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This tent, as with all other REI tents I have, sets ups quickly and easily. It has nicely thought-out features such as the interior pockets and gear loops. I love the quick set up tent poles, ample ventilation, and durability of the tent. It is well-built and completely waterproof. It also has great room, especially height for a one-person tent. The downside though, is that it is heavier and bulkier to pack. Could not foresee using it for lightweight backpacking and am more likely to use my REI quarter dome tent for car camping. But for the price, it is a great option for solo travels if you have the space to pack it.

I used this tent for the first time last weekend. Set up was a cinch, and very quick to do. The fly confused me a tad, but I figured it out soon enough. Having never owned or used a one person tent before, I didn't know how I would like it. I found it to be a good fit for me. I am 5'2" female. I had plenty of room for my bag, pad, and my 40L pack inside the tent. I liked the small pockets to place misc things inside the tent. I hung a small carabiner clip inside to hold a light. I like how the poles come in one big piece connected. My friends MSR tent glowed at night, the stakes straps. I liked that feature, it helped us from not tripping on each others tent. It would be a nice feature to add to this tent. But not a deal breaker. The fly worked great. I am happy with my purchase, just wish it was a tad lighter in weight.

I recently purchased this tent for a 4 day backpacking trip and absolutely love it. It is very easy to set up, has some handy storage pockets and plenty of space for 1 person. It was very light and pretty cheap - $139. That is way less than 1 night in a hotel where I live. Totally worth it and I will take on many future backpacking trips.

This tent is the bee's knees for a solo camper. Quick to pitch. One set of poles all connected so it's easy to put into place. I have the footprint with it also and it's color coordinated to make things smooth. I think what I like most is the rain fly. The fly has the buckles that buckle into the tent. Then you can cinche them tight. So sick, plus the guy lines for added stability. The door opens wide and plenty of room to keep gear dry. The one thing I'd add is a couple door holders for when you roll it up. It kinda just flaps when it's completely unzipped. Sick tent though.

I haven't had a chance to camp in this tent yet being as its the dead of winter. I have set it up a couple times inside just to get the hang of setting it up. The tent sets up really quick. Except this is where I think someone over look a small detail. The poles can only go in correctly one way. So far every time I've put it up i have put the poles in the wrong end, which makes it off centered and you have to lower it back down and reverse the poles. I ended up using a paint marker on mine. Otherwise this tent it awesome.

I love it. Very easy to put up and take down. The weight is low but not ultra light and that is fine with me. The quality is very high and it should last me many years to come. I made sure to get the ground sheet to protect the floor. I also had to purchase a few more stakes as there were not enough to stake out the tarp completely. I was thinking of getting the two person for the extra room but decided it was not worth the extra weight I would have to carry. I have not had it in the rain but believe it will be fine when I do get caught in it.

Don’t let the thought of a “little” one man tent scare you. I’m 6’4” and slept perfectly comfortably in mine.

I had been camping (even backpacking) with my Kelty Gunnison 2.1 for about 10 years when the window welds on the rain fly failed and I had to send the tent back to Kelty for repair (covered under warranty, but an inconvenience). I camp every month with the scouts, do at least one long term camp every year with the troop (winter or summer, or both like last year), and try to get out about every 8 to 12 weeks to do some solo backpacking. My Gunnison was large and spacious and solid. It has been my go-to for a long time and I love that tent. When I sent it in for repair, I needed a backup and I decided I'd like to change course a little.

The Co-op Passage tent was easy cheesy to set up. Color coding on the footprint, tent and rain fly made it a breeze. Although definitely made for one person, I am a fairly petite woman (5'3 and 110 lbs) and my two dogs (100 lbs and 54 lbs) and I fit nicely together with my small backpack. Would have been nice to have another storage pocket/holder available but the one it has was helpful. Great tent. Light, packable and quite roomy.

I have used this tent in dry conditions out in the desert (California/Arizona) and in rainy/windy conditions on a recent trip to Norway's Lofoten Islands. I was really worried about staying dry when the weather called for twelve hours of rain on my Norway trip, but it held up really well! Utilizing the vent feature, I didn't have any issues with condensation, and my gear (and myself) stayed dry inside the tent and the vestibule! The wind picked up quite a bit at times but the tent stayed standing - I don't normally set up the guy lines but they really did their job keeping the tent taught against the wind and rain.

got in a wind storm on Long's Peak, Colorado and tent held up well. extremely high winds at about 13,500 ft. nothing came lose after 8+ hrs of wind.

