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Have now had this pack out on a 100 mile AT section hike. Cant ask for more. Road like a dream. Carried full heading out/resupplied weight just as well as last day on the trail emptying out weight.

This is my son's first real pack. We hiked the Appalachian Trail (Carver's Gap to Nolichicky River) a few weeks back. He loved it. In his words "I barely felt like I had a pack on at all.

Went from the older heavy packs to the newer ultralights, but came back in between with this pack. This (Large) pack fits me perfectly along my back, the hip belt doesn't slide down but stays, the large hip pockets hold my phone and GPS trackers, and the top lid is so large that I have my stove and food in it for quick access. My solar panels sit nicely over the front attached to the two lower yellow loops on the lid, and my ultralight camping chair is placed on top of the lid with elastic webbings (that I added) through the four yellow loops. I keep the sleeping bag divider in place as I want to keep my stuff up high when I take out the sleeping bag and air pads for day hikes. I only regret not buying the larger 68 version, as this pack carries my weight so comfortably, that I could easily carry more weight than I expected.

I Used this pack on an overnight 15 mile trip the weekend after I bought it and held up very well. Light weight, and Very comfortable around the shoulders even after several hours continuous hiking

After I hike for a mile or so and the bag settles in or my body gets use to it, I do not even feel it on my back. Ratings 1-9. Test locations - state park trail 6 miles and Appalachian trail 36 miles. Max Test weight 33 lbs. Weather - high 70s to low 20s F rain and sun Pack size - Small Paragon Adjustability to fit - 9 easy to change harness size and belt size, can move the pockets where you need them, within reason. Packabale - 8 held everything I needed for a AT thru hike , needs slightly larger mesh on the front and maybe a couple small straps to attach items. Weight - 8 , from what I can tell it’s right there in being light if you remove the day pack and inside separator can make it lighter if you want to remove the brain. Durability - 7 I have had no issues but do not have enough miles on the pack to rate higher Pack cover - 8 kept the main portion of the pack dry while hiking for 6 hours in the rain. Hip belt 9- good size hold iPhone X , snugly Breath ability - 7 reason back sweating ( it wasn’t hot outside by any means) I could arch my back and create a gap to allow air flow when desired.

After going to REI with a couple ultralight backpacks in mind, I ended up purchasing this one. It wasn'tthe lightest, but it's super comfortable and was well worth it. Have done several hikes with 30 lbs of gear, and just wrapped up a 20 mile thru hike with 40 lbs and it was still just as comfortable.

So comfortable, makes carrying 30lbs seem easy. Worth the money!

Excellent backpack. Extremely adaptable whether you are tall or short as there are adjustable straps. I completed a 4 day hike and experienced no discomfort from the shoulders or waist strap.

I finally was able to try out my Paragon 58 last week in the Grand Canyon. I did just under 30 miles in 4 days. It weighed in fully loaded 37.5 lbs. I have used the Baltoro 75 in Isle Royale NP and the Ozark Trail and I wanted a lighter and smaller profile bag.

I selected the Paragon based on in-store tests. I wanted to like the Osprey AG series, but they didn't fit me for some reason. I kept coming back to the Gregory Paragon, loading it up, and walking around the store. I liked the fact that it came with a pack cover and was lighter than the AG series.

I am very impressed with how comfortable and stable this bag is, almost all of the weight rides on the hips and the bag does not move from side to side. I had no problem loading gear and food for a three day wilderness backpacking trip.

Finally, got to try this pack out in its natural habitat: Rocky Mountain National Park.

I had been using a Baltoro which weighed 6 lbs. I've been trying to cut my pack weight and this was worth it. Just used it on a 12 mi overnight trip ont he AT. Only a little less room than the Baltoro which helps me cut out unnecessary items. Bottom straps good for securing my sleeping pad, side mesh pockets are large, one has angled entrance for h2o bottle. I took out the water blatter container/small back pack (4.4 oz) to cut more weight. Although if you are a thru hiker, this may be useful. Still has robust adjustable hip and shoulder pads. I was 2.5 miles into my uphill hike before it even dawned on me to think about issues at all. I didn't want to go all the way down to a 2 lb pack w/no support like ULA or Zpacks (I do have the duplex tent and love it for the massive weight loss and ease of set up). Great low weight but full feature pack!

I bought Osprey Exos 58 before. Osprey was super light weight and super comfortable. But the pack was made so curvy that I couldn't find things in my pack easily. So, I got Gregory Zulu55, this pack didn't fit well on my back. Finally got this one. Though not as light and comfortable as the exos, this pack performs great in every department. That's why I decided to keep this pack.

Was perfect for a weekend backpacking trip! Even at 58L, I had enough room for my clothes, a stove and dishes, water bladder, bear bin, 3-person tent, sleeping pad, bag and pillow, SLR camera and other odds and ends. Any longer and I might have needed a little more space, but perfect for a weekend. It's lightweight and very comfortable for hiking in. I'd definitely recommend it!

I used this pack for a 5 day backpacking journey through Canyonlands NP. Surprise, we had rain every day and night! Held load well. Fit was perfect and very comfortable. No issues at all.

I have used this pack once so far but it was so comfortable to wear. The shoulder straps did not cut in and felt great.

I like everything about this backpack. But I would love to have a little more ventilation at the back panel.

Walks well on the back. Fit a few items in it and outfitted it as a bug out bag.


Cody Theall

Where would I pack my sleeping bag?

​There is a sleeping bag compartment at the bottom of the pack.


Interested in this pack, does it have ice tool/axe attachment points?

​This pack does have an attachment point for an ice axe.


Does the listed weight include the supplied rain cover?

The weight listed does not include the rain cover. The rain cover weighs approximately 4 oz.


I got a s/m and my torso is like 18 1/2 it fits ok a little tight on the shoulder I think I was thinking if I should go to m/l better fit 

​Going with a M/L in this pack would be a better fit.


What is the size difference between the S/M and the M/L?

The S/M fits torso sizes 15" – 19", M/L fits 18" – 22".

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