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Was trying to decide between the Aether 70 and 60. The 70 was a little much but...It has a good access zipper to the main compartment. The 60 has a side zipper which seems almost an after-thought and not nearly as usable. Also the 70 has bottom compression straps which can be run inside the mesh side pockets, the 60 does not. I got the 70. Both compress down extremely well, and when carrying a light load it doesn't look like a 70. Also for shorter overnight trips I take off the top compartment which contains the dayback (very nice feature) making the pack weigh in at just a little over 4lbs. (I have a small). Both put the weight as close to your back as possible, and this combined with the extraordinary hip belt system make this the most comfortable pack I've ever owned. I tried on a lot of packs before buying, and the Aether was in a whole other class when it came to comfort. Since it holds the weight closer than the Atmos, I traded off a little sweat for better weight distribution. Take the time to get a really good fit. Ospreys seem to run large. I'm 5'11 , 160# and have a "small"pack with "medium" straps and hipbelt and it fits perfect.

Great pack, the fit and finish is top notch. I would have wished the pack came with a rain fly. I appreciate having the hydration bladder included. The adjustability of the pack to the user is excellent. I have enough room to carry all my supplies for a 3-4 day back country adventure

Very versatile back pack. Lots of pockets and zippers, and the frame is excellent! It sits well on your shoulders and hips, and even with a full load, once you've adjusted it for your body, you hardly notice it's there. Seriously comfortable to hike with.

So happy I purchased this pack. Worked great and is going to hold up for a long time. I've been using a old external frame for the last 5 years and finally purchased a high quality pack-this is it! Thanks!

My way of hiking is this, I do not not need to cover more trail miles, I need to experience the miles I cover. Therefore i will be the old guy that you might see with an oversized comfortable pack . I am going to stay a few days in the area that you overnights in. Pls remember when you can that it is not the destination, but the journey, that makes a pilgrimage. I want the new Ag suspension as it rocks.

Getting limited with my old North Face backpack and seeing my brother being very satisfied with his older (non AG) Aether 70, I decided (after having read multiple reviews in magazines and websites) to get myself the new version.

amazing pack haven't gone on a hike with it yet, but loaded it up and it fits great. can't wait to use it

I have a 2016 Osprey Stratos 50L that I love. I wanted something in a bit larger capacity for when I backpack with the dogs in Winter, or when I'm carrying some luxury items for the Mrs. The Aether AG EX 70L fit the bill, seemed a lot like my buddy's Atmos, and I've taken it out on 4 separate 3-day trips, usually averaging around 25 miles a pop. I plan to return it to REI, after much deliberation. I'm a slim 5'11, 165lbs, with a torso of 19.5 inches. Pros: 1. The stuff pocket on the front, that my Stratos lacks, is awesome. I love the side pockets as well, as they are deep, and easily fit a Nalgene or a camp-chair (for the Mrs.). 2. The compression straps that cross the front are great for throwing an extra sleeping pad for my dogs. 3. Detachable top lid is awesome... I actually much prefer the bag without the lid at all, and love that this is a feature.



where do I place my tent on this pack?

Depending on the packed size of the tent, you can lash it to the bottom of the pack using the included straps or stuff the tent horizontally into the main compartment of the pack.


Doe this come with a rain cover?

A rain cover is sold separately.


Does the 70EX come in Orange, and if so when will it be back in stock??I have to order one this week and would love to buy in from REI. Thanks...

The "EX" version is a limited time REI exclusive. This version is sold out in outback orange and we do not expect to receive more.


Is this pack going to be restocked in a size medium soon?

As of May 2017, we are out of stock of the "EX" version medium and do not know when it will become available again.


I was measured as a small close to the xs size. I tried the small and medium and liked the feel of medium but was advised to get a small. Now with weight there are pressure points on hip and shoulder straps. I'm 5'9, would medium be a better option?