Bought for canoe trip below Hoover dam . Light weight , compact , well made. Worked perfectly

For years I have packed with my son so we have shared the weight of a 2-person tent. With my so headed off to college I knew that many more of my hikes would be solo so I invested in this lighter weight 1-person. It sets up easy and can be used with just the fly and footprint for even less weight in warmer dryer months. This tent can compete with much more expensive models at a fraction of the price. Haven’t owned it long enough to gushed durability but REI usually stands the test of time. Unless you are going ultralight and really need the extra ounces don’t look anywhere else for a solid, light, functional 1-person tent.

So I put it up a couple times at home, once to see how easy it is to deploy, and another time to create it's own, personal footprint. It's different. I'm used to a Sierra Designs Sphinx (20 yrs old). This one feels, well, 'cheap', which it was considering other tents out there. And I haven't shopped for backpacking gear in a LONG time. It may turn out to be just what I needed: cheaper, lighter, smaller. The weirdest thing is the poles are connected in the middle by some metal-swivel thingy, which seems like it will make life truly challenging if it gets windy. But I don't know, like this review title says. Maybe I shouldn't even rate it yet. Jury's still out.

I had been looking for a single-person tent to replace a much larger two-person model I have used for the past 15 years. My only criteria were that it had to be compact and it HAD to be freestanding. When REI contacted me with the opportunity to try out the Passage 1, I jumped at the chance.

I bought this for myself, as I am a solo camper. I went camping in it this past weekend, and it rained almost non-stop. Thankfully, setup was a breeze and it was completely dry under the raincover. I am a true believer in this product. I have honestly spent the better part of the last 48 hours in my tent and it was cozy and comfortable. I had room to move around a little and change clothes. The rain cover also does a great job of being a semi-umbrella. I had extra stakes and was able to stake the cover out from the tent (also a good way to keep water from getting underneath the tent) and was able to sit under the cover outside the door to do a little cooking. Great tent! looking forward to setting it up again next weekend!

I could go on about the tent especially it's value and quality for the money. But, I'll just leave this one experience: A friend and I were on the AT for a week, day two we had just gotten into our tents after dinner. Then as if on que, it rained continuously for "seven" hours! This tent did not leak a drop, top or bottom. So, a great price can be light weight and high quality, too.

We love this tent! We bought this tent and the passage 2 for our recent camping trip. Both tents are easy to set up and cozy. We had plenty of space for all of our gear. Definitely more of a summer tent though. We camped in the mountains at the end of May and ended up getting snowed on and it got down to 26 a couple of the nights we were there. We didn't get much snow. It was mostly just very cold. Despite having warm enough sleeping bags, we were not prepared for such temperatures clothing wise. We ended up leaving to go home a day early. The tents performed just fine. We stayed nice dry but it really isn't meant to keep someone warm when it's that cold out. We're optimistic and excited about our next camping trip later this summer though!

Got this tent for a recent hike on the very wet, West Coast Trail. It was super easy and very quick to set up and tear down. Got rained on two of the nights and I stayed dry without issue. Also, and I'm not sure if it's coincidence or intended by the product, but the tent seemed to stay dry in the bag while on a wet hike. I didn't have a cover for my pack and just had the tent stored in its given stuff-sack within my pack. My pack was drenched and some items inside were soaked but the tent seemed dry. It was also packed up against the pack walls, meaning no other contents were protecting it from rain other than the pack walls. Again, could be coincidence as the stuff sack does not appear to be anything out of the ordinary.

This tent is quite heavy, and not very big. I have had larger and lighter tents in the past, but they were in truth not quite as sturdy. I have been in heavy rain and wind, and this little tent is very strong, and the materials will last, I think, a very long time. Overall I like it, but it does weigh a lot.

I am a casual solo female backpacker, fairly short at 5'2" this tent provides just enough room for myself and backpack. The little vestible is good for leaving my backpack outside or cooking in case it rains. The tent is good quality overall so I don't have to worry about being too careful with it, easy and fast setup!

