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Purchased a few weeks ago and did my first backpacking trip with it along the Carolina Foothills trail. Great tent! Compared it side by side with the Muth* Hubba (unfortunately the review platform considers the name of the MRS tent to be profanity and will not allow it to be spelled properly). The REI tent is slightly lighter, same durable products, larger on nearly all measures, particularly the vestibule area, better ventilation. Liked the side entry doors also.

Bought this tent for an 8 day backpacking/fly fishing trip above 10 000 ft altitude with my 14 year old son. Was easy to set up, and very light to carry overall. The inside feels very roomy for two, with ample storage for all of our minor gear. We kept packs outside under the vestibule and they stayed dry despite a few rain storms. Plenty of room under front and rear vestibules for keeping gear dry. This tent is awesome for two, but would be pretty tight for three adults - you couldn't put three sleeping pads side-by-side in it, but with two its perfect.

Got this today and set it up before taking it out into the field. (Doing that for the first time in field conditions is a recipe for disaster.) Having the directions captive to the bag and printed on Tyvek (or some similar waterproof material) is great; no losing them! The color coding of the ends makes the setup a lot easier. It took a moment to figure out what all the poles were going to do, but once I had done that it all went together easily.

If you're camping in dry weather, this tent would be perfect. It's easy to put up, lightweight, and super spacious. However, I am returning it because the rain fly isn't large enough to cover the opening of the tent and keep the tent dry if it's raining and you're going in and out of the tent during the rain. It's like they made it just a few inches too short and there isn't enough over hang over the opening of the tent. I took it on a 5 day camping trip and it rained the whole time. If you were in the tent and everything was sealed up, it stayed dry and vented well, but any time you opened the rain fly to get in and out, it let rain into the tent. We ended up having to put a tarp over the tent to protect the opening from the rain. Since we wanted this to be a backpacking tent, it's not the right tent for us. Such a bummer.

Hello! I am happy to say that after 3 weeks of research on ultralight tents (REI requests that retailers not be named) in the fields of <$500, < 4 lbs, 3 man, two doors with vestibules, freestanding class, I went with the REI Quarter Dome 3 and haven't looked back. The first night I had it in April I took it up the McKenzie River to the snow line at set it up. Out of the bag the QTD3 is a beautiful ensemble of easy. I did purchase the footprint as well for testing purposes. Color coded legs fit right into designated spots. The footprint (sold separately) is "point and click." Boom. The fly is self explanatory as well. Longest part of setup is securing guylines properly for foul weather conditions. I slept like a champ. Dry. PLENTY of room for two with gear in and out of vestibules. Door operation from interior is smooth and access to vestibules is piece of cake. Being there is no insulation value under the tent I do highly suggest good sleep pads and or sleeping bags.

I bought the Quarter Dome 3 at dividend time this year planning on using it to take my two boys on their first backpacking trip before school starts in a few weeks. We hit the Pecos Wilderness in New Mexico this last weekend with this tent and it performed quite well. The boys are 8 and 10, so they were not carrying much more than their sleeping bags and water. This left the tent to me and I was thankful for the low weight for the size. We also had some crazy thunderstorms hit camp overnight and the tent kept us dry and withstood the wind very well. This tent might be a bit tight for 3 adult men, but for myself and my boys it was perfect.

The problem with this tent is staking it out for rainy conditions. The fly requires (requires!) that you stake out the tent in 6 places -- excluding the tent body. If it's not it won't be tight and the tent will wet through. And by stakes I mean stakes (not rocks) this is especially true for the vestibules - they must be taught.

We got 2 of this expensive tents, they were suppouse to be the best out there for weather, etc.... But we got to our camp site and it started raining. It rained for a couple of days in and out and we got a little wet, water from the rain cover started to come through the inside of the tent, clothes got wet and a few other things including my pillow and sleeping bag.

Spent three days recently in this tent with my wife. I will say it is the lightest tent I own. You would think as you feel the fabric it is not durable but I trust the engineering on this that it will hold up.

We have had this tent for about a year and used it on 2 trips. A total of 14 or 15 nights. It's a 3 man tent but we use it for 2. It has kept us perfectly dry during 2 major rain storms. Handles wind well, easy to set up, very spacious and nice storage in the vestibule's. I have been using small tents for 55 years and they keep getting better. This is the best 3 man tent yet!