The most important measurements to take into consideration when sizing a backpack are the torso length and waist size. Below is a link to help fit and size your backpack with these measurements.


Does it come in Medium? I only see the other sizes listed.

As of May 2017, we are out of stock of medium size and do not know when it will become available again.


There are two female clip connectors on the right side of the bag(top & bottom).  What are they for?

​The male end buckles on the two straps that run horizontally in front of the mesh stretch pocket can be attached to the female end buckles that you are referring to. This allows to compress the depth of the pack is the pack is not fully loaded.

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Understanding that the nature of hiking and packing is to keep weight to a minimum but what is the approximate weight capacity of the bag before it starts tearing seams and otherwise falling apart.

​This pack is made to carry up to 60 pounds. A failure limit is not available.


How do I get an ex-large hip belt? Bought a size large pack need bigger hip belt.

You are able to purchase an XL IsoForm5 hip belt, then return the size that comes on your pack for a refund of the hipbelt price:


How does the "AETHER AG EX 70" differ from the "AETHER AG 70"?

The EX is the REI exclusive. It is the same pack with the addition of a 2 liter hydration reservoir. When the day pack is used, both Osprey's and REI's label is on the front.


did they change the design of the hip belt from the last version of the AG packs? I had to return my Atmos 65 AG because the velcro on the hip belt kept coming loose during my hike. 

The hipbelts on the new Aether AG models have changed. They are only compatible with the new IsoForm5 CM hipbelts and shoulder straps.


How many zippered compartments are included in the lid (other than the one that holds the daypack)?

​There are two other zippered pockets in the top lid.


Which aether pack (s) has the external hydration sleeve?

The 2016 Aether packs with the standard non-AG suspension have the external hydration sleeve.

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How can I go about ordering a small torso size with a medium hip belt? Do I need to go into a store or can it be done all online?

In the case of this pack, we recommend ordering a size small. In addition to the pack you can order the medium Osprey IsoForm5 CM Custom Moldable Hipbelt.


I seem to be missing the two zipper pulls for the zipper on the sleeping bag compartment.

Please contact us by phone at 1 (800) 426-4840.


Received my bag and I see internal sleeve with a hang strap. There is a space between the main body of the pack and the shoulder harness that is a product of the AG suspension, or so I think. Is this the "external sleeve"?

This pack does not have an external hydration sleeve. The hydration pocket is located on the interior of the pack. Thank you for bringing this to our attention; we will be updating our product description shortly.


 There has been approx. 7.4 oz added to the overall weight of the size med pack. Can the daypack be removed from the pack and still be functional or do you lose your lid?

When the daypack lid is removed there is a cover, called the Flap Jacket cover, that can be used to close off access to the main compartment when you remove the top lid.


Do you guys do international shipping I live in the Caribbean. How long would it take??

Osprey products can only be shipped to U.S. addresses. For more information about international shipping, please visit the following link:


Will you guys offer the "NEPTUNE BLUE" version?

As of February 2017, don't have plans to offer Neptune Blue.


I ordered my bag on Jan 8th and received it today (Feb 2nd). The original description stated it would come with a rain cover. Did this change? And why? It was one of the reasons I ordered this particular bag.

The Osprey Aether 70 AG EX does not include a rain cover. Instead, Osprey has included a reservoir with this pack. Please contact us at (800) 426-4840 to discuss your order.

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The description indicates the lid converts into a lumbar pack, but the picture shows what appears to be backpack. So does the lid convert into a backpack or a lumber pack? I just want to make sure which one it is. Thank you.

​The top lid of this pack converts into a small daypack.


The details cite removal of lid for conversion into a lumber day pack however there are photos (last 2) that show what appears to be a daypack with a reservoir sleeve.  Does this pack have both options?

Yes, the main pack and the removable daypack both have hydration sleeves.

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If I were to pre-order this what date would it ship on.

Pre-order items are expected to arrive and ship within the next 30 days; however, these dates are estimates and subject to change.

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