I used this tent on a backpacking trip in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I had thunderstorms and wind storms blow through every single night for a week. This tent held up really well! During a heavy thunderstorm I only had a handful of water drops come from the top vent on the rainfly. That same night, I had a major wind storm blow through right after. I thought for sure the poles were gonna break. No damage was done and most importantly I stayed dry the whole trip. I will definitely recommend this tent to people. note: I did use the footprint with the tent which is sold separately.

This is exactly what I was in the market for. A couple weeks ago I wrote a review on here about the new REI Half Dome 1 Plus. Without going into too many details, it was pretty negative. In that review, I explained that I was going to return the Half Dome and try out the Passage 1. Well, I’m happy to report that my pleasure with REI has been restored for the most part. This tent is a great backpacking tent for one person, packs down really small, it’s light. Some people may not consider it light, but then again, those people are used to carrying around tents made of tissue paper, in my opinion. I don’t tiptoe around in the woods, I go out there to play hard, and when I’m buying gear, I expect that gear to be able to take some reasonable abuse. This tent, the REI Passage 1, is just the right size for a single, 5’11” guy and his 70lb blackmouth cur. It is made of solid, quality materials. And since I have now owned both this tent and the Half Dome 1 Plus, I can tell you that this is the better quality tent, at a better price.

Like how easy this tent is to put up. Set up instructions on storage bag. The three storage pockets in tent came in handy. I also like the large vestibule area big enough to place backpack and boots overnight. I bought the footprint and was glad I did. This tent was a good purchase.

This tent is a great intro tent for backpackers just starting out. Obviously the weight is less than desirable, but it’s manageable for someone getting into backpacking. I highly recommend this tent for short weekend trips. Especially nice for car camping where weight doesn’t matter. I’ve had my tent for 3 years now and recently upgraded to the Quarter Dome SL2. I’ve never had any issues with the Passage despite putting it through some rough PNW weather.

Been using this for about five years now. Sets up super-quick and is absolutely weather proof. Had high winds and heavy rain at 11,000 feet my first night out and it was bone dry. The pitch is nice and tight. Plenty of space. It's a little heavy and doesn't pack that small, but I picked it up at REI for next to nothing on a sale, so can't complain, though will be moving on to a UL tent perhaps by next season to save a couple of pounds of base weight.

I bought this tent a month ago and had the pleasure of using it last week. I love it is very easy to set/put away as well. The fact that you can set it up by yourself is a huge plus. I Was a very happy camper with this purchase

Used it once and it dropped to the lower 30s up in Yosemite. With the canopy, the tent stayed moisture free on the inside. Set up and take down was easy (even in the dark). Had enough room to fit two people snuggled up.

I purchased this tent to replace my 7.5# backpack tent. This set up easily and seems roomy enough for 1 person. I like that I can leave the tent at home and set up with only the footprint and rainfly,

The Good Lots of space. Couldn't stake it in my living room but the vestibule looks like it would be pretty large and good for rain cover while cooking. Really good headroom while sitting up. At 6'3" I have way more than enough space for sleeping or sitting up. Easy to sit cross legged. Im sure it could comfortably fit someone who was 6'7". That being said you'e not sneaking a 2nd person into this tent. Its got lots of length but it's not very wide.

Used for the first time last night. Wonderful experience. So much roomier than my Eureka Solitare. Excellent design(storage pockets, vent, color coded setup....WOW Great value. Thank you REI

I bought this in April 2018 in anticipation of an August backpacking trip in Yosemite. I’ve been breaking it in on weekend trips in northern CA, primarily Marin & Sonoma counties. The good news is it’s very light and easy to set up and I could comfortably sit up in it (I’m 5’10”). The bad news is it doesn’t provide much insulation. Even with a 20 degree sleeping bag I was very cold. It’s basically a bug mesh tent with a rain fly. Great for the price if you camp in warm places or are personally very insulated.