To be fair, I got this mainly for my wife due to simplicity of set up, which she professes is simply even for the complete novice. It’s also incredibly light for a fairly roomy 3p. Now for the downside and the reasons I returned this, weather. It survived an extended overnight rain just fine, where it failed is fog. After a few hours in a very humid/foggy campsite the tent was saturated. Partly due to the thinness of the fabric, and the extended stay, is and the gear were drenched. It’s still a good tent, but I couldn’t stomach keeping it after such a wet and cold night.

I used my tent for the first time on a biking camping weekend. Set up was easy. It rained while I was out biking and everything was dry when I returned. I have no experience with tents so that was a big deal. :)

This is one heck of a tent. My SO and I went to Costa Rica for a week. Did 4 days of camping in the jungle. The FIRST NIGHT... it down-poured on us hard for 45 minutes. When we came back to our tent expecting everything to be soaked and expecting the worst inside of the tent. NOT A DROP OF RAIN GOT IN. EVERYTHING WAS DRY!!!!! WE WERE SO STOKED! I'm so glad we had this tent and it will be a fantastic purchase for anyone looking for a durable and lightweight tent.

After doing much research for a lightweight 3 person tent, I finally settled on the REI Quarterdome 3. It met all of my criteria for weight, interior space, quality, ease of set up and price. On my first BP trip with this tent (Rocky Mtns.) it set up like a breeze, rainfly pitched nice and taught using the velcro tabs on the poles and all available guy out points. there was ample room inside of the tent for 2 adults and all of our gear including backpacks. The first night we got hit with a severe hail storm that dropped about 2 inches of hail in 30 minutes along with high gusty winds. The tent performed like a champ! No structural failures and no water inside the tent. The problem came when we got up the next morning and exited the tent to a beautiful Colorado blue sky. Upon opening the rainfly door, standing water on the roof of the tent poured down inside of the floor of the tent getting some of our sleeping bags wet and requiring us to use clothing to mop up the excess water. The rainfly could not be staked out any tighter and unfortunately it rained the next two afternoons (as it frequently does in the mountains) and the same problem occurred each time the rainfly door was opened. The flaw is in the design and location of the zipper on the door, instead of running down the vertical high point down the center of the door as it is staked out, it runs across the dip in the door horizontally allowing water inside of the tent whenever the door is opened. This is a great tent as long as it doesn't rain!!! Returned to REI :(

After many uncomfortable nights spent in our two person tent shared with my wife, myself, and our two very large dogs, we decided to spring for something more practical. I wanted something that could fit all of us and was still under 5lbs- enter the Quarter Dome 3.

I couldn't be happier with this tent. I've owned it over a year. Yesterday I was on the Lost Coast (CA) and it handled 20+mph wind just fine. Has good places to put your stuff, color coded pole setup. Lots of space for the weight. Very well ventalated. My go-to hiking tent everytime. It is a light weight tent. If your are hard on your gear the Half Dome fabric is more puncture resistant. I prefer the lighter weight though.

Review for the older version. After few years of mainly storage, used the tent under 10 days overall, all the interior coating deteriorating and become sticky. Few small parts are glued to the fly body and the glue is deteriorated, so the parts just fell apart. REI representative in Boston store refused to admit that this is a warranty issue and exchange. I had a similar issue with a sticky coating on my marmot tenet. Sent it to the manufacturer Andy and email sent back a new fly. $400 for this quality seems like a bad investment.

In effort to save REI money, and me shipping aggravation, went to store and set this one up. Better quality than most but also a fail. My complaint. Foot print (like others now a days) too big. Will trap rain and keeps falling off. 2nd and biggest, there is a vent high on rain fly. Why? That’s someone’s bright idea for ventilation? Isn’t that what upper vestibule zippers are for? What could possibly go wrong? Doesn’t take a big imagination to envision driving rain and wind turning inside into a nice cold shower! Lastly, plumb a string with a weight (like a small nut) from the door zipper and you will see the thing needs an overhang flap to keep rain out when opening and closing. Who designs these things? They should actually USE these in the field before selling.

I have used this tent a few times and usually find myself doing so in low light conditions, the set up instructions do not easily identify which end is which and you have to mess with it a few times to get it right. The shock cord fails in cold temps as I found myself in 0F conditions with a shock cord that had stretched out and would not go back into the poles. I had to cut the cord and have all the poles fall apart in deep snow just to spend 45 minutes in the dark with a headlamp trying to figure out how everything fit together :(.

I just bought this today. I was so excited to get it because it was bigger but the weight comes in closer to the 2 person tents. It was pretty easy to put up, I am really concerned about the netting part, it seems really fragile and there were 2 snags the first time I put it up. Pros. --Really roomy, big enough for me and my 6'3 husband and our gear. Netting across the entire top is nice for viewing the stars. Cons --the poles are difficult to put away because they snap together if they slip out of your hands.

