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Fully charged, I can navigate 40 miles before it says "entering battery save mode" and screen cuts off. Like clockwork. Even the Edge 1000 went 50 miles with a bigger screen. The Elemnt BOLT is much better in battery life and ease of use. I thought I would try another Garmin only because their navigation is superior. But 40 miles? Come on, Garmin. What good are the maps if the screen goes blank?

Really the only issues I might have with the unit revolve around not having used it (or a previous model) before. Other than that, I love how small it is and the accuracy of it seemed to be on point.

This could be a great product but it's plagued by usability issues. I would give it 3 stars except for one fact -- The edge 800, a unit that is 6 years older, is better in nearly every way. That's just unacceptable.

This is the absolute worst bike computer I've ever owned (and the most expensive). A complete waste of money. Touch screen rarely works properly. Device beeps annoyingly all the time with no clear reason why. Data upload rarely ever works without multiple attempts. This thing belongs in the garbage can. Buy the wahoo.

Bought a couple of weeks ago but only able to use twice. After the learning curve have found that it is exactly what I need. Older negatives reviews have been addressed with software upgrades.

I used to ride with a regular GPS on my handlebars to map the trails in my area. It was big and would rattle which was annoying. The place I ride most has 69.8 miles of trail. That GPS was the only way I could find my way around sometimes. I bought the 820 so I could put all my tracks on that and navigate easier because the screen would always be on and it doesn’t rattle. Imagine my surprise and amazement when I discovered most of the areas trails were already on the 820’s basemap! And this isn’t some insanely popular riding area either. This is Manchester Connecticut and surrounding towns. Not exactly known for mountain biking like other places. The ability to download people’s rides on Trailforks is a game changer. So much better than stopping at every intersection and pulling my phone out. Can plan out my route in an unfamiliar area with beeps to warn me of a turn. So cool.

I have owned this garmin for two years now I only gets less than 8 hrs battery life. Originally it had 12 hrs life. I have to charge it every day. I can’t use it with other garmin devices such as the rear view radar because it reduces the battery too much. Can’t install a new one because not available by Garmin.

I started out with an Edge 500 years ago and had no real complaints, mostly because it was my first real experience with a cycling GPS. In hindsight, it takes forever to acquire a signal and the signal would occasionally cut out in the mountains, but it was still a good unit.

Purchased on Friday & returned on Sunday.

Makes tracking my stats easier on rides than using my garmin watch. I like the ability to navigate with the maps. Just wish I could get it to pair with my cadence sensor like my watch does.

I nice upgrade from the 520 - ease of use is much improved. Much easier to navigate menus while riding. Easy to read the screen in direct sun, no issues at all.



With the 820 can you use it on two bikes like the Garmin 500 was able to

Yes, this computer can be used on two different bikes. We recommend purchasing the Garmin Extended Out-front Bike Computer Mount in addition to the computer.


Any idea when the Edge 820 will be available for order?

It is now.

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