz. and consists of the rainfly, poles and the footprint. The minimum trail weight is 2 lbs. 7 oz. and is the tent body, rainfly and poles. The packaged weight is 2 lbs. 14 oz. and has the items from the minimum weight plus the stakes, stuff sack, guylines, etc.


6ft,6in. tall w/ big feet. Can I lay comfortably, stretched-out? I have another brand backback tent, listed at 90" long, but feet hit the end/sides so it is uncomfortable. Thanks

For reference against the tent that you currently have, the length on this tent is 88 inches.


When I'll be doing back country hiking, I want to use a Sea to Summit waterproof stuff sack for my tent and rain fly...what size bag should I use?

​The 13 liter version will work.


Is this a single-wall or a double-wall tent?

​This is a double wall tent.


How to clean sticky stuff off fly? I set up under cottonwood trees and got a kind of fine mist of clear sticky sap-like stuff on the top of the fly. (possibly from aphids) So I want to wash it off.  

The link below will provide you with a lot of great information on how to remove sap from your tent as well how to care for your tent.


Hello my question is about the mesh. I don't see a great description of the mesh weaving pattern. Is this a very tight weaving? I'm looking for the better tents for no see ums. Is this a no see ums mesh?

​The mesh on this tent is made from a 20 denier No-See-Um mesh.

hikin grandma

How many stakes are needed for both the tent and fly? 7?

​The tent comes with 8 stakes which is enough to secure tent and rainfly in most situations. Some customers purchase additional stakes for severe weather conditions or unique campsites. Please use the following link to our current selection of tent stakes:


What's the the total weight of the tent including the rain fly?

​The weight including the tent body, poles and rainfly is 2 pounds 7 ounces. The weight including the tent body, poles, rainfly, stuff sack, stakes and guywire is 2 pounds 14 ounces.


I wanted to get extra stakes but I don't see these new lightweight style in the catalog. Will they become available soon?

As of August 2017, we do not have plans on stocking the stakes that are included with this tent. The MSR Ground Hog Stakes are a great option that are similar in style to the stakes included with the Quarter Dome tent.


I'm obviously not a camping master and bought this tent for the two times I camp a year but it doesn't have the metal hook type stakes I'm familiar with. How do you use the non-hooked straight scoops to hold my tent down? I've never seen these before.

This tent includes ultra-light, straight aluminum stakes. We suggest angling the stakes away from the tent as you put them in the ground. You can then attach each corner of your tent by looping the cord over the head and securing it in the notch at the top of the stake.


Is the stuff sack waterproof?  I will be carrying the tent on the outside of my pack and had hoped to have some protection from the rain.  Thanks.

The stuff sack is water-resistant. We recommend ordering a dry bag to put your tent in for waterproofness:


Is the Red Hot color actually red? It looks red in the product photos, but I saw in a review someone included a picture of their tent and it looked super orange, so is that from a past season version of the tent, or is the Red Hot color orange not red?

The newly designed Quarter Dome tents are now red; our previous Quarter Dome tents were orange.


Is there enough space inside to fit a backpack, or 4 bike panniers? I prefer keeping them inside in case of downpour making the ground muddy. I'm coming from a 2010 Quarter Dome T2 Tent.

​No, this tent is minimalistic with enough floor space for a sleeping pad. If you include your backpack with you inside the tent, you are negotiating with some of your sleeping space.


Are QD tents coated with PU or silicone?

​The Quarter Dome rainflies are coated with polyurethane (PU).


Stupidly left my tent poles 80 miles back. Is it possible to buy replacements.

You can get replacement tent poles from Tent Poles Technology. They have the specs for REI tents:


I wondering if this is durable enough for a 5 day trek this July in Iceland. If a weather event hit will it stay dry the entire night and hold up in heavy winds?

This tent is a great option for your trip to Iceland and does hold up to wind and heavy rain.


How am I supposed to set up these stakes on the 2017 version with just tiny indents rather than the normal loop stake? Seems the tie down would VERY easily slip right off.

Simply pre-tension the corner loop around the knock of the stake and then pound the stake into the ground. Make sure to keep proper tension while pounding the stake. Feel free to contact us a 1(800) 426-4840 with any other questions.


How am I supposed to use these lightweight stakes with little nubs on the end?