We just took this tent out for 3 nights in the Beartooth Wilderness. We upgraded from a small 2 person tent to accommodate our large puppy. It is half the weight an old 3-person tent we were using, and extremely roomy! Through several hail/rain storms, and heavy wind, this tent held up! It was a little cold during the wind, but expected for such a lightweight model. We are extremely happy!

We loved our first experience with this tent. It weathered 2 adults, a kid, a dog, and two high-elevation mountain storms and kept us dry and our gear too. The vestibules have space for boots and packs. It is easy to set up and brilliantly lightweight and packable. With the rainfly on it holds a surprising amount of warmth and we were cozy all night. When the sun came out, it actually got way too hot in there.

Took the 2017 tent on it's first trip to the SouthWest in August. We had rain(!) and a sizeable portion of the tent got wet when opening the fly, on both sides. Water collected on the roof runs right down on your sleeping bag/pad. It's in the middle of the opening, about 6 inches in, about 10 inches wide. Maybe by first shaking off the water you can avoid some of that but in a downpour it definitely will rain into the inner tent. If you don't open the door all the way to prevent this, you have to crawl out. Everything else is great. Good size and great headroom, easy to set up. Can handle quite a bit of wind. From experience, after a minor sand storm, the sand doesn't stick to the material, wipes/shakes right off, unlike a similar size/weight tent from a supplier based in Maine. The other gripe is that the if the zippers of the inner tent are in a certain position, about 12" off the ground, you can't open one of them with one hand, the fabric will pull up. I think it is because of the unsymmetrical opening. A similar tent with a more circular zipper opening has no issues. But the water issue is the most annoying, the primary purpose of a tent is to stay dry in case it rains. Will return this tent

This tent has been great so far, and it's been taken on a number of camping and backpacking trips since I purchased it about a year ago. In heavy rain and even worse wind this tent has kept me dry and held up well. The tent actually bowed down so the top was touching me lying down and didn't break. There is a small bend in the over head portion of the pole that I found after that trip. In those particular storms, the easy pitch and take down was extremely helpful. The tent is a roomy 2 but pretty tight 3. When I took this backpacking, it was a snug fit with three girls (sleeping pads overlapped), but still relatively comfortable. The head space helps make the tent feel roomier. I have also noticed some runs through the mesh at the top (unsure how those came to be unfortunately). Overall, this tent has been has been good- it holds up in poor conditions and a 4 lb trail weight is doable for the spaciousness and durability that the tent has to offer.

This tent is amazingly light weight, easy to construct first try less than a few minutes (including rain tarp). All the poles are connected and the construction is color-coded for ease locating tent holes. The double doors are great to have a back door to your potty and a front door to your fire place. The rain guard is good enough to put a few pairs of shoes. Its quarter dome 3, and i slept in it alone and it was warm without needing other peoples body heat, there was so much space it felt like i needed a camping mate, but it was nice to sprawl out and felt luxurious, have you ever had too much room in a tent?? Another trip I inflated a queen size bed for me and my girlfriend and it fit perfectly, snug to the sides, and enough room to squeeze in my dog at the feet of the bed, who eventually came up on the bed in the middle of the night. Theres 4 corners worth of pockets and amazing vent holes to lay out your wet socks. My only complaint is the rain guard, two trips so far with wet weather, and the rain guard over the door does not come out far enough, and drips streams of water directly into the tent and the netting. The rain guard though, fits super snug and is hard to get that last hole in, but not so hard that it delays set up time, it just shows you it aint goin no where. The tarp rain guard on top also withstood a bit of hail on my first trip! I woke up with snow around the tent and I was cozy warm on the inside (it insulates super well even though its "3")... Seriously this thing is like a 4.9 stars out of 5 just for that little rain drip into the tent, which irritated me at first, but im going to keep experimenting. If you were thinking about this tent, then get it. I love it.

REI replaced my 1st Quarter Dome T2 after experiencing delamination of waterproofing material from the nylon. Unfortunately, now the replacement is having the same delamination issue. I was told by customer service this is "normal" for tents as they age, yet my backpacking Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 from the same manufacturing year doesn't have any issues and has seem 4x the usage. Both tents have been stored out of the heat in the same master bedroom closet shelf.