Based on my use of the REI Passage 1 tent on a multi-day backpacking trip, I find it to be a good one-person tent at a very affordable price. It has a simple X pole system with equal length poles that ease tent pitching and adds stability in windy weather. The aluminum pole system is structurally sound at a reasonable weight. Color coding on two of the poles facilitates orienting the pole system and ease assembly of the tent. The tent has a bathtub floor made of a dense nylon fabric that lends itself to waterproofing and provides a substantial protective layer. Though I used a footprint each time I pitched the tent, the thickness of the tub fabric may allow one to forego a footprint without damaging the tent floor. The tent interior provided plenty of space for me and numerous gear items. The tent interior provides helpful mesh pockets and loops for suspending lights, nice additions. The tent is connected to the pole system by multiple sturdy hooks that ease tent pitching an add stability to the tent. The tent door design and zipper system make it easy to enter and exit the tent. The tent rain fly is made of a dense, durable nylon fabric that provides protection from wind and rain. The vestibule has a two-stake design that expands the area where boots and gear can be protected from rain and eases entry/exit from the tent. The tent tub, rain fly, and seams have been treated and sealed to make the tent very waterproof. This waterproofing served me well by keeping me dry during hours of substantial rain. The tent comes in a duffle style storage sack that provides more than adequate room for the tent, fly, poles, and stakes. Overall, the Passage 1 is a good option for those seeking a good performing, affordable one-person tent that can be used for an array of camping activities.

I think the best part is how easy it is to put up and take down. Also very warm I've used twice now in the snow

I have just used this for one 5-day camping (not backpacking) trip so far and am very pleased. I researched REI tents on line, and chose this one that way before purchasing it in a local store. The tent is just the right size for my camping pad and sleeping bag with a little space to spare for a jacket, day pack, etc.and the vestibule is great for storing a larger bag or backpack, and shoes. When the rainfly is zipped closed, they are completely covered too. The pockets are useful for small stuff including a small flashlight or headlight above. It's easy and quick to set up, although more pegs would be needed to stake out all the guylines. The weather was dry so I haven't tested it in rain or wind. I bought the footprint separately. There's plenty of space in the stuff bag for everything to fit in loosely. Overall the design is excellent and I'm very pleased with the choice I made.

I bought this tent a few months ago and have really liked it. It seems really waterproof considering how I've slept out in the rain in it a few times and have remained dry. It only takes just a few minutes to set up and is extremely lightweight. I would recommend getting the REI Passage 1 Footprint though.

I bought this tent for a few reasons. First because I had a son starting scouts and he needed a backpacking tent. Second because I have always been pleased with the cost vs. quality from REI products. Third because of it's simple and intuitive construction. It is exactly what I wanted. Something my son could love, abuse, learn with and make memories using and all at a price tag I can appreciate. My son needs a reasonable backpacking tent. A 3 pound 6 ounce single man, dual vestibule, aluminum pole tent is pretty good for just over $100 (because you can get this guy on sale several times a year if you are patient). We have used this tent in 40+ mph wind fully staked out, velcroed properly and fully guyed out. We did it to test it and to practice setting up and sleeping in the wind. It sheared wind and didn't move and I loved how proud my son was when two other peoples high profile tents collapsed under the wind. I recently took the tent on a thru-hike of the Wind RIver Range. I have been eye-balling the Big Agnes Tiger Wall but didn't pull the trigger yet. I compromised by taking a slightly heavier tent but was reasonably suited for late summer backpacking with the potential of fall weather and cold. We found ourselves above treeline at 11,000 ft needing to find a place to camp for the night and it snowed on and off for 30 hours with possibly 6 inches of summer snow accumulation. When faced in the wind properly it shed the snow like a champ. I was warm and really pleased that the vestibule even with some snow on it retained it's pitch. We love this tent. I would buy one again in a heartbeat. Can't say enough about it's cost vs. quality. You really can't beat this little passage. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

This tent is so great! I love everything about it! No complaints at all! The zippers work well and are in good spots, there are several pockets on the inside to store stuff. Easy set up, great rain fly, spacious vestibule, sturdy poles! And the weight is not bad for backpacking either!

Used it in the rain in upstate NY and stayed dry, and spent 10 days under the California redwoods and the tent was home away from home. The interior pockets are convenient, and there are loops for hanging things off the ceiling. I really liked having the vestibule area for storage. I was even able to fit a camping cot inside the tent by assembling it inside. When the weather gets hot, it’s easy to remove the rain fly completely, or just fold it back for ventilation. The tent is Very easy to setup.