Simply pre-tension the corner loop around the knock of the stake and then pound the stake into the ground. Make sure to keep proper tension while pounding the stake.


What is the best way that I can buy this in the UK on a limited timescale?

The following link contains additional information on placing international orders:


Will the footprint for the 2016 version fit the 2017 Quarter Dome?

No, the floor area of the two tents are different.

Joe L

Kind of tricky how REI list weights on tents. Wish they would just tell you what the full weight with fly and footprint. That's the way most people would carry. They should list the minimalist weight as well for those that do not carry fly during warmer..

The rainfly/footprint pitch weight for this tent is 1 lbs. 12.8 oz.


Can the tent be pitched Fly first (e.g. In rain)

​It is possible to set-up the fly first when pitching this tent.


What is the rain fly and tent floor treated with for waterproofness?

​The rainfly and floor are treated with polyurethane.


I just set up my new quarterdome one-person and have set it up in the livingroom. It comes with three unattached guylines. The instructions dont say where to attach these. Could you post a couple photos of where these are supposed to be attached?

Guylines are designed to be attached when needed in windy conditions when you need your tent to be staked out more than normal. Since conditions can vary, there is no "correct" place to attach the guylines as it is situational. We are unable to post additional photos of the guylines being attached. This article may be helpful when trying to determine where to attach guylines:


Possibly a dumb question.... What does 3 season mean?

The tent is designed for spring, summer and fall use, but not extreme winter conditions.


Is the tent waterproof?

​Yes, this tent is seam sealed and waterproof.


Is the quarter dome 1 seam sealed? If not, does it require seam sealedto be 100% waterproof?

Yes, the rainfly and floor are factory seam taped.


Does the 2014 quarter dome 1 footprint fit this 2017 redesigned tent?

The footprint for this tent does not fit the older model of the Quarter Dome 1.


What size of stuff bag (in Liters) should I get to store the 2017 Rei Quarter Dome 1?

​That information is not available.


What's the wind rating?

​We're sorry, but that information is not available.


Does this come with a waterproof footprint?

No it does not. We sell the footprint separately:

Keith from Philly

When the tent is fully set up and staked out, how far off the ground is the rain fly at the edges?

The rainfly will be 4-8 inches off the ground depending on how tightly it is guyed out and at what point you measure to the ground.


Will the foot print of the older model Quarter Dome work with the 2017 version?

​No, the floor dimensions are different and have changed over the years.


Hello, are there any complaints regarding condensation? thanks, mary

We have not heard of any complaints of excessive condensation forming inside of this tent.


What is the weight of the older model of the Quarter Dome?

​The packed weight of the older Quarter Dome 1 tent is 2 pounds 10 ounces.


Can you set up the fly,poles,and optional footprint first and then set the tent up under the fly as if you were in the rain to keep the tent dry?

A dry set-up is possible with this tent. You may however be looking at a longer set-up time compared to the normal assembly.


So, on a side by side comparison, how does the updated version compare to the old version? I really like the old version.

​The newer Quarter Dome 1 has more livable space compared to the older version. The peak height for example is 6 inches tall on the new model. The newer version is also completely freestanding. The overall weight did increase slightly by 4 ounces.


What is the minimum packed length of the poles?

​The minimum packed length of the poles is 18.5 inches.


Does the package weight equal the minimum trail weight plus the stuff sack, stakes and guylines?

Yes, the package weight includes the tent body, rainfly, poles, stakes, stuff sack and guy lines. The minimum trail weight includes the tent body, rainfly and tent poles.


How many stakes are included and required for freestanding setup?

​This tent comes with a total of 8 DAC lightweight aluminum v-stakes. Four stakes are required for a freestanding setup.


Is the 2017 version truly freestanding?

Yes And the set up is Easy.


On the QD1, does the fly open on both sides of the tent providing views on each side or only on one side.

The rainfly only opens on the door side of the tent.


Thickness of materials please.

The denier for the fabrics on this tent are as follows:


Please provide the waterproof characteristics of the tent.

​The tent body, rainfly and floor have a 1,200mm hydrostatic rating.


What exactly does the minimum weight of 2.7 lbs include?

The minimum trail weight for this tent includes the body, rainfly and poles. It does not include stuff sacks, stakes or guyline.

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