I bought this shortly after they released this tent in 2017. The updates they made from the previous model were perfect love this tent and have already gotten it out on several backpacking trips with my wife. Overall I like that the poles and the clips for the poles don't feel cheap. Most of the tents I tried for lightweight tents seemed really cheap. Although this tent wasn't the lightest it wasn't far off from others but felt sturdy.

Setup in about 2 minutes in the dark color coded grommets, poles, and clips really helps. Held up through a couple days of heavy rain in GSMNP. 3 adults fitting in here is not going to happen, but that rating is always liberal. Recommend putting guy lines on sides of bathtub floor as they tend to collapse in. It’s a lightweight tent, so space is a bit tight, would highly recommend a hanging fan if car camping. we

It is a lighter tent and is roomy for two people. The two doors and larger vestibule is really nice, but then there are definitely flaws that makes me question REI brand tent. We used about 10-12 times prior to the rainfly zipper breaking and it was just beyond the one year so REI would not take it back. The teeth of the rainfly pulled off so there was no way to fix out on the trail and there are no options to just buy a new rainfly (mind-boggling to me!). There is not enough pockets inside the tent. There are two overhead, but the main large one is by the foot of the tent which makes putting stuff in and getting stuff a challenge when you are all tucked in. We also already had a elastic tent pole cord snap on us. Easier fix on the trail, but not something I would expect within 2 years and under 15 uses. And the sack that you get with the tent.... useless after about 5-10 uses as it starts to tear and rip. SO, after less than 2 years, I'm now searching for another tent.

Just got back from a 3 week trip to Utah. Spent a lot of time in this tent. Got caught in some VERY high winds. Got back from hike and the tent was completely flattened by wind. No damage other than a slightly bent pole which was easily reshaped. My only concern is the zippers which seem like they are always ready to break. So far, they haven’t. All in All, a very good tent.

This tent is well constructed but is essentially a mosquito net with a fly. I guess that is how REI was able to keep the weight down. The fly is very light weight and is easy to lose in a light breeze unless you have help putting it on.

I had been camping with a two man name-brand tent with my son for the past 3 years. We've been on several trips to the Smokies and other places in West TN. On each trip we would always tell ourselves we need another tent - one with two vestibules, a little more room, lighter and better made. This tent fits each one of those and some! I chose to purchase the 3-man tent for the room - this specific tent for the shape of the vestibule. Both our packs fit easily in our own vestibule and stayed dry during the rain the first night. When we got to our site it was dark. Well, being dark with a new tent made me very nervous. I remembered the color coded poles in the photos from the reviews online. I didn't see anything about the poles all being in one piece - like one pole with several spikes. This tent was WAY EASIER to set up that my other 2 man tent! And it was at 9:30 at night!! super excited. Final note, the construction of the tent is far greater than my other tent. It allowed for better ventilation and each place for a guy-line/stake was reinforced. Pockets for headlamps, etc. were everywhere. We have a trip planned in June for a week on the AT and I can't wait to do some real hiking with this tent.

I bought this tent for my son and I to use on our first backpacking trip to Glacier National Park (after years of wilderness canoe trips). He and I are both 6’5”. It worked great for the two of us. Easy to set up, light and pretty roomy inside. The inside pockets and vents were well done. I would recommend it, just not for three adults.

As a long time camper I thought I had everything I needed. What I didn't know was that camping tents have really advanced. I replaced my decade old REI tent with this one that is twice as light and half the size: And it can be set up by one person very easily.

We love this tent. Definitely roomy enough for the 2 of us - and one of us is not small ;-) Light enough for bike touring, the color coding makes it very easy and quick to set up. The fabric and mesh are good quality, and we stayed dry during the storm.

We purchased this tent for our kayak camping trips. My husband is 6'3" and this tent gives us plenty of room, yet packs down in our dry sacks to pack into our kayaks! Blocks wind and dust/sand. Easy to set up, even in the dark!

Bought the tent last month and I've already had it out twice backpacking. Plenty big enough for three people. Light and packs small.

I am so happy with this tent. Everything about it is quality from the materials to design. i am very happy with this purchase

This lightweight tent really opened up some great bikepacking opportunities. Sets up quick and handles 20mph wind easily.

Haven't had a chance to use it yet, but setting up is fairly easy, and tons of room inside, and inside the vestibules!

Haven't actually slept in it yet but I'm happy about how easy and intuitive set up is. The color coding helps.



How well does this tent rate for colder conditions?

​A backpacking tent like this can be used in cold conditions with a temperature appropriate sleeping bag will keep you warm.


Does this tent have an optional gear loft or ceiling pocket?