Used this tent in rain and shine. Performed flawlessly. Plenty of room for one person and tall enough to not feel cramped. Would highly recommend.

Finally pulled the trigger on this 1 person tent. Wasn't sure of the interior size or ease of setting it up. Surprised ! Set it up in about 3 minutes, no problems. Lots of room to lie in tent as well. I'm 5' 10", and laying with the soles of my feet just touching one end of the tent there was still about a foot of space above my head at the other end. Haven't taken it out to the Sierras yet but I'm sure it will do just fine for a couple of nights. Happy I bought this.

I wanted to find a small tent to use for overnight or weekend camping, as well as casual backpacking, and this tent is a winner.

I like it a lot! Light weight and free standing.. Packs down nicely especially if I have no need for the rain fly.

Easy to put up, roomy enough for my backpack and me

I went to Bishop, CA as my first trip with my Passage 1. I did not expect to put it through so many different situations in one weekend but it handled them like a champ. My friend also brought his Passage 1 that trip and it faired equally well. The first night was fairly warm with a light breeze and the tent's built in vent hole worked really well to maintain a comfortable temperature. The second night is rained, a torrential down pour that I myself was not fully prepared for. I left my shoes and boots in the vestibule over night and awoke to find them completely dry, much to my surprise. My only suggestion is make sure you stake the rain fly on the backside so the water does not drain onto the tent itself. I did not do this and a small amount of moisture got through onto my sleeping bag. My friend did stake his down and had no problem. On day three the rain gave way to wind. This wind was not a nice breeze but a raging force that tore through the Owen's River Valley where we stayed. I used the supplied guy-lines and some extra stakes I bought to ensure my tent was secure. I watched as the 40-60 mph winds, with gusts almost 100mph, tore other tents apart at other campsites but not ours. They survived with no signs of stress or strain. Apart from its toughness the Passage 1 is roomy for a 1 person tent and the vestibule is big enough for a bag, although I found I had plenty of room for it in the tent too.

Just received and will be returning. Have the older version of the REI 1-person Passage tent and have never liked the way it set up. Old 1-person tent has a 3 pole "K" system which has never been easy for quick set up in the rain. Was hoping the 2 pole "X" would solve this issue thinking the poles would be the same as the REI Passage 2-person tent. REI 2-person tent is a great design for easy set up and take down and allows for you to set up/take down the tent "backwards" in the rain (Set up: fly first, then get under the fly, ground cloth, then tent. Take down from inside the tent: tent, ground cloth, pack your pack under the fly, then fly). This REI 1-person can't be done "backwards" since: Fly attaches with clips to tent instead of grommets to the poles & the 2 poles have a hinge point in the middle which does not allow for quick easy slide out of poles. A couple other items I don't like are: footprint is not rectangular, vestibule has two staking points instead of one (like old 1-pesrson and 2-person Passage tents), and tent is too big/heavy for one person.

I love this tent. It's cleverly designed, it has all the pockets I would want just where i want them. I like the door pocket and the attachments to keep the rainfly opening rolled up out of the way if you want. Idiot-proof assembly, although I can't figure out what the metal tube part is for, I didn't need it. It's just the right size for me - granted, I'm only 5'3". I can put my backpack by my feet and still have enough room for my pad. I have a little space next to me for quick-access items and my boots. When my friend wanted to get his first tent I made him buy this one, he likes it too.

i had to use this tent for work, and after 1 month the zipper was a little slow, after 2 it was getting stuck and i couldnt get in or out, and eventially it just came apart and the doors were left open. but over all, the rest of the tent was well made. the weight was good, diddnt like the tent bag though, could have been alot smaller and still fit.

This was suppose to be my spare tent but I pretty much love this tent. my normal backpacking tent doesn't compare to this. It takes me around 3 minutes to set up this tent. Super easy. I've mostly used it in the desert and it's last me so far. It's pretty light for the most part. Always see other backpackers with this tent.

This tent seemed so great the first (dry) night. I woke up at 3 am the second night to rain drops on my face and had to set up a second tarp in addition to the supplied rain fly. The third night was cool and condensation soaked the footprint through. If you live anywhere moderately cool or wet I would not recommend.

