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You must get this tent in "Shadow/Moss" colour only, because it is the perfect colour tent for stealth camping!. Here in the UK, the law is that you need the land owners permission to wild camp. That puts most people off camping anywhere other than in registered campsites, which of course charge you exorbitant fees to camp there. For those of us who like to discretely camp in beautiful places for a night, without having to ask or pay for the privilege, you obviously need to use a tent that blends in to the countryside/woodland. That severely limits your choice of tents, because most backpacking tents are only available in bright, lary colours that stand out vividly against any natural backdrop, loudly advertising your presence to everyone passing by. And that is where the Marmot Tungsten 1P in "Shadow/Moss" comes in. With it's low-key colour scheme, modest height, and rounded profile, I have found it to be even less visible than a Tarp with a woodland camo colour scheme strung between two trees! It may not be the lightest backpacking tent out there, but unlike lighter but far more expensive tents (which are only lighter because they use far more fragile and therefore easier to damage, shorter lived materials, in their construction) the Tungsten is constructed from far more robust materials, so it's built to last. It blows away all the lighter competition though simply because, unlike any of the latter, it is a tent you can use almost anywhere, and get away with it! Also, don't be put off by it's original pack size. If you store the poles seperately (I store them in an ultralight Zpacks DCM tent pole bag, strapped to the back of my backpack), and you will find the Tungsten 1P can be packed down into a very small space. I fit mine inside a Trekmates ultralight 8 litre compression bag (the blue one)...I also stuff in a folded space blanket, my Klymit Inertia X-Frame Recon sleeping mat, and my Klymit Pillow-X Recon inside too. With all this lot inside the bag, and it cinched right down, the pack size just 10 inches x 7 inches, and in a horizontal position, this bag then fits perfectly into the bottom of my Mountain Hardware Scrambler RT35 Outdry backpack.

At 3 1/2 lbs, a perfect combination of lightweight and sturdy materials. Very easy to set up. I added groundhog stakes, and made my own lightweight guy lines with 1.8 mm paracord; the provided stakes are heavy and the tent comes with 4 thick guy lines and it needs 5. It has a vent above your head, along with a j clip for a lantern and a defused light headlamp pocket. The only ding- no guy line attachments at the tents ends, which can allow moisture to wet the lower tent walls in heavy rain.

I disagree with the other reviewers. I bought this tent about a month ago for a backpacking trip in Iceland. I read the reviews online and it sounded like the best quality tent for the price. When setting it up the first night, one of the poles snapped in half in the wind. In just a few days of use there were small holes forming all around the lining of the tent and a large hole in the mesh. The stitching of the tent was also uneven. It could not withstand any sort of wind without partially collapsing in and was incredibly flimsy. When the rain fly was on it offered virtually no ventilation. If you are looking for a sturdy, quality tent, I unfortunately do not recommend. It was returned as soon as I completed my trip.

I bought this earlier this year in addition to our 2 and 3 person tents because my boyfriend and I sometimes go on trips without each other and we thought it would be nice to have a 1 man tent. I bought this particular tent because we have the Tungsten 2P and love it: it's lasted for several years, doesn't leak, has made it successfully through some big storms, and can be pitched quickly. The Tungsten 1P goes up quickly and is so cozy. We both love this tent so much I just bought a 2nd one. My BF says the vestibule is huge. I think it's just fine, but doesn't seem huge to me. I spent a weekend in a downpour on a bald and had no issues. It hasn't been through a storm with high winds yet, but expect it would do just fine like the 2P. My BF has a wide and long REI Air Rail sleeping pad and says it fits perfectly in this tent with no space at all around the edges.

Quickly becoming my favorite piece of gear. Breeze to set up, completely free-standing, 100% waterproof. 3lbs 8oz without the footprint, so a pound heavier than some ultralights, but it always weighs 3lbs 8oz. Same can’t be said for its silnylon counterparts, which IME seem to double in weight when soaked. The Tungsten’s poly doesn’t expand when wet, so never a need to venture out in a cold 3am rain to re-tension a sagging silnylon fly. Sleep on in confidence. And as for the extra ounces? Worth it.

Excellent product withstant strong wind storm and heavy rain in the wild mountain area of Taiwan! It is a comfortable home away home!

I bought this tent to do a solo Catalina trek, mostly camping on the beach. I liked the ease of setup and the freestanding design, and was hoping to have the success of all the positive reviewers. Not so much. The first night high winds almost blew it away multiple times, I had to reinforce the anchors with large rocks. When I climbed in for the night, the height of the tent was like a sail, blowing back and forth all night. I felt like I was in a washing machine. Two nights later, a heavy downpour resulted in my being soaked inside by morning. When the wind blows, the fly contacts the tent material, the moisture gets inside and makes puddles in the corners. What a mess to dry out all that wet down. I really wanted to like this one, but I will be returning this tent as soon as possible.

this is not a back packing tent due to weight and size, but it works as a car tent or motorcycle tent. Did not see any condensation and held up to rain. but I wont use it in the future for backpacking. I'm going to use a 2 lb back up tent for that.



Pole material = Velocity HD. What is Velocity HD?

​The main poles are DAC Press-Fit Aluminum. The Velocity ridge pole is made from a 7000 series aluminum.


For the footprint, what side is down?

The side without waterproofing. That's the "rougher" side where the texture of the material is more visible. You don't want the waterproofing exposed to dirt and rocks that can damage it.


Are enough stakes included to stake down the tent AND the rainfly or do additional stakes need to be purchased?

The tent comes with six stakes which is appropriate for most situations. Some people purchase additional stakes for severe weather or challenging camp site situations.


Just now set up the tent. Haven't even finished my beer. But what's this? After unpacking the six stakes, I see rope and plastic clips. What are these for? 

Those are guylines for guying out your tent in bad weather. The link below will teach you how to properly guy out a tent.

John P

when will this item be available again?

Please contact us directly at (800) 426-4840 for more information about future availability.


Will you happen to be getting the other color in stock? The orange one.

​As of April, 2017 we are currently out of stock in the Blaze/Steel color.

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