Yes, this tent has ceiling pockets to store your small essentials.


How sturdy is the flooring material? I want the 3 person so we can take our dog, but are worried it may not hold up under our pup's nails.

​The floor is made from a durable 20-denier ripstop nylon. While the material is very durable, we recommend laying some sort of tarp or ground cloth inside of the tent if you plan on taking your 4-legged friend with you.


Unpacking my tent for the first time today and a small like 6 inch tube fell out, it's wider than the poles and is the grey colour of the poles. I can't figure out what it's for. Does anyone know?

The piece that you are referring to is a tent pole repair sleeve. Should a pole become damaged or bent in the field, you can slide the sleeve over the damaged area of the pole and taped it place for a temporary fix.


Do you sell a replacement rain fly?

I'm sorry, no, we do not sell replacement rainflies. If you still have the rainfly, but it is damaged, Rainy Pass Repair may be able to restore it. We suggest contacting them for an estimate on repair services. Their phone number is 888-747-7867 (888-RIP STOP) and their website can be viewed at the following link:


Does this tent include the gear loft or lampshade loft or whatever one might call the little mesh loft above the sleep space to stash headlamps? I see it in the one picture but can't tell if it's included. Thanks!

This tent features several attached pockets and loops to create a gear loft. However, it does not include a removable gear loft.


What is the weight of the Quarter Dome 3 fly, stakes, poles, etc. when going ultralight (without the tent body)?

Thank you for your question! The minimal fast fly/footprint weight is 2 lbs. 14.8 oz., including the footprint (sold separately). This weight does not include stakes which can be an additional 4 ounces, depending on how many you choose to pack.


Does REI make a footprint for the inside of this tent?

Sorry, we do not make footprints for the inside of our tents.


Does the packaged weight include the footprint?

​No, the weight of the footprint is not included in the packaged weight.


What coating(s) are used on the floor, walls, and fly of the Quarter Dome 3? Are they nylon/PU, Silnylon, or nylon with PU on one side and silicone on the other? I've spoken with 2 REI sales associates, and got 2 different answers. Please clarify. Thanks!

​The floors, walls and fly of this tent are a polyurethane coated nylon.


Where is the light clip located? Center? Head side of tent on one side or both? And does it work with a black diamond voyager camp light with the double silver hooks??

​This tent includes a hang loop in the middle that can be used for many types of lanterns; including Black Diamond camping lights. There will be a small amount of head space on either side of the lantern.


Where exactly is the light clip located? Center? Head space on one side or both? And does this work for lights such as the black diamond camp lights that have the small hook (I’ve used it before in tents with loops on center of ceiling). Thanks!

​This tent includes a hang loop in the middle that can be used for many types of lanterns; including Black Diamond camping lights. There will be a small amount of head space on either side of the lantern.


Just got this, practicing before fall... so far, great! Appreciate the upgraded headroom from prev BA Fly Creek (6'5")- worth the ozs. But 10 stakes included, for windy yuck are 4 more needed? 4=base, 2=fly, 4=for doors is 10 + and 4 guyout points.

Yes, if you want to fully guyout/stake down the tent, four extra stakes are needed. The optional stakes can be purchased here:

DR Reser

Do you offer a replacement rain fly for the quarterdome 3? I have the model from 10 years ago. The seams are falling apart. 

As of July 2018, we do not stock a replacement rainfly for this tent. REI uses Rainy Pass Repairs to repair all gear items. We recommend contacting them for an estimate on repair services. Their phone number is 800-733-4340 and the website can be viewed at the following link:


Taking the Quarter Dome 3 on a 12-month cycle across Asia so may need basic repairs at some point. Can you tell me what diameter the poles are so I get the right repair sleeves? And can you tell me if the seams are sealed with polyurethane or silicone?

The poles are a 9mm diameter, there is one 1/2" pole repair sleeve included, and the seams are polyurethane sealed.


What is included in the 'Minimum Trail Weight'?

​The minimum trail weight includes the tent body, rainfly and poles.


I'm curious how this tent material may hold up against dog paws. Would you recommend creating some sort of floor liner with a bed sheet, or do you think that the durability of the tent floor could withstand the potential puncture of a dog claw.

This is a lightweight backpacking tent made from lightweight materials. We recommend laying down some sort of tarp/sheet if you plan on bringing your 4-legged buddy inside the tent.


Does the packed weight include the footprint?

​The packed weight does not include the footprint.