The Passage 1 tent is an incredible value for those seeking a light-weight solution for shelter while backpacking. It is loaded with all the best features you can find in today's tents while removing all the 'extras' that you hardly use and would otherwise add unnecessary weight.

Wishing it was waterproofed Wishing it was waterproofed

Just got back from REI and setup this tent in my house. Excellent sewing job, all seams look great nothing in "stress". Zippers all work, guy ropes all there. Quality seems top notch. Ready to go camping right after I replace the steel stakes with Aluminum ones.

Not only was it quick and easy to setup, it was very comfortable and durable. Also light weight.

Nice tent . Easy set up/break down. No complaints.



Do you guys make replacement poles for this tent

We use Tent Pole Technologies to make replacement poles. They should be able to make a replacement pole that will fit your tent properly. They can be contacted at (800) 266-9527 or at the following link:


What is the full length of fully extended tent poles? Is it possible to buy replacement poles?

​Each pole on the Passage 1 tent measures 138.25 inches.


I see you have to buy the footprint separately. Does the rainfly come included with the tent?

​The rainfly is included.


Compare with older version, what are improvements in newer version besides specs?

​Good question! This newer model Passage 1 has several new features such as adding 4 inches of peak height, reduction in weight by 5 ounces, it's a 2 pole design versus 3 for ease of set-up, and it still offers 20 square feet of floor space. Also, for improved air flow, the mesh was extended to the entire top half instead of a mix of solid nylon, and mesh.


has anyone had a problem w/condensation? also, has anyone answered Matt's question regarding packing tent minus the poles and stakes in a compression sack? thanks!

Great question! If you stake and guy out the tent, then condensation will not be an issue. In answer to Matt's question, yes, you can stuff the tent into a compression sack for short term storage. We do not recommend storing your tent long term in a stuff sack as it will diminish performance over time.


What are the rainfly and floor coated with for waterproofing?

The rainfly and the floor of this tent are treated with a waterproof polyurethane coating.


Where is this tent manufactured?

​This tent is made in China. Please keep in mind the country of origin can change over time and some items are sourced from multiple countries.


What is the interior height, wondering if I could sit up inside I'm 5'8"

​The peak height is 40 inches.


what is the HH rating for the fly and floor?

​We're sorry that information is not available.


How long are the poles when folded for packing?

The poles are 19 ½" long when folded down.


How well does the tent keep out insects such as no-see-ems?

This tent uses no-see-um mesh.


How many vents are in the rainfly? The description has plural "vents" but a review mentions just one vent.  Also, is condensation a problem compared to similar tents that have mosquito netting that extends farther down the sides (like a quarter dome)?

​The rainfly has one roof vent. This tent has a suitable amount of mesh for proper ventilation. However, tents with additional mesh panels will provide a greater degree of ventilation to help reduce condensation.


Are the vestibule and door on the left or the right (when lying on your back inside). The diagram shows them on the left, the overhead pics show the door on the right.

The door and vestibule are on the right side. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


How well does this tent do in high winds? I am going on a bike trip to Iceland and have heard the winds can be beastly. Also how my guy ropes are necessary? I see lots of loops that ropes are not included for.

This tent is not designed to be used in high winds. This tent comes with 5 guylines.


Can you define what it means between packaged and minimum trail weight? 

​Packaged weight includes the tent body, rainfly, tent poles, guyline, stakes and stuff sack. Minimum trail weight includes only the tent body, tent poles and rainfly.


Can you recommend a video which demonstrates set up?

As of July 2017, we do not have a video that displays set-up for this tent.


Can you set this up with just the rain fly, poles, and footprint?

​Yes, you can set this up with just the rain fly, poles and footprint.


Will a 6'5" 220lb person fit?

​Yes this tent works for a 6'5" 220 lb. person.


Could this tent fit a mother 5'4" and a less than 4' child relatively comfortably?

The width of this tent is 36.5 inches which is too narrow for two individuals to comfortably sleep in.


Is the rain fly included with the tent purchase?

Yes, the rainfly is included.


I'm curious if anyone has weighed this with just the rainfly, poles, and footprint?

The fly, footprint and poles have a combined weight of 2 pounds 7.9 ounces.


Is it lightweight?

The packaged weight of this tent is 3 pounds 14.5 ounces. This is a fairly lightweight 1 person tent.

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