Jim Harbaugh

Any tips for winterizing/washing this tent? Is it machine washable? First tent owned and looking for pointers to preserved it

​This tent should not be put in the washing machine. Hand washing the tent in the bath tub using Nikwax Tech Wash or Nathan Power Wash is the best way to clean it. After the tent is completely dry we recommend storing loosely (not fully stuffed) in a cool, dry environment. The link below will lead you to the gear washes and more information on how to care for your tent.

Bill D

What is the total weight of the Tent, Poles, Fly and Stuff Sack?

The weight of those four components is 4 lbs. 4 oz. The full packaged weight that also includes stakes, guylines, etc. is 4 lbs. 9 oz.


My tent is a QuarterDome T3 in army green color.  Is that the same as this tent?  What rainfly can I purchase with my tent?  

​The rainfly for the Quarter Dome 3 is a Seattle Mist color, which is light grey with a hint of blue. Unfortunately, we do not sell tent rainflys separate from the tents, and the T3 model is a different design than the newer Quarter Dome 3.


What is the denier of the rain fly and floor along with the millimeters of coating?


Can someone please measure the actual LxW when this is fully setup? I purchased a tent last week that claimed to have a 84x68 floor, however when I tried it, my head/feet were touching tent ends. I'm 76" tall, so should have had room.

​The interior dimensions of this tent are 88 x 70/64 inches. Since you are 76 inches tall, you should have plenty of room.


Do you need to seam seal anything or is the tent fully ready to go for handling rain/wetness?

The seams on this tent are sealed. No additional waterproofing is needed for this tent.

April M

Where can I purchase just the rainfly for the tent?

Unfortunately, we do not sell replacement rainflies.


is there a gear shed/vestibule option for this tent?

A separate gear shed is not available.


I have the previous version and some of the tie backs on the fly have come off, they appear to be glued, and recommendations for reattaching?

You can try using Seam Grip:


I need to split the weight there ways. What is the weight of individual pieces-just poles, fly, footprint and tent.

​Poles: 1 lb. 5.2 oz.


Took QD3 on first trip and it performed great except when rain fly is wet and you open rain fly door, you're pretty much guaranteed to have water drip inside the tent door because channel around rain fly opening doesn't redirect water. How to prevent?

We have not heard any feedback that the design of the door causes water to drip into the tent. However, if you do find that water is dripping into the tent from the top of the door in particularly rainy conditions, we recommend opening the door only ¾ of the way up to the bend in the zipper.


Why arent these tents in different colors? That will be very nice if so

Unfortunately, we aren't able to offer all tents in multiple colors. The Half Dome 2 and Half Dome 2 Plus tents are available in multiple colors as of summer 2017.


Has anyone used this for 2 adults + 2 dogs (70 lbs each)? We are regular day-hikers but new to backpacking and want to ensure our dogs can fit in. Thank you!

You will be able to get everyone in the tent, but you won't sleep comfortably. We recommend at least a 4 person tent and also a tarp for the interior to protect the floor from your dogs' claws.


I am 6'3" and my wife is 5'8". Will this tent fit us and backpacks/gear?

This tent will meet your needs. The floor dimensions are 88 x 70/64 (L x W head/foot) inches and there are two large vestibules for additional gear storage.


Do I need to use a tarp with this tent, or will the bottom of the tent be strong enough to use without a tarp?

We recommend purchasing a footprint for this tent. A footprint protects the bottom and significantly extends the life of the tent.


Hey, do u need to use the rainfly against dew or is the tent able to withstand it alone?

This tent can be used without the rainfly.

Daryl Fleischer

Do you have any videos of the redesigned quarter dome tents? I'd love to see how the new buckle system works for attaching the rain fly. I understand that the new model has a true bathtub floor as opposed to the older model with taped seams on the floor.

​Unfortunately, we are unable to upload a video of the tent set up process.


Does this new version also have the hubbed pole set? And why is the weight a pound heavier than last years model?

This tent does have a hubbed pole set. The new (2017) version is 6 ounces heavier (packaged weight) compared to the previous model. This is due to the increased peak height and overall livable space.


Is the nylon fabric treated with any coatings? Is the fabric any different from the previous Quarter Dome 3?

​This tent does have a waterproof polyurethane coating. The hydrostatic rating is 1,200mm. The denier for the fabrics on this tent are as follows:


What grade of material are the poles? It just says "aluminum" in the specs.

​The pole set included with this tent is a DAC Featherlite pole set.


Does the rainfly attach to the base of the tent via clips, or just by having gromets at the end and having the end of the tent pole go through them?

​Yes, the rainfly is attached via side-release buckles.

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